Th3Meaning will take anything for those addictive kisses on Lie

As the obvious desire comes to the fore, even if it could just be drunken meaningless words, Th3Meaning shows us the path to getting that romantic fix among the hurtful thorns on Lie.

Th3Meaning is a 41-year-old alt-emo rapper/singer and mom from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA who makes heart stirring music that shall get the hairs on your back standing up to attention.

I perform original music and I incorporate stories into my set as well as well-known alternative songs with my own originals.” ~Th3Meaning

Displaying a true braveness to open up about a clearly personal moment of discovery, Th3Meaning guides us through modern day dating in a nutshell. With conviction and desire in abundance, we find ourselves nodding with intently and wondering why romance has to be so needlessly complicated.

Lie from Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie alternative rapper and singer Th3Meaning is an emotional track that so many will find so familiar. Lyrically astute and taking you into a place that shall help your heart feel warm, evening for a few minutes at least. Performed with an impressive array of passionate intensity, this is a speaker-burning track to heighten your anxiousness if you have been feeling lonely lately.

When you crave those sweet lips, you will do things that are rather out of character sometimes.

Listen up to this new Spotify and see more via on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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