The Birds Are Singing: Dylan Walker is in a happy mood with the beautiful romantic story ‘Life Began With You’

With a cheeky wink to that sweet love that fills your heart with such joy after being badly disappointed before whilst in a toxic relationship that brought you down hard, Dylan Walker is back with his second fresh single to bless our willing ears called ‘Life Began With You’.

Dylan Walker is a splendid Surrey-based indie folk musician, who sings about that feeling deep inside your bones, that has you smiling and feeling joyful after so much sadness.

With a happy whistle and a care-free attitude as his heart is so content now, this is a sweet song all about that springtime love that feels so right. He wants her to be his one and only, as he waits for the right moment to propose and to be together forever united.

He sings with such fluidity and finesse, the gushing vocals flow through like a summer breeze that cools you down after a hot day. This is a singer with a terrific tone, as the authenticity shines through majestically to give you a happy feeling.

Life Began With You‘ from the emerging Surrey indie modern folk singer-songwriter Dylan Walker, feels so warm inside on this lovely single that has you dreaming again. The world seemed dark and cold before and then before you knew it — it all flipped over and brought in so much goodness — that fills you palate with a taste you wish would last forever.

Hear this folk wonder on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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