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Life Together: KC Sunshine opens up the envelope of reality with Hard Times for Dreamers

Emerging from a vivid dream and submerged in so much love, KC Sunshine shows us the truth in such a splendid way with the super debut solo single called Hard Times for Dreamers.

KC Sunshine aka KC Underwood is a UK-based indie alternative solo artist who is probably known best for his work with his former rock band, Big Deal (Mute).

The song came to him, like most of his others , in a dream. A song from a dream about fellow dreamers and what a particularly shit time it is to be one.” ~ KC Sunshine

Shining so brightly and showing us an example so many need to remember, KC Sunshine is on top form with a stunning single which the dreamers shall certainly relate to. Packed with honesty and a mellow ambience to slow dance with, this is a peaceful song to cherish forever.

Hard Times for Dreamers from UK-based indie alternative solo artist KC Sunshine is a lovely release that is so dreamy and might take all negative thoughts away in an instant. Vocally pure and a really enjoyable listen for all fans of genuine music, that shall float many away into a much better galaxy filled with hope.

Never stop dreaming, no matter what anyone says.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Closer To Me: Maria Michou sends our emotions into a spin on moving debut single Talk

Produced by Matthew May, Maria Michou introduces us to her passionate vocals on her memorable debut single that is all about showing that true love on Talk.

Maria Michou is a Greece-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who performs with grace and a serene delicacy that shall heal your soul.

About the longing and want that a person can feel for their partner, especially when they are separated by such circumstances as distance.” ~ Maria Michou

Gliding appealingly into our curious consciousness with an endearing description of her feelings and a hugely likeable style, Maria Michou shows us inside her butterflies, which are soaring from a new love that has so much potential.

‘Influenced by some of the biggest stars in the world, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears.” ~ Maria Michou

Talk from Greece-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter Maria Michou is a stunning experience all about falling so deeply in love, you can’t wait for that phonecall from a new romantic interest. Ascending high and talking all night long while holding hands tenderly, we are swept into an eye-winking narrative, which will include lots of sweet kisses.

When you know who you want to be with, everything changes.

Listen to her first single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stand Strong: Hannibal can see this romantic future blossoming on Roses

Taken from his recently dropped debut album MHB, Hannibal shows us that true love exists if two hearts may connect as one beautiful budding romance swollen with tenderness on Roses.

Hannibal is a forward thinking RnB solo singer-songwriter who has just released music featuring artists from Austria, Peru, The Dominican Republic, and the USA.

Hannibal’s musical influences during his upbringing span artists from Sean Paul to John Legend to India Arie.” ~ Hannibal describing his inspirations in music

With an elevated aura that shall hug your cold ears and calm all your anxieties in an instant, Hannibal shows us that innocent attraction is what dreams are made of in this rather strange world we live in.

Roses from RnB solo singer-songwriter Hannibal is a season-shaking single that leads us into the glow of new love and all the possibilities. This is all about finding that special soul and never letting go, no matter what challenges you face. Sung with that endless care that is rather riveting on our lonely ears, guiding us through such a splendid story to treasure forever.

Sometimes you hear a song and everything stops while you smile contently. This is one of those rare moments.

Feel the vibration on YouTube and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music and Love: Cincinnati band The Orbiters drops thoughtful debut single, ‘Will Aliens Like Music?’

Wondering deeply if the mysterious figures will enjoy our brand of music or not, The Orbiters entertain our thoughts rather wonderfully on their debut track to thrill us with, ‘Will Aliens Like Music?‘.

The Orbiters are a Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie folk/rock band who loves to tell those real human stories that explain the situation so eloquently.

The band confronts the anxiety around finding the right person in this world against the backdrop of the otherworldly question of the title.” ~ The Orbiters

With a dashing debut to unequivocally remember for its delightful pureness, The Orbiters are a new name who will certainly tickle your fancy and get you in a contemplative mood.

Will Aliens Like Music?‘ from Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie folk/rock band The Orbiters is a catchy track that brings us into a whole new world that is filled with questions that have been plaguing humanity for centuries. There is a really crisp vibe here that has a genuine quality to it, that is rather ear-pleasing to turn up rather loud.

Perhaps it will be The Beatles that is what they are looking for or perhaps something heavier? We might find out one day, or never quite know after all.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and hear more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Minnesota-based synthpop act Beaut shows us that sweet romance is still alive on, ‘Hopeless Hearts’

Following on from their previous single ‘Foreword‘ and with their debut EP on the way shortly, Beaut is so pure and charming with the holding hand’s anthem of 2022 on their romance-filled new single to truly treasure forever, ‘Hopeless Hearts‘.

Beaut is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie synthpop 3-piece band that makes that sing-with-me music that will be stuck in your head for days.

Sending our tired minds into a happy glow that feels so right, Beaut is rather fantastic with a smooth single that might have you beaming with joy. The vocals are rather calming like the shooting stars above and remind you that it can really be so simple if you turn the speed down to take in every moment presented.

Hopeless Hearts‘ from Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie synthpop act Beaut is the call to slow things down from going way too fast, as the moonlight shines above and your spirit feels alive again like you are in love for the first time. This is a welcome message that shall help you shine the light brightly, into a whole new world of possibilities.

When you find that special soul who you connect with so naturally, it’s best to try your hardest to make it work.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see the story unfold on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New UK band Big Sky Orchestra drop road trip-like debut track, ‘Hollywood Lights’

Feeling that the luminous light is ready for them at the door if they can all open it at the same time, Big Sky Orchestra drop their groovy debut single that is crammed with some of the more awesome solos you are likely to hear all year on, ‘Hollywood Lights‘.

Big Sky Orchestra is a 5-piece UK-based band that fuses soft rock, dreamy Americana and crisp jazz into their music that has you feeling all warm inside your soul.

As relative newcomers to the scene, Big Sky Orchestra sound like experienced veterans on this ear-warming new release. Each second is exactly what you want from a song as you feel so lifted by the whole experience, while you close your eyes and might feel relieved by a track with so much class packed inside.

Hollywood Lights‘ from the UK-based act Big Sky Orchestra is a fantastic release from a young group who have made quite an impressive impact already. With a slot at El Dorado Festival secured and more music on the way, it feels like we are witnessing something rather special, as the journey has only just begun. Their sound is mature and vocally superior to most tracks you will listen to today, as they seem to have found their niche without having to spend years chasing the ideal effect.

Hear this cruising new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JaVill drop a deliciously intense debut single that shall have you ‘Lifted’ up into the clouds

With their brewing debut EP being currently sculpted to perfection at Hellfire Studios, JaVill rises fearlessly from the sordid ashes to stamp their mark on the current bleak world that needs hope again with ‘Lifted‘.

JaVill is a 5-piece Industrial rock band that bases itself in thriving Dublin, Ireland, and seem on a mission to put this proud city on its back and soar to new heights.

They formed as teenagers, brothers Barry and James founded the band with Jonathan and Kevin joining later.” ~ JaVill

Lifting the lid off vigorously and sending our emotions into a real spin that was needed to shake the cobwebs off, JaVill is in supreme form with one of the more ferocious singles of 2022. This is a rock band that has a purpose and needs to be listened to right now by anyone who needs a lift away from any previous mediocrity.

The track sheds a light on dealing with struggles and how we endure these problems and get through pain- light and dark.” ~ JaVill

Lifted‘ from Dublin, Ireland-based indie-rock act JaVill is a cage-smashing single that shall delight those who have needed a powerful single that has so much true meaning. With so many people close-minded and locking themselves away, this is precisely what we all needed to break away from any nail-inducing pain that has stopped us from flying from this carnage. Sung with a rugged intensity – which is completely inspiring – and devouring this roaring soundscape that is an underground anthem, you will be completely compelled to click repeat.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clitheroe’s finest Kelsey Gill wants that fire-catching love on scorching hot debut solo single ‘Rob Me Blind’

With her imagination at its peak and those romance juices on overload, Kelsey Gill wonders if she will be feeling pulsated tonight by a romantic partner who could break that precious heart on ‘Rob Me Blind‘.

Kelsey Gill is a Clitheroe, UK-based indie-pop solo artist who could remind you of a young Christina Aguilera in her prime and sings with vocal excellence that will shake your whole core.

I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes on my debut album for several years both in the UK and the US. It’s a dream come true working with Good Partners who have let me have total control of the kind of music I want to make. This record is about strength and independence which has been my driving force since breaking into the music industry. It’s a feel-good song with a touch of old skool funk. I’ve been honing my craft for the last 4 years developing who I am as an artist and can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store.” ~ Kelsey Gill

Kelsey Gill might be one of the most exciting pop artists to come out of the UK for years. Her lyrics are honest and thrilling, her captivating voice warms your whole heart and you feel that she is a true entertainer, who is ready for global domination.

Rob Me Blind‘ from Clitheroe, UK-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter Kelsey Gill, is a stunning new single from a high-flying artist who seems to be on her way to the absolute top if she can keep unnecessary distractions to a minimum. This is the sizzling track we needed in 2022 about wanting that superheated romance but not caring when it ends, as freedom is something that is very valuable to this outstanding creative.

Sometimes you just want to feel that spark that can change your whole mood, until you feel that it’s time to move on to better things.

Hear this stunning talent on her Spotify and see more news via her growing IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mike Marshall reached the pinnacle of impassioned pious pop with his debut single, Jesus.

Columbus, GA singer-songwriter Mike Marshall introduced his momentously evocative vocals to the airwaves in 2020 through his debut single, Jesus. If you are yet to introduce yourselves to his impassioned pious gospel pop style, there’s no better track to acquaint yourselves with.

Sonically, the debut single, which features Darren Parrish, carries all of the hallmarks of an epic soul-pop ballad. Yet, instead of fixating on interpersonal storms, the single stands as a testament to Mike Marshall’s mission to introduce humanity to the love of and healing which comes hand in hand with faith.

Even if it doesn’t leave you inclined to run off to church, the incandescent soul in the celestially arresting soundscape is enough to lift you alone; the gorgeously layered choral vocals are enough to leave you reaching for the tissues. Based on his debut, we can’t wait to hear what his debut LP, Come On In, will deliver. Come On In was created via a crowd-funded campaign, and it will be due for release in March 2022. It scarcely comes as a surprise that his community wants to get behind his talent. Our radar is an infinitely more vibrantly soulful place with his name on it.

Jesus. Is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Boston-based IDN moves on from a shattered relationship on ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’

Taken off the 14-track debut album ‘Kaleidoscope‘, IDN brings a modern reggae-like ambience to get that warm sun back in our drenched souls again after a frigid relationship that threatened to bring in that undesirable cold with, ‘Do You Know What I Mean?‘.

Iden Mozafari aka IDN is a Boston, USA-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer whose energy transmits only love and understanding into a world that can take your smile away if you let it.

Kaleidoscope is meant to reflect and refract itself, as shown in the interludes, blending together the project.” ~ IDN

Dropping a much-needed ray of sunshine that blocks out any rainy vibes that have brought you down lately, IDN is quite fantastic as he transmits only helpful thoughts that just require you to listen and lather inside each part of your beating heart.

Do You Know What I Mean?‘ from Boston, USA-based indie singer-songwriter IDN, is a track that helps you bring back that joy and care that was in your spirit before the glass cracked and you had to start again romantically. There is such a calm atmosphere here that is highly likeable and takes you into a better world again due to his incredibly soulful vocals.

This is exactly the type of single to play when you need some inspiration – to heal and be at one with the universe again – after a traumatic time that has you taking time out to relax and reinvigorate your energy that needs to be free from any pointless stress.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen