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Tom James Parmiter – Ghosts of the Lake: Experimentally Ethereal Ambient

London-based Ambient composer and producer Tom James Parmiter has recently released his latest EP ‘Ghosts of the Lake’. Each of the tracks flowed to a tentatively mesmeric pacing. However, it was the title track which really captivated our attention. The haunted melodies of the track allowed the harmony to resonate as ethereally as an orchestral arrangement.

The experimentalism hits you mid-way through the fourth track, as Tom James Parmiter’s progressive style unpredictably disrupts the seamless flow of the mix without a built up, you’re just faced with a wall of guitar around the trickling of the keys and the resounding energy which hits you through the electronic effect. Tom James Parmiter may just be the future of instrumental Shoegaze with his creeping cathartic melodies fuelled with an evocative drive which can be heard in each reverb-soaked note of the guitar.

You can check out Tom James Parmiter’s latest single Ghost of the Lake for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Vidaus – DEAF: Pensive Ambience Has Never Sounded So Sweet

Just what can you expect from a track which comes off an album titled ‘morbid’? Whatever your preconceptions of the up and coming artist Vidaus’ latest single DEAF, throw them out of the window right now.

The ambiently progressive track doesn’t seem to fit in any genre you’d like to squeeze the sound into. With elements of Indie, Shoegaze and Folk, the guitar-driven arrangements are incomparable to any other track you’ve checked out this year (possibly ever). In each chord progression of the guitar you’ll find notes of sweet and tentative longing which will grip you for long after the track has faded out. Every single track from the album gives me the Post Punk chills. And if that isn’t a good enough reason to check it out, then I don’t know what is.

You can check out Vidaus’ latest single DEAF for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now and keep up to date with the artist’s latest releases by following them on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


EYVA – Mother

The music found here is the most ambient, the most chilled, mixing beats with gentle atmospherics, ethereal vocals with cutting edge  electronica, filling space with the most transient of structures, gossamer thin musical textures and softly chiming grace. Mother takes the form of wistful and relaxing mood music but trips over into after hours, clubland chill out zone music with its spacious, meandering beats and has an otherworldliness that sees it hang between ambient pop and the soundtrack to a sci-fi move.

It also revels in a wonderful tribal feel ironically driven by electronic beats but still managing to sound ancient and not of the modern, urban world at the same time. Trying to be any more probing about the music itself would be like trying to describe why a flower is beautiful, a scent emotive or a sunset therapeutic. This isn’t music to be analysed, this is music to be absorbed. Sit and soak it up, its enough that you do that.


Mediocre Supplies – Ocean Shore: Catatonically Cathartic Ambient Electronica

I’ve dabbled in many genre’s in my time, although I can’t say I’ve ever stumbled across Vaporwave; and yes, it’s as beautifully resounding as it sounds. The music may be mediocre by name, but Mediocre Supplies are anything but mediocre by sound.

Unlike with many ambient mixes, your attention never gets lost and the track never fades into just static, the Chill-Wave synergy that washes over you as you drink in the sound. The Wilmington, US based producer has a dynamic, textured approach to his sound, which quite frankly makes him incomparable to every other urban inspired ambient artist out there to date. Not that there are many of those around.

If you have a penchant for the ambient chill wave sound head on over to SoundCloud where you can drink in the pure catharsis on offer from Mediocre Supplies with their latest single Ocean Shore from their EP Gathering Supplies. Head on over to the artists Facebook page to keep up to date with all his future releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Aulvir – Comprehension: Hauntingly Minimalistic Electronica

If you like your music as ambiently blissful as possible, you may want to contemplate tuning into Aulvir’s latest offering of catharsis with his latest single Comprehension. I’ll be honest, I got two minutes into the 7-minute track and I felt the urgent hot prickle of tears forming as I was swamped by the reminiscence to acts such as Hartheim and Sigur Ros. The hauntingly ethereal vocal offerings that rounded Comprehension off as the perfect concordant melody translated as piercingly pensive poetry. The deftly fluid command of electronic sound which Aulvir demonstrates through his soundscapes is enough to leave the most pretentious of audiophiles in awe as he revels in ambient complexity creating a prodigal offering of minimalistic electronica.

Each one of Aulvir’s compositions offer lucid waves of pure aural indulgence, never allowing your attention to slip away. The spaces in between the sound are as just as tantalising as the quiescent echoes of the melancholically grounding reverberation and distortion of the beats.

If you feel like slipping away from the world for just a little while, you can check out Aulvir’s latest single which dropped May 2018 on SoundCloud now. Prepare for seven whole minutes of cathartic bliss.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


A Versatile Dance Track If Ever Their Was One

There is a strange juxtaposition that lies at the heart of Lux Quacey’s music in general, and Alone in particular. On the one hand the beats and drive are punchy and vibrant enough, creating an upbeat mood and a groovesome vibe, on the other there is so much space in the track that it comes across as chilled, purposefully laidback and almost lazy. It means that it manages to sit in two worlds, both as a minimalist dance floor track all sultry groove and hypnotic, skittering hook lines and as an after club, early hours, chill out, future classic.

The charm is that he knows where their most effective sonic bench mark is and even stopped short of that, allowing space and atmosphere to fill in the gaps between the beats and bars as instruments in their own right. Whereas most musicians would have piled on the layers of synth, doubled up the pace of the beat and overloaded the song, Quacey is a master of musical understatement. The result is an elegant, intriguing, wonderfully clean-limbed, effortlessly soulful and totally original chilled and minimal, slow dance track that fits into the club night at any point from that first drink of the evening to the après-club, after party wind down. Clever, very clever.


Logic Lost – The First Thing I See: A Synthesised Progression of Pure Ambience

Extended tracks are like marmite, aren’t they? But love them or hate them, there’s no disputing that their ability to create progressive synergy which takes you on a mind-altering journey is nothing but impressive cathartic bliss. Logic Lost’s latest release ‘The First Thing I See’ is a 7 minute long exploration of transcendence, it may take three minutes for the beat to move away from the waves of lucid synth into a more intricate beat, but once you’re immersed in the tranquil energy of the track you realise that every second up to that point was 100% worth it. The purely instrumental track would be a perfect addition to any chilled or ambient playlists.

You can check out the video for Logic Lost’s latest single The First Thing I See which was released on May 9th, 2018 on YouTube now.

The First Thing I see was the second single to be released from Logic Lost’s upcoming album ‘Forgive Yourself’ which will be available to download from all major platforms for July 1st. I’m already infinitely excited.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Dedflwrs – If Flwrs Could Talk: The Ethereal Trance of Anime Ambience

If you ever wondered how to enter a blissful bubble in the short space of two minutes, here you have it. Dedflwrs new track If Flwrs Could Talk. Dedflwrs has taken melodic ambience to a whole new level. I’ve never actually thought of ‘bubbly’ as a term of endearment for music before, yet Dedflwrs has redefined the word completely. It’s almost impossible to encapsulate the pure transcendental vibes of the track in a way to accurately reflect the ethereal nature of the sound. There’s a highly innocent aura to If Flwrs Could Talk, that is pretty beguiling, it’s not everyday you stumble upon a sound like this. The purely electronic track throws a few vocal samples into the mix, otherwise it’s purely instrumental as you listen to the chime of the analog ticking away, telling you a story, taking you on a journey away from wherever you were before the start of the track. This track should go down a treat with Anime aficionados and the ambiently inclined alike.

You can check out If Flwrs Could Talk which was first released at the end of 2017 on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ngaio Releases “See Them” – A Neo-Soul And Hip-Hop Blend Of Sonorities

Based in Bristol Ngaio is an artist with a very specific set of musicianship skills. She is not only capable of writing her own songs but she can also perform and mix them herself in a very immersive and compelling manner for the listener. Her latest track “See Them” features a luscious blend of neo-soul melodies and vocal fluctuations with a steady hip-hop beat which together create a smooth texture that is reminiscent of several great artists like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu who were indeed an inspiration in the making of this track.

“See Them” is just one of those tracks that anyone ill enjoy listening too. it is gentle and smooth with enough vocal ad-libs and rhythmic variations to keep the listener interested throughout. Apart from this, what is most striking about the song is the vocal delivery itself. Blending in a soulful mixture of tone colours with influences in jazz, soul and r&B, Ngaio manages to create a very unique sound that is one of a kind. Apart from this, the song also presents a catchy chorus that is fun and singable with a hint of pop melodic phrases in the mix as well. Overall Ngaio is showing everyone that she is not only capable of conceptualising her own sound but also of creating it from scratch! Give “See Them” a listen!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Xyno – With You: Come Down with Some Ambient Dubstep

Xyno’s latest hit With You featuring Nina Sung is the musicians first attempt at the genre smash of Melodic Dubstep. The debut track With You proves to be the perfect medley of sonorous sound. This track is perfect for the introduction of dubstep it follows all of the same pace with a powerful, hard hitting baseline that’s softly muted to resonate under the talented vocals of Nina Sung.

If you’re a fan of M83 and London Grammar, or any other contemporary minimalist Indie Pop sound, this mix is definitely for you. Whilst Xyno is a relatively fresh-faced contender to the world of music production his music wouldn’t have you believe it. His tracks are mixed with a plethora of layers giving the sound ubiquitous complexity that you can fully immerse yourself within. The choice of Nina Sung’s haunting vocals, was undeniably the highlight of the track. If she was given better lyrics to work with this track would become a piece of art, it deserves to be. Nina Sung has all the delivery yet little poetic meaning behind her sound in the rep

Check out With You feat. Nina Sung on the YouTube link below:

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