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B. Andre Interview: Keeping it real and never giving into the trends

Taking us through the real life journey and never backing down, B. Andre shows us into his new release EGO and reveals more about never giving up on love and what it takes to be a successful musician.

We appreciate your time today, B. Andre. Where in the world do we find you and what is your favourite kinda meal to keep your systems firing all day?

B. Andre: My favorite meal has to be anything seafood lol. I can be found on all social media sites @b_andremusic but this link will take you to all my music

When you are in that booth recording music, what does it feel like when you close your eyes?

B. Andre: I’m promoting more now so I haven’t been in the booth for a month or so, but closing my eyes while in there lets me envision my music and not just hear it.

Your new 11-track release called EGO has just dropped. What are your favourite songs from the project and what should new fans expect?

B. Andre: My favorite song is Broken Dreams, not to be mistaken with my lead single Broken Record, Broken Dreams speaks on my real life heartbreak. Fans should expect plenty of content to get you in the vibe of the album.

Broken Record is the lead track. What is the vision behind this smooth song?

B. Andre: Broken Record is a track that should teach you to keep fighting for love and not give up on it like this generation seems to do so frequently.

Do you have any live performance events to tell us about or any tours looming in 2023?

B. Andre: I have a music festival I am doing in February in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and another music festival set for June 2023 in Kentucky.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

B. Andre: I was told to always do what I feel is best in my artistry and never give into the trends.

Last, what advice would you give to a new musician starting out in this wild game?

B. Andre: I would say, always bring your hard drive to the studio with you and take your sessions because you have to truly treat your music as your baby and your hard drive you keep it on is your car seat lol.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Softest Sound explore cyclical torment in their slowcore anti-folk single over again

The Dayton, Ohio duo, The Softest Sound, unveiled their debut album, an idea can’t just go away, on August 26th and simultaneously introduced the airwaves to a brand-new manifestation of slowcore anti-folk experimentalism.

The standout single, over again, delivers vocals which find a timbre between AJJ and Jack Johnson, while the instrumental arrangement mashes up the melodiously soft guitars in the desert-y atmospherics with discordant electronic effect as an all too efficacious exposition on the turbulent ennui of cyclical torment and having an intangible relationship with identity.

It’s a spacey resonant-soaked release for anyone that has ever felt at odds with their own mind. Given that we’re in 2022, that demographic should make up the majority.

over again is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Crypt On Guard: Albert Bagman chokes on the bloody bits with Razor


Pointing us into his sinister creation that might astonish you awake if you were innocently napping, Albert Bagman draws some blood and takes us for an excursion like no other on the cutting edge soundtrack Razor.

Albert Bagman is a Columbus, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter who is unlike any musician you have ever heard in your life and keeps things distinct throughout.

The neighborhood recluse, the failed comedian, the medium of madness; Albert Bagman is an all-year-round Halloween hooligan sharing their love for ghosts and the unknown.” ~ Albert Bagman describing his life so vividly

An entertaining street poet who is clearly before his time, Albert Bagman is that guy who we went to school with and admire his eccentric ways. Rasping with ideas on the daily and taking us for a wild ride, to a whole new galaxy that we didn’t even know existed.

Razor from Columbus, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter Albert Bagman is a sharply made release that is laden with layers of witty lyrics and a deep tone that might shock many. He has the ability to strike your senses alive and is truly original, no matter what the season is.

In a greedy world where many copycats just want to drink other’s milk and pretend it’s theirs, this is an artist to cherish for just being himself.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Th3Meaning will take anything for those addictive kisses on Lie

As the obvious desire comes to the fore, even if it could just be drunken meaningless words, Th3Meaning shows us the path to getting that romantic fix among the hurtful thorns on Lie.

Th3Meaning is a 41-year-old alt-emo rapper/singer and mom from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA who makes heart stirring music that shall get the hairs on your back standing up to attention.

I perform original music and I incorporate stories into my set as well as well-known alternative songs with my own originals.” ~Th3Meaning

Displaying a true braveness to open up about a clearly personal moment of discovery, Th3Meaning guides us through modern day dating in a nutshell. With conviction and desire in abundance, we find ourselves nodding with intently and wondering why romance has to be so needlessly complicated.

Lie from Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie alternative rapper and singer Th3Meaning is an emotional track that so many will find so familiar. Lyrically astute and taking you into a place that shall help your heart feel warm, evening for a few minutes at least. Performed with an impressive array of passionate intensity, this is a speaker-burning track to heighten your anxiousness if you have been feeling lonely lately.

When you crave those sweet lips, you will do things that are rather out of character sometimes.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Caught Up In Confusion: Amar Miller shows us the wild night in the playground on Fked up Last Night (feat. Greeshawn)

Thinking about life and wondering what could have happened if the odds were stacked up like bricks waiting to fall, Amar Miller shows us deep inside the fuzzy head that is permeated with tiny fragments of the evening’s adventures with Fked up Last Night (feat. Greeshawn).

Amar Miller aka Miller Starn Karns is a 20-year-old Toledo, Ohio-based indie hip hop artist who is currently studying at Oklahoma State University and majoring in Aerospace Studies.

Praised by producers such as daedaePIVOT (executive producer for Saba), Kilam (produced for YNW Melly, Xxxtentacion, Ski Mask The Slump God, & more), and by artists such as Casso and Patagonist.” ~ Amar Miller

Sliding off the couch where soggy chips and lost change are in probable abundance, Amar Miller might have just dropped the perfect song for the end of so many summers. The feeling of potential regret that is interwoven with delight at the night, which was sensational live. Beyond current comprehension, in fact.

Fked up Last Night (feat. Greeshawn) from Toledo, Ohio-based indie hip hop artist Amar Miller is a party central experience that shall make you recall when things when things are spiralling out of control. That fun night that flipped over quickly. From chill to excess, loud laughs and silly scuffles, that have a few scars to tell. The night was exciting but rather crazy and getting your head to cheekily shake as you examine the damage.

Sung with a rather quality tone and head-nodding in nature, this is a turn-up recommendation anthem.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

REAL1ONE keeps on dunking on the former competition like ‘Ja Morant’ (Opp Huntin)

Following on from his 16-track album from 2021 called ‘Hollow Hearts & Ammo‘, REAL1ONE gets his mindset locked onto the target and loads up on those haters who have made the wrong decision with his latest single, ‘Ja Morant(Opp Huntin).

REAL1ONE is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist who uses the trauma he dealt with as a youngster to help him keep that edge that keeps him hungry.

Growing up in a low-income neighbourhood, REAL1ONE learnt that you have to make your own luck. His music details his personal experiences of facing and overcoming adversity.” ~ REAL1ONE

Smashing through all the doubters who are plotting his downfall while he is only thinking about building that empire, REAL1ONE punches far beyond his weight class with a thunderous performance that might give your whole body a shake to wake you up to what reality actually is.

That uphill battle against all the odds made me the fighter I am today. I’m just trying to enjoy what I have, and music is an avenue that allows me to release some of the frustrations I deal with in everyday life.” ~ REAL1ONE

Ja Morant(Opp Huntin) from Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist REAL1ONE an ear-slicing track that might compact your mind into thinking like the streets do. Staying alive is the quest and the treasures are rather abundant if you know where you look and have the right crew around, as we are pulsated by a self-assured artist.

Showing us that mighty power and a barrage of quick-to-fire raps, this is a gangsta experience that might have you sleeping rather restlessly tonight as you imagine what it’s like on the front lines.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music and Love: Cincinnati band The Orbiters drops thoughtful debut single, ‘Will Aliens Like Music?’

Wondering deeply if the mysterious figures will enjoy our brand of music or not, The Orbiters entertain our thoughts rather wonderfully on their debut track to thrill us with, ‘Will Aliens Like Music?‘.

The Orbiters are a Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie folk/rock band who loves to tell those real human stories that explain the situation so eloquently.

The band confronts the anxiety around finding the right person in this world against the backdrop of the otherworldly question of the title.” ~ The Orbiters

With a dashing debut to unequivocally remember for its delightful pureness, The Orbiters are a new name who will certainly tickle your fancy and get you in a contemplative mood.

Will Aliens Like Music?‘ from Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie folk/rock band The Orbiters is a catchy track that brings us into a whole new world that is filled with questions that have been plaguing humanity for centuries. There is a really crisp vibe here that has a genuine quality to it, that is rather ear-pleasing to turn up rather loud.

Perhaps it will be The Beatles that is what they are looking for or perhaps something heavier? We might find out one day, or never quite know after all.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and hear more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Building Rockets Band knows that the phone calls should be more regularly dialled on, ‘Dear Friend’

Fueled from their debut 11-track album called ‘How to Bridge the Gap‘, Building Rockets Band remind us that friendships can fade away sometimes as life occasionally takes over unexpectedly on, ‘Dear Friend‘.

Building Rockets Band is an Ironton, Ohio-based indie alternative 4-piece band who have made a name for themselves on their local circuit with a genuine mixture of soul-healing gems.

From backgrounds in rock, Americana, classical, bluegrass, big band, indie, and country the musicians of Building Rockets each bring their own unique flavor. Telling their stories of family, love, life, and loss through edgy, genre-crossing musicality.” ~ Building Rockets Band

Bringing us a memorable single that encapsulates so many humans who have just reached their 30s, Building Rockets Band sends us into a former world of joy and sadness, that is rather hard to explain if you have lost touch without explanation. Sung with sincere emotion and conveying forth a marvellous melody, this is a track to close your eyes with and recall those special memories that are stuck in your mind forever.

Influenced by their country roots, rock rebellion, the blues, and everything in between every song brings something different.” ~ Building Rockets Band

Dear Friend‘ from Ironton, Ohio-based indie alternative 4-piece band Building Rockets Band is one of those nostalgic soundtracks that take you into a flashback that reminds you of the past and those happy times. Feeling guilty that you haven’t been around more as your footpath moved in a different direction, this is a song to certainly reflect on as you ponder what truly happened.

Picking up that phone to call an old friend, is one way to get those memories flooding back.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ohio-based underground legend Mr. 44 punches away the fake hype on ‘RAP MY AZZ OFF’

Taken off his new ‘License to Rhyme‘ EP and with the assistance of 44 Records and Prhymal Rage, Mr. 44 smashes the self-doubt away from anyone who has felt the wrath of soul-sucking negativity with ‘RAP MY AZZ OFF‘.

Mr. 44 is a Cleveland, Ohio-based veteran Hip hop artist and proud father that makes a rugged blend of top-notch soundtracks to remember forever.

With years of experience and a fan base spanning several cities, states and countries. Mr. 44 brings much experience, passion and authenticity to the game.” ~ Mr. 44

Mailing the world a sharp reminder of his superior rap mastery that has been formed over many years of practice while others were catnapping, Mr. 44 launches a wake-up call to those who were in a state of stagnant slumber, with a knockout display that urges us to never listen to those who have placed their restrictive limitations on you.

With a rugged style that is uncompromising and crammed full of family energy to warm the heart of those who have forgotten what actually matters, this is a fiercely independent track from an important voice that shines a glow on what is essential in life.

RAP MY AZZ OFF‘ from the experienced Cleveland, Ohio-based Hip hop artist Mr. 44, is a welcome track from an OG of the local scene. He puts his city on his back and brings his family with him, to show us that it’s all about that real connection. With so many flash-in-the-pans showing off with their easy-to-spot jewels and ostentatious chains, this is a return to what the world needs to hear. It’s all about the lyrics and the beat after all, not anything fake that has zero soul-healing powers to learn from and be inspired by.

Unity in music is what we all need more of.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

OneSixTwo reminds us that true connection is still possible on ‘Trippy Love’ (feat. H.O.P.E)

With a sexy beat that is classy all the way and features some terrific vocals that will shake your core away from its slumber, OneSixTwo shows us that the talent-rich underground is filled with that genuineness that is rarer that the joy of life itself on ‘Trippy Love‘ (feat. H.O.P.E).

OneSixTwo is a prolific Mendocino County, California-based artist and music producer who works with various musicians from all over the world.

The Songs of Love Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that creates free, personalized, original songs to uplift children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges.” ~ OneSixTwo

Featuring the stunning vocals of the wonderfully elegant Ohio, USA-based singer-songwriter H.O.P.E, OneSixTwo demonstrates to us that unpretentious love is so beautifully underrated. With a story about not being able to sleep due to the care that takes you into a whole new universe of imagination, this is a top-quality track if you need to believe that romance is still alive and well.

Trippy Love(feat. H.O.P.E) from Mendocino County, California-based artist and music producer OneSixTwo, is a soaring-so-high single that might be one of the most stunning singles so far of 2022. The natural connection between these two authentic musicians is so real that you can feel the steam emerging from your speakers, with a superb track that simmers so sweetly into your awaiting consciousness. Sometimes music just heals you and takes you to a much better place, to help us find that glowing presence again. OneSixTwo and H.O.P.E have just proved that this is indeed still possible, no matter what anyone else says.

Hear this loving single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen