Lori Triplett sings about heartbreak on her glorious new single called ‘If My Name Were New York’

Lori Triplett is an indie singer-songwriter based out of Nashville. She is a fine young singer who has a wholesome style, her music is for all ages. This is an artist who sees true beauty out of bad situations. This is the 4th & final single from her new ‘Slow Poison’ EP.

There is so much talk but you feel like things could be so much better. They don’t have money for you but do for their own tattoos. You are feeling a bit used and think that they are just with you for one reason. You know you need to move on to be truly happy and this might be the right time. Would they love you more if you were her?

With a sultry but classy voice, the words are clear and the picture is so bright. Lori Triplett is a real talent and I could listen to her all day on ‘If My Name Were New York‘. The way she holds her voice so well and each breath seems to be so meaningful.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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