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Steve Nicosia scored a scintillating ambient fantasy in his instrumental curtain call, End of the Event

Taken from his hotly anticipated Matter of Time EP, the standout single, End of the Event, from the eclectically inspired artist Steve Nicosia is a filmic sonic fantasy that invites you to lose yourself in the scintillatingly structured ambience.

Short of implanting yourself back in the womb, there are few sanctuaries on our intrepid scorched earth as cathartic as the one that unfolds under the duress of the cinematic sound designer.

Extended preludes may be becoming a thing of the past in the streaming era of music. Yet, End of the Event proves that they are anything but outdated. The gentle orchestral swells, classical guitars, and piano motifs gradually build from the mid-way mark in this daydream of a release that progressively rewards you for your immersion.

As the layered melodies gently crescendo, the sense of arrestive awe for Nicosia’s talent when weaving an instrumental narrative will viscerally heighten. I feel like I’ve just heard the curtains close on humanity, and it deserves a standing ovation.

The Matter of Time EP is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Steve Nicosia hurdles us deep into the concept for Matter of Time

With quick wit, rare steaks and sharp answers, we managed to sit down with Steve Nicosia recently. Telling us more about the new album Matter of Time and how Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli changed everything, this is a must-read for any deep thinkers out there.

Hello there Steve. We appreciate your time. Where can we find you in the world today and what is your favourite meal ever?

Steve: Hi! Thank you so much for having me. I currently live in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A short drive to the much more well-known city of Toronto.

Ah, my favourite meal – that’s a tough one. For me, choosing a meal is kind of like choosing which music I want to listen to. It’s best suited towards a particular mood. However, if I had to pick I’d say a medium rare steak, a twice-baked potato and a warm spinach salad. 🙂

Please tell us more about your new album Matter of Time and what does it represent?

Steve: ‘Matter of Time’ is a concept album that I had been batting around for a while. It is meant to represent the evolution of our earth and the matter from which it (and everything on it) is made. A similar concept is one you have probably heard – everything that has a beginning has an end.

However, ‘Matter of Time’ goes one step deeper to say that even when something ends or completes its life cycle, its matter lives on and will eventually become part of a new entity. So while it is a matter of time before our earth runs its course, it is also the matter of time that keeps evolving and taking new shape.

The concept was inspired by a book I read from Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli called ‘The Order of Time’. In the book, Rovelli theorized that time can be measured by a sequence of events, and that every entity in the universe (including our Earth) is technically an event.

I found Rovelli’s theory so simple yet compelling that it prompted me to explore the variety of emotions it made me feel: sad and worried, too hopeful and reassured. The result of this emotional roller coaster is the music itself. There are 4 distinct songs with 4 different musical styles. And within each song is a journey of emotional highs and lows.

The last thing I’ll mention is that to help tie the distinct songs together, I wrote each of them in the same key (C Major). And if you listen really carefully, there’s also a similar melody which be heard throughout the album!

Who painted the beautiful artwork?

Steve: I’m glad you like it! The artwork is painted by none other than my father, Dino Nicosia. He is a retired real estate agent, but has always had a passion for painting. Since retiring, he produces nearly a painting a week… of all different forms and styles. I figured there would be no one else better to bring my artistic vision to life than him. In the end, I think it’s really cool that there’s a father-son artistic duo at play with this project.

The artwork itself is the visual representation of the concept I outlined earlier. I knew I wanted to write 4 different songs for the EP so I had this idea of matching one of the evolutionary phases of the earth to a song. The earth is exhibited in 4 different stages: (1) its rocky formation, (2) beautiful and life as we know it, (3) dried up and desolate, (4) its matter being ripped apart.

By the way, if you like the artwork, you can buy the poster on my website:

Also, more of my father’s art can be found here:

Sorry – shameless promotions!

Who is the rock in your life who keeps you grounded?

Steve: There’s no doubt that it would be my fiancé Lindsay. The pandemic brought on a lot of highs and lows, but I quickly realized I could turn to Lindsay for everything. Whether I need someone to bounce a creative idea off of, someone to make me laugh, or a shoulder to cry on… she is my go-to.

She is also one of my biggest fans! (Although she might be biased haha)

Are there any good spots in your local area to watch good underground music?

Steve: Hamilton had a really good music scene but that was disrupted a bit with the pandemic. However, it’s been bouncing back as of late. One of the more popular spots is The Casbah. The venue is on the smaller side so feels really intimate.

It’s also been really cool to see a number of historical sites such as an old home or factory being renovated into music venues. This has helped reinvigorate key pockets of the city.

Which other musicians inspire you?

Steve: Over the last year, I’ve really started to dig my heels into instrumental music. It’s easy to listen to when working, and there’s such a wide variety of styles/moods to choose from.

There are three artists that I have found myself coming back to over and over.

Trent Reznor – Nine Inch Nails frontman has proven that his talent goes way deeper than hard rock or industrial music. His recent movie/TV scores have taken on many different styles, but all are so moving.
Ludovico Einaudi – such a beautiful pianist. He has inspired me to improve my piano playing skills.
Ólafur Arnalds – I really appreciate how he blends classical music with experimental sounds.

Do you think the local live music community has recovered after covid or what needs to happen to ensure its survival?

Steve: Yes. It will be a slow process I’m sure as people become more comfortable with big crowds again.

I think many people are eager for live experiences and frankly, we need it. There’s nothing like a concert to bring crowds of like-minded people together. And I believe that’s what venues, marketers, and artists need to promote; music brings people together and satiates a deep-seated human need for community and to belong. Your fellow fans are your tribe.

Final question. What is the vision for your career?

Steve: Hmm good question! Creating music is not a full-time gig for me, but it’s a very necessary creative outlet. So I intend to always have a project on the go, but the music itself may come out somewhat sporadically. My partner and I have a baby on the way so the music will inevitably take a back seat for a little bit as I’m sure I’ll be running on less sleep! Haha

For now, my focus is on promoting ‘Matter of Time’ and preparing for the album’s release on vinyl! I’m very excited to announce that it will be available in physical form in a few months.

Listen up on Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Toronto’s Steve Nicosia takes our hand and guides us into a better place with ‘My Wishlist’

With a much-anticipated new EP on the way later on in 2022, Steve Nicosia shows us into a beautiful landscape that is filled with absolute tranquillity away from the sordid storms outside on ‘My Wishlist‘.

Steve Nicosia is a Toronto, Canada-based multi-skilled musician who likes the be free and away from any particular genre box and performs with an authentic feel on each one of his creations.

Most of his songs are instrumentals, but you’d be hard-pressed to box him into a specific genre.” ~ Steve Nicosia

As he brings us a piece of pure joy and a real blessing away from the suffocating pollution that has consumed all of our thoughts lately, Steve Nicosia swims against the waves to be our lifeguard and saves the day with this comforting melody of the very highest standard imaginable.

My Wishlist‘ from the Toronto, Canada-based multi-genre artist Steve Nicosia, is an instrumental-fused track that will have you closing your eyes as you imagine a better place where only peace resides. There is an air of calmness here that has been lacking in the world recently, sending a love letter of hope to the world that we all need to hear. This is a serene single that has you in a good mood suddenly, as you take a deep breath and visualize your ideal place.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find Your Peace: Toronto’s Steve Nicosia sails clamly with the ‘Ships in the Night’

With a hauntingly artistic commencement that has your complete brain feeling so thrilled and promptly alert, Steve Nicosia has us travelling on the peaceful waves beyond our mindfulness with the ‘Ships in the Night‘.

Steve Nicosia is a Toronto, Canada-based indie instrumental indie-folk musician who makes soundtracks that seem to touch the soul profoundly, as he politely pilots us with astonishing journies through our spirits like a magical time traveller.

Steve seeks musical inspiration everywhere, and his songs are a reflection of his eclectic taste. The common thread across Steve’s songs would be their gradual builds, emotional undertones, and climactic pay-offs.” ~ Steve Nicosia

Steve Nicosia is rather exceptional on a track that feels like he is guiding us beyond that rudderless temptation and onto happier seas, as he performs with a stunning style that is so free and mood-enhancing.

Ships in the Night‘ from highly skilled Toronto, Canada-based indie instrumental solo artist Steve Nicosia, draws us to a calming wave of pureness of the very highest order. No lyrics are needed here as he is in the transfixing mood to help alleviate the pain that so many are facing, with a truly wonderful guitar-packed experience to immerse happily into.

Hear this graceful effort on his Spotify music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get a taste of tranquillity with Steve Nicosia’s latest ambient electronica single, Cotton Candy Sky.

Toronto-based ambient electronica artist Steve Nicosia has released his latest cinematically transcendent single, Cotton Candy Sky, which immortalises the sunset that inspired the tranquil melodies.

The accordant guitars cutting around the melodic chiptune beats ensures that Cotton Candy Sky possesses enough momentum to pull you through the progressions and keep you engaged with the rhythmic ambling of the instrumentals. It is a rarity that we can call instrumental electronica soundscapes soulful, but in Cotton Candy Sky, the energy and emotion of awe at natural beauty truly resonate. Nicosia weaves soft, colourful hues throughout the delicately tropic single; to resounding effect.

With plenty more releases planned, Nicosia, who made his debut with the release of his EP, Retrospective, in October 2020, is undoubtedly one to watch.

Check out Steve Nicosia on Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Taking Charge Within: Top notch Toronto classical musician Steve Nicosia is impressive once again on ‘Forever Endeavour’

With some much-needed class attached and taken off his latest six-piece EP called ‘Silver Lining Sound Waves’, Steve Nicosia brings us some stunning beauty to calm all of the gushing waters of doubt in our churning stomachs with ‘Forever Endeavour‘.

Steve Nicosia is a brilliant Toronto, Canada-based classical multi-instrumentalist, who makes majestic music that has so much feeling wrapped inside and that true rare care woven throughout this experience, which has you in a different world that is away from the madness and confusion.

After the beautiful single ‘Reflection‘, this is an artist that has returned to bring us more stunning soundscapes that is so pure and made with such meaning attached.

This superb creation has so much terrific intricacies attached, it seeps into your mind and doesn’t seem to let go as you feel a different power latching onto you. This underrated performer has a knack for making cinematic creations that certainly dazzles the mind and puts you in a position to succeed.

Forever Endeavour‘ from Canada’s multi-talented Steve Nicosia, is a swooping gust into the wind of your sails, as you find the strength to carry on despite the storms from within. This is a single made with such glorious love and affection, which transforms your mind from edgy doubts, to total courageousness in mere seconds.

Stream this wonderful song on Spotify and see his social stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bringing Beauty Again: Canada’s Steve Nicosia sends us a heartfelt ‘Reflection’ to immerse inside

Taken off his five-track EP from 2020 called ‘Retrospective‘, Steve Nicosia gives us a picture of his ‘Reflection‘ on this soulful track, that will have you feeling thoughtful about where your life is headed.

Steve Nicosia is a Canadian instrumentalist who likes to make music that means something deeper than most, as he filters out the noise of the world to create something meaningful and authentic.

The layers are made with such care and love, each verse swims into each other like a crystal clear river that shimmers into the sunlight. This is the perfect song to mellow your heart with, as you glide into the night with no worries in the world.

Reflection‘ from Toronto, Canada-based instrumental artist Steve Nicosia, is the sweet look inside the world that can be so pure if you let it consume you, as you block out the distractions and peacefully sift through what is actually important, and what really isn’t.

Stream this track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen