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Let Me Take My Time: Janelle Sy’mone sings her way into our blushing hearts with ‘All Night’

Bringing us her latest excellent single from her highly lovable debut album ‘Good Girl TV‘, Janelle Sy’mone is absoloutely dynamite on a hot track all about telling your lucky lover that things are only between them and no one else on ‘All Night‘.

Janelle Sy’mone is an indie RnB solo singer-songwriter, former youth choir singer and actor, who is based in vibrant Atlanta, Georgia.

Noticing the power of music, Janelle knew that one day she would not only be able to change, but heal people by her storyline of experience.” ~ Janelle Sy’mone

You feel that you are listening to a sensational singer in her prime – as her beaming eyes look so hungry and ready for anything – as she performs with an enticing tone and dances with such love towards the man who she wants as her own. The lyrics are honest and to the point, as you sit back and let her take you to romantic places in your desires, which have been largely forgotten in your beating and lonely heart.

All Night‘ from the excellent Atlanta, Georgia-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Janelle Sy’mone, shows us a spark that is so steamy, you might need a cold glass of water to cool down. She sings with a real intensity that is backed up by incredible visuals, and an ambiance that has you reaching for those candles and lighter.

Love should always be about that passion you share, and less about the small-minded gossip from others that seems to follow.

See this fine new video on YouTube and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Back Out: London West End star Arun Blair-Mangat brings the glittering groove to get you romantically moving again on ‘Diving Back In’

With a funky cool atmosphere that gets your whole ecstatic body feeling alive with excitement, Arun Blair-Mangat jumps into the dating scene again to find someone actually worth the attention on ‘Diving Back In‘.

Arun Blair-Mangat is a highly confident London, UK-based actor and indie Pop singer-songwriter. With a sensational voice that grips your fascination and has you fingers clicking again, this is a hot track to put on full volume.

A star of London’s glittering West End, Arun developed and played the “groundbreaking” (Attitude Magazine) gender non-conforming role of May in Max Martin’s hit musical “& Juliet”, and followed in his mentor Billy Porter’s footsteps in “Kinky Boots”. “Diving Back In” is Arun’s breakout song as a pop artist; pulling inspiration from the disco titans of the 70s, it captures his cheeky, bubbly, fluid energy, and puts it in a bottle for whenever you need a sip, or two, or four.” ~ Arun Blair-Mangat

Featuring a dazzling array of high notes which will flatter even the biggest 420 fan, this is a scintillating single from a remarkable singer. You feel like there is so much more come – with an entertaining ambiance that has you thoroughly intrigued from the first second – as you set and forget your ears on, to witness this marvelous energy unfolding rather wonderfully.

Diving Back In‘ from the London, UK-based actor and indie Pop singer-songwriter Arun Blair-Mangat, is the type of single you just can’t help but enjoy and smile with. The exuberant energies are rather special and filled with true love, from a creative who is keen to be a success in music. With lots of flair, a winning mentality, a special vocal ability, and oozes of charm that sizzles on the fire like a hot barbecue in summer, you just know that this is an artist who is going places.

The cream always rises to the top.

See this fresh new video on YouTube and see more on his action-packed IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Words Begin To Fade: Kristin Venae just wants to look deeply into those eyes on ‘Lullaby’

Taken from her highly-anticipated new album called ‘Black Widow‘, Kristin Venae is quite superb on her latest single that is the follow-up to ‘Still Here‘, with a beautifully romantic single called ‘Lullaby‘.

Kristin Venae is an Australian indie soul-pop artist, actor and model, who is a former member of Latin groups Ritmo De Tropical, Loose Minds and The Magnificent Companeros.

Influenced as a child by artist such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston & Ricky Martin.” ~ Kristin Venae

Featuring a blend of stunning aroma which lifts the atmosphere and aromatically has you reaching for that lighter as the candles are feeling lonely, as the wine is poured and two hearts are brought closer. The energy is certainly hot here as this steam-filled track takes you to a moment which is so uncommon in this click and swipe world, as you look into each others eyes and vow to never be apart.

Lullaby” from the multi-talented Australia-based indie soul-pop artist, actor and model Kristin Venae, is such a sweet song all about feeling that supreme rush when you are around someone who you can’t believe is next to you. The feeling is so right and you never want to let the moment go, as she sings with a real true love feeling with terrific vocals attached. This is the type of song to dance with romantically, when you are with that special soul who you just want to be with all night and beyond.

When the heart knows, your whole body follows the leads into this rare place that needs to be truly cherished.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Others Acting Sneaky: Detroit rapper Leopardhead brushes off the sketchy shadows as he gets in the zone with ‘Light Work’

As he cruises confidently with the real team who have shown their loyalty when many others have not, Leopardhead walks around in content mood with his new single all about putting in the legit ‘Light Work‘.

Leopard God aka Leopardhead, is a highly motivated Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip-hop artist, writer, music producer and actor.

This is the message about walking the correct path with those who you trust the most, as you ignore the foolish others who only seek to bring you down and destroy what you have built up from scratch. He raps with meaning and much vigor, with an underground performance which shows you his growing versatility and will to succeed at his chosen profession.

Light Work‘ from the Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper and music producer Leopardhead, is a street-filled track all about going for your dreams no matter what others are doing behind your back. With the chance of getting involved in temptation so high, he has decided to go against the flow and do things the right way.

Looking in the mirror each day and not feeling ashamed of yourself – is the only way to be truly free and alive in this sneaky world full of fake sharks – ready to bite you at any opportunity you give them.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Lies And No Truths: J.Hustles aims to avoid those soul-destroying ‘Grey Skies’

As he packs up and wonders why he stayed for so long, J.Hustles can’t believe that they thought he would actually stay in the doom and gloomy ‘Grey Skies‘.

J.Hustles is a Los Angeles, California singer-songwriter, actor and indie hip-hop artist. He makes a sterling blend of real life experiences, that simmers all over your soul to bring you into the moment forever.

J. Hustles is a former Sway in the morning Get in the game artist on Shade45 that has an extensive resume with TV and film song placements.” ~ J.Hustles

With an honest tone of introspection and lyrics that have you thinking of moving on despite the good times that were had, this is a well-made track from an established artist who only seems to make top tracks with meaning.

He flows stirringly and takes us in the room where he is getting all his belongings together, wondering if it was all worth it to go through so much pain. After being lied to for so long, the exit has been ready for a while now and its time to say goodbye forever.

Hustles has released 3 studio albums and has worked with many hip hop legends from The Pharcydes Fatlip, the YoungBloodz, MC Juice, City James and more.” ~ J.Hustles

Grey Skies‘ from Los Angeles, California singer/actor/hip-hop artist J.Hustles, is that song to play on blast when you are getting ready to leave after a long relationship. You tried your best to make it work but it didn’t quite happen, as you feel that you two just end up fighting all the time. The clouds have darkened and its time to find those brighter days with lots of sunny weather, so you may reclaim your soul. Being happy at home is the only way to find that ultimate freedom.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’d Always Feel Alone: Henry Dukes never wants that first love to leave on ‘If I Die Tomorrow’

Taken off his dashing five-track debut EP ‘Voicemail’ which dropped on the 20th August 2021 and was co-written and produced with the assistance of his great friend/fellow songwriter Tom Phelps, Henry Dukes takes the key to his soul and carefully slides open the door on the loving new single ‘If I Die Tomorrow‘.

Henry Dukes is a seventeen-years-young Wiltshire-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actor on BBC’s upcoming Sex Pistols series. He might be a fresh face but you sense something rather special about this emerging artist, as his distinctive voice tells you he is ready for anything.

The EP chronicles the talented 17-year singer-songwriter’s first love against the backdrop of lockdown, with clips from voicemails and messages exchanged between the young couple over the course of the summer they fell in love.” ~ Henry Dukes

This is the sweet story of wondering if they would still think of you even if you weren’t around due to the horrendous pandemic, as you recall their connection before when your hands locked inside each others for the first time. The pure love is easy to hear and sense, taste and remember, each word is passionate, as we are brought into this love-fueled embrace of the highest order.

If I Die Tomorrow‘ from Wiltshire-based indie pop singer-songwriter and talented actor Henry Dukes, is the type of song which makes you feel rather nostalgic from time that has passed recently. You miss that sweet soul who you wish was next to you right now, as you both long for that tender touch.

Sung with a youthful brilliance, it feels like we are only starting to witness a highly promising artist who will stand the test of time, in this fickle game that can take you down paths you would rather forget.

Stream this new single on his Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Know You Need Me: Sensual Hollywood dark-pop singer-songwriter Aimee Saturne is stupendously insatiable on ‘Slow Burn’

Returning to bless our excited ears with her kiss-filled follow-up to ‘Like I Do‘, Aimee Saturne starkly lights up our intrigued imagination on the candle wax burning new single that will have you blushing in unadulterated delight on ‘Slow Burn‘.

Tantalizing risk-taker and Los Angeles, California-based dark-pop artist Aimee Saturne, is an awe-inspiring indie singer-songwriter, actor, and writer.

I don’t make music for the promise of money and never have. I make it because it’s my passion, and my art, it’s my therapy and my life’s obsession. As long as i love what i do, as long as I can express my own creativity and emotions and send it into the universe with nothing but the hope that maybe someone, somewhere in the world, might hear it and vibe with me.” ~ Aimee Saturne

This is the electrifying story of being with someone who you feel like you can be yourself with, as your hungry lips latch onto each others soft skin and never let go. You feel the immensely hot temperature only increase – as her gorgeously tipped voice is remarkably intoxicating – mixed smartly with a breathtaking beat, as she genuinely wraps our stimulated minds into a web of welcoming euphoria.

Slow Burn‘ from the sensationally talented LA-based dark-pop artist, writer, and actor Aimee Saturne, is the type of track you put on loud when you are with your lover. The passion is packed full and you feel the sensual energy oozing through the room as she moves closer to her chosen partner, while they lock eyes and fuel the nights activities with a cheeky smile.

This is a steamy track that shows her impressive progression, as we bare witness to a hugely talented artist in her prime, who certainly has our happily pulsating hearts beating uncontrollably.

Hear this fiery effort on her Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Came From The Light: The incomparable Bridget Barkan slays the fame-hungry vampires mightily on the inspiring anthem ‘F**k You Money’

As the burning fire inside her pulsating veins flowed over massively to perform her strikingly real music again as the world shutdown, Bridget Barkan tells us straight up how she feels about those who just greedily take whatever is given despite the soul-stealing consequences, with a stunning effort that will surely grab your attention mightily on ‘F**k You Money‘.

Bridget Barkan is a wonderfully talented New York-based and multi-hyphenate film and theatre actor, director, poet, activist, and indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter. She is also impressively a teaching artist at Carnegie Hall, working with incarcerated youth and young mothers.

Some have said she is like the secret child of Cindy Sherman and John Waters, raised by the ghost of Janis Joplin.” – Bridget Barkan

Her melodiously elegant yet powerful voice is toned so perfectly, as he slides gracefully into your willing speakers – she sings with such precision and breathtaking meaning – her style is ferociously independent – as she never forgets where she came from.

Her beloved late Father and Uncle taught her so well and she stands for the things that mean something – hard work and being true to yourself no matter what others sneakily offer you – as she refuses that blood money and going against anything that calls her morals into question. She was told when she moved to Hollywood that people would try and grab her valuable soul away so she created a character called Mr. 1985 New York – a combination of her Dad and Uncle –  and shows a fitting tribute here to their everlasting spirit and life-changing advice.

As a singer, she toured the world with pop glam band Scissor Sisters who opened for Lady Gaga, sung with Lily Allen, drag legend Joey Arias and many more.” – Bridget Barkan

F**k You Money‘ from the multi-talented and totally authentic New York-based singer, actress, director and that true all-round entertainer Bridget Barkan, is an monumentally remarkable effort that is one of those pure songs you can’t forget easily. This is the insightful lesson of being rather careful with your hard-earned money – as it is so easy to spend it on things that you don’t really need – or gaining it in ways which will have you avoiding the mirror for a while, as you are so ashamed of yourself.

Your trusty gut is your only guide to true self-awareness and that rare enlightenment, which this world class human has in abundance. This is the only way to be truly grounded after all and after listening to this tremendous track, you will probably feel that this is the elusive anthem, that we all needed to find in 2021.

Hear this excellent new single on her Spotify and see more of her exciting straight-talking adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time To Take A Stand: Confident Chicago rapper Demko is ‘Feelin’ so good

With a positive outlook and a cheeky smile which shows that he is in the zone right now, Demko has that all-knowing ‘Feelin‘ that his day is only going to get better with a flow-filled display on his new blaze-filled music video.

Demko is an assertive Chicago, Illinois-based rapper, music producer, singer, actor and artist. He makes that swarming old school hip-hop, which is packed full of meaningful bars which has your mind alive with possibilities.

This is the track all about showing that you are on a mission and the story takes us on a body grooving journey throughout the buzzing city – as the vibe is there in the blood-thirsty veins – and this is a terrific single all about taking yourself into another level from the rest. The self-belief is definitely there and the lyrics just seem to appear as you are walking around, as  you sense his eyes are only locked onto success.

Feelin‘ from the clean shades-wearing Chicago, Illinois-based indie rapper, actor and producer Demko, is a bounce-in-his-step type of release that has you beaming from ear to ear. He shows such cleverly-penned lyrics and a lighter-fueled smoke of delight on each verse here, as his grin-stacked charm is oozing in delight. He feels good and wants to let everyone know, that he is only elevating to levels that many of his former friends, wish they could be a part of.

When you feel good you just know it deep inside your bones – as you take a stand with yourself and choose to ignore all of the undesirable energy – which so many choose to breathe, instead of that smartly chosen positive vibration.

Stream this new music video on YouTube and find out more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Have A Nice Day: Brian Michael Henry wonders what she thinks about each day on ‘Ruth’

Released as the second single off his debut nine-track album, Brian Michael Henry returns with a song all about how he wonders what Ruth Madoff’s life is like now in almost-exile with ‘Ruth‘.

Brian Michael Henry is a dynamic New York City-based, Pennsylvania-born, indie singer-songwriter, actor, and a huge 70’s and early 80’s rock fan. He makes that highly reflective music which opens your eyes, and makes you wonder what is actually possible.

With roots in opera, classic rock, 80’s pop, and New Wave, his debut album, “Remote Work” is a collection of songs inspired by various documentaries he watched during quarantine in the Fall of 2020.” – Brian Michael Henry

He performs with a stylish energy that has you lifted by his music, his descriptive lyrics takes you into the wild story that shocked millions. With a style that is definitely old school, he filters in with a passionate tone that turns your head.

Ruth‘ from the confident New York City-based indie singer-songwriter and Penn State University graduate Brian Michael Henry, is the story about a woman who had so much but then lost it all due to her husbands massive misdeeds and lies. He sings with such a deep tone and a mysteriously wondrous style, that perks your ears up as this is rather unique.

This is the type of song that has your attention and wondering what happens to the rich, when things flame up and burn in front of their eyes.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music channel for further visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen