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Be There For You: Vibrant Virginia band Franklin Gotham wishes they could offer support on ‘I Can’t’

As he wonders why he can’t be there like she was for him, Franklin Gotham returns with a striking story about how sometimes the heart just won’t let you get in too deep on ‘I Can’t‘.

Franklin Gotham is a likable pop infused Americana three-piece act from Alexandria, Virginia. They bring that catchy music to the fore, that has your heart alight with possibilities, whilst providing us a soundtrack to jump right into the upcoming summer days.

With a punchy acoustic tone and fresh vocals that entrenches in your mind, you feel the sense of regret in his voice as he knows that he needs to be there, but just isn’t able as she has moved on and you miss those moments together.

The visuals are fun to watch on this exciting music video at the fair — and you feel engrossed into their story that you have felt before in your life — when you needed to be present to help out.

I Can’t’ from the awesome three-piece Alexandria, Virginia band Franklin Gotham, shows us into the light to where you want to be but feel its best to rather give them space. You know you need to do this simple thing, however you are madly in love with them and don’t want to ruin that special friendship.

Stream this catchy video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Now I Know What To Avoid: Alabama rapper LF Nosha unleashes bass-filled new single ‘Fill That Void’ (feat. LF Sabe)

Released off Krispy Kam, LF Nosha takes us to the back parking lot by the closed Sheriffs office to show us that he knows what the next step is on ‘Fill That Void(feat. LF Sabe).

LF Nosha is a confident hip-hop artist from Birmingham, Alabama, who makes that classic southern trap music which is full of exciting beats and clever lyrics, that you will have your head nodding in approval.

This is the story about having the strength inside to avoid the bottle when things spin out of control, as you grab it away from them and assist where you can to lead the way to a better and more constructive decision. When you are hurt its easy to take the path to drown those tears, but you know that actually causes way more harm than good.

Fill That Void(feat. LF Sabe) from Alabama hip-hop artist LF Nosha, is that street-hop flow that has you with the loyal boys and having fun, with stories of the past that could of turn out bad, but ultimately didn’t. Growing stronger is the only thing you can do in the crazy world, that wants to fail as you do the complete opposite.

Check out the visuals on YouTube and follow the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Talk To Me Nice: New York rapper Rush Tyg shows us his intentions with bouncy new single ‘Top Opp’ (feat. Problems)

With the enthusiastic team ready to show us their moves and the video steaming with that late night party atmosphere, Rush Tyg opens the door for us to see the new school New York style, on the hard-hitting new track called ‘Top Opp(feat. Problems).

Rush Tyg is a fast-rising and highly motivated Long Island, New York rapper who flows with that street swag that is full of inner confidence and stories of doing what’s necessary to stay relevant in this fickle world.

This hot new video is full of that vest for success in his wild climate of confusion that can take your life real quick if you look at the wrong person in an undesirable way. They spark the fuse in your mind, as the energy is electric and with the confident attitude of just going for it, as life is short and you need to enjoy it too with your true friends close by.

Top Opp‘ (feat. Problems) from Long Island, NY rap artist Rush Tyg, is a rush of blood to the head that excites and fascinates through this rugged track of intriguing melodies. He raps with such gusto and belief in his abilities, as you get the feeling that he could be rising the ranks of this bloated genre that requires lots of patience to truly make it.

Check out the style on YouTube and follow his journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mop It Up: Thug Muffin wants it all on sensual new single ‘Woo Woo’

With her team ready to clean up any mess that has been spilled, Thug Muffin revs up her desired senses with the honest new music video about her love for the ladies on ‘Woo Woo‘.

Grace Rizzo aka Thug Muffin is a quick-flowed hip-hop artist who sends us rampaging raps that has your curious mind in a hot spin, as you battle to stay on the road due to all the distractions around. She makes that party type of music which will send the shyest to blush corner and the more open-minded to turn up the volume.

This is the message of intent as she is done playing games and only looking to be with those who truly feel the same way. You feel her dynamic raps burst through the room, as the beat handily drops to catch your attention and has you looking twice.

Woo Woo‘ from the enthralling Thug Muffin, is a straight up story about her attraction for cute ladies — as she tells it how it is on a temperature-upping single which will surely have you looking for the air conditioner remote — as you look to cool down from this heat-filled rap single.

See this steamin’ new video on YouTube and check out the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boom, Boom, Boom: Sublime Philly band Dirty Soap deal with the ultimate soul-snatcher on ‘Mother Of All Bombs’

With their humorous attitude in full view as they funk it up on the street corner to head-nodding satisfaction, Dirty Soap are back with a new song that will be in your mind until you take your next shower with ‘Mother Of All Bombs’.

Dirty Soap is a thrilling Philadelphia-based five-piece Doo Wop Punk Rock act, who keep the vibe alive and perform with such entertaining spirit and passion, that its contents washes all over your body with results that speak for themselves.

This is the story of going for the wrong girl, as her boyfriend isn’t letting you near her and makes things highly difficult for you. Your eyes are on her but deep down you know that it isn’t going to work out, as you eventually move on but still think that she is something special.

Mother Of All Bombs‘ from Philly Doo Wop Punk Rock group Dirty Soap, certainly cleans the streets with an array of tremendous sound waves that barrels your mind alive again. They bass it up with such precision and the vocals mesh so well with the bands array of talents here. This is a song that you can’t help but love, as they bring something different and keep the day fresh with their sense of humor, which is much-appreciated in this serious world.

Stream this top video on YouTube and check out more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take A Stand: Siren Valley send out powerful message about speaking up for what is right on ‘Behave’ (ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman)

As they join forces to put out a real message that needs to be heard, Siren Valley are back with the visuals for Behave‘ (ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman).

Siren Valley is the likable Antelope Valley, Southern California four-piece folk-pop/Americana band who play with a conscious mindset that is born from being close friends for so long. They bring joy to your smile during these horrific times that have made us seek that fulfilling emotional perspective that keeps us sane, when the world seems dark and cold.

They create their art-form so that they can bring hope to the healing, as you get washed away into their likable melodies, their close friendship is heard on each part as their music is effortless and so refreshingly honest with their joint collaboration with two inspiring vocalists, who sing from the heart.

This is the story of standing up for what is right, no matter what you were taught or told when you were young. The world evolved, but sadly some families didn’t and kept a lot of the bad old school practices which holds you back. The mission should be to fly free and expressing yourself by doing things that helps you, while developing your perspective and self-awareness.

The vocals are so enchanting and you feel the love on this message of showing that all women are definitely equal and need to treated as much in this male-dominated world, that needs to be way more supportive to basic human rights and cut out the poisonous plants that are stopping the growth, so we can all live with the same opportunities.

Behave(ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman) from folk-pop/Americana band Southern California-based Siren Valley, is an eye-opening music video that shows you inside to truly motivating artists who use their platform for the right reasons. No women should ever be hurt by or be treated badly by any man. Life is meant to be loved and be loved after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Play All Day Dance All Night: Sensational Kansas City singer Olivia Sabates picks up the tempo on the terrific ‘Tengo’

With her team strong and her smile on tight, Olivia Sabates brings us a stunning new single all about how that first sight can lead to something so bright, on the breathtaking visuals for her smash-hit song called ‘Tengo‘.

Olivia Sabates is a highly motivated and supremely talented Kansas City indie-pop singer-songwriter with an intoxicating Latino flair, who makes that sweetly created music that is uptempo and sung with a classy grace always.

Influenced by legends such as Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, and Beyoncé, this young singer also played soccer, field hockey and gymnastics, whilst always wanting to be a world class musician who entertains the world with her stunning array of vocals. She believes in her abilities and this comes across in her music delivery.

This is the sweet story about meeting someone when you are out with friends who has that spark in their eyes that you like. You feel that they truly get you and this will be an experience with someone genuine, real and trustworthy, as you feel your heart beating quicker and want to be with them all night long.

Tengo‘ from the dazzling Kansas City indie-pop singer Olivia Sabates, is the kind of song that lifts you off your feet, as you get lost in her beautifully trained voice, you remember that life can be so pure and simple, if you really want it to be.

See this vibrant music video on YouTube and fellow her rise up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Go to the music: Winston Wayne and DLP Dolapo help us face our fears on ‘Unknown To Man’ (ft. Rose Beef and Maartje)

Winston Wayne & DLP Dolapo are back with the riveting new single called ‘Unknown To Man‘ (ft. Rose Beef and Maartje) that will have you tapping your feet and thinking deeply about current events, via the sumptuous beat.

Winston Wayne & DLP Dolapo are an exciting two piece indie-dance act who have brought in Rose Beef and Maartje, to make a formidable 4-piece team of musicians, who make that trance-like sound, that beats at your heart and makes you gaze outside, distracting yourself from the world as it is being portrayed on television.

This is the story about getting closer to the music when the world is falling all around you, getting your senses trained so you can ignore all the unnecessary noise, violence and false media that suffocates the airwaves. They sing about going to the music and never ever letting go, as this is the healing energy that you need to drink from, the pure sound of sonic soundscapes that purifies everything inside you mind, body and soul.

Unknown To Man‘ (ft. Rose Beef and Maartje) from Winston Wayne & DLP Dolapo is a guiding song that helps us forget about the riots, masks and wild events happening before our eyes. Things are unknown now but through quality music, together we can overcome anything and rise up much stronger, so this never happens again.

Watch this mysterious music video on YouTube and see more about their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Speaking up against conservatism and racism in Europe: Eruption Artistique broaden our minds with original video for ‘King-Kong’

Eruption Artistique have released one of the most fascinating music videos you will ever see called ‘King-Kong‘.

Dutch alt electro-pop outfit Eruption Artistique make original cinematic-influenced music that speaks up for a worthy cause and they do it with a sense of humor too. Their sound is nothing like you have probably heard before, which makes them a curiously adsorbing listen.

This is the story about how racism and conservatism is destroying Europe currently and this is a band that have welded their creative energies together, in order to show how they aren’t staying silent anymore.

Her vocals are sweet and glorious while the wind-swept beat adds a layer of so much intrigue to a picture that needs to the seen in order to believe, with a song that has so much attraction inter-webbed in the forest of originality.

King-Kong‘ from The Netherlands-based alt-indie pop group with off beat cinematic fusion Eruption Artistique, is the type of music video you will need to watch twice to get all the hidden intricacies wrapped into this wonderful song- that is full of messages and amusement at the same time. A rare and ultimately powerful quality to have in this dark world, full of mystery and anxiousness.

This is a video that you need to see with your own eyes, in order to believe its contents and what the song stands for. Music is there for expression and to teach us all what is really going on, when the news tells us something different at times.

Watch this enthralling music video on YouTube and find out more about their cause on FB.

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Going all the way to the top: UK emcee Boasty drops excellent visuals for ‘Messiah’

Boasty is back with his latest awe-inspiring music video made by 4REIGNERS, that continues to raise the bar of UK music on a global level via ‘Messiah‘.

Barbados-born, London, United Kingdom-based Hip-Hop emcee Boasty, makes that top shelf music that lifts the mood and digs deep at hard truths that often get swept under the carpet.

With a swarming genuine lyrical ability that very few posses, this is a warrior wordsmith with an uncanny ability to keep you closely riveted to his ferociously harmonious rhymes throughout this terrific track, and never deviate for a second.

Messiah: a leader regarded as the savior of a particular country, group, or cause.

This is the story of knowing that your bars are supremely quality and upper echelon, while other fake posers somehow grab the limelight at times with their nursery rhyme stories and false street lies that bare no truth in the slightest. Letting things slide for too long can eat you up inside like a hungry lion, so you have to play the long game to secure optimum impact that makes sure you are always winning.

With a memorizing lyrical style that is slick and world class, this is a true emcee that clearly practices his craft and doesn’t just go on raw ability.

The music video itself is visually outstanding and cinematic. These are excellent visuals that truly enhances the song and breathes extra air into the lungs of the UK Hip-Hop scene, that has scene a massive explosion of popularity over the last few years, with this artist right up there along the most well-respected around- with his arrow only pointed upwards.

Messiah‘ from top shelf London, UK emcee Boasty is a picture of excellence through a raw track that dazzles your mind due to the intricate self-awareness and music intelligence, to make a song that is truly memorable.

After all, to be truly great at what you set your mind to, you need to want it more than anyone else and train like the best.

Watch this dope video on YouTube and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen