Not Now Norman wishes to be taken away from where the sound of our children’s cries haunts us all on ‘Save Me’

With a heavy sound that shall simmer quickly into the very fabric of our souls, Not Now Norman pleads for a new world to arise from this current one that seems to burn everything in its wake with ‘Save Me‘.

Not Now Norman is a Northumberland, UK-based indie alt hard-rock 4-piece band that are on the rise and show us their ever-growing quality.

Thrilling us with a track that packs more punch than a Champion boxer fighting for that heavyweight title, Not Now Norman is quite thunderously excellent on ‘Save Me‘ and call out for a united world to stamp out any evil amongst us. There is a sensational single on offer here that might cause some ears to bleed, as we are thrown into a rip-roaring track that will surely have your heart beating like never before.

Save Me‘ from Northumberland, UK-based indie alt hard-rock 4-piece act Not Now Norman is a haunting single for anyone who has thought about what humankind is currently facing in this seemingly alternate reality. With a weighty sound that is colossal in nature and brings you to the floor – as you wonder why we live with so much madness strewn all over our lands – that should be filled with peace, not war.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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