Saint Jargo thumps the door down with statement Hip Hop sizzler ‘Uno’

Saint Jargo is the new single from the NYC rapper on he blazes in with the fiery ‘Uno‘.

Saint Jargo is an upcoming Hip Hop artist from Weston in New York. He is currently CEO of Entertainment Us Enterprise and is a new name to watch.

This is all about anger and frustration that has built up like a new block of flats being built. The noises and unrest are okay for a while but eventually things boil over. With all that is going on in world right now, this is a bullish piece of raw rap that is on a top beat and contains gritty lyrics that resonate with current times.

Released by his own label Entertainment us Enterprise, this is a smart move from the talented Hip Hop artist. Signing yourself is the way forward. Being on a big label can help you get out there but things can go south quickly depending on the deal of course.

Saint Jargo comes alive on ‘Uno‘ and this is an impressive performance from the US rapper as he takes his game up a notch.

Stream here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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