Joey Sherman – Rock of Ages!

Steam Train is built of equal measures of  alt-rock poise, bluesy rock intensity and psychedelic haze, a blend of Doorsian dystopia and heavy psychedelic infusions, with leviathan guitar swathes and classic rock grooves. I guess this is what the kids today would call alt-rock but alt-rock is named for its parallel stance to the classic sounds, and this is full of classic sounds, classic but not cliched.

Whilst their fellow rock bands are either pursuing a new rock path with their skinny jeans and their fashionable hair or sticking to the rules of a foot on the monitor, patched denim jacket golden age, Joey Sherman takes a cleverer and more discerning root. He travels the back roads of rock history picking up 60’s drop out vibes and spoken word intimacy, 70’s underground moves and 80’s post-punk revivalism, 90’s grunge weight and more modern rebranding that has lead to a nostalgia infused Bohemia. But he does all of this whilst moving forward and that is why he stands apart form the pack and makes a sound so vital to the evolution of the modern music scene.

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