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Saint Jargo thumps the door down with statement Hip Hop sizzler ‘Uno’

Saint Jargo is the new single from the NYC rapper on he blazes in with the fiery ‘Uno‘.

Saint Jargo is an upcoming Hip Hop artist from Weston in New York. He is currently CEO of Entertainment Us Enterprise and is a new name to watch.

This is all about anger and frustration that has built up like a new block of flats being built. The noises and unrest are okay for a while but eventually things boil over. With all that is going on in world right now, this is a bullish piece of raw rap that is on a top beat and contains gritty lyrics that resonate with current times.

Released by his own label Entertainment us Enterprise, this is a smart move from the talented Hip Hop artist. Signing yourself is the way forward. Being on a big label can help you get out there but things can go south quickly depending on the deal of course.

Saint Jargo comes alive on ‘Uno‘ and this is an impressive performance from the US rapper as he takes his game up a notch.

Stream here on YouTube.

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Latin Jazzy soul perfectly nurtured with ‘Only Me And You’ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller

Only Me And You‘ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller is a lovely new entry into 2020 and this mellow love song is an ode to wanting that special moment.

Saudy Familia is a New York based singer-songwriter, producer and composer who has a lovely style that is soaked full of latin jazz that is so soulfully aware. The pioneers of music in his family were his father and his uncle. Each born in the Dominican Republic, his father was a pianist and singer while his uncle was a percussionist. Music is in this artist’s veins.

Only Me And You‘ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller comprises some peaceful guitar skills and stunning vocals. These two are a wonderful duo and you can feel the love in this song. This is all about wanting that special time with that one person. This is a story that we can all relate to.

Stream this peaceful new song here on Spotify.

Find out more on the act here on Facebook.

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NYC 6 Piece Instrumental group Bombzr jazz our senses on ”Epic”

Bombzr are a 6 Piece Jazzy-soul Instrumental group from New York City who choose not to use vocals. They are back with their new song that is called ”Epic”.

Epic” is a journey of fun with our senses. The jazzy infusion is like having a fruity smoothie on a boiling hot summer’s day. Your body feels fresh and ready to take on anything. This NYC group take us back to the old school days on this one and I love the instrumental variety that is in Bombzr’s music arsenal.

Bombzr shine on ”Epic”. This is a tight group who somehow fuse Trumpets, Synths, Saxes, Talkbox, Keyboards, Guitar and Bass. These supremely talents musicians give us an epic performance with their funky soul style that is jazzy all the way through. The New York group give 2020 a happy smile with this new single.

Stream this new song right here on YouTube.

Head to Insta now to see more.

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Brooklyn’s Christopher Lovell sings to the stars on ”Twin Flame”

Christopher Lovell is a Brooklyn, New York native with a huge amount of drive and fight to make this music career work. He is back with ”Twin Flame” and the volume needs to be placed on full for this one.

Singer-songwriter Christopher Lovell grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His first dream was music. With a father who produced music wanting to be like his Dad become an obsession. This song is an underrated gem of note and I like the experienced R&B style here. He always keeps it classy and you can tell he is ready.

After just turning 30, you feel like this is the big moment. A maturing sound has allowed Christopher to peak on ”Twin Flame”. This is about wanting for things to change so you restore the galaxy and how you saw it formed. What’s meant to be, will be. This is the mantra and the core of the final income.

Stream this song right here on Soundcloud.

Check out more from the artist on Facebook.

Head to Insta for more.

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NYC Rockers Rebel Kicks boot out the dust on ”Way Out”

Indie-Rock New York City band Rebel Kicks boot down the door with new track ”Way Out’‘ The words and music are by Anthony Babino & Steven Babino. Produced by Jimmy Greco & Rebel Kicks, this is the song we have been waiting for in 2020.

With a groovy beat to get the song going you just know that this is going to be a quality track. This is all about saying goodbye to that deadbeat town that offers nothing. You are in the mood to move and start afresh to travel and find a way to do things better.

Way Out” from Rebel Kicks is about moving on and the rock-filled melodies get your ears happy and get that body surely jiving along here. The feeling of moving towns can be very freeing sometimes and it can do you the wonder of good. Why stay somewhere that makes you so unhappy?

This is a fine indie-rock track with blues influences that I quite fancy. This is a rocking new song from Rebel Kicks as they make 2020 a better place to be in.

Stream this brand new rock song with lots of dancing involved right here on Soundcloud.

Facebook is the page to find out more about this awesome act.

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Justin Oliver sings with meaning on Black Lives Matters inspired ”King”

Justin Oliver is a New York City singer with a massive talent. He sings passionately on his new single called ”King

Written as an anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement, King reminds the black community of their power and value. Racial bias in America is a problem that ALL black men and women face at one time or another, so having a song like “King” as reminder is important. This is a vital message of unity and one that is being seen all over the world right now.

This artist was from the home of the Roll Tide, Tuscaloosa in Alabama. After recently moving to magical New York City, his music is reinvigorating and you can feel his passion on ”King”. He sings with such power and his voice is a pleasure to listen to throughout the whole song.

Stream this passionate track right here on Justin’s Soundcloud page.

Find out more about this artist from New York City right here on his Facebook.

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Ricky Allson sings his heart out on new single ”White Lies”

Ricky Allson is a New York City based songwriter-songwriter with a catchy style that makes you want to sing with him. His pop rock sounds gather inspiration from all genres and decades, and his lyrics invite us into his deeply personal stories and life lessons. Music saved Ricky’s life on multiple occasions and his is so inspired while performing as he knows that the story could be way different.

White Lies” by Ricky Allson is a powerful song and the message is so true. Little lies can be okay for a while but then after building up and up, they can come crashing down on you at a thunderous level that you won’t enjoy.

The New York artist brings all the heat with this new single and you can feel the strength in his delivery on ”White Lies”. Ricky Allson is a quality artist with a massive future as he looks to build on the momentum he has already been building up.

Stream this new song on Spotify.

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Riveting Jewish country with Queens singer Aryeh Kunstler’s ”Accept”

You need to accept that sometimes things need to end. There is no point worrying about it or other-thinking. It needs to happen and you will feel at peace.

Aryeh Kunstler is a rising star in the Jewish music scene and is from Queens, New York. With his stunning guitar skills and a whole bunch of songs from different styles, he has captivated the imagination of fans from Israel and the USA. Performing for the last five years, you get the feeling that this is his breakout moment.

Accept” is a wonderfully visual video and shows off Aryeh in full force. This video that was shot wonderfully by Jay Aron and is a sight to behold with the sea in the background. The song is a break through for this singer-songwriter who has tried out different styles. I feel like he is onto a winning formula here as he becomes more and more well-known globally. There is a nice vibe here and I feel like singing too.

Aryeh Kunstler impresses here with his Jewish country track called ”Accept”. He feels at peace and this can only be a good thing for this massive talent from New York.

To see his Wiki page head through there and get even more information.

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Folk infused beauty with ”Shadow & Form” from Burke & Krowe

Burke & Krowe are a New York based rock band that fuses jazz and folk influences to very satisfying results that tingle our fingers. They are clearly masters at what they do and the whole musical creation is quite wonderful. There is a very mellow style and everything in this song has been put together perfectly.

Shadow & Form” is all about staying consistent in life and having those who believe in us to be there. This is the only way to stay sane in life during these gloomy times. Coming to age must be on a whole new level in NYC and the feel never gets too gloomy but always honest. I feel refreshed after listening to this indie rock song.

Riley Burke, Brendan Krovatin, Nick Loud, Michael Coiro and Adam Schorr all deserve credit here as they make a tight band with their own chilled vibe that must be perfect with an intimate crowd.

To see more about their music, message and future gigs head through to Facebook.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

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King Nick Rob, Benny Rothstein and Valtek bring the party in ”Tick Tock”

You are into her after you first meet her and love it when she dances. It’s all you can think about. You refuse to let her change you however and their might be conflict on the way but today isn’t the day to talk about that.

King Nick Rob, Benny Rothstein and Valtek have one thing on their minds in this song and the beat is quite sexy too. This is a summer R&B song that will be boosted by high volume by the swimming pools and clubs. The theme is party all day and night with easy to follow lyrics.

NYC native King Nick Rob has put together quite a team here and ”Tick Tock” all about having fun and not worrying about too much. This is the start of more R&B party songs that will all be competing with each other on the airwaves.

Stream on Soundcloud to hear this new party love song.

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