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Bitvert oscillated doom through his harbingering experimental deep bass track, Distress Signal

Bitvert’s experimental deep bass single ‘Distress Signal’ is an scintillating foray into the realm of underground electronica, seamlessly merging dark textures and tonalities with an omnipresent sense of impending doom. More than just a composition; it’s an experience, an auditory journey through the depths of electronic music’s more shadowy corridors.

Distress Signal starts the transmission with a harbingering sense of doom that is immediately palpable, it pulsates through the oscillating basslines that forge the spine of this musical beast. To evoke a primal response, enthralling and unsettling in equal measure, Bitvert bolstered the resonance in the bass which exhibits his reverence for the DIY ethos of punk.

The sharp cuts of the snares in Distress Signal add a layer of urgency to the track; they are meticulously crafted to cut through the deep bass, serving as a stark contrast that enhances the overall texture of the piece. This percussive element lends the track a glitchy trip-hop nuance, further diversifying the auditory palette.

When you hit play on the filmic, almost Lynchian ingenuity, you are more than a passive recipient of sound, you’re transported to a dark, brooding and intensely atmospheric realm. It’s an auditory odyssey that pushes the boundaries of electronic music and leaves a lasting impression.

Distress Signal will be transmitted on December 4th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Melancholia spills into the cosmos with Sub Caesar’s melodically progressive tech house cocktail Into the Oblast (When Will You Be Home) ft Brunetti

Some EDM anthems drop, others make a collision that will make an ever-lasting impression; Sub Caesar’s latest orchestration, Into the Oblast (When Will You Be Home) ft Brunetti, is luxe enough in meaningful momentum to scorch the airwaves on its arrival.

The dark and melancholic anthem, which is drenched in enough yearning and desperation for security and sanctity that it spills pensiveness into the cosmos, pulls together with a cohesion that makes it impossible not to surrender to the mellifluous instrumental layering and the searing soul in Brunetti’s glassy vocal lines. If her timbre sounds familiar, you may have heard her in her tracks featured on Netflix shows, including Selling Sunset, Love is Blind, and The Circle.

By exploring the most elemental trappings of melodic house & techno and progressive house, Sub Caesar produced an evocatively energising Tour De Force, which should necessitate the removal of the ‘sub’ affix from his moniker.

The independent Dutch producer, Sub Caesar, said:

“The inspiration for this track came from one of these heart-breaking clips of soldiers returning home, hugging their children. Amongst all the terrible news and images of war and war victims, his clip touched me deeply. A strong emotion is a good basis for music! The word ‘Oblast’ means region or province in Ukraine. In this track, it stands for any harm a loved one could be in while also being far away from home and the anxiety and special kind of longing that this causes. Having said that, yes, you can hear the actual Kiev air siren in there, pitched down a semitone to match the musical scale.”

Into the Oblast will officially be released on November 3rd; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK-based house/techno legend Hugo Ryder helps us get back into the zone with In To Focus

Hitting the right notes and sliding on that awaiting dancefloor like an OG who knows what the crowd wants, Hugo Ryder is in no mood to mess around and has dropped something to party with all night long on In To Focus.

Hugo Ryder is a UK-based founding member of the famous Professional Misconduct sound system and an absolute legend in the techno and house scene.

Thundering in with something rather intensely vein-popping, Hugo Ryder is on absolute fire and shall summon the best vibes within and slice away all bad juices that serve no purpose.

In To Focus from the UK-based house music producer and DJ Hugo Ryder is a rather scintillating entry into our hearts when needed most. There is a thrilling energy to filter through into our awaiting souls, by a skilled pro who knows how to push our buttons rather sweetly.

If you like powerful music with a buzzsaw-like aura to cut through the nonsense outside, this is the winner you have been looking for.

Listen up on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DJ CoolRex grooved through the depths of desire in his tech-house debut, I Want

After the debut single, I Want, from DJ CoolRex, it is safe to say tech-house has a new iconic architect. While encompassing the epitome of desire, the techno kicks and basslines punctuate the soul-soaked house synthetics to create an authentically immersive atmosphere that electro heads will want to drench themselves in time and time again.

His future-ready flair, noted through the bass-drenched deep cuts, effortlessly set him apart from his contemporaries and the tech-house pioneers Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox. DJ CoolRex may be new to the scene, but on the basis of this deliciously strong debut, the Ohio-born and raised innovator has exactly what it takes to make his ascent from the underground an ephemeral trip.

Check out the DJ CoolRex debut by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Good Head: Astrotrain feels the previous romance collapsing on Dead Weight

Taken straight off the newly minted 3-track EP called Lilium, Astrotrain feels the wrath of someone who wants access without actually doing anything on Dead Weight.

Created by Jørgen Tonvang, Astrotrain is a Norwegian electronic house/techno music producer who makes the kind of dynamic releases which will warm up even the coldest souls.

My goal for this track was to take the listener on a journey where the soundscapes and melodies combine with the vocals to create an experience that you want to return to many times.” ~ Astrotrain

Simply superb. Astrotrain rails up our minds and turns up the speed on this quality song made for cinematic use. This is an outstanding song which will inspire many to rid themselves of something which isn’t real anymore.

Dead Weight from Norwegian electronic house/techno music producer Astrotrain is a breaking-away-from-someone-who-didn’t-care-enough message and anthem. Layered with so many intricacies and pushing the highest standard possible, we find something rather special.

Pulling off the plastic which isn’t helping growth, this is a rather tremendous single worthy of any playlist.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Supa G Swift has launched his dark, dirty, and droning techno debut, Take You to Attica

Take You to Attica is the debut dark, dirty and droning tech house hit from the up-and-coming artist Supa G Swift. Taking their listeners far beyond earth’s banal and predictable atmosphere, this helter-skelter ride through the cosmos treats you to funked-up surging electro-electricity by the smorgasbord.

The Cork, Ireland-based artist, DJ, and producer initially set out to take over the hip-hop scene in Cork before entering DJ battles in Ireland and relocating to Canada, where he became one of the most notorious and revered DJs in Vancouver.

For the past seven years, his upcoming debut album, Enter Infinity, has been his labour of love; it promises to be a psychologically expansive high-energy ride. On the basis of Take You to Attica, we don’t doubt his ability to deliver exhilaratingly trippy hits that could lead to a dancefloor frenzy.

Take You to Attica released on April 3rd; entrance yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hebreo & K Perez put a reggae tech twist on the Peurto Rican EDM tonal palette with DiPutaDa

Running under the label SJB, the revered Puerto Rican producers, Hebreo & K Perez have dropped their debut 13-track studio album, Los Gatos Scarface, which showcases a fresh new fusionist sound that is brimming up from the Puerto Rican underground and spilling into international waters.

The standout single, DiPutaDa, is a rhythmically adrenalized amalgam of arrestingly bright tech house beats and intuitively placed reggaeton vocals that bring a smorgasbord of flavour. Nothing is lost in translation in this bass-riding modernist twist on the definitively Puerto Rican EDM palette.

EDM fans the world over have already started flocking to the tantalisingly infectious tempo of DiPutaDa. If you want to splice some kaleidoscopic colour onto your playlists, jump on it while the hype is hot.

Check out the original mix of DiPutaDa, which dropped on March 24, via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take a trip with NSJ’s debut dark techno hit, Aya – Wasca

The up-and-coming artist, NSJ, launched his debut dark techno track, Aya – Wasca, on September 30th. Strap yourself in for a speaker-slamming ride through the transcendent production by Quantum Fractal.

While the solid basslines reverberate, spacey hardstyle kicks and harsh snares become the centre of gravity in this intoxicatingly stratospheric instrumental release that allowed NSJ to assert himself immediately as one to watch. With the latter half of Aya – Wasca, the production picks up industrial intensity before the final crescendo that could easily fill a floor and leave it at the mercy of the builds of this stellar feat of bass-riding euphoria.

Aya – Wasca is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sam Collins set a celestial melodic techno score in his latest mix, Orion

The up-and-coming Netherlands-based techno producer, Sam Collins, launched his latest meditatively melodic single, Orion, on September 27th. Strap yourselves in for a spacey trip through the extensively mythologised constellation.

Much like his eerily cold debut mix, Sam Collins’ sophomore release gently builds in momentum through the instrumental progressions after a dystopic ambient industrial prelude and pounding bass kicks which break into electro melodies that will become your new sense of gravity for the entire duration of this immersively dark mix which asks for no permission before it entrancingly takes over your rhythmic pulses.

Orion is now available to stream on Spotify & Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kihmy added a new depth to house with her imploring vocal range in her cinematically arrestive single, It Won’t Be Late

Swiss-born electronica artist and producer Khimy has released her subversively arrestive single, It Won’t Be Late, which starts with an archetypal for house intro before the soulful resonance sombrely transforms the energy of the dance track by appealing to the deepest sense of your consciousness through the lyrics which decree that all will happen in good time and on time.

Uniqueness isn’t always synonymous with greatness, but with Kihmy’s imploringly deep vocal range and the way the complexity of her lyricism recontextualises her entrancing beats, those adjectives fit snugly hand in glove.

It Won’t Be Late is due for release on September 30th; catch it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast