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UK emcee Denzino & Sifa bring the heat with ‘Red Pirates’

UK emcee Denzino & Sifa bring the heat with ‘Red Pirates‘, a fine Hip Hop release for late 2020.

The sweet piano start puts your mind in the mood, this feel elegant and classy. The sounds of a confident UK rapper is what we are introduced too. This is that fresh sound that has made sure that UK Hip Hop is massive right now globally. This is a hot track with that cruise jam moves that are awaiting for that dance floor.

This is all about doing your own things and avoiding the hype on the internet. You have other things on your mind and you are on a mission to push hard and make that money. Getting the bag is vital right now while also finding the right loyal people to assist you in life.

Red Pirates‘ is one of those Hip Hop songs that really grab you tightly, you are bouncing to the beat and this a top effort from Denzino & Sifa. 

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl show us the music world in ‘Stars In Our Eyes’

Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl show us the real music world in the dreamy-pop indie wonderland ‘Stars In Our Eyes‘.

This is the creation of multi-instrumentalist and producer Yen Nguyen, Mechanical Pterodactyl build Dreamy-pop creative compositions that place lasting lyrical melodies over a richly woven blend of captivating acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. There is so much skill here, the musicianship is of top quality.

After working in such varied genres such as Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock, you can feel the multi-skilled passion of this excellent artist. This is different music and the video is so true. Sometimes we go for a dream without fully mapping it all about like a master-plan. Things can go wrong real quick with reality strikes.

Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl are quite epic on the new single Stars In Our Eyes‘. This has dreamy-pop lathered up and stuck all deep in our ears, the song is radiant and fresh. They join the lists of Australian bands that are joined together with goodness, the golden age of bands in the marvellous music-crazy country.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The fascinating story of: Nightmarine by Kaya & The Science of the Lamps drop incredible rotoscoped video

Nightmarine‘ from Kaya & The Science is a gloriously made new single with fascinating visuals to match.

Nightmarine‘ is packed with with real stories of Kaya’s father’s career marine biologist, the loss and grief felt after losing a loved parent, this is the life of a human dealing with the ups and downs of staying positive afterwards. This can be somber but you feel hopeful, this is a musician who believes that there is light out there.

Their inspiration comes from vaudeville, visual art, early Hollywood movie scores, Nordicana, wine, flamenco, trip-hop, music boxes, Paris and whiskey bars. This is an act with a wide-range of influences, they music is varied and this visual video gives us further insight into their style.

Nightmarine‘ from Kaya & The Science is a lovely music video, the vocals are glassy and crisp, the sounds keep you hooked throughout. This is a creative song that is so real, the story is about loss and also how to stay strong. A marvellous effort from this fine outfit that are surely going to get lots of attention from music fans.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


South London emcee Dimzy blazes in with the devilishly brilliant ‘Burn It’

South London emcee Dimzy ups the standard of British Hip Hop with the excellent visuals for his latest single called ‘Burn It‘.

Burn It‘ is the latest single to come from Dimzy, member of UK drill group 67. With a brilliantly shot video to match its energy and sound, ‘Burn It‘ oozes authenticity and swagger with slick visuals and ominous trap-influenced beats. The official video premiered at the end of August with GRM Daily and has already hit over 300,000 views. Dimzy is on top form here and the results show. his flow is so tight and lyrically each word is carefully constructed throughout. I’d love to see him on a track with US emcees Roc Marciano or Wiz Khalifa, this UK emcee is up there with the very best in the game.

Originally written in the summer of 2019, Dimzy came back to the track this year with a fresh mindset and updated the lyrics to what you hear today. Finding an instrumental from Swayybeats which matched the beat in the most perfect way, Dimzy was able to reconstruct the single, producing a clear vision for the song. With extra time to make sure this track is exactly what he wanted, the extra time and effort is noticeable.

Hailing from South London, Dimzy is one of the rising stars of the UK Drill scene. A member of popular drill group 67, he has collaborated with a huge variety of artists including Giggs, and has consistently been releasing new music since 2017. Garnering a massive following on social media, Dimzy draws his fans in with his authenticity and the energy that he puts into his lyrics and live shows, maintaining the original spirit of his early days in music. With 67, he has won Best Mixtape Award and was nominated for Best Newcomer at the MOBO Awards.

Dimzy clears away the competition here with this video and quality track with ‘Burn It’ and this is a track to play real loud in the car with the homies. An excellent beat to match the quality storytelling, this is one of the best Hip Hop tracks of 2020 without doubt.

Click here for the YouTube video.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Scotland’s Constant Follower opens his heart and sends us valuable advice on ‘Set Aside Some Time’ (Official Video)

Constant Follower is a soaring ambient dream pop experimental folk group from Glasgow in Scotland. They are here with the new song called ‘Set Aside Some Time‘.

It’s always a good idea to set aside some time to get your mind right. You know that you need this as it will help you get over some feelings. Talking them out to dry and to move on with your life. Setting time to find yourself is absolutely vital and this is such an inspirational story of self-finding yourself from memories of youth, to now.

Constant Follower from Scotland are a chilled group who have brought us a little classic here. The journey of self-discovery is especially relevant during this traumatic time of upheaval. ‘Set Aside Some Time‘ is a terrific video and song that inspires us to fully find ourselves and not stop until we have done this.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Marquis Drive roll in with honest classic ”Truth Don’t Shock”

Marquis Drive are a 7-piece UK band from Cannock in the West Midlands region of England. They smash through the speakers with their new terrific track called ”Truth Don’t Shock”. This is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Founded in 1991 under a wandering star somewhere next to a Weatherspoons pub, this quality indie band were born from a mutual love of football, clobber, and of course great music.

You can hear that Marquis Drive are a tight band who are one of the best around. This new music video is highly impressive as well as being such an honest release about the state of affairs in the UK.

Truth Don’t Shock” is a fine Brit-Pop classic from the Marquis Drive boys as they send us a real message to confirm their place at the very top of the UK music scene. The riffs are fantastic and the vocals powerful- just what we needed in this tumultuous year. There is a 90’s feel to this top track that barrels into our hearts.

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Stream this new track right here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jay Rick$ brought poignantly sobering introspection into the realms of Gangster Rap with “Thug Ways”

Breaking Hip Hop artist Jay Rick$ has recently dropped their striking new single Thug Ways. Whatever your perceptions of Gangster Rap are, throw them out of the window before you hit play.

The compelling track holds up a mirror to our 21st-century reality where it’s all too clear that nothing has changed since N.W.A. used their aggression to create hit records. But that doesn’t mean that Jay Rick$’ track isn’t fresh. It drips with commercial potential. His transfixing ability to pull you right into the candidly revealing first-person perspective made Thug Ways one of the most grounding tracks I’ve heard this year.

The cutting minor notes around the rattle of the drumbeats are more than effective at setting the sobering tone. The sobering tone which will stick around long after the atmospheric track has faded to a close. We’re already stoked to hear what comes next.

You can check out the official music video to Thug Ways which dropped on July 2nd for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Indianapolis Rapper Jett Jones shines brightly with ”Headlights”

You love that special someone but don’t want to get messed around any further. You feel like a zombie when you see her and don’t know what to do. They are the one that you think you should be with but it just isn’t working out. You feel like a deer in her headlights and she isn’t stopping. Is it time to end things or try again?

Jett Jones is a well-traveled Hip Hop/Pop artist who has released a stack of singles lately. He is part of the new school waves of musicians that don’t bring out albums and this method seems to be working.

Headlights’‘ is song all about being stuck in the bright lights with the one that you care about. You haven’t had much luck with love and feel like this one isn’t going to work out. A sad story indeed and the video is very reflective too. This is an impressive artist who is riding on a massive wave and is on a huge tube currently.

Jett Jones is on a mission for global recognition and you can see why with this quality release. He has found a home now in Indiana after moving so much and he is firmly planted on many fans playlists all over the world.

To see this music video be sure to click on Jett’s Youtube page.

If you are a professional Spotify-er then you can listen there too.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Kade Fresco & Lil Baby show their single life swag with ”On My Own”

This is a single guys anthem right here. Kade Fresco & Lil Baby did things their way to get to the top and it wasn’t always so easy. They are enjoying single life and aren’t keen to change that and get sucked into the relationship life. These two talented rappers are going full tilt and aren’t stopping for anyone.

On My Own” is a quality Hip Hop track and my head can’t stop bouncing to the tight beat. These are two emcee’s at the top of their game as there is only straight up fire here. The story about doing things on your own and seeing so-called friends real intentions when the going gets tough is so real. You truly know who your real family is only after the bad times. When things are good, your phone is always busy and some people only want to be around you when you are up. Kade Fresco & Lil Baby make it very clear that they are too busy making money to answer the phone with petty business. They are on the flight all the way to the top via VIP and will not be dragged down.

Kade Fresco & Lil Baby make a great team and will always have the dance floor sweaty with their signature brand of tight flows and real lyrics. ”On My Own” should be on all of our Hip Hop playlists.

For more info about Kade, follow him on Insta.

Head through to YouTube to check out this steamy music video of the highest quality.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Killjoy & The Cutthroats release tribute to the old school with ”Golden Years for a Gutter Punk”

Remembering the old times is a fun experience that can bring up incredible memories. Especially those tight, sweaty and kick ass gigs that blew the speakers.

Released by Antlion Entertainment, Killjoy & The Cutthroats drop the video for ”Golden Years for a Gutter Punk”. It is both sad and inspiring at the same time.

Featuring ex-member Glitter Dick of Stabbed in Back and Russian Girlfriends, this is an old school video all about the creaking bones, remembering the good times and never forgetting that you were an absolute rocker that will impress your grand-kids or scare the neighbors next door.

Killjoy & The Cutthroats‘ new video ”Golden Years for a Gutter Punk’‘ is about the whole rush of the gig, getting dressed up, makeup and hairstyles looking slick and dressed up goth-style. You will always be a musician and no one can take that away from you. This is a fitting tribute and supremely well appreciated, especially during this troubling era in the world.

Stream this right now on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen