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Cheap Thrills: Fun-filled Missouri garage rock band Beau Diamond stay young forever on ’21 or Bust’

With a stay-lubricated-at-all-costs mindset which makes them the coolest cats in the local bar, Beau Diamond know that life is a crazy game as they make sure to stay on the royal flush hand all night with the beer-chugging new single called ‘21 or Bust‘.

Beau Diamond is a party-stacked St. Louis, Missouri-based indie garage-rock four-piece band. They form a line outside the club with a catchy blend of ear-warming tunes, to keep the mood alight with a vibe which keeps you smiling until last rounds.

With a gritty vocal edge and a fantastically exciting barrage of speaker-shaking ambiance to keep the sweaty bodies shaking to the groove, this is a truly youthful performance which has you glowingly remembering those awesome nights out way past your bedtime.

This is the relevant story about being out and about on the town when the sun sets – as going home seems to only age and make you turn dull- when there is so much fun to be had and people to meet, at the pulsating party where memories are there to be made.

21 or Bust‘ from the fun St. Louis, Missouri garage-rock act Beau Diamond, shows us a lifestyle which keeps you alive and away from getting too down about paying those pesky bills. On a catchy riff-fueled, shooter-soaked bundle of joy for the throbbing kidneys, this is a stay young or go home track which so many of us can knowingly relate to.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Come Back Home: Splendid new Boston rock band Silvirtongue know what they want on ‘Heartstrings’

Taken off their much-awaited upcoming debut EP, Silvirtongue skillfully tell us the true story of wanting that loved soul to be present right next to your caring eyes again as there is so much more to say on ‘Heartstrings‘.

Silvirtongue is a promising Boston, Massachusetts-based four-piece alt-rock band. They are a new act who have been working hard over this supremely challenging last year, and power in with a sterling effort that needs our attention.

Inspired by classic bands such as Radiohead, Oasis, The Pixies, Pearl Jam, U2, The Cure and The Police, you feel their quality throughout this absolute gem. After a few seconds you quickly realize that this is a specially brewed band, who are oozing natural class without trying overly hard.

The band formed when things got tough for all of us at the start of 2020. With some original works already lined up, band vocalist and bassist (Cozzo) reached out to some musician friends both new and old (Kelleher, Colarusso, McGuirk). Within a years time they were writing collectively, and have been ever since.” – Silvirtongue

You hear such clearly intention-filled vocals here that are backed up by a sensational sound, who seem to get it all right with ease. Your head seems to nod organically and there is so much pureness here – nothing is ever rushed unnecessarily – as you sit back and admire such cleverly penned lyrics, that seems to mesh perfectly with the mood at hand.

Heartstrings‘ from the booming Boston alt-rockers Silvirtongue, is the movie-like story about wanting to be with someone so bad, as you had feelings back in the old days at school. There is something there that you can’t stop thinking about it, and you want to be close, so you can find out exactly what it is. This is a fantastic track that will certainly have your heart beating with so much energy, and is one of the most exciting releases from 2021.

Stream this new track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close Our Eyes: Steve Winch and The Inception run free from the hot burning sky of doom with ‘Still Life’

Taken off their excitedly-awaited ‘Down At The Soul Dispensary‘ full album that is set to be released on the 25th June 2021, Steve Winch and The Inception knock the door down vigorously with another gem as their lead single called ‘Still Life‘.

Steve Winch and The Inception is a four-piece high-energy indie-rock band from Bletchley in Milton Keynes, England. They make that shrewd and welcome music vibration from their wealth of experience, as they get our feet tapping again with quality tunes.

Insightful lyrics depicting life, love and wry social commentary sit atop a unique bedrock of expertly crafted and decidedly English indie music.” – Steve Winch and The Inception

His vocals are so smoothly trimmed and honestly immaculately delivered with enlightening stories of the world – as the band back him up with a world class display – that further lights up the notion that this is a quality act, who definitely deserve more love. The chorus strikes your heart hot like an iron on full steam, and has you sneakily turning up the volume – as you imagine them live on stage at a sold-out festival – which is the place where they belong.

Still Life‘ from the experienced Bletchley, England-based rockers Steve Winch and The Inception, shows us into a world that is absolutely bonkers right now. They bring us a groovy track that is full of clever lyrics, which urges us to keep on dreaming no matter what other madness is going on in this crazy world, full of non-nonsensical decisions and undesirable heartache.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where Will I be: Norwich band Leadboots worry where the road will lead on ‘Ten Years Time’

Taken off their enthusiastically rousing five-track EP from 2020 called ‘Call of the Void‘, Leadboots stomp purposely into the house with muddy feet aplenty on the reflective single named ‘Ten Years Time‘.

Leadboots is a foot-tap-appealingly awesome four-piece indie-rock/folk/bluesy-fueled band from Norwich, England. They show their vast experience with a catchy single here – and have a real natural rhythm with zero ego – which makes them such a fun listen.

You feel the bounce of their smooth combination lift you up like a trampoline, as the riff has you loving each second you entrench yourself into gladly. This confident English band have a superb style and take you for a ride that feels like you have just gone down a satisfying water-slide.

Ten Years Time’ from Norwich-based indie-fusion band Leadboots, is a story that makes you wonder what is going to happen down the wind-swept and dilapidation-filled world, that can really get you down in the dumps. After all the isolation, the danger is that over-thinking is leading us down dark and dingy paths, that are actually unnecessary if you just think positive.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more info on the voyage via FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brand New Day: Calgary band Lÿnx look into the shaky mirror and ‘Shout Out Loud’

Formerly known as Lazer Blade and powered by Bullzhorn Records, Lÿnx used this horrific pandemic to reform, refocus and re-energize, and show us what they have been up to on ‘Shout Out Loud‘.

Lÿnx is a fiery Calgary, Canada-based 80’s-inspired hard-rock/glam-metal four-piece band formed by Lazer, Blade, Fangs and Flash. With a rip-roaring sound that is full of that old school fire and ferocious vocals, they make that rare sound that was ridiculously popular back in the day.

The sound is so rampaging and full of impressive energy – as they rip down the mic and shred the speakers off their hinges – they are full-on and smash in hard with a classic vibe throughout.

Shout Out Loud‘ from the uniquely inspiring Calgary, Canada-based glam-metal/hard-rock act Lÿnx, is the vivid story about trying your best to get through the day, as you need so much love from the stresses of life and nasty bills that need to be paid. This is that volume-raised-to-the-max track that needs to be heard on full, so you can get through your day and feel so much better for getting out the inner frustrations.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spread The Word Out: Swansea rockers HWDU rip the rubber alight with the high-tempo ‘Space Punk’

Space Punk by Hwdu

Taken off their upcoming ‘Love Crime EP‘, HWDU take us for a high paced journey through time on their exciting new track that has your ears ringing in delight with ‘Space Punk‘.

HWDU is a four-piece hard-shredding Tŵp Rock act from peaceful Swansea in the Wales. They are a new band who have their helmets on tight and are ready for anything, as their clear enjoyment and determination to get their message to the world, is clearly obvious.

They rev up the lights so bright and sing with such awesome velocity that catches you unawares at first — their rugged sound is such a breathtaking encounter — and you can’t help but enjoy this hardcore experience. They slide through in unison and smash through the door with a cheeky grin, showing their intentions and give the stretching guitar strings such a wack, that your shaking speakers might feel a bit fragile after this one.

Space Punk‘ from the hard-pressing four-piece Welsh band HWDU, has us looking up above the stars and wondering if we can indeed achieve our goals. They kick-flip out of earth with reckless abandon and this is a hard-sledding adventure of a track, that is sure to shudder only good vibes into your willing body.

This thrilling Swansea-based band certainly have a lot to offer our battered hearts and show much promise, as they are the type of band that you just turn up loud and rock out to with your shirt off.

Hear this riveting single on Bandcamp and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fading My Creations: Determined LA feminist band Agender things to another level with ‘Astro Tarot’

Returning to our anxious minds with their 2nd shuddering single off their upcoming ‘No Nostalgia‘ album that is set for fall 2021 release, Agender strongly barrage our battered souls with a twitchy new single that will have you looking around quickly called ‘Astro Tarot‘.

Agender is a uniquely ferocious Los Angeles, California-based four-piece indie post-punk/synth band. They make that earth-shattering music that easily breaks the fragile windows down — on small-minded people who just don’t get it — and is packed full of biting symbolism, that causes your blood-filled heart to suddenly beat much faster than before.

The song is an ode to Tarot and Astrology and the role they play in diffusing the anxiety of the unknown, and in navigating an ever disorienting world. It’s a reminder that ultimately intuition and free will prevail, as does the punk spirit.” – Agender

The gritty vocals slice a claw into your mind — as you sit back and imagine how electrifying they are live with such a buzz about them — with a vibe that sends your mind into a spin, as you remember that this is what real music is all about. The grind to get to where you need to be, no what what or who is standing selfishly in your way, is the only path to where you need to be at.

Astro Tarot’ from the new-age LA post-punk act Agender, confidently leads us into a new world that is hard to fathom, as the twists and turns can possibly knot you up quick like playing twister after a few glasses of wine.

Their music is angry, edgy and full of fight — as these are hungry women that are on the prowl and will take their prey — no matter what, as they growl with mighty delight as their street-smarts wins the day again.

Check out the Spotify link and see more of their journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Must Be Paid: The Lunar Keys mourn the destruction of our beautiful planet on ‘Silent Ricochet’

As the fragile world burns and turns on each other with their masks on too tight, The Lunar Keys show us what is really going on outside with their honest and well-written new single called ‘Silent Ricochet‘.

The Lunar Keys is a thought-provoking four-piece alt-rock outfit from cozy Surrey in England. They make that honest type of soundscape that has you thinking deeply and wondering about what really goes on in the world and why.

Music, poetry and science have a strong hold on us as a band. To us they are the keys that unlock the mystery of the world and beyond. Violence, oppression and the annihilation of our environment on the other hand, seem to fast track global disaster. Silent Ricochet is about this contrast; it’s critical, but not without hope. Not without positive rage and lunar love.’’ – The Lunar Keys

His vocals illuminate a bright light into the cloudy sky, there are so many that want peace but there is so much going on that needs to be solved quickly. People are being shot for no reason and there are so many wars going on for no reason — as you hold hands — and come together to show that peace is really possible.

Silent Ricochet‘ from the consciously appealing four-piece Surrey, England band The Lunar Keys, lovingly bring our eyes to the truth and our minds to what is really happening going on. As we rack our brains to find answers and wish that things weren’t so money orientated — we all the need to be at peace — and be able to breathe healthily, to be truly free after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We’re The Soul: Finnish band Collie Magnum jump up high to reach the stars on ‘Euphoria’

As they get away from the darkness and cold climate to look for warmer days, Collie Magnum lift up the mood on their long-awaited new single called ‘Euphoria‘.

Collie Magnum is an exciting four-piece indie alt-rock band from peaceful Oulu in Northern Finland. They perform with a dazzling energy that has your mind alive, and your body ready to rock out to their ear-friendly music.

This is the heartfelt message of feeling that where you are right now — isn’t the right place for you — as you look to climb up high and do what you need to do. You feel stuck and like a stranger in your own world, so its time to rather be adventurous and get away from it all, so that you may replenish your soul and get back in the zone.

Euphoria‘ from childhood friends Collie Magnum, is that free feeling of a song that shows their positive nature and willingness, to push the boundaries of their minds to what is possible. Their sound is fresh and full of life, as they jump up and help us to forget the last twelve months, so that we may reach those goals no matter what.

Hear this riveting new single on Spotify and see their news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

While The Rain Is Falling Down: Schiedam hard rock band Black Nazareth are tremendously electrifying on icy ‘Cold As Stone’

Returning with their fourth rambunctious single, Black Nazareth send our anxious minds into a slippery spin on the chilly roads within the mountains of doom, as they run quickly to get out of the pouring rain and strange darkness with ‘Cold As Stone‘.

Black Nazareth is a vigorous Schiedam, Netherlands-based indie rock n roll four-piece act who always bring the hardness through their powerful soundscapes and driving energy, that shows you their dedication to smashing windows that can’t take the strength, of their movie-like songs.

”The name Black Nazareth comes from the nickname of their hometown Schiedam. Distilled from these grounds, these four rock veterans will bring to you their new band. Black Nazareth stands for a hard workin’, hard partying, and hard rock n rolling pack of dogs soon to crank you speakers with some powerful, melodic, dynamic and pounding heavy tracks to fill your days, and most of all: your nights”.- Black Nazareth

You feel an echo brewing in your apprehensive mind as you transport yourself into their cinematic single with such creepy atmosphere, as they light a fuse to get away from the ghosts of the night, that are coming closer towards you with a freaky energy that is knife-like.

This is a band that swerves into the dark road to grab you away from danger, as their music has you reaching for that asthma pump, your breath shortened and not sure of what to do next.

Cold As Stone‘ by the band from a distillery town that is known for having the biggest windmills in the world, Black Nazareth rage in with a song that has you holding on tight to get out of whatever frosty situation you find yourself in. This is a thundering effort from a band with all the hallmarks of a top class rock outfit, that give it their all on this dynamic new single.

Stream this full-blooded track on their Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen