Tell Me I’m Yours: LA’s Sani Knight drops superb new single Ivy

Itching for more while the dusty clock ticks way too quickly, Sani Knight can’t believe that two hearts aren’t together on the passionate I-want-you-right-now hot single to steam the glass with called Ivy.

Sani Knight is a 19-year-old Los Angeles, California-based indie RnB/hip hop artist who makes surefire heart spinners that leave lasting memories in abundance.

On an exceptionally memorable single to hold on tightly with, Sani Knight displays poise and skillful excellence in this sensational release. Goodness me, this is exactly what the soul needed. Vocally stunning and packed with a picture so many can relate to, as a new reflective aura washes over all current manifestations.

Ivy from Los Angeles, California-based indie RnB/hip hop artist Sani Knight is one of the more desirable songs ever likely to reach our planet. This is the story of a special love that took over completely. Familiar? The vocals on offer combine quite sweetly with this dynamic beat, which takes us into the passion which could take over all airwaves if allowed to blossom.

When you remember the heat, memories transcend everything else.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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