The Verge struck all the right raw, protestive and empowering chords in ‘Keep the Head Up’

If you fused the ferocity of Rage Against the Machine or Bikini Kill with the rhythmic pull of Guns n Roses and threw in augmented layers of down-and-dirty blues rock, you’d be left with a cocktail as aurally visceral as the seminal single, Keep the Head Up, from the underground’s most indomitable outfit, The Verge.

The Parisian powerhouse has been cranking up the overdrive on their guitars since 2014; since banding together they haven’t failed to establish themselves as an unmissable live act and an ensemble which knows exactly how to infuse that energy into their records.

With melodies and riffs that will tattoo themselves across your synapses from the first spin and the way the vocals pull you right into the core of their boisterously bluesy hits, their provoking emotional depth knows few bounds. In Keep the Head Up, they demonstrate their ability to strike the right raw, protestive, and empowering chords.

The official video for Keep the Head Up is available to stream on YouTube.

Keep up to date with the latest aural antics from The Verge by heading over to their official Facebook page.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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