That special love: Indie-Pop singer-songwriter Claire Beverly manifests her true feelings on ‘Home’

The intimate guitar strings of pure passion strums from Claire Beverly on ‘Home‘, blesses us a special start that sounds like it means something so deeply. This sub-conscious intuition is proved right this time as we are taken on a journey by a stunning singer, whose voice is like honey-coated treats for your dehydrated body and soul.

After finding her passion for music at a very young age, you can feel her rock, folk, alternative, and pop-fusion style that is unlike any other. Her experience is heard throughout as he holds each note expertly and her voice echoes deep inside your bones, which is a rare feeling and one you certainly remember forever.

This is the story of wanting that special love and waiting for your chosen lover to tell you how they truly feel. Your intuition tells that you something is off and you need to know that it isn’t real. You don’t want to waste your time and when they are home, you need to hear, see and feel that they really mean it. This is an artist who isn’t messing around and her heart desires either being all in, or all out. Nothing in-between will satisfy that craving to be loved like you deserve.

Thoughts and dreams can become real if you want them to. Your mind is a powerful thing and so is music. ‘Home’ from the wonderful talent that is the barefoot beach explorer Claire Beverly, is a love story about needing that comfort and an honest lover to tell you how it is.

After all, being with someone real is what really counts, as looks can be faked and copied. The heart inside, cannot.

Hear this special song via Claire’s Spotify and join her community on IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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