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Lyon Tide are set to make a stunning debut with their tender Indie Synth Pop track ‘Closure’

Birmingham, UK Pop-Rock artist, Lyon Tide are set to make their debut on January 1st, 2021 with their entrancingly affectionate synth-led track ‘Closure’. If Lyon Tide set the precedent for music in 2021, it could prove to be the most exciting year for music since 1991.

The sensual-through-its-tenderness track serves a beautiful reminder that closure doesn’t have to come from the person you’ve parted ways with. It can come through the resolving lyrics, such as those penned for Closure, which affirms that our deeply personal pain and amorous tribulations are pretty much universal.

Any fans of Radiohead will undoubtedly appreciate the synthy reverb-laden throbs which create the arrestive heartbeat of the single which will remind you of your capacity to feel. If you’re not left an emotional wasteland of ennui after 2020, that is.

You’ll be able to check out Closure via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Opening your eyes to the true path: “Nice To Hear You Smile’ from Hippy is a modern day story of going against the system

Glasgow based singer-songwriter Paul Hipson and guitarist Hugh Frizell join forces to combine into the creative outfit called Hippy. The Indie-Rock storytellers have blessed our ears with ‘Nice To Hear You Smile’ which is the 10th song off their debut album called ‘Behind Every Song Is A Story’. A powerfully presented song that strikes your conscious hot and this could be the perfect wake up track to remind us to live our own life each day.

His vocals are clear and concise, with lyrics about standing up for yourself and knowing your true value. Life is crazy with twists and turns tying you up like a scout knot so you need to good friends around to make you smile. The insidious pressures of modern day life are eloquently portrayed and the truth that is sung and spoken about are spot on.

Being your own person and thinking for yourself has never been more important with so much focus on the news and not on much more important topics like self-improvement and opportunities to do what you love. Being stuck in that rat race wheel of life is so unhealthy and ultimately will cause more harm than good; even if at first you think the opposite is true.

With their cutting edge honesty, gritty vocals and the kind of fiery guitar style that gives you those welcome shivers of excitement, Glasgow’s Hippy wake us up on “Nice To Hear You Smile‘. This sterling effort is a relevant anthem that has been created to open the blinkers off lost souls that have been so focused on themselves and have failed to look at the bigger picture. Being happy inside counts more than what is in your bank account as long term, your soul needs to be fulfilled with laughs and self-awareness.

Hear this new song on their Spotify and find out more about the duo via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


East London’s underground comes alive: The Miller Test brings the old school class back on ‘Better Than You’

After years of being the house band, they have lifted up about of their local pub, to morph into a recording act. The ultimate underdogs of the UK music scene, are now ready for their time to go global. The haunting start brings back some memories of that 80’s kind of feel, and it gets better and better with melodies that catch your heart jumping a beat or two. East London’s The Miller Test have been playing together for over 10 years, but bring their long-awaited sounds to help inspire us all, during these tough times on ‘Better Than You’.

His voice hits the heights that are deemed too hard to try, the dancer is stuck in the bottle for the time being, and you wonder if she will ever come out. She spins around and around, just like 2020 has been for most of us. You can feel that the band know each other so well, the former house band at Hackney’s classic pub Biddles Bros, their name is known all over the East part of London, as the unknown legends.

The music is so intertwined with the old school sound and they have ignored all current fake fads to make something so real to the soul, a hug to the heart even if the mood is quite sombre.

This Funk Is Political, the album that they have probably been talking about for ages, has come alive and re-awakened their soul, to add their name to the recorded band’s around the world. A true sign of respect from the music snobs who scoff at the lack of music output, their noses now down very quick, as the band smile in reflective mood on this victory from within.

The Miller Test are supremely intelligent on ‘Better Than You‘ and this is the start of something so glorious. The dancer made it out of the bottle, and so did the band.

Follow the journey here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Music that heals the heart: Gjermund Wien is so tremendous on debut song ‘True Companion’

Taken off the recently released debut EP ‘Electric Fire’, this is a hauntingly real single full of an authentic energy, that passes in our ears piece by piece, lyric by lyric, to give us a warm embrace from this traumatic year of mostly sad solitude. Norwegian compassion is on full display here thanks to the new soulful singer-songwriter Gjermund Wien on ‘True Companion‘.

His voice lifts the mood as you get lost in the natural style that he possesses. A new musician to the scene, the freshness is so pleasant to see as he sings with such thoughtfulness. This is an artist who has been waiting for the right moment to send his music out to the world for manifestation, his humble artwork is vividly appreciated as you feel his true intentions which is to make music, that helps heal the wounded souls out there in the world.

The care that this musician has taken to move the audience is so cinematic and you feel like this is music that is perhaps ahead of its time. To truly comprehend its beauty, one needs to close their eyes and imagine floating in the sky, looking for that true love for your heart.

Gjermund Wien is a step above on the Electro-fused ‘True Companion‘ and this is a welcome listen to remind us to never give up on searching for that happy feeling, that holds your very being together.

Hear this new peaceful single on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Portuguese 5 Piece Rock band Lilith’s Revenge stomp in with debut track ‘Hand On Heart’

Lilith’s Revenge are a brand Portuguese band that were inspired by this crazy year to form a band. They drop their debut track much to the delight of those struggling out there with ‘Hand On Heart‘.

With roots in classic rock, hard rock and metal, you can feel your ears ringing with delight after being subjected to this exhilarating experience.

Through their explosive music, the bands goal is to fight oppression, gender discrimination, physical and psychological violence, and aim to pass on the valuable message of those who suffer from such harsh situations. This is a terrific stand against these terrible atrocities that should have no place at all in modern day society.

With such passionate and supremely emotive vocals that are combined with an energy that rips off the nasty plaster of 2020, this is about getting away from an abusive relationship and moving onto a better life. You have the scars and need time to hear and patch up your body and soul.

Hand On Heart‘ from Lilith’s Revenge is an important new release that helps spread the message of what some relationships are like and raising awareness through powerfully presented music.

Hear this electric new track here on YouTube and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alexandra Ayoob – Something’s Missing: Soulfully Sensual Alt Pop

Alexandra Ayoob

Rising Indie Pop act Alexandra Ayoob has unleashed an alluring earworm onto the airwaves with her darkly atmospheric debut hit “Something’s Missing”.

If you could imagine what a Hozier, Bjork and Billie Eilish mash-up would sound like, you’ll have a good idea of the kind of aural alchemy which Something’s Missing will throw your way.

Similarities aside, the almost overwhelmingly resounding distinction found in Something’s Missing. Through the style, performance and passion, Alexandra Ayoob set herself from any other artist around in 2020. She’s definitely one for the radar, no other artist parallels her ability to ooze sensuality and soul simultaneously.

Something’s Missing is due for release on October 3rd. You can pre-save or pre-purchase the track via this link.

Keep up to date with news of the release via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Aimee Saturne has made a salaciously daring Pop debut with “Don’t Tell My Boyfriend”

Don’t Tell My Boyfriend” is the salaciously daring debut Dark Pop single from LA artist Aimee Saturne. If it was any more debauched Christian fundamentalists would be on a mission to cancel her.

Her sultry vocal timbre perfectly matches the lyrics which go further than pretty much any other Pop single I’ve ever heard. There may be plenty of tracks about romantic indiscretion on the airwaves, but Aimee Saturne’s is definitely the hottest. Even the atmospherically tantalizing stylistic beats drip with sex appeal.

To say that she’s earned a spot on our radar feels like an understatement. We’re practically infatuated.

You can check out Aimee Saturne’s provocatively ensnaring single Don’t Tell My Boyfriend for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


‘Roadblock’ from Brighton band Compliments is a debut dripped in gold

4-piece Brighton band Compliments rock in with their brand new single called ‘Roadblock‘.

Formed in 2020 and brought together by the band Gods as a way of freshening up the music scene. This is all about escapism and that feeling encapsulated 2020 in a nutshell. The feeling of being trapped all inside and looking outside by the window.

Roadblock‘ is a rocking indie-rock soundtrack that needs to be in a Netflix series. There is bite here, an edge to this young UK band. For a new team, they are in-sync like a glove that fits your hand, they are on the right side of time here. They might be the wrong side of the road and clock in this one lyric-wise but their emergence is met with real excitement.

Brighton band Compliments get better and better as the songs gears into the meaty part of the bone. There is lots to feed off here as they bands sound takes over. This is a terrific track that makes me listen again and again. Yes, this song is timeless and deserves lots of love. For a debut release, this is a great day to be alive. Turn this up and forget your worries.

Stream here on Spotify.

Click here to see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


soundslikeLANG has made an indulgently accordant debut with “Hold Tight”

Electronica artist and producer soundslikeLANG has made their 2020 debut with the chill-inducingly stunning single “Hold Tight”.

The past few months have been a bumpy ride for us all, Hold Tight offers a smooth tranquillity to sink into and soak up the stylistic soul which is authentic and sincere enough to fill your own. You practically owe it to yourself to hit play.

After you’re suitably entranced by the deftly reverb-laden instrumentals, the echoed vocals are fed into the indulgently accordant mix to feed us the mantra “Hold Tight” along with timely sparse drippings of vocal optimism.

You can check out soundslikeLANG’s debut and offer it a well-deserved spot on your playlists via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


London-based RnB artist Eleazar has made a soulfully empowering debut with “Karma”

If there is anything sweeter than karmic justice, it’s breaking RnB artist Eleazar’s 2020 debut single “Karma”.

The London-based artist ensured that there was a modernistic melodic feel to the light, warm and dexterous soundscape while making sure that she paid ode to the roots of Soul. The deeply narrative lyrics serve up plenty of relatable sentiments for anyone who has ever experienced someone rolling into your life as a hot mess, treated you like dirt and expected you to fix them. The verses run without a hint of negative emotion, just pure faith in Karma and empowered conviction. It’s a soulful invitation to let go of the anger and trust the process of karmic justice.

You can check out Eleazar’s single Karma for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast