VladHQ Releases ‘Love Me But You Don’t’ (feat. STYNE)

Some artists have a way to manipulate sounds into doing exactly what they want. With the power of electronic music, the possibilities become absolutely endless. VladHQ certainly belongs to this inspiring category of performers, since he can accomplish a wide variety of sounds and different aesthetics with his vast array of production skills.

This artist makes music that falls somewhere in between the dynamic groove of trap and the thick sonic textures of R&B. His recent release, Love Me But You Don’t, is a perfect example of how VladHQ managed to combine the best of many different genres, allowing them to converge into one exciting package. On Love Me But You Don’t, the artist made sure to feature everything you can wish for in a song: you will find amazing melodies, astonishing textures, memorable hooks and powerful beats. This track is a full powerhouse of groove, and the production will leave you wanting for more and hit replay as soon as the track is over!

VladHQ keeps making great tracks and revealing new sides of his awesome personality, one song at a time!

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