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The story of absolute despondence: ‘Sorry for Me’ by Tom Ivory is the tale of going under due to heartbreak

The song starts right away with a bang, and there is no break the whole way through. The sad story of a broken soul is described through the lens of a new school Rap artist, who keeps it real the whole way through. The love has been lost and the barreling wave of getting sucked under the foamy water, is proving too much at the moment. 21 year old Candian Rapper/Producer Tom Ivory is so honest on ‘Sorry for Me‘, and this is a worrying story of how love can crush your heart into smithereens.

The fragmented splintered soul is so fractured like a broken arm, the pain is there right in front of you and won’t go away. This is the story about how this artist is taking too many pills to mask the hurt underneath. The actual pain is actually only growing day by day, and by hiding away in the dark corner questioning everything you did, the hurt is only manifesting deep into the body and mind.

His words are so honesty portrayed and he raps with such skill, the fury of being let down is so paramount to the listener. The open wounds are far from being healed, and the beat stings the tail like a jellyfish at your leg, the blood thickens and you feel like you are going to pass out all the time.

With a wild imagination and a downward cycle of self-distraction, the tale of how love can cut you up so deep, it hurts like nothing else you have ever felt. Vancouver local Tom Ivory is quite breathless on the exuberantly produced ‘Sorry for Me‘, the warning for all that fall too hard, and can’t get up. The support of real friends and kind strangers, is the only way to step up into reality again.

Hear this intense song on his Spotify and find him in Social Media via Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Belle Scar is set to release her most transfixingly arcane Dark Art Pop single yet  

The Eeriness is the arcanely transfixing forthcoming single from Montreal-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Belle Scar.

It’s almost a paradox how the soundscape unfolds as raw and cinematic simultaneously, but Belle Scar achieves it with her vocal timbre which is enough to make your soul quiver. The resounding vocals don’t just project power, but plenty of striking emotion which won’t fail to resonate as you listen to the artful instrumentals set up tribalistic intensity behind some of the best vocals we’ve heard this year. Belle Scar would seriously give Miley Cyrus’ larynx a run for its money.

You’ll be able to watch the surrealist official music video to The Eeriness for yourselves from November 11th. In the meantime, you can head over to Bandcamp and check out her equally as mesmerising releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Doomsy – Where Have You Been: Delectably Morose Genre-Defiance

Boston MA artist Doomsy has served up a delectably morose aural crumble with their third single “Where Have You Been”. Even though they come from a Rock background, they’ve completely transcended the notion of genres with Where Have You Been.

You’ll pick up on nuances of Pop, Indie, Post Punk, RnB and Rock within the consistently progressive, melancholically captivating single, but you’ll quickly lose all motivation to label Doomsy’s all-consuming sound. Instead, your rhythmic pulses will become aligned with the steady and tentative notes which lead you through an evocative rollercoaster.

The sense of longing and regret echoes throughout Where Have You Been, it’s so much more than your average lovelorn single. You’re able to feel every ounce of the weight which was projected into the strikingly undefinable mix.

You can check out Where Have You Been via Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mister Boddy shines on debut video for ”You’re The Reason”

Mister Boddy is a Hip Hop artist and producer based in Texas in the USA who has just released a fresh debut track called ”You’re The Reason”.

I love how the song starts as the beat is so calm and tranquil. There is a statue with a mask on which is surely one of the pictures of 2020. The female vocals are simply stupendous and beautiful. This is a story of old love and you still think about it. The pain hurts so much and you reminisce about the great times. You toss and turn but nothing will unfortunately change.

You’re The Reason” is such a top track from the new artist. This is a fabulous debut and the video is so well done and simply stunning. It’s one of those videos you can’t stop watching. The beat grabs you by the heart and doesn’t let you go. Mister Boddy is here to stay and with new music expected in a few days, this artist is going all the way up in the music biz. The cream always rises to the top.

Stream this awesome new tune from this superb musician here on YouTube.

Catch this artist on his Facebook page.

Head to Insta for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


SLSTRSS has released her fiercely empowering Neo-Soul single “Better”

Up and coming Neo-Soul artist SLSTRSS dropped the music video for her seminal single Better on July 4th. Prepare to be galvanized.

We’re all feeling a little caged and frustrated at the state of the world right now, SLSTRSS latest single offers you an inspirationally powerful different outlook. Refusing to deal with the world as it is doesn’t have to mean resigning in apathy, as SLSTRSS poignantly alludes, we can simply start to be better.

Despite the smooth soulful production, Better is definitely one of the most hard-hitting tracks I’ve heard this year. If you’re looking for an empowering aural pick me up, look no further.

You can check out the official video to SLSTRSS’ latest single by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


‘’Give Space’’ from ‘3rose’ is hauntingly regretful single that ticks all the boxes

All it takes is a few mistakes.

’3rose’’, who mixed, mastered and produced this track to house musos delight. This is a soulfully chilled song with a deep message. A few mistakes can really mess things up and this topic is discussed rather self-awarely by ‘’3rose’’.

‘Molecular Synthesis’ is the name of the new album from this Birmingham based producer and it’s the follow up to ‘Afterthought’. With only 3 months in between releases, this is an artist that is pushing out music at a rapid rate.

‘3rose’ has put out a moody but catchy song here and it hits some rather dark undertones about regret. A good single though and one that will be on many a playlist. He needs to get his music out there on Spotify & YouTube a bit more to get that maximum impact.

This is a promising artist outta Birmingham, UK and it will be exciting to see what happens next and where he goes. All the way to the top hopefully, this is quality music. You just have to be in the right mood.

Catch more of this new UK producer here on his YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


In a mixture of hip hop and EDM, American creator MAZEMENT drops his new track Closed Doors – featuring The Real DMT

Coming out as a DJ, hip hop artist and songwriter, American creator MAZEMENT drops his new track Closed Doors, featuring The Real DMT.

The word creator perfectly suits MAZEMENT! Starting off with DJing at a very young age, MAZEMENT took on poetry as his main form of expression, poetry that later became the foundations of his first music efforts. He didn’t give in to hip hop entirely though, but decided to experiment with different genres and blendings to develop his style, which happened when he was introduced to EDM. Apparently, the key to his current style lies in the mixture of controversial lyrics, hip hop beats, and percussive electronics.

You can easily tell MAZEMENT has talent as a lyricist and club music producer – he was still born a DJ after all, which endows him with incredible stage presence.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Nas, 2pac, and with Eminem-like grit in the vocals, Closed Doors is an energizingly authentic and true rap, hip hop, trap single that will make MAZEMENT stand out from his peers for good.

Head over to Soundcloud and listen to Closed Doors along with the artist’s other efforts.

Review by Jim Esposito.


June – Natural Love: The Discord of Humility

Ohio based R&B singer songwriter and artist June has create one of the most synergetic tracks of 2017 with his Soul inspired rendition Natural Love. For any fans of the delectability of Kendrick Lamar, you’re in for a treat. The mid-tempo mix is more than just a track that belongs to a genre. It’s raw, human, scorned emotion in lyrical form.

His debut track Natural Love is backed by a pounding and resonant track the ominous synth beat drifts in and out, perfectly complementing the melancholy of June’s vocals as they traverse through his pensive lyrics. The track doesn’t just skim the surface of emotion, it reaches deep into the psyche, haunting you with the staggering parallels which he offers you through the verse.  The humble humility flows through his lyrics to trap you into his torment which he projects into the track.

Throughout his discography, he’s created a truly elective mix of sounds, some steeped in 80’s synth, whilst others he chooses the acoustic guitar to accompany the humble humility which he shares through his sound.

Head on over to SoundCloud to check out Natural Love along with June’s other Singles: