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The ÆTHER – Instrumental: The Instrumental Album of the Year

The ÆTHER became one of the most unforgettable emerging artists of the year with the release of their single Alone which featured on their third album Ætherville. No matter how many times I listen to it, it still feels like I’ve had lead injected into my bloodstream.

Their latest 2-hour mammoth project “Instrumental” which consists of 32 tracks affirms that if anyone can be considered the Glenn Branca of our time, it’s The ÆTHER.

By sharing the same avant-garde composing style and the same tendency to experiment with volumes and tones it was never going to be an endurance test. From transcendentally light arrangements to piercingly sharp progressions, to droning guitars, each track swallows your conscious whole.

Rather than taking sole inspiration from other artists, The ÆTHER found inspiration in the work of filmmakers such as David Lynch and Duncan Jones. For the project, they used instrumentals used in their previously released self-produced albums. But with the absence of lyrics, there was no absence of expansive poignancy. The ÆTHER set out to create a new language by creating soundtracks to imaginary films, they more than succeeded. Listening to Instrumental almost feels like a collaborative experience. He’s laid out the explorative soundscapes with easily found aural passages. Then it’s up to find your own narrative.

Instrumental comes highly recommended to any fans of Thurston Moore’s latest extended-release “Spirit Counsel”. The ÆTHER may not currently share the same international acclaim as Moore. Yet his instrumental ability easily sits in parallel alongside their illimitable ingenuity.

You can listen to Instrumental along with their earlier releases on Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Wesley West – Leaving Earth: Reflectively Delicate Aural Catharsis

“Leaving Earth” is just one of the conceptually resounding singles which feature on Wesley West’s debut instrumental album “You’re Doing Well, Kid”.

With soundtracks being a major influence on Wesley West’s songwriting style, there’s a poignantly reflective air to each of the singles, especially with Leaving Earth. The highly evocative soundscape was inspired by an imagining of how it would feel to lie on a deathbed, moments before you leave your body behind and your soul ascends.

While that may seem like a morbid sentiment, Wesley West ensured that Leaving Earth is anything but melancholic. The delicacy of the lucid notes allows you to explore your own nostalgia while you get a taste of the artist’s through their home recordings of their family.

Leaving Earth is available to stream along with the rest of the album from December 20th via Spotify and Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


AM Dandy – Golden Dew: Prepare to Meet Your New Post-Rock Guitar Hero

AM Dandy’s latest single “Golden Dew” is the kind of track which makes you wonder just how wrong our ranks of guitar heroes are. International fame doesn’t equate to talent, and AM Dandy prove it with their mesmerizingly intricate guitar licks.

Putting vocals over Alessandro Meynardi’s fretboard mastery would be an aural sin. It’s incredibly rare for a guitar-led instrumental soundscape to be so restoratively transfixing, but the alchemy was definitely present in Golden Dew.

Any fans of Hendrix and Steve Vai will definitely appreciate the work of the up and coming Italian guitarist and composer who is currently based in Boston USA. The experimental influences of Frank Zappa are also prevalent throughout the epic (I despise that word, but sometimes it’s the only one that works) soundscape.

You can check out AM Dandy’s latest single from September 25th via SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Strap Yourselves in for the Aural Adventure of Your Lifetimes with Terzo’s Cinematically Ingenious Single “Sea of Trees”

If you love nothing more than hitting play on an explorative composition which will heighten your senses as you listen to the unpredictable ingenuity found within the instrumental progressions, you’re in for a treat with Terzo’s latest single “Sea of Trees”.

Hearing ominously quivering piano strings being pulled against a bed of downtempo Eastern European acoustic folk guitar is one of the most aurally arrestive experiences I’ve ever had. The New York-based artist’s single simply demands repeat attention to give your mind the opportunity to fully explore every layer in the cinematic arrangement.  The instrumental track has very little need for vocals thanks to the potently powerful emotion which bleeds from this conflicting, pleasantly disturbing offering of Fusion.

You can stream and download Terzo’s single Sea of Trees for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


John Evergon – Seeds of Change: Meet Your New Progressive Guitar Hero

With a rhythm which will confuse your own heartbeat, it’s safe to say that John Evergon’s latest guitar piece “Seeds of Change” will leave you arrested. Breath-taking seems like an understatement for the first single from the Portland-based instrumentalist’s upcoming album “Constellation of Thoughts”.

You may think that’s a surprising name for an instrumental album with no lyrics, yet, the guitar progressions don’t leave much room for vocals. Seeds of Change will leave some of the most highly self-acclaimed of guitarists with plenty of fingerpicking envy.

John Evergon’s ability to create sound a rich, warm melody which is constantly evolving is practically unparalleled – especially amongst those so fresh from inception.

As you listen to Seeds of Change unfold, your brain almost wants to believe that it is ingesting more instruments than the guitar alone as your mind tries to keep up with the sporadic jumping between fingerpicking patterns and timings.

Capturing the potent amount of emotion which is orchestrated by an acoustic guitar is almost impossible. Although, it’s fairly telling that my chest feels infinitely heavier after listening to the explorative track.

You can check out John Evergon’s latest release Seeds of Change for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dom Robson-Tull offers poignantly bruising alchemy through their second single Cycles

When you stumble across an instrumental piece curated through concordance which leaves you feeling slightly emotively bruised, you know you’ve just discovered an aural gem.

Which is exactly what we found with Dom Robson-Tull’s second single “Cycles”. The UK-based multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, and producer created a compelling progressive single which carries elements of Neo-Classical, yet, in a cinematic style he brings his soundscape well truly into the contemporary.

Even with the lack of lyrics in Cycles you can feel the constant momentum being fed through the seamless shifts of the instrumentals treating you to a poignant hit of resonance. Circles switches between light trickling piano melodies and reverberantly unapologetic hits of the drum gives the track plenty of texture and depth. Each soft note leaves you in pure anticipation for the reassurance of the bassier tones. Quite honestly, it’s a rollercoaster of a single which will have you left trying to figure out how to find the rhythm of your own breathing again after it’s faded out.

If you get to the end of Cycles without the feeling that you’ve been captivated by the unrelenting rhythms and the urgency found within the single, then I have some slightly bad news – you may be a little bit dead inside.

You can check out Dom Robson-Tull’s second single Cycles for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tyler Dorsch – “Love Song”: A Debut of Arrestive Instrumental Catharsis

There has never been an album more aptly titled than Tyler Dorsch’s debut release of “If Words Fail Waves Will Speak”.  The up and coming artist composed seven instrumental tracks which are emotionally charged through entrancing progressions of the electronic effect. The reverb which swells and sails through the singles provides a hypnotic offering of arrestive catharsis which is in all honesty unmatched by anything I’ve heard this year. Even void of lyricism, the momentum contained within tracks such as “Love Song” will leave you sobered by the deeply melancholic expression as the ominous notes of the piano rest against the oceanic amounts of reverb. With the masterful production of Love Song as with the rest of the tracks on the radio-ready album the commercial potential for this record will undoubtedly see Tyler Dorsch breaking from the underground soon.

You can check out Love Song for yourselves along with the rest of the cinematically arresting singles from the album by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Moon Sugar – Skyward: A Seamlessly Improvised Infusion of Funk, Rock & Jazz

If you’ve never felt able to recreate that feeling of waltzing into a Jazz bar and drinking in the improvised sound at home, well the good news is, now you can. And it’s all thanks to the New York-based instrumental band Moon Sugar who seamlessly fuse Funk, Rock and Jazz into their improvised compositions.

With their single “Skyward” you’re treated to ten transiently blissful, yet decadently intricate minutes of unrestrained expressive aural alchemy. There is no danger of any soundscape created by Moon Sugar to ever fall into the background music category thanks to the high-octane punches pulled by the rhythmically blessed powerhouse.  I can only imagine how much energy is delivered through their live shows, but NYC residents have a good chance of catching them play their shows. Their previous shows have seen them take to the stage at Shrine, Pianos, Club Bonafide and many more.

You can stream and download Moon Sugar’s single from their latest album “the Observer” by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Gianluca Magri – Reborn: Meet Your New Guitar Hero

Reborn is the stunning instrumental track by Gianluca Magri, his fretboard mastery will leave you slick with envy for his rhythmically soaring command of a fretboard, or you know, just in a state of pure beguilement of the relentless fluidity of the instrumentals as they stretch on for four minutes. Reborn is a soundscape which was born through the pious kneeling to the roots of Classic Hard Rock, I’m sure even the snobbiest of Rock fans won’t be able to find fault with the solid, concordant masterpiece cooked up by the Italian guitar hero.

Whilst in parts you may feel like you may be listening to the coolest video game soundtrack ever, there is an excellent progression in the mix which allows you to become truly immersed before you’re even half way through the track. When the instrumentals at that fierce, precise and succinct there really is little room for vocals to be added into the mix.

You can check out Gianluca Magri’s instrumental Rock masterpiece from his latest EP out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube, or you can download the full album from Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Drunk – Queen of the Caribbean: Progressively Poignant Rock with a Jazz-Infused Symphony

The official music video for Drunk’s latest instrumental wonder of a track Queen of the Caribbean creates a bewitching visual experience behind the pensive instrumental sound. It goes beyond music, It’s an installation of art. And yes, I may sound pretentious when I say that, like I’m someone that goes to watch bands in art galleries (It’s only happened once I promise), but to truly appreciate Queen of the Caribbean as it was intended, you’re going to have to check out the video.

The sequence of nostalgic old home-video footage that was utilised in the music video adds to the almost heart-wrenching effect of the track. After I read the line under it         ‘the ghosts of your family still love you’ well, I was nearly an emotional wreck. Drunk clearly aren’t a band that scratch the surface with their Progressively poignant Rock Sound.  There’s an undeniable ethereal edge to the sound, which from checking out Drunk’s other lyrical tracks, this track is anything but typical of their earlier work. I can’t recommend that you check out the video enough.

So, grab the tissues and head over to YouTube to enjoy Drunk’s melodic, jazz-addled symphony of a track.

Review by Amelia Vandergast