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Rescue You: LA pop artist and model Kel Adore drops highly memorable debut release ‘Fool for the Pain’

Invigorated by artists such as Jon Bellion and Julia Michaels, Kel Adore sings with rare raw emotion and inspiring style with her hot debut single all about being with the wrong person on ‘Fool for the Pain‘.

Kel Adore is an elegant Los Angeles, California-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and thriving model. She is a newcomer to the scene but sings with a mature outlook, as she performs with a luscious vocal ability and smartly-penned lyrics.

I love how music helps us relate to each other through stories and emotions.” ~ Kel Adore

Kel Adore is absolutely exquisite on her debut single that roars into life and takes you into an unhappy bedroom, that needs to be changed before that valuable heart is truly broken for good. Sung with a magnificent flair and featuring a glowing production that only heightens the tension, this is a stunning effort that will be shaking in your mind like a rattlesnake ready to pounce.

Her mission with music is simple: to uncover the truth and help people feel understood. Adore shares her music not to merely entertain, but to feed the soul. Kel believes that music has a special way of connecting us and reminding us of what matters most, especially when it is brutally honest.” ~ Kel Adore

Fool for the Pain‘ from the Los Angeles, California-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and model Kel Adore, is a truly striking effort from a young woman who has the world at her feet. She sings with such a tremendously exciting gusto and her voice enlightens your core at times, as she brings us a highly relevant story that should wake up so many to do the right thing.

Being with the wrong person is only going to damage your precious soul after all.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more from this classy artist via her thriving IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Defend Our Domain: Entertaining Chicago band Shampoo Drive-Thru excite our intrigued senses on catchy ‘Midnight Roomba’

Taken off their debut album called ‘Next Window Please‘, Shampoo Drive-Thru steam in hot with their sunglasses on and their hair-dryers in hand on the catchy bat-swinging single called ‘Midnight Roomba‘.

Shampoo Drive-Thru is a hair-wig-wearing Chicago-based indie synth rock band who bring in a highly unique music style to the mix for us to gulp on naughtily.

Heavily inspired by world class acts such as Devo and also Paramore, you feel a rampaging blend of ravaging riffs and full-blooded vocals you can’t help but be entertained by.

We are your brand new hairdo pit crew.” ~ Shampoo Drive-Thru

This is an ear-heating single with natural substance, that is highlighted by tasty noises for the soul to nourish on – and includes a real synthy-sandwich mega-meal to munch happily into – as this new band drop this enticingly named single for us to sink our teeth deep inside. With a defend-our-house mentality, this is a fascinating release from an outfit who are packed with creative juices in their cheeky mixer.

Midnight Roomba‘ from the fearless Chicago-based indie synth rock act Shampoo Drive-Thru, races into your mind and revs up your mood to start dancing again as you forget all previous worries. This is the story of defending your home when intruders think that they can roam free like wicked night riders, as you show them who is actually boss in this crib. The call to action track presented will have you stirred like a Bond martini, as you make sure that your castle is well-protected.

Hear their new single on Spotify and check them out on socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LOGUIDICE embraces her bold autonomy in her debut RnB pop EP, ONE.


While most pop artists perform behind façade and ego, the up and coming RnB pop artist LOGUIDICE gives you a multifaceted view of her soulful, spiritual and fierce persona in her debut EP, ONE.

Tracks 1, Mood, is a vibe-heavy sultry RnB hit that shows the Bethlehem, PA-residing artist’s salacious side; nestled beside her demure attitude is her mindful, self-aware lyricism and a gorgeous ‘don’t fuck with me’ sense of soul.

Elevator brings the funk to the EP before track three allows you to respect LOGUIDICE as a pop vocalist as well as a rap artist. The delicious cadence mixed with the hypnotic 90s RnB beats provides alchemic catharsis. To truly demonstrate her versatility, track 4, Overthinkin’ is a sombre downtempo ballad, and the concluding single, Magnetic exhibits the best of the songwriter’s skill when it comes to creating a mood with her atmospherically layered tracks.

No amount of hype put behind LOGUIDICE will ever be hyperbole. We can’t wait to hear how she will follow on from her phenomenally promising debut.

LOGUIDICE’s debut EP, ONE, will be available to stream from October 29th; it is available to stream and download via this link.

Connect with LOGUIDICE on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

It’s Gone: Bristol’s Laura Dia shows us into her emotional disorientation after a lost love with beautiful debut track ‘What Now’

As she slowly dries out her tears that have caused her once-happy mood to change from the ray of sunshine of before when she was deeply in love, newcomer Laura Dia is rather special and shows us that she needs to be heard on her outstanding debut single ‘What Now‘.

Laura Dia is a youthful Nigerian-born, Bristol, UK-based Alt-RnB/Soul artist and music producer who sings with a stunning air of exceptional calmness and inspiring grace.

Laura is a fairly new artist but displays so much authentic maturity on such a spellbinding track, which leaves your mouth open in awe and your heart sizzling with heartfelt emotions you can’t quite explain but just deeply feel. Her voice is pure and smooth – each lyric seems to fill your mind with a clear picture of what she is projecting to us – as she sings with such elegance and sadness, about her empty heart being shattered, like fragile glass all over the dusty floor.

What Now‘ from the the soulful Bristol Alt-RnB solo artist Laura Dia, is that special debut that sparks a wide range of feelings you either forgot you had, or didn’t know you possessed. This is all about that odd spell you feel under when you are suddenly alone after a ravishing relationship, that certainly burnt you as you sooth your scarred body in a calming cold bath. You know you will be okay but it stings so harshly, as you look sullenly into the broken mirror and shed a small tear again.

This is the time to heal, as you wonder where your next journey shall lead you.

Hear this compelling single on her Spotify and find out more about your new favorite UK RnB artist via her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Strike A Light: Cardiff Rock band Pigeon Wigs drop brilliant debut track ‘Near the Knuckle’

After many pesky hold ups and wondering if this moment was ever going to happen, Pigeon Wigs show us that the wait was definitely worth it and bring the world a real knockout of a track with ‘Near the Knuckle‘.

Pigeon Wigs is a tremendously passionate and electrically-charged sounding six-piece indie Rock band who are from Cardiff, Wales.

With a song that sounds like it should be in the next Guy Richie movie – they make a rampaging blend of sonic airwaves that has your thirsty palate guzzling some real juicy gems – as you will be playing this rather loud to wake up those annoying neighbors.

Formed from the writing partnership of Harry Franklin-Williams & Louis Jugessur, their music ranges from the bombastic and unrelenting to the sombre and fragile, indulging whatever genre best suits their aims while maintaining a through line that one can only describe as Pigeon Wigs.” ~ Pigeon Wigs

Near the Knuckle‘ from the easy-to-like long-haired Welsh six-piece indie Rock band Pigeon Wigs, is an outrageous effort that is filled with excellent guitar choruses to make you blush, lyrics that you will relate to, with eloquently expressed vocals that shall get you off your sticky seat. This is all about the aftermath of a breakup, as things spiral like a Tom Brady touchdown, and has you down in the dumps wishing you had just apologized.

Something is certainly brewing in the tea of Cardiff at the moment as the music there seems to be getting all the buzz. Long may it continue.

Hear this epic debut on Spotify and follow their moves on IG. For more fun, be sure to see their very cleverly made music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Different Worlds: Glasgow’s The Too Late drop debut single ‘One Hit Love’

With a ravishing romantic energy and a smooth chorus so catchy you might feel the urge to sing along, The Too Late have us holding hands with those we truly care for on their hot debut single ‘One Hit Love‘.

The Too Late is a Glasgow, Scotland-based indie Electro-Pop duo. They are a fairly new music act and seem to have a real skill for causing hearts to flutter and bodies to groove to their epic vibrations.

Two eclectic music tastes combine to give you a style of music that will make you feel a whole spectrum of emotions.” ~ The Too Late

One Hit Love‘ from the Glasgow, Scotland-based indie Electro-Pop duo The Too Late, has our delighted minds buzzing with fascination at that silly romance we all crave. With the world so serious and love seemingly caught in a swipe-and-click bottle that is so fake at times, this is exactly the message we need to hear. Its okay to have fun as that what love is actually about, as you find the human you feel that real connection with. Its all about that precious laughter anyway.

Hear this mood booster on Spotify and find out more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Doubt Ourselves: Daniel Srz recalls the memories from the past on ‘Friend of a Ghost’

Taken off his extremely popular five-track debut EP release, Daniel Srz is quite outstanding on a terrific single which will have you feeling rather inspired to deal with anything holding you back on ‘Friend of a Ghost‘.

Daniel Srz is a new alt-pop solo artist who makes that inspiring music to hold tightly onto as you remember those beautiful times from before, while you take a step forward to the future adventures which will make you feel free again.

On a glowing soundscape which has you feeling rather lost for a while as you find those foot prints you need to see, that shall bring you to a place where you feel fully at home from the previous worries. Chasing those shadows will only bring you down after all – as that sensitive shiver down your spine takes you to a place you know is there – but needs to be hidden from view.

Sung with a terrific blend of honest vocals that has your ears perked up to attention, as you lather into the beauty of this stunning release that is rather cinematic in nature.

Friend of a Ghost‘ from the incredibly talented alt-pop artist Daniel Srz, is a hold-me-now-release that will have you feeling so wildly reflective as you gaze out the window. You are trapped into a moment and need to walk outside again to move onto a new road, which will set you forward and bring you that much-needed peace.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Last Time: Jack Bibb drops debut track all about wishing you had a chance to say more on ‘Away’

As he closes his tired eyes and recalls a happier time in his life that ended so suddenly, Jack Bibb shows us the pain which has entrenched his soul and is weighing him down underneath the seas of his tears with ‘Away‘.

Jack Bibb is a youthful American indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter who has recently re-branded himself and is ready for the next exciting step in his career.

Jack is a huge supporter of people being able to express their emotions in a way that is positive and still promotes mental health. It’s okay to be sad just like it’s okay to be happy, as long as it’s in the right environment.” ~ Jack Bibb

Away‘ from the American indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter Jack Bibb, is the sad story about feeling like your heart has been broken into small pieces all over the ocean. You know that they didn’t mean to make you feel this way but it happened anyway, as you take the much-needed time to heal up and move into calmer waters. Made with a reflective tone and filled with a love-torn feeling, this is a track to turn on when you are feeling a bit down and need to get those emotions out.

Hear this debut track on his Spotify and see what comes next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stand By Your Side: Promising Leeds singer-songwriter Hannah Lamb drops loving debut single ‘I Need You’

As she waits by the phone for her true friend who might need her, Hannah Lamb shows her admirable care for a true spirit who she loves being around with ‘I Need You’.

Hannah Lamb is a Northumberland-born, Leeds, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and Leeds College of Music student who is in her second year of studies. She is a kind soul who sings about personal love, loss and life, with a tender style that has you beaming glowingly from hearing such transfixing beauty.

Sung with a wonderfully calm and shining-to-the-stars style – her seemingly effortless voice takes you to a reflective place – that is full of that nostalgic atmosphere that seems to be so rare these days, in this too-busy-to-talk world. She takes us on a flower-filled journey to that beautiful place in time, where two connected humans may both be wholesomely content inside their souls.

I Need You‘ from the youthful Leeds, UK-based indie pop artist Hannah Lamb, is the sweet story of showing compassion for a true friend who has been there for you when you required help. Things have been a bit up and down with all that is going on in the world – but you want things to always be real – and to never drift apart into the ocean like other friendships in the past. Made with real heart and featuring a stunning vocalist who makes your hungry-for-love heart beat twice, this is one of the most compassionate releases you will hear in 2021.

True friends will never leave you, even if those rocky roads threaten to take them away for a while.

Stream this lovely single on Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Crashing Down: Manhattan’s Atira drops dreamy debut single ‘Somebody Else’

As she tosses and turns in bed worrying about something she can’t control, Atira worries that her true love is actually thinking about ‘Somebody Else‘.

Atira is a new Manhattan, New York-based indie RnB/pop artist who after pushing herself and having the support of those close, has launched her music career and couldn’t be happier with the decision.

I’ve always had a dream of being an artist. My parents told me as a little girl I had a karaoke mic that I always held onto- and would provide my family with unlimited music and performances in our living room (even when they did not ask for it).” ~ Atira

Sung with a lovely blend of smooth honey-tipped vocals which gives you a calming taste in your hungry-for-love soul – she performs with a true love feel – that is truly worried about losing someone so special.

Everything we hear seems to genuinely effortless and ocean breeze-like, as the beautiful background soundscape takes you into her story that has her worried that someone else might lure her special human, away from her when she is sleeping.

She writes songs that resonate with her experiences growing up across four countries and dealing with constant change, struggles in relationships and love, and overcoming challenges with identity/self-discovery.” ~ Atira

Somebody Else‘ from the Manhattan, New York-based indie RnB/pop solo artist Atira, is the true story about thinking so deeply about something it actually happens in your dreams. You are so concerned that your lover could be with someone else, when actually they could just be thinking about you. This is that hold-me-tight type of track when you need some reassurance, that things are actually going well despite what your over-stimulated mind is picturing.

Sometimes you just need to hear their voice, just to work out if all is still the way that it should be.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see more news on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen