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Trance Tech House Producer Darth Athena Has Dropped Their Viral Hit “Pinnacle”

Darth Athena may have only dropped their mix “Pinnacle” a month ago, but in that time, plenty of harsh Techno fans have scoped out the distinction in their perfectly polished production. With over 100k streams on SoundCloud alone, the track is well and truly worthy of its name, yet, it’s left us with the sense that we definitely heard the best from the Atlanta, Georgia-based producer yet.

If you’re looking for danceable, dirty, euphoric beats which unravel with plenty of atmospheric conviction, look no further than Pinnacle. With subtle elements of Disco and Pop weaved into the mix, Darth Athena created a dynamic club dance track which any Tech House or Trance DJs will want to be spinning.

You can check out Darth Athena’s veraciously caustic mix Pinnacle for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jessy Poncho – Bob Yo Head: Darkly Rhythmic Tech House

Jessy Poncho

You can practically feel the danceable euphoria drip from the latest mix “Bob Yo Head” by Tech House up and coming producer Jessy Poncho.

Even though the indulgently solid rhythms are danceable, they also possess a slightly darker tone than your average House mix. The ominously magnetic feel to Bob Yo Head should go down incredibly well with any fans of Billie Eilish. It’s filthy, it’s progressive, and it stands as a testament to Jessy Poncho’s ability to arrange experimental beats in a way which speaks to your own rhythmic pulses.

They found the perfect tempo to Bob Yo Head. The momentum is constant and perpetually in flux, but it also incorporates a subtle ambient vibe which makes the beat impossibly easy to hook into.

You can check out Jessy Poncho’s track Bob Yo Head for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nishun Beats Releases Their Latest Tech House Mix “I CAN, YEH”

Sunderland, UK-based Tech House producer Nishun Beats has recently released their latest mix “I CAN, YEH”, treating EDM fans to 3 minutes of arrestive Deep House groove and reverberant bass.

You can almost taste the ecstasy which drips off this euphorically teasing mix which draws out the build-ups, leading you through a mesmerising maze of unpredictable electronic effect which will feed you plenty of visceral rhythm. Yet despite the experimentalism thrown into the mix, it’s more than easy to immerse yourself within I CAN, YEH.

As you can probably guess from the name of the track, Nishun Beats, is an artist and producer who doesn’t pander to pretention and frills, instead, he opts for big fills and blistering danceable basslines.

You can check out the latest mix from Nishun Beats by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sebastian van Lieven – Drowning ft Jackson Howard: Transgressive Techno

“Drowning” is the latest original mix from up and coming Australian Techno producer Sebastian van Lieven. With Drowning, he laid down immersive layers of sound to create a progressive mix which will have you hooked with each of the seamless transgressions of sound.

Rather than rushing to the momentum, the euphoria is teased until your mid-way through the colossal 10-minute mix, yet one thing which remains a constant is the rhythmic feel behind the single. With Jackson Howard offering mesmeric vocal talent which never tries to dominate the soundscape, there’s plenty of distinction in Sebastian van Lieven’s sound. The authenticity is perceptible through the clear control of the melodies and the sense of electric vibrancy which is retained throughout the mix.

You can check out Sebastian van Lieven’s track Drowning which is part of the Drowning EP for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Techno/House Producer ‘Radiating Circles’ Announces Release of Newest EP ‘Balance in Silence’

Radiating Circle is no stranger to music himself. He’s an artist that amasses an impressive foundational knowledge in classical piano and jazz.

Just recently, the artist expanded the horizon of his art and audience by adding electronic music as a new genre in his style of music. He’s also worked on a lot of music projects that has helped to shape his music career generally.

Radiating Circle’s style of music is mostly influenced and inspired by Aphex Twin, Jeff Miles and Robert Hood, although in a way that has subtly enabled him to present his music that’s underground in character but at the same time have that infectious potential which makes his style of music appealing to others.

After he recently announced the release of his second EP which he’s been solely working on for quite a while now, we eventually was able to see the other side of this artist from this track he titled ‘Balance In Silence”.

Apparently, Radiating Circle crafted this piece of music in a whole new realm that’s characterized with a very high spirit. This Electronic music is the type that engages both the fanatics of EDM music and casual listeners.

Just a brief warning; this is a song that is capable to catalyze the level of your mood once it gets to hit your ear bud within a flash of a second. The high tempo of this wavy beat is the element that moisturizes the song texture and helped to mold the song into a gracious cascading musical bliss.

Like a sound machine backed with a tremendous beat that’s rooted with a little mix of Jazz saxophone sound in the combined Techno-House and EDM genre, this song beautifully humidifies the air flawlessly with an entrancing vibe that’s boldly adventurous.

This is a melodic EDM song with diverse trait and smooth sound. You’ll definitely fall in love with the song when you listen to it.

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Nej!las’ – Future Resolutions

The best music paints pictures, acts like a virtual and instantaneous set builder for a theatre act or suggests a scene from a film yet to be made. If this is the case then Resolution conjures a playground of dystopian hi-jinks, of night times on the decaying streets, of subversion and protest, of industrial wastelands and underground nightclubs, of shadows and neon, light and shade taken to it’s extremes. It is the collision point of the sound of brutal industrial machinations and transient, clinical digital languages, the distant humming of the modern world and the poetry of decay. It is a distant, disembodied opera, which echoes from our technology reflecting the detachment and unease of the world around us.

It is easy to see where they come from, where some of their references lie, but the ability to shape those influences into new statements about the world they find themselves in and comment on where it may be heading is all you can ask of them.

At eight and a half minutes, Nej!las’ dark and creeping instrumental feels more like a soundtrack than a song, it broods and bruises and feels otherworldly or at least futuristic. Not all music needs to be friendly, resolved or positive and if you like music which puts you on edge, makes you think and takes you to other worlds, then this is as great and terrible as it gets.


Vision Four 5 – Take Me with You feat Kate Tomlinson: They’re Back With Vengeance.

Vision Four 5 dropped their new dance floor track on the 27th of October 2017. It’s got us a little bit excited. Sure, the internet is swarming with artists that promise to be the next greatest thing and follow in the footsteps of the likes of Daft Punk, Eric Prydz & Darude, but Vision Four 5 is a delight that I can honestly say I’ve never heard the likes of before. They’re a delectable mix of Techno, House & Electronica, their recipe for musical creativity have created music that’s cross generational that everyone can enjoy.

They’re a live dance music act from Brisbane, Australia who have become the masters when it comes to interactive video technology to provide a totally immersive experience in their shows. The band have been around since 1990, and it’s honestly a crime that they’re still a relatively unheard of collective of musicians. Whilst they’ve achieved notoriety in Australia with a multitude of radio hits; their splendour is relatively un-sampled across the pond.

If you’re looking for transgressive beats & stunning imagery look no further than their latest single. It encapsulates all of the dancefloor euphoria that they’ve invoked whilst they’ve been on tour with their music. They consider touring an essential part of the writing process in their refreshingly innovative way of making their adrenaline fuelled music.

Their choice to include the Sydney based singer, songwriter & DJ Kate Tomlinson in their latest hit allowed their music to delve into a new era of music. Kate has a delectably resonant power in her vocals with the ability to melodically resonate over the layered harmonics.

Check out the official video for Take Me with You on YouTube!


Dawn: Music From Berlin That The World Can Fall In Love With

Earlier this year Dawn (Dawn Music from Berlin) hit us with a 7 minute track that will make you revaluate every electronica track you’ve ever listened to. His ground-breaking track ‘Abyss’ reaches into your subconscious without your permission, and takes you on a transgressive road of empyreal chaos with its complex experimental and analogue sound.
The German’s certainly do have the rest of the world beat when it comes to any form of electronic music, Dawn from Berlin is no exception. He’s been creating, producing & remixing music since 2000 and has become a household name in Germany for his progressive style, dabbling with techno, electro & experimental. He’s also known for his mixing talent and has in the past worked with; Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, New Order, Mutemath and many others.

Abyss is futuristic yet reminiscent of the traditional electro style. There’s almost a ‘War of The Worlds’ sound lingering throughout the progression of the track. It’s upbeat sounds are teased with trepidation in the perpetual drone that’s present throughout the track, as it ebbs and flows with flawless breakdowns to leave you at the edge of your seat. As you’d expect with a longer track, it hits you like a tonne of bricks, the music is orchestrated with so much vivacity that it’s impossible not to become immersed.


A&R Factory Present: Cellar Kid

Cellar Kid’s visually rich video plays with some wonderful imagery:  illusions and allusions that give the viewer a lot to think about. It blends cold and vivid futuristic surroundings with the trappings of horror films but rather than play that obvious card it seems more interested in exploring the anonymity of the modern world and promoting a freer existence away from those technical temptations and traps which we are all slave too.

There is a wonderful image as the video resolves, people race up the stairs towards the light, reminiscent of the final meeting in Close Encounters of The Third Kind the same blind faith sought for in the hazy light of the unknown. This time the unknown turns out to be the real world, their masks are shed and they emerge blinking at the natural light surrounding them.

Musically it is just as rich, sitting somewhere between a clinical, slow dance floor groove, a techno-pop adventure and musical prophecy.  It blends musical futurism with the ghosts of those post-punk krautrock pioneers who set the electronic genre going all those years ago.

Not only a great piece of music and a slick and seductive video but a very import message. It looks like having something to say is back on the menu!

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