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Buzzkills be damned in Nothing but a Nightmare’s post-pop-punk single, She Always Ruins a Good Time

The Philly-based alt-rock innovators, Nothing but a Nightmare notably sharpened their pop-punk hooks for their third studio album, The Salvation, which features the playfully protestive single, She Always Ruins a Good Time. If any single could take down the boss-level Karens out there that seem to be becoming increasingly prolific, it’s this riotous earworm, which comes complete with frenetically witty verses and choruses that will absolutely consume you in their euphoric pit-worthy energy.

With hints of Fallout Boy and Panic at the Disco woven into the sticky-sweet 00-Esque tapestry, Nothing but a Nightmare delivered a smorgasbord of modernised nostalgia that proves that there’s never any really growing out of an emo phase.

The Salvation officially released on October 14th across all major platforms; check it out here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Loud For This One: 9dreamz drops speedy new sizzler to chomp on called TURNT

Dancing with the ladies and getting the party started with a jagged beat that might shred your skin, 9dreamz throws the hands up and gets things all TURNT.

9dreamz is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie emo hip hop artist who started his career when he was just 18 years old and hasn’t looked back since.

Arched back and ready to take us on a ride filled with memorable lyrics and a catchy persona, 9dreamz is ready for anything and is taking things up a notch. Searing with heat and pulsating the eardrums is the order of the day, on a soundtrack to when you feel invincible from any bullets flying.

TURNT from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie emo hip hop artist 9dreamz is a storming song that might set off a few car alarms. Packed with a self-assured attitude that will probably take him far, this is the kind of single that will set the mood alight with that extra match and get you feeling like anything is possible.

Life is about turning up the temperature when you know it’s time.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Softest Sound explore cyclical torment in their slowcore anti-folk single over again

The Dayton, Ohio duo, The Softest Sound, unveiled their debut album, an idea can’t just go away, on August 26th and simultaneously introduced the airwaves to a brand-new manifestation of slowcore anti-folk experimentalism.

The standout single, over again, delivers vocals which find a timbre between AJJ and Jack Johnson, while the instrumental arrangement mashes up the melodiously soft guitars in the desert-y atmospherics with discordant electronic effect as an all too efficacious exposition on the turbulent ennui of cyclical torment and having an intangible relationship with identity.

It’s a spacey resonant-soaked release for anyone that has ever felt at odds with their own mind. Given that we’re in 2022, that demographic should make up the majority.

over again is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Less Miserable – The Dentist: Meet the Icons of Self-Depreciating Post-Emo Pop-Punk

43 Chinook by Less Miserable

Post-emo pop-punk outfit, Less Miserable took expression to the next level in their 2022 standout single, The Dentist. The visceral track explores the intricacies of depression by making a series of proclamations that everyone who has ever felt inadequacy loom along with the bark of the black dog will relate to.

With killer lines “the sun on my face feels like a cheap insult that I can’t ignore” and the chorus hook “If you want me to see a dentist, you’ll have to kick me in the teeth, I can’t ask for help unless it is an emergency” to a backdrop of progressively off-kilter post-hardcore rancour, The Dentist will break your heart through resonance. Before mending it through the affirmation that you’re not alone in the insecurities you feel in loving relationships and the tendency to neglect self-care when you don’t see yourself as something worth investing in

Without a hint of hyperbole, I’ve just found a new favourite artist in the Alberta-based outfit who specialises in self-deprecating anthems made to drink cheap beer to and shout along to in sweaty basements. It’s almost enough to make me buy a plane ticket to Calgary to party with the candour-gifted lyrical visionaries.

The Dentist is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kyle Jaymes is a Perennial Millennial in his latest intricately melodious indie rock hit

Kyle Jaymes

New Hampshire indie singer-songwriter, Kyle Jaymes, brought a pioneering sense of melodicism to 00s emo with his latest single, Perennial Millennial. For anyone that grew up with Death Cab for Cutie and is looking for a matured take on sonic nihilism, Perennial Millennial is the finest wine in the metaphorical cellar.

Since breaking away from his indie rock band, Call Her Alaska, he’s become a one-man powerhouse, fuelled by his emotionally charged lyricism, intricate acoustic guitar hooks and euphonic production style, which gives all the angst of pop punk and none of the brash overtones.

Perennial Millennial will officially release on August 30th. Check it out here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t Get Snappy: Our Last Daze washes it all down with cheap wine on Happy, Sappy and Everything In Between

Happy, Sappy and Everything In Between by Our Last Daze

Showing us the wild life that can drown your memories in warm beer, Our Last Daze wonders if they thought that something else was expected on the speaker-blaring new single to froth with called Happy, Sappy and Everything In Between.

Our Last Daze is a San Marcos, Texas-based indie alternative emo/pop-punk band who makes anthem-sounding songs that certainly deserve the big stage.

With emotive lyrical themes of the debauchery of youth and the existential dread that follows.” ~ Our Last Daze describing their sound

Singing with so much gusto about that feeling when you just know that someone is expecting you to put on a show when you aren’t feeling it, Our Last Daze shakes off their headaches from the previous night’s debauchery with impressive aplomb. Brushing away the snappiness that has unwittingly seeped into modern day society, this is a play-loud track that has you thinking you’re back in the 90s.

Happy, Sappy and Everything In Between from San Marcos, Texas-based indie alternative emo/pop-punk band Our Last Daze is such a roaring song that you might feel Lion-like. Packed with wild stories and drink-guzzling melodies, this is a powerful track to play loud when you just want to vent out your frustration without breaking anything.

Showing that you are only going to be yourself despite the pressures applied is the only way to live, after all.

Hear this new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Th3Meaning will take anything for those addictive kisses on Lie

As the obvious desire comes to the fore, even if it could just be drunken meaningless words, Th3Meaning shows us the path to getting that romantic fix among the hurtful thorns on Lie.

Th3Meaning is a 41-year-old alt-emo rapper/singer and mom from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA who makes heart stirring music that shall get the hairs on your back standing up to attention.

I perform original music and I incorporate stories into my set as well as well-known alternative songs with my own originals.” ~Th3Meaning

Displaying a true braveness to open up about a clearly personal moment of discovery, Th3Meaning guides us through modern day dating in a nutshell. With conviction and desire in abundance, we find ourselves nodding with intently and wondering why romance has to be so needlessly complicated.

Lie from Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie alternative rapper and singer Th3Meaning is an emotional track that so many will find so familiar. Lyrically astute and taking you into a place that shall help your heart feel warm, evening for a few minutes at least. Performed with an impressive array of passionate intensity, this is a speaker-burning track to heighten your anxiousness if you have been feeling lonely lately.

When you crave those sweet lips, you will do things that are rather out of character sometimes.

Listen up to this new Spotify and see more via on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

EM$o went from trap life to trap star in his debut LP featuring the standout single, The $urvivor

From trap life to trap star, the Biel/Bienne-born rapper, EM$o, escaped one of the most dangerous places in Central Europe to share his story and show the world what resilience sounds like.

After getting into music in 2016, he homed in on his talent until July 2022, when he released his debut album, Differences, featuring the standout indie emo trap single, The $urvivor, which gives a candid view into his world and how music transformed it.

He is the antithesis of every trap artist who appropriates the lifestyle for sonic street cred. You can hear the imprint of the streets reverberating through his evocative bars, which leave no stone unturned in the melodic indie hip hop track, which is as impactful as it is mellow.

The track in EM$o’s words:

“The $urvivor is based on my experiences on the streets in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, which is known as one of the most dangerous places in Central Europe. The single describes my mentality while living in that place and what it took to survive. Not many in my circle made it out alive without ending up in jail or hospital.

My parents did what they could to get me out. They taught me how to make smart moves and outsmart the dark mentality of the streets, which left me with a lust for money and power as a teenager. When my usual vices ceased working, I turned to music. I used my trap money to buy equipment, and in 2016 I started writing and recording my songs.”

The $urvivor is now available to stream along with EM$o’s debut album, Differences, on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Disguised As An Artist: EM$o feels like he might end up dying alone on The $urvivor

Taken off his debut 9-track album called Differences, EM$o knows he has lost the faith and might actually be a villain after all on The $urvivor.

EM$o (pronounced EMSO) aka Emanuel Santos is a Switzerland-born indie hip hop artist who has emerged from the depths of darkness where poisonous snakes hide away inside.

Grew up among these circumstances where drug abuse, drug trafficking, stabbings and robbing’s were common. His parents, being both hard working Portuguese foreigners, tried to protect EMSO from moving further away from the city, but always staying in the region because of their jobs.” ~ EM$o

Displaying grit and tenacity to break away from a life that would not last too long, EM$o opens up his notebook and shows us a scribble or two from someone who almost died. Scratching on the surface and wondering if his soul is doomed for its sins, you will find yourself so compelled by this movie-like voyage.

After 3 years of constant stress and anxiety of being caught by the authorities or killed by rival gang members, he stopped that type of lifestyle and moved on, investing into music, where he started rapping and producing music in 2016.” ~ EM$o

The $urvivor from Switzerland-born indie hip hop artist EM$o is a raw track that shall strike your soul in exactly the place you needed it. Guiding us through his life that almost had him six feet under, this is a song to truly appreciate for its honesty. Showing us how he rose from the darkest hour, there is so much strength in this message that will hopefully inspire many to claw out of any adversity.

Turn up this track on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen