TiiME – CAKE: Just How Fresh Can Trap Get?

I’ve heard a lot of Trap mixes recently, it’s safe to say, not many are as fresh as Hip Hop Rap artist’s latest drop. CAKE was released in April 2018, I’ll be honest before I hit play, I was a little sceptical of how good a song about cake could actually be. It turned out that my prior prejudices were quashed before the first verse finished. Considering CAKE is TiiME’s fist single, you really couldn’t ask for more, he’s already stamped down a unique style that distinguishes him from his counterparts. The lucidly trickling Trap beats ran through an almost melodic flow to create a sonorous ambient mix which is perfect to vibe out to. Although, I’m still not sure why the track was about cake. Having said that, the rap bars in the track that TiiME is ingenious when it comes to penning gritty yet hyped lyrics, which of course come to life through his charismatic rhythmic prowess.

You can check out TiiME’s latest drop CAKE on SoundCloud now and join me in the sweet anticipation of his next drop.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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