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Boyz II Men remix: Black Camaileon drops soulful tribute to ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday’

With a stirring message that is so relevant in these troubled times, Black Camaileon is back with the remix to the classic ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘.

Black Camaileon is a New York-based producer and indie r&b influenced singer-songwriter who sadly lost his loving wife recently to cancer, and makes music to courageously honor her name.

With stunning vocals that flow out of his soul from his rough life growing up, he had a successful career before taking a long hiatus, as money and fame was never the pursuit, only making music and inspiring those who choose to listen to it.

He sings with love on this conscious classic that speaks on important issues that are still facing many today and with vocals that strike your heart and make you feel warm inside, he is an underground legend that is back in the game after many years away. You can feel his passion as he remembers the incredible 90’s, each word is sung with such precision and meaning to heat your senses and help you forget the worries of modern times.

It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘ from New York’s indie r&b singer Black Camaileon, is a stirring rendition of a track that is one of the top songs of its generation and is sung so gloriously here. A fitting tribute indeed. that helps us realize that we can be so much more if we work together and plan for a better day tomorrow, as one team.

See this terrific remix here on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Trying to get home: Lu Carter is stunningly stupendous on her self-reflective single about a childhood memory while listening to ‘Weird Al Yankovic’

Taken off her latest astounding five-track EP that wasn’t supposed to happen called ‘Girl of Little Words‘, Lu Carter sends the anxious world a peaceful melody to remember fondly called ‘Weird Al Yankovic‘.

Michaela Carter aka Lu Carter, is a resilient Salem, Oregon-born, Brooklyn, New York City-based, experimental indie-folk singer songwriter and barista, who beautifully makes that old school nostalgic gems from the untouched forest, that carefully float into your curious brain and soothes your beating heart, like a cuppa hot chocolate on a cold winters day.

She peruses the thoughts of childhood and aging gracefully in her music and fills each listener with a genuine sense that you have heard a truly kind and authentic artist-who formulates ear-bending soundscapes-to give us hope and feel loved again.

This is the fascinating story of not being quite where you thought you would be in life and perhaps, being a bit hard on yourself at times. Her carefully crafted lyrics take you places on the clouds above and this poem is much more than that, as you close your ears, a small tear drips quietly down your cheek, as you imagine her stuck in traffic with her sibling beside her, stuck in traffic and all she wants to do is go home.

You get lost sometimes when you listen to Lu as she is a mood shapeshifter-her voice is so enchanting and real-going quiet sometimes mysteriously while she whispers tenderly and then you hear her clearly again, she catches your attention and your breath away, the angel sent to help us understand our childhood is here already.

Weird Al Yankovic‘ from the soothingly organic NYC singer-songwriter and sweet soul Lu Carter, is an absolute masterpiece from a caring musician who is making her way in this world and sharing her most vulnerable memories with us so eloquently. Her vivid storytelling is so majestic as her honesty overrides all and you feel at peace with yourself and the world.

The feeling of being sad and happy at the same time is something that was unfathomable before. This is the power of music and how some artists can enter your heart to help you deal with pain, is quite incredible.

Hear this lovely new single on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Shedding the pain away forever: eJH drops inspirational new single ‘Shed (F.T.P.H.)’

eJH is back with more realness on his spectacular new single that goes beyond music via ‘Shed (F.T.P.H.)’.

Enrique Jesus Hernandez III aka eJH, is an indie-electronic artist from Spanish Harlem in New York. He has had an ear for music since an early age- thanks to the patient guidance of his single mother- and this passion for creating, has only intensified as he has grown older.

After speaking up about violent domestic abuse and what him and his mother went through on his previous release ‘Hunger‘, this courageous stance has opened his eyes up to so much more than what he first imagined. After bravely sharing his story with the world, he has found an outlet to talk about the pain and others have also spoken up about these traumatic issues with him. Through hurt you find peace and although the scars are there and extremely deep, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders and he is ready for the next step: To help others and join forces with the needy out there that are still dealing with this horrific issue that plagues society.

This is all about letting go of the past and finding a new door to walk through that is healthy for your soul and sets you free. He sings with incredible passion that digs deep within and the story of shedding the unhealthy skin of past issues; is an example to anyone that is struggling with these demons.

Shed (F.T.P.H.)’ from New York’s eJH is the true story of letting the past be the path and to start fresh with a new mindset that won’t bog you down and define you forever.

Through music, we can begin to vent our frustrations that manifests into personal growth so you can move on and help others to be pain-free too. Freedom is what we ultimately want and need, to be truly happy inside.

Stream this excellent single via Spotify and see the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Staying true to what is really important: The Vigilance Committee drop superb new single ‘Reflections III’

The Vigilance Committee are back with their inspirational blend of real music with heart on the outstanding new single ‘Reflections III‘.

New York indie-punk rockers The Vigilance Committee are a closely-knit outfit that have been making epic soundscapes together since 2009, and they are a group that do things that really matter in life, beyond music.

Reflections III’ is a coming home of sorts for us,” says Phil Corso (drums/vocals). “With the world the way it is, we felt it was important to get back to basics, which for us, meant writing honest music that stood for something.”

This exceptional song is about how we need to fully appreciate the beauty of building a project from the start to the finish, no matter what the end result turns out to be. Watching it fall over is tough to watch but if it means you have to compromise your core morals and values, staying true to yourself is all that matters. You are the one that has to look in the mirror each day after all.

With a more than satisfying indie-punk rumbustious melody to start us off on this excellent ride, the driving drums and haunting vocals catch your attention quickly, this is a rock solid track that is marvelously catchy and is so true to its original vision. The true story of not letting yourself fall below the standard you have set for yourself deep down and how you would rather tumble over, than stay somewhere you know isn’t for you and where you feel you don’t belong.

Valuing total integrity over worthless material things seems like a controversial thing to do these days, so its very refreshing to hear a band that still have these values and who actually say something about things that aren’t legitimate.

This is an excellent band who are underground heroes for doing what is right and ‘Reflections III’ from New York City four-piece The Vigilance Committee, sees them stay true to their roots and kicks the standard up a few notches in a previously prosperous genre, that has been in the doldrums for way too long. That all changes now.

Stream this terrific track here on YouTube and see what they get up to next on FB & IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Our Numbered Days’ album review: The incomparable multi-talented Queens musician Lauren Kidd drops her incredible debut full album release that finds her dealing with the final stages of grief

Our Numbered Days‘ from the Queens singer-songwriter Lauren Kidd is her debut full album release and this was certainly worth the wait. We find a musician who knows herself now deep inside and is flourishing with each passing moment.

Lauren Kidd is a New York City-based writer, singer-songwriter, dreamer and ever-evolving creative who has her eyes set for the stars above and nothing less. When you set big goals, sometimes you fall down and scratch yourself, but its how you pick yourself up, that truly counts long-term.

After reviewing her excellent lead single ‘I Want It To Be You‘ recently which is now track eight, we are treated to the full experience which more than lives up to expectations.

You feel a weight lifted off your tired shoulders when you turn on this concept record and you know you are in safe hands.

With ‘Make You Smile’, there is a happy energy that is pushed through and the overwhelming feeling is that she is looking for that love again and just wants a chance to show that is ready again. The Pop pureness is such a blessing on the ear and the melodic rhythm is a welcome addition to a wild year.

Other highlights are, and there are so many, are definitely ‘Our Numbered Days‘ as this should be the theme of 2020. The days are so short and who knows what tomorrow will bring so we need that special feeling now, to get that love rush back into our veins.

Still‘ is such a gorgeous delivery and the hard hitting beat just makes it so much better. This is the chronicle of how you want them so badly when they aren’t around and the haunting vocals fills your soul. I imagine this to be a future music video for Lauren.

Ours‘ is a song my mind wandered far away on. I got lost in the track and reminisced about previous relationships and those happy memories and what went right. The sadness of losing someone to a breakup hurts hard and it can consume you but you have to keep those good times locked away and never forget them.

They say that class is permanent and this is absolutely true on this occasion. Lauren is such a talented musician who puts in the extra hard work to make her stand out and doesn’t expect any freebies. Its this type of attitude that will see her go far in the music world as that is what it takes to be the best at what you do. A lot of friends won’t understand and there will be some lonely nights but if you want it bad enough, you gotta go and get it. Its your life after all and you walk the road that choose, not anyone else.

Lauren Kidd’s Our Numbered Days‘ is one of the best releases of 2020 due to the meaningful lyrics, her excellent vocal projection and with her determined mindset, she is an example for others on how to do things with your music career. There are no fillers on this album, nothing you can skip, and this is so rare these days in a ‘quick and forget’ society where it’s easy to be forgotten.

If she can stay focused and keep on having a small but loyal team around her that always has her back, Lauren can go wherever she wants to go with her music. Form is temporary but class remains forever and with a secret track inside, this is an album that will inspire so many and warm their hearts.

Stream the new album on Spotify and see her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Musical theater flair immersed in pop: Allison St. Rock makes the debut anthem of 2020 with ‘I Wanna Feel Better’

Allison St. Rock urges us to stay positive no matter what on the purposeful indie pop single ‘I Wanna Feel Better‘.

Allison St. Rock is a Stonington, Connecticut-born composer, playwright, performer and new singer-songwriter, who has just blessed us with her debut single and this is a new track filled with tasty treats for our ears. This is a true creative, a proudly LBGT woman who has a voice that will leave you so breathless, you will need CPR immediately.

“You know that feeling when you hear a song, and it describes exactly how you’re feeling in the moment, it makes you feel seen and makes you feel less alone? That’s what I want to give with my music.”- Allison St. Rock

This is the rebirth after a breakup that has sucked all your energy away and you have decided you want to make a change. The time is now and dancing all the pain away seems to be the way to go. Instead of hiding away and feeling sorry for yourself, the way to be better is to take a deep breath, and get in your own zone again.

Her classy voice is soothing and fresh like a tasty orange on a hot day, the juices of her energy rub off on you and you start to feel happier already. The electro-pop beat keeps you on your toes and this is such a catchy song you should tie yourself to a tree so you can hold on. This is the start of an exciting journey for a creative that seems ready and is confident in her abilities to do whatever she sets her mind to.

I Wanna Feel Better‘ from New York City’s Allison St. Rock is a virtual big hug to anyone out there that has been struggling with lost love. She is the compass to find yourself again and move on to new adventures that enables you to love wholeheartedly again.

Get out of your slump and hear this sparkling song on Spotify. See her social life via IG and FB.

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Hide and go seek is over: New York City singer-songwriter Ximone Rose is refreshingly reflective on the incredible ‘i Found Me’

Ximone Rose is transcendent on her new single ‘I found Me‘ and this is that peaceful pureness that is hard to find; unless you look deeper underground.

The former child-actor, creative and wonderful NYC singer-songwriter Ximone Rose, has a rare ability to change your mood with one note of music.

This is the story about how we all need someone to help you find yourself again. We all walk down the dark road and get lost sometimes. The world is confusing and our minds get wrapped up with so much plastic that we all need a lifeguard in the sea of life; to pick us up so we can reset our perspective.

Her voice is like a floating angelic memory, each word is made with such tender loving care as she weaves her way into our broken hearts so lovingly. The way she keeps her tone so effortless is absolutely mind-blowing and you feel like a huge weight is lifted off your tired shoulders. This is properly made music that has that extra class that you can’t teach. She was born with this gift that she has chosen to use, rather than walk into the other side of the music scene, that can cloud your innocence so quickly and scar you for life, weighing you down like a cement brick tied to your feet.

Feeling that youth inside you is so important in this serious world and being happy again should be high on your priority list. Ximone Rose shows us what really counts on ‘I found Me‘. She is a special talent who’s music will make you think and lift you up over any obstacle you may be currently facing.

Hear this top track on Spotify and see her music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The love story continues: Italian-born Martina is quite glorious on ‘I Wish You Knew’

The sweet sounding Martina is back with her luscious vocals on the incredible new single on ‘I Wish You Knew‘.

Martina is a self-aware Italian-born, New York City-based singer-songwriter who blends Soul and R&B to mix a potent fusion that takes your breath away. Her style is spectacular and she sings with such love and meaning, her music has been carefully crafted to encapsulate beauty and class.

This is the story of wishing that your crush knew how you felt deep inside. Your stomach twists and turns and you just know that they are the one. Your heart is telling you that you need to be together and you are working out how you can make this happen.

Her voice is so clear and beautiful, the sonic soundscape drifts into the air and you can’t help but feel so relaxed while listening to this song.

The New York-based Martina is quite stunning on ‘I Wish You Knew‘. This is a song to play with your lover late at night with the candles on and the hot bath waiting. Her vivacious energy is a pleasure on the soul and this is a music that we all need to admire and close our eyes to.

Hear this wonderful song on YouTube and see her story on IG.

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Former love that hurt you deeply: Lovedead sings for his hearts redemption on ‘Eye 2 Eye’

New York City native Lovedead returns with the heartbreaking new single ‘Eye 2 Eye’ that explores the topic of love that didn’t work out and this doesn’t make sense to this excellent musician.

The earthy atmosphere that bellows in is like a fresh stream of fresh air to a stuffy year. His honest lyrics steam the windows up with the story of love that suddenly ended. The frustration of what happened is paramount from the young singer whose voice gets stronger like a transformer, as the track gets more vivid throughout. She moved on and showed her true colors by her questionable actions.

‘’Struggling with romance and school and everyday life, I felt it was the only way to truly be understood.’’- Lovedead

Music is the healing glue that has helped him stick together with himself during this tough time and with life in general. The drama got too much and he sings about how the manipulative ex got into his head for a while. You can hear from his lyrics and excellently toned voice that the time to move on is now and he is going through the frustrated stage. He is questioning everything but knows deep inside that he didn’t cause this breakup.

Lost love can mess you up mentally and finding a way to get the frustration out smartly is the only way to move on and doing what you feel is best. ‘Eye 2 Eye’ from New York singer-songwriter Lovedead is a love-torn story about how romance can be so amazing and so hard too. Finding a loyal human to be with is so hard but is possible if you believe in it enough.

Hear this song via Spotify and find out more on this artist below:



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You want her to be the only one: ‘I Want It To Be You’ is New York City musician/writer Lauren Kidd’s exceptional solo debut of self-discovery

Queens, New York singer-songwriter Lauren Kidd is heading for big things due to her exceptional voice and self-motivated attitude. These are two qualities that are at the core of being a successful indie artist and Lauren epitomizes this.

The former frontwoman of NYC band Clearview and after starting to learn music when she was just 9 years old, she is now fully integrated into the solo world and is excitedly releasing her debut album called ‘Our Numbered Days’ which drops on the 18th December 2020. Luckily, Lauren has been kind enough to sneak us a listen of her ‘I Want It To Be You’ debut single to wet our appetites and this is like a thunderbolt into our hungry hearts.

This is the story of knowing what you want but struggling to find the right path to get there. The pain in her voice is palpable as she wrestles with easy temptations that have been there from life in a band. Quick and fun flings are there if you want it; they can be so hard to resist if you let yourself be drawn in and hang out at places you know are bad for you.

She sings from the heart and wants to be a better person and there is only one special soul that she visualizes being with The problem is, it might be too late. Patience and self-reflection are the two qualities needed right now but you don’t want to be alone either.

With a strong voice, terrific visuals and a heartfelt style, it’s no wonder that this is a musician on the rise. Her honesty shines through the cracks of the room as you reminisce about those nights you spent with someone you barely knew.

I Want It To Be You’ from New York’s Lauren Kidd is a single that is part of the master-plan and a way to heal inside so that you can move on and do what you can, to gain that ultimate forgiveness. Life is all about learning from mistakes and not being too hard on yourself. We are only human after all.

See the excellent music video on YouTube, stream her on Spotify and find out more via IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen