The Corbett Music Group urges us to stand tall and believe with the visuals for, ‘The Bell Tolls For You’ (feat. J.D. Wesley)

With a glance at the past that has been stained by selfish small-mindedness that thrust the world into utter chaos and still has a grip on so much, The Corbett Music Group guides us through the smoke and into a safe path that will surely lead us into a more peaceful world on ‘The Bell Tolls For You‘ (feat. J.D. Wesley).

The Corbett Music Group is a Richmond, Virginia-based company that was formed by Tyrone Corbett who is a songwriter, producer, engineer, videographer and owner.

Featuring the well-respected actor, RnB singer and producer J.D. Wesley on vocals, this is an emotion calling for the world to join together as one and to never give up. After all the racial injustices that still somehow are still prevalent in a supposedly smarter society, this is an anthem for all those who feel like giving up or being inspired by a singer on top of his game.

Corbett is not new to the entertainment industry and has worn many hats over the years. He started as a background singer and has worked with some of the industries finest artists in the Smooth Jazz genre.” ~ Tyrone Corbett

The Bell Tolls For You(feat. J.D. Wesley) from Richmond, Virginia-based The Corbett Music Group, is one of those songs that stops you in your tracks and urges you to think twice as you look around at all the madness going on as lives are lost for no real reasons that are fathomable. Sung with a glorious tone and insightful lyrics, this is a stand for peace and love that deserves to roam free like it deserves to be.

See this passionate music video on YouTube and find out more about J.D on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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