Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od return with soulful single ’We Still Miss You’’

8udDha bl0od

Now it’s too late to say that we still miss you. This is a feeling that most humans on earth share, roaming with friends and lovers, carefree and happy in that moment. No worries about what tomorrow might bring.

Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od return with this very personal song about missing that special one and they have backing vocals on this new song which is great to see. I’d love to find out who the singer is- she adds a beautiful element to the band’s amazing sound. This is a question that will be answered when I meet the band soon. 

’We Still Miss You’ is a terrifically arranged song and it’s one of their strongest releases yet. A true roadtrip song or one shared over a glass of wine together after a long day, the band shows their soulful side on this track.

This is one of my favorite songs from the English band and they are showing more and more maturity after each release. Let’s await more quality offerings and marvel at the creativity.

Get on the music train via their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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