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Emma Hunter portrayed vices as death incarnate in her cinematically western score, Morire

Never one to shy away from emotionally deep conceptuality, singer-songwriter, loop artist and instrumentalist Emma Hunter always leaves a profoundly artful impact with her lyrical themes that exhibit the darkest facets of the human experience.

After being introduced to her superlative talent via her music video for Here I Go, which narrated the disjointed monologue of a domestic abuse victim, it was hard to imagine a more sobering orchestration. Her latest tour de force, Morire, is an achingly succinct exposition of how our vices are the death-incarnating reapers. Especially for the way they allow the people around us to watch us as we get torn away from ourselves while being too numb to feel the cuts of the scythe.

With everything written between the lines and the Tarantino-ESQUE Western score amplifying the wrenchingly cinematic intensity, you can be damn sure I shed a few tears before working out how to do this filmic masterpiece justice.

Videographer Matt Trevor-Roper, undeniably succeeded in bringing the concept to raw life. Less of a run-of-the-mill music video and more of an epic short film, Morire, is a testament to Emma Hunter’s evocative chanteuse vocal harmonies that effortlessly gel with her flamenco guitars.

Morire released on March 16th; watch the official music video on YouTube or add it to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drink in the lucid daydream of Bye Malo’s music video for his latest indie hit, rollercoasters

After the success of his summer single, rollercoasters, the multi-talented artist, Bye Malo complemented the cinematically hazy indie pop single with the aesthetically romantic music video, which premiered on August 31st.

Wes Anderson himself couldn’t have created a more succinct colour palette to match the slow jamming choral guitar tones that breezily reflect the bitter-sweetness of a romance soured by wandering eyes and waning affection. What better way to prove that everything is fleeting than this lucid daydream of a single?

Check out the official music video for rollercoasters via YouTube, or head over to Bye Malo’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

King Kaye drops a groovy music video with ‘As The Sun Falls’

With his first release in nearly two years and bringing forth his first-ever music video that was directed by impressive student filmmaker at Five Towns College, Juliette Kealy, King Kaye shows us his emerging class on the visuals that will have you in an admire-filled gaze with, ‘As The Sun Falls‘.

Ben Krochmal aka King Kaye is a 22-year-old indie alternative psychedelic rock singer-songwriter who has made an impressive impact despite being fairly new on the scene.

All songs I create are completely done by me and engineered by me. Over quarantine, I got in contact with Grammy-winning engineers that trained me and honed in on my instrumental skills.” ~ King Kaye

Following on from his 6-track EP from 2020 called ‘Nothing but a Pipe Dream‘, King Kaye demonstrates his love for the human of his dreams, which takes you right into this incredibly warm world that is packed with romance.

As The Sun Falls‘ from the confident indie alternative singer-songwriter, King Kaye sends us into a reflective dream that might have you smiling softly in the mirror – as you imagine being with that special soul that lights up your spirit – and sets you free from any previous worries that have been lowering your hope like you are stuck in quicksand. His vocals are rather ear-tingling and with incredible visuals, this is a quality track that should get you into the mood to be with someone who you think is perhaps perfect for you.

See this top new creation on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York City’s LOUD MONSTA show us inside the wild story that is, ‘Gotham City’ (feat. SIN HG)

Smashing through the noise and leading us into a new music video that is loaded with inventiveness, LOUD MONSTA returns with a brand new music video to awaken our imagination with, ‘Gotham City‘ (feat. SIN HG).

LOUD MONSTA is a New York City, USA-based indie Hip hop group that raps with authority and is always looking to keep things strictly underground.

We are new to the Industry but the production house we represent is steeped in hip hop, dance, latin, and spiritual with innovative lyrics and vivid wordplay; layered with incredible beats.” ~ LOUD MONSTA

Dropping a video filled with heavy bars and steaming with innovative juices, LOUD MONSTA bellows through our speakers with a hardcore single packed with superhero themes made with a true shoutout to a movie franchise that continues to entertain fans all over the world.

Gotham City‘ (feat. SIN HG) from Queens, New York City-based indie Hip hop group LOUD MONSTA is a superhero-filled music video that shows us a story that so many love. Batman-packed and with lots of witty lyrics and a flow that takes you inside this movie, this is a top display by an outfit that hasn’t even reached the peak of its powers yet. With lots of imagination brewing from this new single that will have you morphed into this compelling story, this is a single for fans of one of the world’s favourite crime-destroying heroes.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Malta’s Dylan De Bono sends love to the Ukrainian girl who made his heart happy for the first time on ‘You Got Me so High’

Taken from his debut solo album ‘Loose Wire’, Dylan De Bono sends much respect to a kind girl who taught him the true meaning of what love actually was on the space-filled hit single, ‘You Got Me so High‘.

Dylan De Bono is a Malta-based indie-pop/retro-futuristic solo singer-songwriter who was formerly in the local pop group, Royals.

The result is a personally inspired, sonically cohesive body of work – dark, seductive, edgy, yet interspersed with honest vulnerability. A combination of 80’s pop influence and modern club hits define the sound of the album.” ~ Dylan De Bono

Showing us that romance can be so simple if you let it flow in your veins without any extra baggage, Dylan De Bono has dropped something rather extraordinary here in a time of need for millions of anxious souls.

The release date of this video coincided with a very dark time in our world and for that reason, I was hesitant to release. However, I wrote this song about a girl from Ukraine. A girl who showed me what true beauty is. I release this song as both a tribute to her and also a tribute to the Ukrainian nation which she represents – A nation of beauty.” ~ Dylan De Bono

You Got Me so High‘ from Malta-based indie-pop/retro-futuristic solo artist Dylan De Bono, is a quality release that will put you in a frame of mind that shall shake your core like a washing machine. A story of that love that wasn’t allowed in a time that shocked the world, as we are treated to an artist who sings with such true emotion. With a catchy beat that takes you to a higher place, this is something to embrace as we all desire that calm will be restored soon, in a country that needs all the hope it can get at the moment.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Corbett Music Group urges us to stand tall and believe with the visuals for, ‘The Bell Tolls For You’ (feat. J.D. Wesley)

With a glance at the past that has been stained by selfish small-mindedness that thrust the world into utter chaos and still has a grip on so much, The Corbett Music Group guides us through the smoke and into a safe path that will surely lead us into a more peaceful world on ‘The Bell Tolls For You‘ (feat. J.D. Wesley).

The Corbett Music Group is a Richmond, Virginia-based company that was formed by Tyrone Corbett who is a songwriter, producer, engineer, videographer and owner.

Featuring the well-respected actor, RnB singer and producer J.D. Wesley on vocals, this is an emotion calling for the world to join together as one and to never give up. After all the racial injustices that still somehow are still prevalent in a supposedly smarter society, this is an anthem for all those who feel like giving up or being inspired by a singer on top of his game.

Corbett is not new to the entertainment industry and has worn many hats over the years. He started as a background singer and has worked with some of the industries finest artists in the Smooth Jazz genre.” ~ Tyrone Corbett

The Bell Tolls For You(feat. J.D. Wesley) from Richmond, Virginia-based The Corbett Music Group, is one of those songs that stops you in your tracks and urges you to think twice as you look around at all the madness going on as lives are lost for no real reasons that are fathomable. Sung with a glorious tone and insightful lyrics, this is a stand for peace and love that deserves to roam free like it deserves to be.

See this passionate music video on YouTube and find out more about J.D on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mouth Culture has released their scathing high vibe indie emo pop hit Nobody Wants You

UK alt-rock act Mouth Culture takes no prisoners in their scathingly high vibe hit Nobody Wants You. The sniping lyricism, crunchy indie-rock guitars, indie-pop with a hint of emo vocals and jazzy nuances pull together to offer a potent shot of indie nostalgia. Yet, there is plenty more to Mouth Culture’s scintillating sound than assimilation.

Their determination to become one of the hottest bands in the UK in 2022 is by no means a pipe dream with over 1 million streams on Spotify and radio play from BBC Introducing, Total Rock, Kerrang and Radio 1. Since their inception in 2019, they’ve been honing in on their songwriting which shines through in Nobody Wants You with their ability to turn deep-seated hate into a catchy radio-ready hit that rivals Frank Carter’s I Hate You.

Check out the official video for Nobody Wants You on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

When Our Lives Were Young: Observe the 93rd drop skate-filled visuals for ‘TRL’

Reminding us of a happier time when life seemed much more fun and joyful, Observe the 93rd takes us back to innocent days when the sun was bright and the music loud with ‘TRL‘.

Observe the 93rd is a Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based indie alternative rock band. They make an expressive blend of music vibrations that causes your whole body to be engulfed into the moment.

The focus will always be raw, authentic expression. The songs are guided by a feeling, an idea, an experience, failure, triumph, suffering, joy…any abstract internal entity that yearns to be externalized.” ~ Observe the 93rd

Featuring explosive vocals that bends your ears back into place, with guitar riffs attached that has you thinking back to classic bands like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. With honest lyrics that shows us how life can twist around and bring you down if you aren’t careful, this is a reflective skate-filled journey which has you recalling a much simpler time.

TRL‘ from the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based alt-rock act Observe the 93rd, is a full-blooded effort that causes you to reflect on the moment, as you treasure when things seemed way better back in the day. Friends were around and less people were constantly distracted by technology, as you just joined up together and rocked out. Just the way life should be.

See this brand new music video on YouTube and find out more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Artie Ziff have released the ultimate indie post-hardcore anthem, Masquerade

The Scottish alt-indie outfit, Artie Ziff, is the kind of artist that leaves you instantly perplexed at how they fly under so many people’s radars with their ability to organically weave a myriad of genres into their captivatingly high-octane sound. Their latest single, Masquerade, proves that they have exactly what it takes to reach the same heights as Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Bring Me the Horizon or Yungblud as alt-rock pioneers.

The proceedings kick off with a post-punk-style prelude before post-hardcore stylings start to work their way into the anthemically unpredictable hit. If you think The National’s guitars when they kick into sonic overdrive are something, you might want to strap yourselves in for Masquerade that brings just as much to the table vocally. Anyone that never completely grew out of their emo phase should definitely consider Masquerade a playlist staple.

The official video for Masquerade premiered on September 16th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat has gone viral with his bittersweet folk-pop track, Summer Fireworks

Since premiering on June 18th, the official music video for Thailand-based singer-songwriter Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat’s latest single, Summer Fireworks, has racked up in excess of 9 million streams on YouTube alone. The addictive quality of the bittersweet folk-pop melody is irresistible from the first hit.

The cinematically progressive single starts with accordant acoustic guitar notes before the soundscape shifts into a semi-orchestral lovelorn ballad that captures the aching feeling of longing. The release seriously wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood Blockbuster with the panoramic production and the gentle yet dramatic nature of the ballad.

You can check out the official music video for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast