Spinposium flies our shaken speakers into a different dimension on Yoga


Pulsating through the wall like the last time you heard a song and just knew that it was playlist worthy for those house party nights, Spinposium has us listening closer than before and startles the sleepy neighbors away on Yoga.

Spinposium is an exciting techno artist who releases this track from Amsterdam, Netherlands-based boutique dance label, Epsilon Records.

Joining forces to make a body-grooving delight, Spinposium and Epsilon Records join forces to assemble a hugely well-received single with their brand of Yoga. Stacked with a memorable production that will be entrenched in your veins for a while, showing us that this is a quality team who has made a real gem.

Yoga from the exhilarating techno artist Spinposium is a super song for all those dance heads out there. Packed a thrilling and at times exotic song, this is a sumptuous track for all those who needed a release from this strange time in our lives. Filled with treats to keep any electronic maverick awake all night, this is a superb soundtrack for anyone who needed a distraction from life.

Listen up on SoundCloud and see more on the labels IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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