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The ‘Reckoning’ is Here, in the Form of Dissolved Girl’s Darkly Dystopic Trip-Hop Debut

With the juxtaposing vocal samples setting the cinematically disquiet tone as efficaciously as the harbingeringly dark electronic synthetics, which delve far beyond the dark depths of PJ Harvey, Massive Attack, and Portishead, Dissolved Girl made one hell of an entrance with their debut single, Reckoning.

The haunting anthem for a world teetering on the brink of collapse is a dystopian masterpiece, which encapsulates the unease and turmoil of contemporary times with its perturbed tones and intricately layered instrumentals. We all knew a reckoning was coming, but who would have known it would be delivered by a London-based four-piece with a penchant for the alt-90s, alt-rock, and hip-hop? Dissolved Girl not only captures the essence of an impending societal storm but also delivers a sense of catharsis – a release that fans didn’t realise they needed until it was upon them.

Forward-thinking and accessible in equal measure, the debut is a stark testament to their ability to innovate within the modern music scene. We can’t wait to hear the debut LP, which has been four years in the crafting, with the help of producer Dani Castelar and mastering engineer Matt Colton. The attention to detail paid off immensely; each note and nuance served the song’s brooding atmosphere and intensified the listener’s experience to the nth degree.

In an industry saturated with fleeting trends and disposable hits, Dissolved Girl stands as a beacon for those who crave depth, complexity, and sincerity in their playlists.

Reckoning debuted on November 13th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Basil Babychan cast a spectral shadow over his latest filmic score, Insentient Nature

Insentient Nature is the latest cinematically sombre neo-classic score from the avant-garde ambient composer Basil Babychan, who has garnered international critical acclaim for his phantasmally affecting work, which entwines futurism with touches of classical orchestration to create profoundly reflective sonic spaces.

The darkly compelling minor key progressions against the spectral shadows cast by the classical strings and glitchy synths lead the instrumental soundscape into a brand-new depiction of dystopia; one which allows you to see the beauty beyond the consternation. Harbingering the age of the machine and a sense of detachment from the organic world, Babychan taps into our fears, while demonstrating everything has its place and a right to belonging and freedom.

Insentient Nature is due for official release on November 10th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hemlock for Socrates put purgatory on a higher plateau with ‘Iridescent – Come Over Here Variant’

Doom-disco, Industrial blues, math-wave, call it what you will, but words can scarcely capture the alchemic aural experience of the latest installation of experimentalism, Iridescent – Come Over Here Variant, by Hemlock for Socrates.

With vocal lines so phantasmal in their arcane magnetism they put Bjork in the same league as Dua Lipa and a soundscore that allows the cinematic alt-electronica progressions to carve out a cage of tormented motifs, the sonics plunge you to the murky depths of despair to bring you back up from it, using resonance and the frenetic polyphonic keys in the outro as an inexplicably ingenious knotted rope ladder.

Even with the dramatic touches to the score, nothing about Iridescent – Come Over Here Variant feels theatrical. Instead, Hemlock for Socrates turned the fabric of reality inside out to put purgatory on a higher plateau.

Iridescent – Come Over Here Variant will officially be released on August 4th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Break the day the right way with SnoZ’s tranquillity transcending electronica score, Morning

Finding the perfect balance between tranquillity and enlivening energy, SnoZ scored the ultimate playlist staple to spin when you want to break the day the right way; your morning commutes will never be the same again.

The transcendent tones and ambient textures elevate the vibrantly strident tempo in ‘Morning’, which features on the three-track single, Day, allowing the instrumental soundscape to unravel as the ultimate soundtrack to your transition from exploring your subconscious to embracing waking reality.

The innovation in the chiptune/house crossover in the mix is the ultimate testament to SnoZ’s originality. It’s only a matter of time before his tracks are at the front and centre of editorial electronica playlists.

Morning is available to stream on Spotify. For more ways to listen, visit the artist’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Steve Nicosia scored a scintillating ambient fantasy in his instrumental curtain call, End of the Event

Taken from his hotly anticipated Matter of Time EP, the standout single, End of the Event, from the eclectically inspired artist Steve Nicosia is a filmic sonic fantasy that invites you to lose yourself in the scintillatingly structured ambience.

Short of implanting yourself back in the womb, there are few sanctuaries on our intrepid scorched earth as cathartic as the one that unfolds under the duress of the cinematic sound designer.

Extended preludes may be becoming a thing of the past in the streaming era of music. Yet, End of the Event proves that they are anything but outdated. The gentle orchestral swells, classical guitars, and piano motifs gradually build from the mid-way mark in this daydream of a release that progressively rewards you for your immersion.

As the layered melodies gently crescendo, the sense of arrestive awe for Nicosia’s talent when weaving an instrumental narrative will viscerally heighten. I feel like I’ve just heard the curtains close on humanity, and it deserves a standing ovation.

The Matter of Time EP is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pedro set a cinematically arcane score with ‘Súplicas à Floresta’

Princeton, NJ-residing Portuguese artist and engineering student Pedro Pimenta is here with his dramatically filmic score, Súplicas à Floresta. The scintillating arrangement is just a taste of what is to come from the up-and-coming artist and producer, who takes inspiration from the roads he has travelled in addition to spiritually-centred artists, including Bjork, Arca and La Rosalia.

With the shimmering organ notes drifting above the contrast of the eerily ethereal electronic motifs in the cinematically synthesised soundscape that also pulls you through jarringly immersive orchestral layers, Súplicas à Floresta is an arrestive experimental arrangement with deep reverence for the natural and cultural phenomena it was inspired by. If the score was the soundtrack to a film, it would undoubtedly be a Cannes Film Festival favourite.

Súplicas à Floresta will officially release on February 15th; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Philip Pendleton has unveiled his chilling synth score, Welcome to Orange County

Videogame composer, instrumentalist and songwriter Philip Pendleton has released his latest instrumental synth score, Welcome to Orange County. The subversively chilly soundscape detracts from the warm LA warmth to introduce you to a darker side of the metropolis.

The ornate synths carry orchestral undertones in their glassily spacey timbre, bringing with them a beguiling sense of dystopia while you immerse yourself in the UK-born, USA-residing composer’s depiction of the region.

Being the son of the founder of the 60s pop group, Pretty Things could have easily left Pendleton in the shadow of his father’s supremacy; on the basis of his accoladed career and the cinematic distinction in Welcome to Orange County, he notably stepped into his own limelight.

Welcome to Orange County officially released on September 21st. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Go into the wild with Joseph Lothian’s chamber pop release, Glacial and Spa

The South London songwriter and writer, Joseph Lothian, has recently released his sophomore album, which is a continuation of the wild and verdant chamber pop soundscapes in his 2020 debut album, Wilderness Music.

Wilderness Music Continued (Rain, Fire), is a meditatively artful infusion of electronic folk, indie and alt-pop which focuses on the act of songwriting, with a view to how it creates comfort and value in otherwise inhospitable environments. It’s hard to argue with that sentiment. Without the icons that have defined the culture in the UK, how disparate would our streets feel? How many outliers would know nothing of experimental expression or know how it feels to find their mindset tribe?

The standout single, Glacial and Spa, is just as evocative as an Angel Olsen release with the vibrato on the vocal. Yet, within the lush textures of the chamber pop single, there’s a nuanced reminder of our roots and the fact that we were never really supposed to endure post-industrialised isolation.

Joseph Lothian’s sophomore album is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Immerse yourselves in the radiant catharsis of Sound Animal’s ambient instrumental score, Dew of the Sea

“Dew of the Sea” is just one of the recently released instantly arresting ambient singles from the avant-garde US artist Sound Animal. Despite its quiescence, the panoramic release feels just as titanic as, well, Titanic.

Within the transient waves that pulsate with celestial timbre spilling from them, there are smoky jazz timbres that come up for air between the crescendos. Towards the outro, the intensity and urgency amplify – just don’t forget to breathe.

This stunning electro-acoustic score was orchestrated on an eclectic range of instruments, such as flutes, melodica, harmonica and a dulcimer played with a violin bow, giving the soundscape an organically meditative feel with just the slightest nuance of folk while being the epitome of radiant catharsis.

You can immerse yourselves in Dew of the Sea by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

John Wilson composed disarming etherealism with his upcoming soundscape, Echoes.

John Wilson

The UK multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, songwriter, artist, poet, author, tutor and CEO of Consciousness Productions Ltd, John Wilson, has given us a sneak preview of the etherealism that is to come in his upcoming 5-track EP by teasing us with ‘Echoes’.

The reverb-laden composition is a crystal-clear reflection of the artist’s influences that stretch far beyond music genres. For his eery yet consoling all the same soundscape, he found inspiration in spirituality, science, world culture, literature and videogames to deliver a phantasmally cathartic release. Echoes is simultaneously everything it says on the tin and so much more.

Check out the Consciousness Productions Ltd label yourselves on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and YouTube. Follow John Wilson’s other endeavours via his Facebook and Insta artist accounts.

Review by Amelia Vandergast