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Here For You: Ohio singer Calakapepe knows what the heart desires on ‘All I Want Is You’

As the rampaging romantic feelings seep deep into the veins and warms the heart so tenderly, Calakapepe takes a chance on love, as he searches frantically for happiness on the new single called ‘All I Want Is You‘.

David James C. Michel aka Calakapepe, is an entertaining solo singer-songwriter/rapper, teacher, pianist and Northern Kentucky University Music Composition graduate, who is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

He is a creative artist who looks beyond normal conventions to show us music that simmers inside you for a moment, before exploding into your soul with reckless and loving abandon.

This is the message about trying for something that might not work out, but the journey to getting there is the fun part as you go where your heart takes you. The passion is there and the will for it to succeed, the next mission is to see if you both want it enough and for the stars to align just right.

All I Want Is You‘ from the emerging Ohio multi-talented musician/teacher Calakapepe, shows us the love that he has for someone close, who takes his breath away and makes him do things he wouldn’t normally say or do. This is the true moment when you know deep inside, that you are deeply in love.

Stream the lyric video on YouTube and see more of his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Waiting to be free: Benjamin James Howard is feeling ‘Heavy’ on quality debut single

After experiencing a movie-like start to his music career with label issues and his music being shelved away into the darkness, Benjamin James Howard has persevered through all the ‘Heavy‘ times, to now thrive mightily on his debut single that opens the book, to see what the next page shall be.

Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie-folk/pop singer-songwriter Benjamin James Howard, makes that thoughtful music that has been carefully planned out from a meticulous artist, who sings about those real moments in his life, where he knows he could think a bit less sometimes to release the burden off his shoulders.

He sings with such calmness and grace as each word is easy to hear and follow, his vocals guide you through the story and you feel like you have just witnessed a song that you can relate to.

Heavy‘ from Cincinnati’s indie-pop musician Benjamin James Howard, is a heartfelt ode to his mind and those self-inflicted moments we all go through sometimes, when we overthink instead of just going for it. His sings with such truth and eloquently explains what is going on deep inside, as he tries to untangle the pages inside his head, so he can complete this book and move onto the next challenge he sets for himself.

Keeping things simple and not looking too far ahead is the best way to live but is easier said than done of course. That light touch is needed sometimes, otherwise those books on your straining head get a bit too heavy and hurt you, when they should be helping you.

See this incredibly deep track on YouTube and find out more about his rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A celebration of the female form: Alaina Kai Chester sings with such class on ‘Body Worthy (Amen)’

Alaina Kai Chester sings so gloriously and with such elegance on the wonderful new single that celebrates who you are and that you are indeed ‘Body Worthy (Amen)’.

The Cincinnati, Ohio-born, New York-based actor, singer-songwriter and digital creative Alaina Kai Chester sings with an aura of a woman who knows who she is deep inside and her astonishing voice is an incredible listen. Each sentence is crystal clear and the way she holds her tone is an example to singers all over the world.

Her sweet fusion of r&b, pop and soul is a massive hug to our scared hearts, as she takes us on a loving journey of self-discovery and learning to love yourself.

Taken off her debut five-track EP called ‘First Comes Love, Then Comes Liberty‘, this is a self-aware creative who sings with a real stylish nature that shows her grace and faith are strong and genuine.

Body Worthy (Amen)’ from Alaina Kai Chester is a song that celebrates the female body and how glorious it really is. She shows that it is possible to be classy and make quality music at the same time; without going over the top and comprising your core values.

Appreciation is what its all about and doing it in a way that makes you a true model for the young females in the world. If only more musicians would follow Alaina Kai Chester’s lead and be the guiding light, in this often dark world.

Stream this soulful single on her Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: Tae Brooks

Tae Brooks (18) was born into a musical family of songwriters and producers. Nephew of multi Grammy nominated producer/songwriter Chuck Brooks, Tae started his singing career at the early age of 10 as a background vocalist for artists recording in his family’s garage studio. At a talent audition in 2010 in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio Tae was recruited by a Los Angeles talent manager, which in time led to his family relocating to LA to pursue increasing opportunities in both acting and music. Tae’s brother, Tadjh Brooks, stepped into the role of Tae’s lead music producer and engineer. The brothers, working in the studio with their father, Billay, emerged with a hybrid pop/urban sound reflective of Tae’s multicultural background. Tae was introduced to the world with the launching of his YouTube music channel in March of 2011.

Tae and his team quickly became known for overhauling cover songs and creating signature originals that allow Tae to showcase his naturally soulful voice. His YouTube content has generated over 5 million views. Brooks’ first single “Thumbs Up” was released on iTunes February 22, 2011 and was well received. His covers have ranked among the top on the sites of The Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, Ryan Seacrest, and MusicMeetsVideo.

Visibility on YouTube led to Tae being sought out for voice-over work. He became the male lead voice of the Disney 365 theme song, was cast as the voice and singing role of Michael Jackson in the animated TV series Black Dynamite, and performed the intro/outro on the channel of popular YouTube personality Lamarr Wilson. Tae caught the attention of Canadian producer Josh Friesen, which led to him becoming a voice-over artist for GrapeSEED, a company in Japan that produces educational curriculum used in 7 countries. Soon after, he was asked to star in the video series as well, resulting in 4 trips to Japan over a 3 year period.

Between his work trips to Japan, Tae Brooks expanded his exposure with concert performances alongside major label recording artists Kalin and Myles, Round 2 Crew and other popular emerging artists. When asked to name his most memorable performance Tae says, “I had the opportunity to sing at Seacrest Studios in Children’s Hospital Medical Center back in my hometown. Just knowing my performance is still being viewed by kids dealing with serious illnesses makes that time special to me.”

Tae Brooks notoriety in music circles was recognized by Billboard Magazine who’s named Brooks #7 (2016) and #19 (2011) on the Next Big Sound chart featuring the fastest growing artists across social media. VERSEDonline named Tae one of the breakout artists for 2014. While under the management of Ebony Son Entertainment, management team of Ludacris, Tae recorded songs written by multi platinum songwriters and producers such as Ne-Yo, The Jackie Boyz, A-Rex and The Movement.

Demonstrating his own songwriting versatility, Tae independently released his co-written 5 track debut EP ‘On My Own’ on September 30, 2014. The EP included Tae’s previous single “It’s Always Been You” and two fan favorites, “Lois Lane” and “The Fire” featuring Tae’s brother Juke. The success of the EP led to charting on the iTunes Pop chart.

Tae released ‘Serenity’ Apr 23rd, 2016 and it is the lead single from Brooks’ upcoming summer EP, described by co-writer and producer Tadjh Brooks as having a “tropical funk” vibe. Check it out.