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billon dailey is set to make his hook-filled alt-indie-pop debut with ‘Pull on My Heartstrings’

billon dailey

If the Beach Boys made their debut in 2021 and picked up some Midwest Emo tendencies, their bright and instantly infectious melodies would have plenty in common with the ones found in singer-songwriter, billion daily’s triumph of a debut single, Pull on My Heartstrings.

The intricately and anthemically layered single breezes through the whole tonal spectrum as it runs through the frenetic choruses and verses where you can drink in the lush accordance of shimmering notes. It is anything but your average debut, which has plenty to do with the artist cutting his teeth as a songwriter under the moniker, iamsleepless, for years. After turning away from music to explore faith, having an existential crisis from that decision and returning to music armed with weed and a guitar, he started work on his debut release; we’re beyond glad that he did.

Pull on My Heartstrings is available to stream from December 3rd 2021. You can catch it for yourself on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Trapped Up: New York emo rapper Francois feels like he is going insane on ‘Junkie’

Dropped off from his fire 8-track recently-released debut EP called ‘Broken Record‘, Francois rips his ex to pieces who broke his heart and made him feel like he wasn’t worth the time on ‘Junkie‘.

Francois is a 20-year old Scotchtown, New York-born, Newburgh, New York-based indie emo rapper, gamer and singer-songwriter who started making music when he was 17.

Music was a big part of Francois’s childhood and helped him battle depression and anxiety growing up.” ~ Francois

Francois sings and raps with a gusty edge that is such a bass-busting listen – that shows us a creative who is releasing his true emotions – that keeps on bringing his mind back to those romantic moments that were thought to last forever. This is a powerful effort that keeps you locked into the story and grips your curious mind, as you nod your head to an artist that flows with an efficiently illuminating technique.

Junkie‘ from the New York-based indie emo hip-hop artist and singer Francois, is really heartbreaking track from a man who is feeling the brunt of those sensations that are slamming hard in his face. He is endeavouring to get over her but just can’t seem to stop thinking about that cute smile – and the laughs that were so prevalent – as we hear the passion swirling genuinely through your speakers at home. This is one of the more break-ups fueled singles you will detect all year, from a rising artist who carries his heart on the sleeve and doesn’t ever hold back.

Hear this quality new single on Spotify and find out more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Vincent Tesoro extends salvation in his alt-hip hop track, Fix Me.

Vincent Tesoro has released his indie emo alt-hip hop debut album, Shooting Stars & Broken Halos, which deserves to be as revered as Lil Peep’s legacy of a back catalogue for the way it effortlessly obliterates genre by putting cutting emotion to the forefront. Outliers or anyone that has been down beaten and found the light from the gutter will be sucked in by the standout single, Fix Me.

Fix Me is a hooky call for salvation that comes with sniping Blink 182-style pop-punk tendencies, contemporary hip hop beats and vocals that compel you to verse the lyrics before you have even memorised them.

Along with his ability to bring resonant panache to hip hop, Vincent Tesoro is also a mental health advocate and a certified substance abuse counsellor after years of recovery between his overdose in 2014. It all comes together in his compassionate wisdom-packed tracks that we can’t wait to hear more of.

Fix Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mouth Culture has released their scathing high vibe indie emo pop hit Nobody Wants You

UK alt-rock act Mouth Culture takes no prisoners in their scathingly high vibe hit Nobody Wants You. The sniping lyricism, crunchy indie-rock guitars, indie-pop with a hint of emo vocals and jazzy nuances pull together to offer a potent shot of indie nostalgia. Yet, there is plenty more to Mouth Culture’s scintillating sound than assimilation.

Their determination to become one of the hottest bands in the UK in 2022 is by no means a pipe dream with over 1 million streams on Spotify and radio play from BBC Introducing, Total Rock, Kerrang and Radio 1. Since their inception in 2019, they’ve been honing in on their songwriting which shines through in Nobody Wants You with their ability to turn deep-seated hate into a catchy radio-ready hit that rivals Frank Carter’s I Hate You.

Check out the official video for Nobody Wants You on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt-Indie solo artist Bent 290 has released his psychotropic sophomore single, Minds and Makers.

‘Minds and Makers’ is the psychotropic sophomore release from alt-indie solo artist Bent 290 (Dakota Schilling). With hints of Midwest Emo in the vocals, nuances of reggae in anthemic guitars and lashings of electronic psych euphoria, it’s impossible not to warm to the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter’s instantly enamouring expressionism.

If you could imagine what it would sound like if Muse, All American Rejects, and Tame Impala aurally met in the middle, you’ll get an idea of the kind of bitter-sweet soul on offer here.

The project, Bent 290, was born during the 2020 lockdown when Dakota locked himself away in a cabin in North-Eastern Indiana. His debut release broke onto the airwaves to critical acclaim in 2020. After the release of his power-pop hit, we’re sure that only good things will follow.

Minds and Makers is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get Me Out Of Here: Kid Kenny drops 3-track EP to soothe all the pain away on ‘The Stars Told Me To’

As he plays by his own rules and refuses to be placed into any stuffy box which he doesn’t feel comfortable inside, Kid Kenny shines bright with his latest 3-track EP called ‘The Stars Told Me To‘.

Kid Kenny aka Cobatine, is a Montreal, Quebec-based indie emo Hip-Hop artist and gamer, who is a mashup of two different personalities which allows his original thinking to truly blossom.

I know I’m a weird kid to understand, but I know that my creations can definitely make a positive impact in people’s lives.” ~ Kid Kenny

There are three equally well thought-out tracks that starts off with the you-don’t-need-to-know-my-name in ‘OUTRR SPAC3‘, followed by the deeply constructed bully-filled story full of endured pain that needs to ease called ‘ANG3LS CRY TOO‘. He ends off proceedings with probably the pick of the bunch with the bass-punched ‘3ND OF MY WORLD‘, which will have your mind warped into a galaxy above in this cinematic transporter.

The Stars Told Me To‘ from the Montreal, Quebec-based indie emo Hip-Hop artist and gamer Kid Kenny, is a space-filled journey that has you strapping up and getting out of this abnormal world. With so much passion in his lungs which is heartily felt on each of these meaningful tracks – this is a truly unique artist who uses music to release all that built up stress – that can be released in his truly different music style.

Art is all about creating what you love after all, as it has the special power to heal all pain.

Hear this new EP on Spotify and find out more about this inspiring artist being himself on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Vulpine break new ground with their experimental post-rock EP, Ventures.

Scotland’s most melodic alt-rock outfit, Vulpine, has released their genre-spanning debut EP, Ventures, which brings a rare sense of accessibility to math rock and plenty of solemnity and poise to emo pop-rock.

The best introduction to their atmospheric, progressively gripping songwriting style is the title track, which carries the evocative weight of Frightened Rabbit combined with the instrumental furore of Mogwai.

From an ambient prelude, an intricately immense storm kicks up in the instrumentals, taking you through gripping breakdowns and even sweeter crescendos that hit the climactic spot every time. As the consistently in-flux sonic palette switches up through the progressions, vocalist, Pete Fox, demonstrates the provoking range of his vocal power.

The Ventures EP released on October 1st. It is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Post-Hardcore and Power Pop Collide: Picture the Scene. The Hang-Up

After a line-up change that saw a female vocalist fronting the South East, UK outfit Picture the Scene. with their freshly refined sound, the heavy pop-punk powerhouse has come in with all guns blazing with their latest single, The Hang-Up.

The galvanizing power-pop choral hooks are broken up with heavy rock motifs and growled vocals that any fans of Job for a Cowboy or any other post-hardcore outfit will be familiar with. I can only imagine how intense the playful ferocity in the sticky sweet hit would be live. Picture the Scene. is for every metalhead who finds themselves with a guilty penchant for Taylor Swift. With The Hang-Up, Picture the Scene. established themselves as on par with BABYMETAL for the boundaries they broke with their sonic furore. Do I even need to tell you to save space on your radar?

The Hang-Up is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MX Strong brings in the future of pop-punk with his single, Too Far.

MX Strong’s latest single, Too Far, is full of angsty, hooky, pop-punk energy. Anyone who grew up with their iPods full of Blink 182 will want to pay attention.

The up and coming artist takes plenty of inspiration from Machine Gun Kelly, Jack Harlow and SuicideBoys, which you will note through the lyrics; for his sonic palette, MX Strong relied on his authenticity to set himself apart.

As someone who grew up in the 90s, a time when there was little overlap between alt genres and urban artists, there’s nothing better than seeing the outliers of society converging around unifying sound. MX Strong has been an integral part of that cultural coalescence. His ability to appeal to a wide audience is reflected in his streaming stats and the loyalty of his fans.

Too Far was officially released on September 17th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mani Knox delivers high vibe ennui in his standout single, ‘F.M.L’

NYC born and raised alt-hip hop pioneer, Mani Knox, has dropped his sonically high-vibe EP, Demons Dilemma, featuring the standout single, F.M.L; if you are going to curse existence to any track, make it this one.

Since his 2019 debut album, Love is War, Knox has been a mental health advocate through his music. Not in the superficial, good vibes only, way more in the I’ve seen the dark and, now I’m going to show you the light way, that you can’t help getting absorbed by.

F.M.L reels you in lyrical hook, bassline and sinker. His productions are just as massive and robust as you will find from artists such as Labrinth, The Weeknd, and Tinie Tempah but it’s the intimacy of the single that uses a female protagonist to allude to the depths ennui can take you to that wins you over with F.M.L.

F.M.L is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast