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Christmas love in abundance: Orange County singer-songwriter Raza sends us a happy message on ‘This Christmas’

Raza is back with a fun festive season message of the highest quality on the new single called ‘This Christmas‘.

The LA based singer-songwriter, music video producer and composer Raza is a man that takes his art seriously and has built his name up over the years. This is due to leaving it all on the stage and giving his fans a real show with his lovely lyrics and soothing voice, that is like being blessed by a true musician who is a master at his craft.

This is a song that shows how you how that extra motivating to be with your special person this time of year. This is the story about having strong feelings for your lover and how you want to spend as much time as possible with them. This is the best time of the year for love and being alone in not an option.

His vocals show a musician that is totally comfortable with his art and just wants to make his fans happy. The positive message is a blessing to our ears and 2020 has been a year that most wished had never happened.

This Christmas‘ from Raza is a wonderful message that cheers us up so much during these gloomy times. His terrific array of intricate guitar soundscapes cleanses our souls and helps us smile again.

After all, music heals all pain and this festive season message is a fantastic feast for our tired hearts. Having that loving feeling during this time is the way to go so that you aren’t lonely or sad during this happy time.

See this festive video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

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Filling up our appetite for live music: Nightbird Casino combine genres beautifully on ‘The Mains’

Nightbird Casino swoop into our lives to feed our hungry hearts with their latest epic track called ‘The Mains‘. This is a new song that has been made-ironically-due to the current pandemic as the band were able to lock themselves into their home studio and make an absolute gem of a track.

Taken off their first full length release for two years called ‘Gregorian Nap‘, this is a dreamy indie rock track that has so many genres inside, you might need to get extra fillings to add into your packed sandwich. The sauce is so delicious here and the multi-instrumentalists James Moore & Don Shepherd certainly know how to put on a show with the way they bend genres like an Avatar and destroy any pre-conceived notions about what a band should sound like.

I love how the intriguing electronic-type start taps in hot and then the smooth vocals catch you off guard for a few seconds as you close your eyes and imagine being in a packed sweaty music bar, listening to this quality up close and personal.

The bass-lines are so heavy here you might need a new speaker after blasting this loud to annoy the pesky neighbors, who kept you up late last night with their rubbish music. You can feel the love and care that was put into this new single. This is about that love that was so strong but things turned sour like off milk and you feel a sense of regret about what happened but relief at the same time.

The Mains‘ from the New York and Southern Californian fused duo Nightbird Casino is a song that leaves you gazing outside the window and its easy to get lost in the song. This is a welcome distraction from the morbid news and seeing grumpy and sad people all over the place. The time spent locked inside has worked and this is a quality single to add to playlists and is best played really loud.

Stream this top act on their Spotify and see what comes next via IG.

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The one that got away: Alt-Pop Rockers da22 drop the catchy but sad new single ‘Gone Cold’

After they came up with their band name due to a misheard lyric, Dead At Twenty Two aka da22 flow in like a winters day at the local water-park with their brand new pop track ‘Gone Cold‘.

The 80’s type intro is a fresh wave of atmospheric air that flows in through the door of a love that was once so strong but went chilly like the back of a refrigerated truck. This is the story of how you felt the extra beating blood flow from the hungry heart, things were so sweet but then it ended really quickly and you wished you could of changed it. Sometimes things happen for a reason however the deep love will always be there even though you might be forever in the friend-zone.

His voice is so smooth and filters out all of the outside noise on this love story. You can feel his passion and he wants that special soul so badly but he left her for too long, and she moved on. This is a true story about how love can sometime fizzle out and its a constant struggle if you try and force things. Sometime its best to move on and find a new fish that wants to swim with you in the sea.

With a fresh sound and a lyrics that make you reminisce about that lost love, this is a sterling effort from da22 on ‘Gone Cold‘ and this is a song that captures your imagination and makes you sing along. This is a band that have a style that ensures that they will be added to many playlists, during this usually romantic time of year.

Stream this fresh new track via Soundcloud and see the journey on Twitter and IG.

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A young voice ready for the big time: ‘Underneath the Tree’ from Alana Cruz-Ehrlich is a stunning song to get us in the Christmas mood

The precocious 11 year old New Orleans singer/actress Alana Cruz-Ehrlich defies belief on her brand new cover track ‘Underneath the Tree’ which is an effort Kelly Clarkson would be proud of.

A member of Acapop! KIDS, this young lady has been singing most of her life and practicing hard via Zoom during the worldwide lock down with her vocal coach. With big plans on the horizon and original music scheduled for 2021, this young talent has the lungs of a seasoned professional.

Her voice is honey coasted with such goodness and the way she holds her tone is absolutely tremendous. The way she reaches those high notes is mind blowing. Singing seems so effortless for this incredible young singer who in a few years will surely be one of the biggest names in the music world. She has that extra bit of quality that makes her stand out from the rest. It helps that her family are all musically inclined too.

Underneath the Tree’ by US singer Alana Cruz-Ehrlich is a reminder that Christmas is coming and that we can heal through amazing musicians who have been forced away from music venues and playing live. The extra time to build up their name through recordings and extra training, seems to of benefited this wildly talented and soulful singer. This splendid makes those bells ring a little bit louder and helps us to heal up, after a torrid year.

Hear this leading light of the future of music through her Spotify and keep up to date via Alana’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking deep inside your soul: ‘Give Me A Sign’ from the supremely talented multilingual Pop-Rock artist Corinna Jane deals with loss in her own way

Her voice has you transfixed so intently as the story of feeling no pain with a loss, even though you know sadness should be inside you. This is a new single sung with unwavering honesty from the self-motivated German-born, Franco-British singer-songwriter, travel presenter, model and actress Corinna Jane, as she wonders in nature for inspiration on her new pop-rock single ‘Give Me A Sign‘.

Her voice reaches the deepest parts of your body as we delve into dealing with pain and making your own path through life, as you find what really makes you tick inside. She sings with meaning and honesty as her deep lyrics seep into your heart with luster and passion; speaking about feelings that you should feel but for some reason, just don’t. Perhaps the relationship wasn’t close or you are feeling numb at the moment from the freezing world around you. Your heart has been hurt too much and you need time to process what has really happened.

This is a singer-songwriter with such a spectacular style, her strong voice catches you unaware at first and transforms your thoughts to your own feelings and what you feel deep within.

‘Recording the track was like letting two kids run through a sweet shop,’ says Corinna. ‘We were picking and choosing whatever came to our minds and the track grew in a way that neither of us had conceived before writing together.’

The story about how you know you should feel pain but don’t is very relevant in this cold world. Sometimes you feel sad at things that seems small for others, but for you is very meaningful.

Give Me A Sign‘ from London-based singer-songwriter Corinna Jane is a track you won’t be able to forget, as her piercing eyes look deep inside your soul and her honest vocals make your heart beat a bit faster. This is a fiercely indie musician who makes music from the heart and always keeps it real. In this fake world full of flashy fakes, this is much appreciated and to be admired.

Watch this nature inspired video on YouTube and follow her music journey on IG and Facebook.

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That special love: Indie-Pop singer-songwriter Claire Beverly manifests her true feelings on ‘Home’

The intimate guitar strings of pure passion strums from Claire Beverly on ‘Home‘, blesses us a special start that sounds like it means something so deeply. This sub-conscious intuition is proved right this time as we are taken on a journey by a stunning singer, whose voice is like honey-coated treats for your dehydrated body and soul.

After finding her passion for music at a very young age, you can feel her rock, folk, alternative, and pop-fusion style that is unlike any other. Her experience is heard throughout as he holds each note expertly and her voice echoes deep inside your bones, which is a rare feeling and one you certainly remember forever.

This is the story of wanting that special love and waiting for your chosen lover to tell you how they truly feel. Your intuition tells that you something is off and you need to know that it isn’t real. You don’t want to waste your time and when they are home, you need to hear, see and feel that they really mean it. This is an artist who isn’t messing around and her heart desires either being all in, or all out. Nothing in-between will satisfy that craving to be loved like you deserve.

Thoughts and dreams can become real if you want them to. Your mind is a powerful thing and so is music. ‘Home’ from the wonderful talent that is the barefoot beach explorer Claire Beverly, is a love story about needing that comfort and an honest lover to tell you how it is.

After all, being with someone real is what really counts, as looks can be faked and copied. The heart inside, cannot.

Hear this special song via Claire’s Spotify and join her community on IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Realizing you deserve better: Alice D sings with pent-up frustration on the honest ‘Drunk Talk’

Set for release on the 4th December 2020, this new Future-Pop single has such an splendid soundscape, that drifts our minds into previous relationships that were covered in crazy talk, and got a bit too much. Your brain is thrown into disbelief as you struggle to comprehend how you are still with his person, your loyalty is being tested way too much, and you know it won’t last for much longer. The sparkling singer-songwriter Alice D returns to express her current frustrations, on her latest release ‘Drunk Talk‘.

Her voice is so classy and crisp, the style is fresh and the Pop pureness is a gift for those tired ears out there. The simple beat keeps everything in a marvelous bow of consistency, that is a splendid listen. This is a singer who hold her tone just right, and doesn’t try and overdue anything. A sign of a mature artist in a young body, she shows us all that loyalty is important but knows that the time to end this might be close, unless big changes are made.

The story of being with someone that cares about the bottle more than you, their stories are starting to repeat themselves, and you are wising up to the situation. Sometimes the innocent ones get taken for a ride by selfish characters, who think their ride will last forever, but it will eventually end in tears.

Drunk Talk‘ from the sweet-sounding vocals of Alice D is a warning to those who push it too far, the journey to be happy is more important, than following along a lost cause that is only going backwards.

Hear this honest single full of real talk on Soundcloud and see more on her Facebook page.

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Keeping the night from ending: Lovable Devon family indie-folk band KoCapoli sing of better days ahead on ‘Sun Don’t Rise’

Devon/Brighton based indie-folk act KoCapoli are back with more beautiful melodies on their latest single ‘Sun Don’t Rise‘.

Twin sisters Alice, Kit and brother Billy, have been performing since they were youngsters and being in a band was always the plan. Their family has grown a bit bigger recently and they have brought in their friends Robin on drums and Ben on bass. With funk, folk, soul, and alternative sounds all woven into one, this is an outfit that make sweet music that leaves you wanting more treats to fill up your empty heart.

This is the story of wanting that special night to last just a bit more and longing for this to happen. You are with friends or lovers and don’t want it to end as everything is so perfect. This is that rare moment when the stars align just right and everything blends in your heart as you smile so bright and you don’t want the day to come, only the night.

The twin’s vocals are so pure and heartfelt and the mellow guitar adds a layer of sweetener to make this is a warm cuppa tea for the battered heart, tired of being locked inside and lonely. This is exactly what we need more of in the world; dreams and desires instead of gloom and doom that does nothing to help.

This is a lively band that has so much fun together and loves a good laugh and each other’s company while attempting to make Instagram videos. Their laughter is infectious (in a good way) and this type of happy energy is transported into their music.

South Devon/Brighton based KoCapoli miss each other a lot as they are separated due to current times but hopefully their bond has grown even stronger. ‘Sun Don’t Rise’ is a caring story of love and has been released like a caged bird, to bless us when we needed it most. Life is about being with those we care about most after all.

Hear this piece of calming beauty via their Spotify and find out more about the band on their IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A wonderland of sounds to dance to: South London multi-genre outfit Joe the Lion drop double A-side single ‘Fashion/Machine’

Joe the Lion from South London are back with more top class music on ‘Fashion/Machine‘. They are the band that are so nice, they put out two songs at once. With a blues guitarist, rock bassist, jazz saxophonist and hip-hop drummer all meshing their influences into one melting pot, that produces a tasty meal that will definitely fill up your empty stomach.

His voice strolls in casually like a Sunday afternoon as he is backed up by a sound that is rich in variety and so much soul you might blush so much. This is carefully crafted and polished music for the proper fan who appreciates the electric mix of memories this type of sound brings out.

The solos are quite brilliant and it’s easy to forget your mind map and get lost here as you gaze at the stars and wonder why this kind of music isn’t loved more. You smile and chuckle to yourself and remember that great taste in music is something you are born with.

Both of these songs are excellent, however ‘Machine’ might just edge it like a Joe Root cover drive to the boundary. The extra oomph blusters through the speakers as the band take over and grab the vocals with them.

This is a hot plate of goodness for the soul. Joe the Lion bring us ‘Fashion/Machine‘, a double decker of sonic explosion for the ears that we all need right now.

Listen on Spotify for the South London’s band latest track and see when they are live again via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen