Take a Bow: Bruce Tang fears for the future on the reflective gem The End of the Wolf

Sung with so much profound meaning and with a dreamy glance at a romantic memory, Bruce Tang tells us the story about losing that shine which can take humanity to the finish line on The End of the Wolf.

Bruce Tang is a New City, New York-born indie folk-pop singer-songwriter who explores deep emotions such as death, love and time while taking the listener into a whole new universe.

Influences include Wilco, Radiohead, Beulah, and Beck’s folkier material.” ~ Bruce Tang

With a cinematic journey through time as the world turns sideways, New City underground legend Bruce Tang guides us through the lands that have burnt and blistered from the test of time.

The End of the Wolf from New City, New York-born indie folk-pop Bruce Tang is a rather impressive single which has timeless written all over it. There is a pacifying exuberance which shall send a trigger of introspection to our deepest souls, this is a tremendously excellent experience to dig deep inside.

Sometimes the world can be so cruel to those who have felt the frost for too long.

Hear more here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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