There’s Nothing I Can Do For You: NYC heavy hitters Dishonest Escape stun our senses with the intense new single ‘Watermelon’

Vivid by Dishonest Escape

As they inject us angrily with a battering of honest lyrics about a frustrating situation which boils the blood with a knife-life vengeance like no other, Dishonest Escape scare your anxious neighbors through your shocked speakers on the brain-exploding new single ‘Watermelon‘.

Dishonest Escape is a New York City-based heavy sounding hip-hop and metal/djent-fused act who certainly have the sweat-soaked walls rattling vigorously throughout their slamming sets. They make that electric vibration of scream-vocalized sound, which is meshed with a mighty roar of intent, from a rampaging band who put everything into each second you witness.

Their presence demands attention, with their fierce performances and eerie, borderline grotesque lyrics that deal with world issues, personal traumas, and struggles that many can relate to.

” ~ Dishonest Escape

You feel like you are in an underground club when you listen in closely, your whole breathless body goes into a different planet as you feed of their music like a hungry vampire, who has been starved for too long. Your pulse rate turns up real high, as you feel their fiery performance take full control over your blood-thirsty veins.

Their story of not being happy with what is transpiring with someone who they can’t stand the sight of, is all-too familiar while we all get so frustrated with our currently toxic-world situation.

Watermelon‘ from the ferociously formulated four-piece NYC djent/metal/hip-hop fusion band Dishonest Escape, is a rampaging soundscape of pure unadulterated noise of epic proportions. This is an experience that heavy metal fans will love, as there is energy in droves here, and the lyrics drive like a sharp sword inside you.

Hear this new single on Bandcamp and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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