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Issara can make any house a ‘Home’ with the soul in her latest single

With all the grace and beguile of a chanteuse fused with a retro soul aesthetic, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Issara can make any house a ‘Home’ with her latest single, which offers a sanctuary of sound for anyone in search of solace.

By lyrically painting a protagonist who tends to the universal yet unseen needs that we all silently crave, Issara burned bright in the consoling warmth of the vignette of unconditional affection, which spins a narrative with threads of deep-rooted connection and understanding.

Home is a homage to the concept that home transcends physical spaces, echoing Issara’s journey across continents, and encapsulating the essence that home is indeed where the heart resides.

The production is steeped in a lush retro aesthetic, where the luminous timbres of the organ interlace with Issara’s vocals to create an ambience that is both comforting and soul-stirring. The hues of gospel spilling from the arrangement are a nod to her American church roots, bringing forth a nostalgic yet timeless quality that grips the listener’s soul. This track is not just heard; it’s felt, ensuring that by the outro, one’s soul is thoroughly sated.

With an ability to blend soul, pop, rock, gospel, French yéyé, and Thai funk, Issara has created a sound that is as diverse as her heritage. The song is a promise of what is to come from her upcoming debut album ‘222’, set for release on the befitting date of February 22, 2024.

As a mother of two and a beacon for late bloomers in the arts, Issara’s voice transcends mere melody to become a vessel of inspiration, encouraging others to find their place of belonging, their ‘home’, in whatever form it may take.

Home was officially released on November 17; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Born Down The Road: Via Skies left this burning desert behind on Home

Home by Via Skies

With a debut album on the way soon, Via Skies shows us that even if you are stuck down a lonely hole, it is actually possible to still reach your destination on the nostalgic single Home.

Via Skies is a long distance Arizona/Indiana-based indie folk band that was formed by the experienced East Valley singer-songwriter Jeff Gonzales.

Now collaborating with Indiana-based guitarist and producer Chad Cussen under the name Via Skies.” ~ Jeff Gonzales

Taking us into a world that so many have felt in their veins before, Via Skies rises up and shows so much strength with a terrific performance here that will inspire many to reach their chosen path. Sending us into a reflective moment you won’t be able to forget, this might be an underground gem we cherish forever.

Home from Arizona/Indiana-based indie folk band Via Skies is a joyous single that will surely get your feet tapping and is loaded with a genuinely joyous vibe and shall make you think deeper. Sung with a thoughtful energy and backed with a fantastic production, this is a track that might get you closing your eyes and recalling when you felt rather lost.

Home will always be home.

Hear this fine new song on Bandcamp and see more via Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Can’t Explain: Wonderful Huntsville singer Sarah J wants to fall back into their caring arms when she’s ‘Home’

Released as part of her beautifully elegant four-piece debut EP called ‘Miss J‘, Sarah J sings so sweetly on her lovely new single all about finding herself as a doorstep that makes her feel complete on ‘Home‘.

Sarah J aka Sarah Johnson, is a highly promising eighteen years young Huntsville, Alabama-born and raised, sometimes Nashville, Tennessee-based, indie alt-soul/pop/country singer-songwriter and pianist instructor. She shows us her soulfully authentic music with a warm effect that has your body glowing in delight, as you feel like you are listening to someone who is inspiring and humble.

I hope that everyone who has been able to listen receives a special message from my songs. Whether it is empowerment, sadness, regret, passion, or just good vibes, I appreciate you all for listening.” – Sarah J

As she wonders deeply if they will stay together this time – she tries her best to work out the journey – but just wants to be calm and be together without too many questions. Her heart isn’t quite made up on which path to take, but she knows that they make her feel relaxed which is where she needs to be right now.

With a stunning vocal ability that is only just coming to the fore, you feel her sadness mixed with intrigue throughout on this stunning effort. The emotion-filled lyrics grab you closely too and everything is so loving, her immense talent is here and you can just hear that there is so much more to come.

Home‘ from the supremely classy young Alabama indie alt-pop/country/soul singer/pianist Sarah J, is a top quality single that is full of poise and that extra bit of rare class. She makes music for the true purpose of fulfilling her soul and helping others get through their day.

Sarah J is a real old soul who is rather uniquely special and someone who we need to appreciate greatly. After three years of doing everything DIY to get to this point, she can do anything her creative mind and work ethic takes her.

Stream this freshly created new single on her growing Spotify and see more visuals via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That special love: Indie-Pop singer-songwriter Claire Beverly manifests her true feelings on ‘Home’

The intimate guitar strings of pure passion strums from Claire Beverly on ‘Home‘, blesses us a special start that sounds like it means something so deeply. This sub-conscious intuition is proved right this time as we are taken on a journey by a stunning singer, whose voice is like honey-coated treats for your dehydrated body and soul.

After finding her passion for music at a very young age, you can feel her rock, folk, alternative, and pop-fusion style that is unlike any other. Her experience is heard throughout as he holds each note expertly and her voice echoes deep inside your bones, which is a rare feeling and one you certainly remember forever.

This is the story of wanting that special love and waiting for your chosen lover to tell you how they truly feel. Your intuition tells that you something is off and you need to know that it isn’t real. You don’t want to waste your time and when they are home, you need to hear, see and feel that they really mean it. This is an artist who isn’t messing around and her heart desires either being all in, or all out. Nothing in-between will satisfy that craving to be loved like you deserve.

Thoughts and dreams can become real if you want them to. Your mind is a powerful thing and so is music. ‘Home’ from the wonderful talent that is the barefoot beach explorer Claire Beverly, is a love story about needing that comfort and an honest lover to tell you how it is.

After all, being with someone real is what really counts, as looks can be faked and copied. The heart inside, cannot.

Hear this special song via Claire’s Spotify and join her community on IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Party it up at home with ‘Tequila Movement’ thanks to entertaining Leeds producer Big Jadavid

Even though the UK is engulfed in another lock down- much to the searing frustration of the locals- great music is made each hour. This is one of those times as Leeds based EDM producer Big Jadavid has just blessed our party-hungry souls with an absolute ripper called ‘Tequila Movement‘ that Shane Warne would be proud of.

With a sweaty beat that reminds you of the good times in the local nightclub, Leeds based EDM producer Big Jadavid gives us something to be happy about with ‘Tequila Movement’, a pumping dance single that has a smashing beat and lyrics that helps us reminisce about being friends, meeting new friends, and drinking those tasty but headache-fueled shooters. The power of the song is like a strong wave in the ocean, and is equally refreshing for the tired hearts out there in the world.

This is an entertaining EDM song that pushes our mood up all the way to 10, and doesn’t stop the whole way. A welcome track to help us forget about previous worries, even just for 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this new track.

Find out more on the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Home’ from New York City creative Joy Morales is a real story of how 2020 has made the world more anxious

Home‘ from New York City creative Joy Morales is a story of how 2020 has made the world more anxious and feeling so locked up inside our homes. There is a cutting edge here, the song is sharp and is like nothing else out there. Pianosynthvocalstuff is the self-description of this authentic artist and this is a track you have to admire.

With an atmospheric start that feels like it belongs in a movie,you get the impression that something really different is about to emerge from the brain of this incredible musician.

There is a void in your life right now and you want to be outside, seeing things, learning new skills and moving around. The world is locked for a while and this is a test of your patience.

Miami-born Joy Morales sings with such vigor on ‘Home‘ and she opens the squeaky door into her vividly described world. With a gritty passion and a style that is so unique to the music world. Her story is real and so relevant as we all try and keep our mental health stable, despite the catastrophic world that is burning currently.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Indie Pop goodness from Adam Greenall’s ‘Go Home’

Adam Greenall is back with such a fab song it will have you listening again and again. His latest song is called ‘Go Home‘.

Adam Greenall is a Norwich based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is currently producing his own unique brand of melancholic pop that is raising steam all over the world. A diverse range of influences has infused his music with elements of pop, blues, electronic and alternative music.

Taken off the latest album called ‘Tin Man‘, ‘Go Home‘ is an abundance of a sad but happy story all in one. You love the company of that special soul that has it’s ups and downs. You love them so much but they keep on leaving when you wish they could stay. You feel like this new song is such a great addition to 2020 as Adam shines on this one. The UK singer has such a pure voice and the Norwich singer is only getting better and better.

Stream this peaceful energy here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drew Colors – Home: The Hip Hop Equivalent to a Lullaby

Drew Colors is an independent Trap Hip Hop sensation like no other. The composition behind his sound is teaming lucidly transcendent synth pop effects. His new track Home is wonderfully melodic, falling into the constraints of melodic Hop with a dabbling of slow rap instrumentals. It follows a staggeringly slow beat looped around with his pensive vocal ability. It’s more like a lullaby than a hip hop track with drawn out keyboard compositions to fill in the gaps and take this track to a brand new level.

Through his music Drew Colors proves that you don’t need to create a hard hitting beat to create an intense sound. He nails the Trap sound through nailing his melodies and chord progressions throughout his latest track Home which are full of character. If you’re a fan of Madvillain, PM Dawn, De La Soul and Asheru you’re going to love Drew Colors genre-twisting atmospheric sound. Drew’s music will touch your soul in ways you wouldn’t have imagined were possible.

If a chill rap beat is right up your street make sure you check out Drew Colors new track Home on the SoundCloud link below!