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Just Let Go: Deore searches for those calm days on Peace

Thrusting through the brisk breeze and looking for the healing paths away from these weighty streets, Deore raps with calm significance to pacify all apprehensions away into the distance on Peace.

Deore aka David Arinzechukwu George is a 23-year-old Netherlands-born-and-raised hip-hop artist with Nigerian roots who grew up freestyling verses as a kid.

With bars so decisive they could break down any weak verses without even trying, Deore is on top form with a mellow style that is impossible to dislike. Heaped in a barrage of truth and never letting go, this is a reminder that true peace comes from within.

Peace from the exciting Netherlands-born hip-hop artist Deore is a super single from a quality act who is only elevating through each track. His mind moves through the noise and into happier waters here, as he starts his accent into higher climates.

Each word is meaningful and there is a marvellous beat on offer, to take our hearts into more subdued times to heal inside.

Listen up on Spotify. Check out his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Netherlands-based artist Yaybolo shows the universe what quality music sounds like on Spacewalker

Performed with heart-warming imaginative skill and with so much to submerge inside our hungry souls, Yaybolo has dropped a single so creative it will stir the minds of many who needed a new sound to believe in with Spacewalker.

Yaybolo is an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based indie EDM outfit fused together rather enticingly by Sebastian Skeete Mc Leed and Florian van Damme.

It started with the Bolo-drum. A self-made melodic, steel instrument that Sebastian Skeete Mc Leed and his brother Joey Skeete Mc Leed developed. They wanted to show the world that recycling is the way to go if we want to save this planet. After Joey passed away in 2018, Sebastian felt that he wanted to expand their vision by making an extraordinary collection of instruments out of recycled materials.” ~ Yaybolo

Created so elegantly and fused with so much incredible poise, Yaybolo has connected the universe together rather splendidly on this fascinating release.

Spacewalker from Amsterdam, Netherlands-based indie EDM group Yaybolo is a superb single to get excited about for its intrinsic value. This is a creative song beyond words and understanding that has been made with true love and care. With so much value on offer, we find a truly memorable single to savour.

Turn this up on SoundCloud. See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spinposium flies our shaken speakers into a different dimension on Yoga

Pulsating through the wall like the last time you heard a song and just knew that it was playlist worthy for those house party nights, Spinposium has us listening closer than before and startles the sleepy neighbors away on Yoga.

Spinposium is an exciting techno artist who releases this track from Amsterdam, Netherlands-based boutique dance label, Epsilon Records.

Joining forces to make a body-grooving delight, Spinposium and Epsilon Records join forces to assemble a hugely well-received single with their brand of Yoga. Stacked with a memorable production that will be entrenched in your veins for a while, showing us that this is a quality team who has made a real gem.

Yoga from the exhilarating techno artist Spinposium is a super song for all those dance heads out there. Packed a thrilling and at times exotic song, this is a sumptuous track for all those who needed a release from this strange time in our lives. Filled with treats to keep any electronic maverick awake all night, this is a superb soundtrack for anyone who needed a distraction from life.

Listen up on SoundCloud and see more on the labels IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sub Caesar awaits that critical permission on his sensational new house single ‘Consensual (Press Play)’ (feat. Chloe Kay)

After wholeheartedly thrilling our emotions with his release from 2021 called ‘PUSH! (back and forth), Sub Caesar urges us to be really brave as the night will not last forever on the hot new single, ‘Consensual (Press Play)(feat. Chloe Kay).

Sub Caesar is a Netherlands-based music producer and IT Architect who makes that charismatic house that is infused with pop and is always easy on the ears.

At the moment my focus is on upbeat tracks, not trying to fall in a specific subcategory of house, but rather trying to incorporate stylistic elements of both classic and contemporary house music.” ~ Sub Caesar

Providing us that energy to the dancefloor that we have wanted for so long, Sub Caesar sparks our night into action with a light saber of light that will dazzle our souls just the way nature intended. Featuring the outstanding vocals of London, UK-based singer-songwriter Chloe Kay, this is a stunning single that will reverberate through your entire consciousness.

Consensual (Press Play)(feat. Chloe Kay) from Netherlands-based music producer Sub Caesar is a pulsating new soundtrack which will unearth your best moves and hidden courage to do what you need, so that you shall be with that fellow dancer who wants you when the time is right.

Seducing our minds with a sexy track to turn up really loud, this is a sizzling experience that will certainly tickle your fancy if you require some much-need adventure in your life.

Hear this terrific new release on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Netherlands pop act Trigg3r Happy Inc feels so good on their happy single, ‘This Is Hollywood’

Showing that ambition to be massive in a big town that can either make you famous or break you into tiny smithereens, Trigg3r Happy Inc leads us into their new world with a huge smile on ‘This Is Hollywood‘.

Trigg3r Happy Inc is a Netherlands-based indie retro-pop group who like to help others release the stress of modern day life and bring a sense of genuine joy to proceedings.

Our goal is to share our music and inspire others.” ~ Trigg3r Happy Inc

With a love for the journey and wanting to make it to the top of their chosen career, Trigg3r Happy Inc are that appealing wind of energy that we all needed to brush away those negative feelings of yesterday. Spontaneously formed 6 months ago, they have innocently led us to the door of opportunity that is waiting for us all to open if we are brave enough.

This song is about the Hollywood state of mind.” ~ Trigg3r Happy Inc

This Is Hollywood‘ from Netherlands-based indie retro-pop group Trigg3r Happy Inc is a charming effort that shows us those big dreams that can definitely become a possibility if you want it enough. They have smartly showed their youthful attitude that is certainly welcome when we need it most into a world that sometimes wants to knock you down. This is a fresh single with likeable vocals for anyone who needs hope again, to keep those eyes shining to the top of the mountain.

As long as you have the will to reach those goals, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.

Listen up to the audio on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Netherlands-based musician Halle Day drops a dynamic debut track to shock you awake on, ‘Black Magic’

Urging change and showing us that from now on she is going to be exactly herself hair-wise, Halle Day directs us into her vision that is clear and the complete opposite of the corny commercial scene that is frustrating her beyond belief with, ‘Black Magic‘.

Halle Day is a Netherlands-based self-taught indie alternative solo musician who is on a focused mission to bring awareness to unnecessary social criticism and create a chain of perceptive songs.

Loaded with fearsome fire and packed with her authentic style that has only just begun, Halle Day makes her mark with a new single that warms those small-minded sheep that she is woke and shall not stand for anything less than total respect. Her vocals open up the door and slide through quickly into our lives, with a vibrant song that will surely inspire many.

Connecting to her inner rebel. Stepping out of today’s mainstream, music-wise and message wise.” ~ Halle Day

Black Magic‘ from Netherlands-based indie alternative artist Halle Day sends us a shockwave into the water and shows us that she is here to be taken seriously. Dazzling brightly with her passionate energy and natural energies that are wholeheartedly determined to show the ladies that you can actually be yourself, this is a message that has been heard loud and clear. With fresh releases on the way and a whole new movement ready to be sparked into the bellies of millions, this is an artist who sounds ready to change perceptions in her own original way.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Palais Ideal put the rancour back into post-punk with their existential manifesto ‘Negative Space’

It is a bitter-sweet time for post-punk with most modern outfits becoming a parody of the pioneers by fixating on assimilating sonic texture over bringing the same substance that made us fall in love with the genre in the first place. Palais Ideal, consisting of John Edwards and Richard van Kruysdijk, who have previously collaborated with members of Wire, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Coil, Legendary Pink Dots and Swans, are the refreshingly existential antithesis.

The Netherlands-hailing duo’s seminal 2021 album, Negative Space, is an existential howl into the void where the façade of common sense, decency, and dignity existed. Every high-octane hook that draws you deeper into this manifesto of an LP resonates as an act of resistance.

With its Kessler-Esque guitars cutting through the caustic overflow of the vintage synths, the harbinger of an opening single, The Overseer, makes a meal out of your rhythmic pulses as the lyrics and vocals affirm that not every sane mind has been cowed into radio silence.

Results is a riotously electric post-punk indie earworm with enough anthemic power to minuscule the production on your dust scattered records paired with an intuitive mix of light and dark aural ephemera, the kind of balance that allowed the Smiths to reign indie supreme. Metaphorically, this maturation of the Sweet and Tender Hooligan has picked up plenty of vitriol since he declared that in the midst of life, we are in death, and rightly so. There is no abyss deep enough to absolve the sins committed through our collective lack of self-awareness.

With a Richey Edwards-style lyrical opener, “self-obsessed is so indulgent, why live in oblivion?”, Reject the Anaesthetic instantly became a paradoxically enlivening highlight. In contradiction to the demands of the title, the even-kilter guitars, melodic basslines and percussion that is tighter than the government’s welfare budget start to deliver the psych-tinged soporific aural medicine to prove just how easy it is to pacify people into suggestibility.

The Voice of Reason is so beautifully just that. Just when you think you have Palais Ideal pegged, the compassion starts to pour, coming from a well of unequivocal understanding for ultimate sucker-punching consolation.

Anything for a Thrill is a frenetic continuation of Reject the Anaesthetic, which strips the glamour right off the back of the libertine. It is gorgeously bold in its unapologeticness when holding people accountable for chasing highs after their dreams have disintegrated around their own self-destruction.

Concluding with the moody industrial post-punk Posthuman cry, Age of Intransigence, Negative Space fades to a final close and leaves you wondering how you are going to contribute to society beyond passivity, ego, insecurity and pedestrianism (on a good day). If Palais Ideal started a cult, I’d be the first in line with goat blood on my hands.

Check out Negative Space on Spotify & Bandcamp.

Follow Palais Ideal via Facebook & Instagram.

Hungarian multi-instrumentalist ViO is at his best with the instrumental gem ‘Chapter Five’

Equanimity - A Futuristic Jazz Tale by ViO

Taken off his much-awaited first studio album ‘Equanimity: A Futuristic Jazz Tale‘, ViO sends us into a better place with his quality shining through to magnetic levels of enjoyment on ‘Chapter Five‘.

The world-renowned Viktor Haraszti aka ViO is a no-fixed-format Hungarian-born Netherlands-based indie jazz sax player, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer.

This is what I love about being an artist. I can improve my style, mix my influences, deal with new technology and produce something unexpected.” ~ ViO

Sending us a really insightful track that will have you in a much better mood than before, ViO sizzles with a truly mesmerizing performance of the very highest standard possible. There are no vocals needed as we hear a true master who is intrinsically connected with his chosen craft, as he gives the world an instrumental single to be at one with while there is so much unnecessary destruction on the television.

Hitting his first notes behind the piano as a seven-year-old, he later picked up the clarinet at age 11. Seven years later, he
got his first diploma at the famous Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest.” ~ ViO

Chapter Five‘ from Netherlands-based indie jazz sax player and multi-instrumentalist ViO, is a stunning experience that will have you closing your eyes and tapping your feet to the sounds of a true great at work. This is the tranquil piece of art that we all needed to hear – as we lather our senses into a world that is so much safer and calming – to inject an Eastern-like vibe into our lives that have struggled to thrive recently.

Hear this smooth new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold Out My Hand: Danny Guinan helps us to start all over again with ‘The Greatest Gift’

Taken off his delightful 8-track EP called ‘Now is the time‘, Danny Guinan holds out his strong hand and urges us to live again with the stunning new single ‘The Greatest Gift‘.

Danny Guinan is an Ireland-born, Netherlands-based solo folk singer-songwriter who used to tour with Luka Bloom and Shane McGowan while also fronting his former band Speranza.

As a songwriter, Danny Guinan draws comparisons with artists like Beck and Nick Drake, although his Irish roots are unmistakable in his music as well.” ~ Danny Guinan

Shane McGowan shows us all his expertise with a positively top performance that has us opening up those lonely curtains to see what is actually happening in the world. There is much to like about such an impressive song, that grabs you close and has you feeling reinvigorated again.

The Greatest Gift‘ from the well-respected Ireland-born, Netherlands-based solo folk singer-songwriter Danny Guinan, is a wonderful presentation that recommends us to stay positive and move onto brighter days. He lights up the candle and shows us where to go, as we move away from the darkness and back to happier circumstances. Sung with real gusto and majestic lyrics, this is a song to close your eyes with as you imagine better times.

Hear this fine new effort on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love You Forever: dESH.DUBS brings us fresh new single ‘Hold You Down’ (ft. Ariel)

Taken off his latest eleven-track release called ‘Above The Wicked‘, dESH.DUBS fills our hearts with so much buoyancy with lots of lovely sax included for good measure on ‘Hold You Down’ (ft. Ariel).

dESH.DUBS is a terrific Netherlands-based solo hip-hop artist, writer, researcher, music, visual artist and African studies student. He smoothly mixtures his sounds together to create that delicious music combination, that soothes your mind and fills you up with hope.

With a reggae fusion to add a clever lift to proceedings, we are catapulted into a song that keeps your body moving and your head nodding in approval, for all this exciting energy to be welcomed in hungrily.

This is the message of wanting that long-term love as you are so happy together and you have each others backs, no matter what else transpires to lead you astray.

Hold You Down’ (ft. Ariel) from the talented Netherlands-based artist dESH.DUBS, is that story that has you feeling so good and your mind a happy place to be productive again. This is a pleasurable single that is so full of good vibes and that relaxed energy, that is such a treat during these uncertain times of dismay and confusion.

Hear this freshly brewed new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen