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Mondegreen Melodised Nu Metal in Their Annhilative Revival, Are You Sure

With their debut single, Are You Sure, Oxford’s Mondegreen did more than just throw their hat in the Nu Metal revival ring; the expansive annihilative aural aesthetic in the cataclysmic hit allowed the five-piece to stand at the vanguard of the movement and tear down the constructs that constrain the genre.

By feeding the juggernautical grows of the basslines, the cacophonous percussion and the sirening guitars in an ethereally intense atmosphere injected with Metalcore increments of electronica, nostalgia for Mushroomhead, and melodic vocal hooks, Mondegreen scribed a thunderously distinctive sonic signature that has the capacity to write the future of the genre.

After forming in 2023, the outfit is on a mission to deliver heartfelt lyricism through hard-hitting riffs and shake up the status quo, after Are You Sure obliterated my speakers, I can safely say they’re on the right trajectory and they’re one of the most promising new names on the UK metal scene.

Are You Sure is now available to stream on all major platforms including Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shred augmented annihilation in their hard-rock anthem, What They Say

Whoever said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned was proven a liar when Denmark’s prodigal sons of hard rock, Shred, unleashed their raging anthem, What They Say.

With an off-the-scale level of intensity to the hit that signifies the five-piece’s songwriting stripes, no one will be immune to the frenzied hook-rife volition when exposed to the single which goes beyond assimilating 80s-tinged hard rock and metal.

By leaning into the sonic influence of more contemporary bands including Foo Fighters and Avenged Sevenfold, and looking to more introspective artists for lyrical inspiration, Shred is one of the few hard rock outfits which goes beyond living up to rock and metal stereotypes.

They’re charting their own path through the razed ground of the hard rock landscape with the scintillating sustain on their monolithic guitars, the intuitively electrifying rhythm section, and the ensnaring vocals. Stefan Stimony knows exactly how to embody the emotional themes Shed’s profound lyricism exposits. If talk is cheap, What They Say is priceless.

What They Say will be available to stream on all major platforms, including Spotify, from March 29th.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ipecac took an egalitarian approach to affection with their queer rock anthem, Everyone Deserves Love

Ipecac’s latest single, “Everyone Deserves Love,” is a potent blend of vintage 70s rock warmth and modern, hook-driven intensity, reminiscent of The Hives’ recent work. Formed in 2017, the band comprises four best friends: Isabella Osborne (vocals), Kanyon Dickerson (drums), Tayte Eubanks (bass), and Ariadnee “Rodnee” Ziady (guitar). Their synergy is palpable, crafting a sound that’s both a nod to British metal’s golden era and a reflection of contemporary rock’s emotional depth.

This track is a bold statement against the rising tide of homophobia and queerphobia. In a world increasingly divided, “Everyone Deserves Love” emerges as a queer rock anthem, a protest song that resonates with the urgency of our times. The lyrics are a clever, poignant exploration of the struggle for a prejudice-free existence, striking a chord that even the most hardened sceptics with faces redder than their MAGA hats might find hard to dismiss.

The song’s structure is a masterclass in dynamic contrast. After a riotous journey through face-melting riffs and a throbbing rhythm section, the track halts for an acapella oration – a powerful, unadorned plea for acceptance and love. This moment of vulnerability only amplifies the impact when Ipecac dives back into the fray with even more ferocity.

In essence, “Everyone Deserves Love” is a rallying cry for unity and understanding, wrapped in a package of exhilarating rock music. Ipecac has not only captured the spirit of their 70s and 80s influences but has also channelled their introspective lyricism into a message that is both timely and timeless.

Everyone Deserves Love is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Down River reached the pinnacle of infectiously explosive volition with their hard rock earworm, The Long Way Down

If you have a penchant for hard rock that is as explosive as it is meticulously honed, expose yourself to the rhythmically intense fervour of ‘The Long Way Down’ from Utah’s premier powerhouse, Down River. Instead of letting reverence for the genre’s roots get in the way of innovation, Down River carved out a new trajectory in the evolution of the genre with the sharpness of their hooks.

April Draven’s voice is a force to be reckoned with – a blend of raw power and captivating melody that sets her apart in a league of her own. Her emotionally charged vocal lines are a gravitational force, pulling listeners into the vortex of the song’s energy. Fuck comparing her to other female figureheads in rock and metal, she could hold her own against any of her icons.

Instrumentally, ‘The Long Way Down’ is a masterclass in hard rock dynamics. The band’s ability to balance cataclysmic breakdowns with firebranded production creates a colossal sonic impact, tailor-made for the adrenaline of a stadium experience. Each member brings their own powerhouse performance, resulting in a track that’s tight, ensnaring, and unrelenting.

The Long Way Down is more than a hard rock playlist staple. It is a siren call to anyone who cherishes music that’s crafted with passion, precision, and a touch of rebellion.

The Long Way Down was officially released on March 1st; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Benzluene reached the top of the trap-metal game with ‘Away’

Benzluene’s latest single ‘Away‘ is an intoxicating synthesis of emo, trap, industrial metal and post-grunge which allows agony to oscillate through the rhythmically seductive atmosphere that descends to the same murky depths as Deftones while bringing in the future of trap metal.

The production, a collaborative effort by flower and @fluffysome, is a masterclass in genre-fluid experimentation; dark, intrepid, visceral, and cutting – ‘Away’ is an auditory exploration of emotional extremes. The sludgy hooks and the constant shifts in vocal style and tone amplify the impact of the lyrics, making each word hit with the force of a bruise.

Benzluene’s vox cruise between softly relayed harmonies and visceral screams, dampened by layers of effects, maintaining a euphonic quality even at their most strident, ensuring the intensity is always delivered in swathes of catharsis.

Even the most eloquent people struggle to relay the pain of a disintegrating relationship, but through the sonic visualisations, that almost primal pain becomes universally understood. ‘Away’ stands as an allegory of agony, expressed through a piercingly unique sonic signature, which cuts to the core of the emotion.

If you cut Away open, you would reveal the anatomy of an alt-rock earworm. It’s a Tour De Force that will resonate with fans of trap metal and beyond.

Stream Away on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Trish Discord & Devon Aviles electronically augmented alt-rock with the broodingly vindicating single, Ever So Holy

Trish Discord and Devon Aviles are both forces to be reckoned with respectively; combined, they’ve sent electrifying shockwaves through the alt-rock domain with their dark and broodingly vindicating track, Ever So Holy. The intro is a masterclass in mood setting; the massive waves of synth bass, coupled with a haunting melodic lead, create an industrially tinged atmosphere that is as dark as it is scintillating.

As the track progresses through its rhythmic cascade of unpredictable volition, it morphs seamlessly, throwing hooks left, right, and centre to pull you into the track’s magnetic core with the same force as the most infectious artists in the pop-punk domain.

The production style is a high-wire balancing act; a complete yin-yang of raw elements and polished cultivation. The huge guitars and compressed drums bring a traditional rock feel, while the electronic components narrate a new chapter in the alt-rock genre.

Vocally, Trish Discord channels the spirit of Evanescence, Nightwish, and Within Temptation, while simultaneously carving out a unique niche and guiding the listener through the tumultuous sonic landscape. In short, it’s a symphonic riot that ignited a revolution in the electronica landscape.

Ever So Holy was officially released on February 29th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Little Villains – Café De Stam: The Ultimate Hard Rock Antidote to the Ennui of Our Times

Café De Stam by Little Villains

The transatlantic hard-rock heavy-hitters Little Villains are priming themselves for the unleashing of their fifth studio LP, Café De Stam. Get a taste of the vintage-wrapped rancour to come by adrenalizing yourself with the recently released title single.

By melding classic rock rhythmics with the frenetic mayhem of metal, the title single will go down a storm with Motorhead and Venom fans. Little Villains ensured none of the high-octane energy from their rock n roll to the core performance was lost in the raw production of the infectiously razor-sharp hit, which proves how tight the fourpiece’s sound has become since their debut.

The anthem of defiance brought to life with an infectious sense of devil may care rebellion, goes beyond paying an ode to the pioneers; it is the ultimate aural antidote to the ennui of our modern times.

Stream and purchase the title single, Café De Stam, which was officially released on January 25, on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The paragons of post-hardcore, Heartbent, gave emo nostalgists more than they bargained for with their seminal hit, House of Mirrors

Emo nostalgists will be in for more than they’ve bargained for when they delve into the third EP, House of Mirrors, from the heretics of post-hardcore, Heartbent. After a melodic pop-punk prelude, the title single lives up to the band’s stake to the claim of being one of the most stylistically unique outfits on the post-hardcore scene.

From start to finish, House of Mirrors is a lesson in hook-rife volition. The pop-punk hooks are balanced between the installations of guttural furore, giving the hit an edge of dualistic Jekyll and Hyde vehemence. With hints of Gallows between the sticky-sweet increments of Rise Against-reminiscent energy, Heartbent found never-before-trodden intersections of hardcore and blazed right through them while bringing House of Mirrors to visceral life.

The way Elle Saulsbury’s backing vox temper Alex Folmer’s scathingly magnetic vocal delivery and the instrumentals thrive on the unpredictability within the progressions proves that Heartbent knows exactly how to tap into their uniquely synchronous dynamism that is taking the East Coast by storm.

The House of Mirrors EP hit the airwaves on January 12th. Stream the fervidly hooked 4-track release on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Riven By Ravens followed the sound of a siren in their prog-rock odyssey, Trainwreck

The Cali progressive hard rock titans who forged Riven By Ravens from the ashes of their previous project, Ghost Army, exhibited their broad range of influence in their monolithically metal-tinged single, Trainwreck. It will leave you insatiable for the unveiling of the forthcoming 14-track LP, Venerate, which is set to drop in January 2024.

With tension and aggression-fraught breakdowns which echo Machine Head’s Bloodstone & Diamonds LP between the hints of Against Me and cultivated melodic prog rock reverberations that will rhythmically entice fans of Porcupine Tree and Tool alike, Riven By Ravens did more than amalgamate their eclectic array of influences. They found unchartered intersections between them and stamped down their sonic signature to mark their territory.

If you can tear yourself away from the magnetism within the complex time signatures, you can lock into the refraining mantras, which act as a carrion call to tenacity while exhibiting the breakthrough band’s determination to better the world, one track at a time.

After the band was formed in 2022 by Brian Havrilla and Paul Wilson, they’ve been making strides in the prog-rock dominion, it is only a matter of time before they hold the keys to it entirely.

Stream Trainwreck, which crashed onto the airwaves in 2023 via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast 

Ramener exhibited the agony of empathy in their debut music video for their seminal single, In Her Hands

With the unveiling of Ramener’s debut album drawing closer, the grungy alt-rock evocators unleashed their first music video to complement their ensnaring lead single, In Her Hands, and draw fans a little closer into their tumultuously provocative world, which is redefining the contemporary nu-metal arena.

With a similar atmosphere and aesthetic to Nirvana’s iconic Smells Like Teen Spirit music video, Ramener succeeded in amplifying the visceralism within their seminal single. The rhythmics of the track mimic a fraught with anxious torment heartbeat in the intro until the single breaks into its first cascade of instrumental candour to complement the complete rejection of inhibition from the vocals, which harmonically tease you into the cacophonous outpour.

If you are yet to see Ramener live, the music video will give you an accurate view of what you can expect from the instrumentally tight outfit which becomes the sum of all parts when they’re using their agony, volition and razor-sharp songwriting chops to seduce you into soundscapes which transcend sound to become immersive expositions into the dark side of empathy. Keep Ramener on your radar. What follows will undoubtedly be just as groundbreaking.

Stream the debut music video from Ramener for their In Her Hands hit single via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast