Evan Koteles has released a timeless Acoustic Indie Folk Pop classic with “Postin’ Hopin’”

Whether it was the slow rhythmic melody or the narratively compelling lyrics in Evan Koteles’ latest single “Postin’ Hopin’” the lovelorn melancholy devoured us.

Not many people – let alone lyricists are brave enough to own up to those moments before we post content to social media with the hope of indirectly catching someone’s attention. But it is that very candid nature which makes the sentiment behind Postin’ Hopin’ potently resonant. Even though Evan Koteles created a love song which perfectly encapsulated the frustrations of 21st-century modern relationships, by keeping the sound quintessential for the acoustic Folk Pop genre, the soundscape is timelessly accessible.

You can check out Evan Koteles’ latest single Postin’ Hopin’ which was released on November 1st by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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