Fish in the Sea: Hertfordshire duo Tranquility Beach drops magnificent single Only One

After a memorable 48 second intro to wet our insatiable appetites, Tranquility Beach holds our attention with a masterful display that shall be your new theme song on Only One.

Tranquility Beach is a Hertfordshire, UK-based indie blues duo who makes those authentic gems you can’t help but smile with no matter the time of day.

Formed as a covers band in 2018, they began writing and recording their own material in 2019. Their music fuses Molly’s soulful vocals with Ben’s guitar and percussion to produce tracks that blend modern rock, blues, folk and soul.” ~ Tranquility Beach

Proving once again that music made from the heart can warm your mood, Tranquility Beach are rather spellbinding and takes us on a ride that will awaken your precious soul from hiding.

Only One from Hertfordshire, UK-based indie blues band Tranquility Beach is a rather revved up single which might get your head nodding like it was 1999 again. Wrapped in a timeless authenticity that teases our ears awake. we have stumbled upon a truly outstanding single that has a cinematic excellence.

There are many fish in the sea if you look hard enough.

Listen up loud on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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