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Lies Through Your Head: Bristol’s Enter Red are quite first-class on ‘De Novo’

With a vibrantly terrific vibe that forms spectacularly through your thoughtful mind, Enter Red bust angrily through the creaky door and show us their world-class appeal with ‘De Novo‘.

Enter Red is a thrilling four-piece indie alt-rock act from Bristol in the UK. They skillfully make a distinctive blend of that desirable music for the soul to reside inside, that you just want to let your hair down to and jump up and down like it was 2019 all over again.

Goodness me. Enter Red are the type of UK band that leaves your whole ecstatic body sweating from their ferocious energy that seems to transform your spirit, to a whole new state of appreciation for such a talented outfit.

De Novo‘ from the exuberant Bristol-based indie alt-rock band Enter Red, is a rip-roaring effort from a terrific group that is certainly headed to a whole new level. You can feel the rooted passion flowing through their blood-thirsty veins on each second here, with a tasty edge that has you thinking that they might be your new favourite rock band. The class is easy to spot and the eloquently desirably vocals stand out from the rest, as the tight-knit crew certainly deliver in all facets with a truly brilliant new single.

Hear this top new effort on their Spotify and see more news via the band’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If I Could Only Make You Mine: The Kindest People show us why it really matters on ‘Wedding Day’

Formally a surf rock act that skillfully rode the sea-filled waves trying to catch the best barrels imaginable, The Kindest People show us their growing maturity on their latest single called ‘Wedding Day‘.

The Kindest People is a four-piece Johnson City, Tennessee-based indie garage rock outfit. Featuring intricate solos through guitar and drums, this is a ravishing track from a band who certainly know how to wake you up from any previously drowsy sleep-infused naps.

The band combines slick, catchy melodies with a large variety of instrumentation in order to frankenstein their own unique sound of rock and roll.” ~ The Kindest People

There is so much passion and introspection wrapped inside this tasty sandwich of an experience, with rampaging riffs to nibble on ravenously. The pace is high tempo all the way with no let ups, as you gaze outside and think deeply about your own path to that altar.

Wedding Day‘ from the Johnson City, Tennessee-based indie garage rock band The Kindest People, rockets through your sleepy eyes and helps us face our fears one at a time. This is a hard-hitting song about wondering through this special day for so many, and wondering whether it will actually happen with the right person for you. Sung with a heartfelt velocity that spins a web of spidery reflective poison into your mind for an instant, this is a terrific effort from such a criminally underrated band.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more stories on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stuck Between These Walls: Catching Arrows wonder deeply when the beautiful sunshine will come back again on ‘Locked In’

With a thoughtful glance at the past which seems so sadly far away, Catching Arrows are so tired of being stuck inside on their new single which we can all relate to on ‘Locked In‘.

Catching Arrows is a proudly female-fronted four-piece teen indie rock pop band from the legendary city of Boston, Massachusetts.

You totally feel this story about being caged inside like a wild animal when the world was at its lowest for years, as you find yourself wondering when some sense of normal will return. The sound is alive here from a fired up vocalist who sings with that real meaning – that is so lacking in this cancel culture society – as she projects a message that is so true and fills your heart with so much anxiousness, about what tomorrow will bring.

Locked In‘ from the youthfully exuberant Boston, Massachusetts-based indie rock pop band Catching Arrows, is a reflective theme track for all of us who absoloutely hated being stuck inside. Featuring freshly-sung vocals from a wonderfully talented young lady and backed up by a loyal band – who keep things tighter than a kitty cat sliding through the pet door late at night – there is much to love about a group who only seem to get better and better.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more news from this fast-rising act on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Go Home Wasted: Manchester band MYOTO keeps the fun going all night with ‘Two Step Sally’

Following a lip-licking and hangover-fueled drinking of thirstily consumed Baltika lagers together on team bonding night at Wetherspoons, MYOTO rev up our intriged senses with their delightfully portrayed new single called ‘Two Step Sally‘.

MYOTO is a ruggedly exciting four-piece alt-pop act from the legendary city of Manchester, UK. They make that movie-like soundscape that has you grabbing your new lover close, and locking lips for as long as possible.

Forming a band right before a national lockdown might not have been the best of starts. But, for Myoto it was a fruitful period.” ~ MYOTO

The guzzling vibes are fully in tune with the theme of the night as the energetic energies combine to see if this could be an extra late night evening, with someone who totally gets what you are about. Made with a heightened sense of party vibes and a thriving tone, you feel like this is a track you won’t easily forget.

Two Step Sally‘ from the thrilling Manchester, UK-based alt-pop band MYOTO, is a powered up single that shows much potential with mysterious vocals – that you need to turn up on full to catch the whole story – with marvelous melodies to have you feeling so much better than before. This is the type of song to put on when you have just arrived home from the pub, and feel the urge to keep the night going as long as possible.

Hear this fine new effort on Spotify and check out their IG for more exciting stories about their much-anticipated progress.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Never Let You Be Alone: Monday Feeling wants that love forever on ‘Don’t Stop’

Featuring passionate vocals that has you whistling innocently along as this throwback tune gets into full rhythm, Monday Feeling wants to keep the night going as long as possible on their latest single ‘Don’t Stop‘.

Monday Feeling is a Korea-based indie four-piece Rock band. They make a fun blend of mostly happy music that is catchy and reminds you of music from the 90’s.

After touring the USA a few years ago and proving to be a big hit with fans all over during their travels, they went home to reorganize after many lineup changes that threatened to derail all the progress they had made before.

With a smooth energy and ravishing riffs which have you feeling so reflective, this is a terrific effort that has clearly been made with love from a band on a mission to become known.

Don’t Stop‘ from the Korean-based indie four-piece Rock band Monday Feeling, is a nostalgic single from a confident outfit who swarm the speakers and bring a fun groove to proceedings. This is the story of wanting that closeness as long possible, which is a feeling that so many of us can relate to during these lonely days.

Check out this new track on the YouTube channel and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Story of Haunting Guilt and Remorse: Boston’s Shotgun Waltz begs for forgiveness on the blood-on-my-hands ‘Ghost Train’

Shifting Gears by Shotgun Waltz

Taken off their July release all about living in the here and now called ‘Shifting Gears‘, Shotgun Waltz ride in with a reflective mood to that fateful day which took away a soul who should still be here on ‘Ghost Train‘.

Shotgun Waltz is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie alt-rock roots four-piece band. They are a group that have a world class sound that has been fine tuned from many years perfecting their craft, as they combine like classic wine to make that specially flavored type of energy.

The fresh, energetic nature of Jim DeTore’s songs is reinforced by a highly capable veteran lineup featuring the arrangements of former Leonard Cohen touring guitarist Bob Metzger, as well as two veteran Boston musicians: former Lines drummer Rick Weden and Pete Abajoli from Penny Outlaw, The Melatonins and formerly Superlow.” ~ Shotgun Waltz

With a startling message which strikes right in your knotted stomach as you imagine the emotional toll this has taken after all these years of guilt – we are placed into a message of redemption – that is splendidly sung with such determination. There is much to admire here, as the band are on top form and show us their world class ability.

Ghost Train‘ from the Boston-based indie alt-rock roots four-piece act Shotgun Waltz, is the story of wishing that you could have that moment back which changed everything. Your mind goes back to the time the accident happened, as you beg for forgiveness and try to make amends in any way possible.

Performed with a real edge and a terrific soundscape, this is one of the most honest tracks you will hear all year.

Check out the Bandcamp link for this new single and see more news on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In A Dream: Thrilling Shanghai band Hogchoker are at their unique best on ‘Hey! Snow White!’

With a sexy ska wrapper to slide all over our enthralled bodies, Hogchoker slam in hard with a glorious performance in a style that only they can pull off with ‘Hey! Snow White!’, a deafening track that will have you reaching for those dancing shoes again.

Hogchoker is a dirty punk-jazz four-piece band who are based in Shanghai, China. They are a fearless act who are that steamy group that sing like its their last gig, adding a steely determination and ever-evolving creative juice saturating all over your fascinated soul.

Born from the glowing embers of hard punk Shanghai band XXYY and Scotland’s eclectic indie outfit, Torpedo Buoy, HK, UK, USA band, Hogchoker blend dirty punk, dance, funk, Balkan and South American sounds.” ~ Hogchoker

With a pulsating soundscape that has the crowd in raptures from each second, you feel the sweat building up all over the speakers as they take us on a sensationally-soaked experience, that will have you in absolute awe.

Flavoured by their Asian, British and North American backgrounds they bring a message of social justice, inclusivity and anarchic humour to their explosion of theatrical, energetic punk.” ~ Hogchoker

Hey! Snow White!‘ from the high-tempo Shanghai-based indie punk-jazz outfit Hogchoker, is a thoroughly vibe-filled new single full of intricate guitar skills, passionate vocals and a shining light which takes you on a wild journey you can’t possibly forget. The energy is electric and you can see why they were invited to Glastonbury and have played many festivals all over China and Japan. This is the type of band that leaves you quite excitedly enthralled at the end of proceedings, just the way it should be.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and check out their FB music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Can’t Take It Anymore: Humorous The Bronx band House of Weirdos could use a helping hand on ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’

Comprised of a group of childhood friends who all grew up together, House of Weirdos follow the crumbs and head towards the wise man who could possibly assist with the unexplained voices on ‘Help Me Doctor, Please‘.

House of Weirdos is a four-piece The Bronx, New York-based indie funk-rock band. They are a highly experienced act who keep the humor light and full of laughs, as they showcase their electric energy with a terrific track here.

All songs and videos are recorded, produced and edited by House of Weirdos with the help of a handful of weirdo friends.” ~ House of Weirdos

With highly expressive vocals which are finely tuned and featuring a chorus which will have you singing along, this is an entertaining track with lots of heart and shows us their likable style, which is easy to see on this funny single.

Help Me Doctor, Please‘ from The Bronx, New York-based indie funk-rock band House of Weirdos, is a tremendously fun track which tells the story of needing to go for help, but leaving really quickly with the gloves come out for further inspection. On a catchy beat with lots of action on these exciting visuals, this is a track to play to take the edge off serious life decisions, which can really drag you down into the grumpy dumps.

Sometimes you just need to get your mates together with friendly nurses joining the team, and play some kick-ass rock music to sooth any pain away.

See this new video on their YouTube and see more news on their FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Paid The Price: Boston indie rock act StrangeColorSky show us brightly into those teenage dreams with ‘Freaks’

Returning with their first released music since 2019’s eight-track album ‘The Canterbury Tales‘, StrangeColorSky return from their enforced hiatus and look back at those sore eyes that have many regrets on their latest single called ‘Freaks‘.

StrangeColorSky is a four-piece Boston, USA-based indie rock band. They are fueled by Deep Eddy’s Lemon Vodka, and bring us a tasty blend of tantalizing ear-warming music which takes you to another planet entirely.

Their shoegazey, angsty, and at times dreamy music tackles the strangeness of growing up and navigating adulthood, love and loss, mental health, and more.” ~ StrangeColorSky

This is the story of having that striking surge all over your body as you realize what is actually happening – as you look up and just know – that you have taken things too far tonight. With a breathtaking delivery and a sensational soundscape which showcases their world class talent – you find yourself getting lost into their exquisitely effortless story – which has you shivering in excitement.

Freaks‘ from the excellent Boston-based four-piece indie rockers StrangeColorSky, is that haunting tale of waiting for the world to end when you are at your lowest. You had so much innocence before and that was taken from you after a while as you realized what the world was really like, as you lay back and let the moment take you inside reality. Sung with a gloriously talented vocalist and a terrific band who get the scrumptiously performed textures just right, this is a special single that reminds you of their immense quality which has been hidden away for too long.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more in their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Like To Watch You On My Television: Pittsburgh band Bikini Islands shape-shift our intrigued ears on ‘Midnight Lizard’

As the brilliantly named Bikini Islands are back from their short pandemic-fueled hiatus with more deliciously lip-licking music after 2019’s ‘Vines‘ and ‘Psycho Killer‘, they have us looking around for potential slimy creatures roaming around unexpectedly on their new slick single named ‘Midnight Lizard‘.

Bikini Islands is a super chilled and highly unpretentious four-piece Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based indie garage-rock band. Their style is a blend of steel city edge and surfer mellow, as they make thrilling music that reminds you of simpler times.

On a riff-laden track with much to like on this tv-swirling song that wraps a palm-tree blowing freshness into your awaiting mind, you quickly feel the weekend beach smooth-talking track flow beautifully into your atmosphere. This is a song to turn up loud and just let go – as the solos are something specially mixed to please – combined with confident vocals that keep things sweet and pure for the gasping soul to lap up thirstily.

Midnight Lizard‘ from the pulsating Pittsburgh garage-rockers called Bikini Islands, is that awesome catchy track you aren’t quite sure what is all about, but you love it anyway. They have a very likable style and you feel enraptured by the soundscape provided and feel like they would be an epic band to watch live. As long as there are no slippery lizards crawling around at the gig however.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen