Tea Sea takes us down ‘The River’ with the killer cadence in his latest trap track

Virginia Beach trap artist, Tea Sea, has been picking up momentous traction since his 2020 debut. Following the release of his latest single, The River, on October 14th, he’s set to deservedly break the 1 million streaming mark with the conviction-fuelled earworm.

By collaborating with the overseas producers placerbeatz and marni boy, The River is a blazing triumph of an electronic trap track, with Tea Sea’s ingenious rhyme schemes tearing through the discordant dystopian colossal tones.

With his killer cadence, dynamite vocal dynamism, and determination to connect with the disillusioned and disenfranchised with his music, Tea Sea’s music grips you with a rare veracity that makes it easy to see why he’s garnering so much hype. The River may just be his most viscerally fresh track to date.

We couldn’t be more stoked for him in this luminary chapter of his music career. We haven’t been able to forget him since his melodic earworm, Vitals, tore away at our sense of empathy and our love for slamming hip hop candour.

Here’s what Tea Sea had to say about his latest release:

“It is all about respect. It also explores the hunger for success and the determination to not take no for an answer when people stand in the way of your career goals and attempt to derail them.

I have been writing songs for over 12 years, and I have always had that mindset throughout my journey. This instrumental was made by two producers overseas who are at the grindstone endlessly trying to realize their full potential too.”

The River is set to release on October 14th. Catch it on Spotify & SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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