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Way Too Late: Kenesukoh floats away forever on i’ll be gone

Putting his previous struggles behind him and getting away from something he feels no love for anymore, Kenesukoh has dropped a quick-fire song to turn our ears up and this one is called i’ll be gone.

Kenesukoh is a Los Angeles, California-based indie shoegaze artist who loves to make soul-carrying singles to take others out of their mental struggle.

Packed with potential and piercing with a speaker-sizzle vibration, Kenesukoh is the type of modern-day musician who keeps things real throughout and certainly isn’t afraid to experiment.

i’ll be gone from the LA shoegaze single-songwriter Kenesukoh is a reminder that sometimes things end before we want them to. This is a single with minimal lyrics and is simply a daydream in real life, that seems to go so fast and take us into a surreal mindset which is hard to overcome sometimes.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You trapped me in: Bay Area’s Juno Khrøme felt so stuck in those dangerous games on Paralyze

Feeling those sweetly intoxicating lips which are delectable and terrifyingly alluring each time, Juno Khrøme knows that he was played and lied to and can’t seem to disentangle himself from the spiderweb which has him cocooned inside like a mummy on Paralyze.

Juno Khrøme is a Bay Area, USA-based shades-sliding indie genre-floating artist and music producer who is inspired by jazzy beats, neo-soul brilliance and those funky disco tunes to lose all bad moods with.

Featuring nonfunctioning hearts, love lost and much regret, Juno Khrøme’s Paralyze is a masterful maze into the romantic intentions of those who don’t mean to cause carnage…but ultimately do anyway. Is this what dating is in 2023? Confusing and filled with hazardous potholes. Or a message to be cautious about who we let into our beds at night?

Paralyze from Bay Area, USA-based indie music producer and musician Juno Khrøme is a story that will soar minds into a thrilling but ultimately haunting zone which won’t let go.

Feeling like a misplaced zombie and reminiscing us through a single which is excellent in nature and warns us about those temptations which will take innocent souls into the dark.

Cautioning us about the dangers of a hazardous love, it will be hard not to relate to this song.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Day Long: Yung Pootie drops the excellently flowed doing-it-right Round$ free$tyle

After recently joining us for one of the best interviews we’ve had so far, Yung Pootie drops one of the smoothest singles in 2023 via the bar-heavy gem of a track, Round$ free$tyle.

Yung Pootie is an inspiring Hood Blues artist who resides in Marion, Indiana and has a visionary mindset which will surely show others where the keys are to that inner creativity.

Also known as ZIGGY2JIGGY and ripping up the script to guide others away from making whatever is supposedly ‘cool’ to release, Yung Pootie gives us a really good feeling as he descends a fresh ride-now single to turn up the night with.

Round$ free$tyle from Marion, Indiana-based indie Hood Blues artist Yung Pootie is a tight track made to get all bodies moving no matter the weather. This is a flight-hopping single for the grinders out there, who have flipped their vibe around despite the challenges of the past.

Turn this up on full voltage for maximum enjoyment.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stroll Like This You Can’t Teach: Yung pootie is fresh on that neck with an interview all about Round$ free$tyle

Marion, Indiana creative Yung pootie is a fast-rising hood blues artist who we just had to find out more about. He tells us all about the vision behind Round$ free$tyle, growing up working all the instrumental settings in his local church, the 765, overthinking, and what it takes to lace down powerful bars which are certainly meaningful. Strap your seatbelt in and let’s go.

Llewelyn: Thank you for joining us Yung pootie. First question, do you recall precisely the moment when you just knew..making music..this is what I’m going to do. What does it feel like when you think back?

Yung pootie: Thank you for having me. I always knew since a kid that music was a major part of my life. Growing up in the Black church playing the instruments and singing in the choirs groomed me into the musician/artist I am today. When I think back on it, all I can think of is my father introducing me to the funk/soul music that is still instilled in me today. Shoutout Julio & the Pussycats lol.

Llewelyn: We like how you just go and do things. Do you feel like overthinking just causes doubt and actually cages up creativity like a bird who just wants to fly to a better place?

Yung pootie: You know I do think overthinking can cause a creative block within artists. I know this first-hand for sure. The moment I stopped overthinking things musically, it almost seemed like everything started to fall in place for me better as an artist. You have to allow yourself to be free as an artist in order for that to translate to the world.

Llewelyn: Round$ free$tyle. Let’s get into it. This is a hot track. What was the idea behind the new single and who have you made it for? Our readers will surely turn this up to the max.

Yung pootie: So really this is the perfect example of not overthinking and allowing myself to be free as an artist. This record really happened by accident lol. I was shuffling thru beats and found one with the Aaliyah sample in it ( If you know me then you know how I feel bout 90s music) Soon as I heard it, I loaded it up and started recording. I allowed whatever was on my mind to come out of my mouth. Hence the name Rounds Freestyle. The rest is history!

Llewelyn: Has covid made you change up your grind at all or are things ‘back’ to normal again?

Yung pootie: Covid actually turned my grind up like 6 levels lol. Being on “lockdown” forced me to be isolated in the most productive way. It gave me the opportunity to really hone in on my sound and what I really want. Things are sorta back to normal now but the grind has definitely evolved since then.

Llewelyn: Marion, Indiana. Have you always lived here and what is/was it like? Is the music scene alive or does much more investment need to arrive for it to fully flourish and support the underground musicians who want to shine?

Yung pootie: The 765!!! I was born and raised here yes sir. It’s a small town in northern Indiana where there honestly isn’t too much of anything besides cornfields. We actually are starting to grow a dope music scene here for sure but I do think it’ll take a lot more investment and work from all of us here to make it something recognizable everywhere. If we all come together wholeheartedly ain’t no way we can lose.

Llewelyn: Hood Blues. We like the sound of this a lot. What made you go in this direction and avoid doing what so many others are doing..sticking to whatever the ‘cool’ genre/fad is at the time. Do you feel like you’re a trailblazer who just wants to make music with a real message to inspire the youth and those who backed you when others (who didn’t get it) doubted everything?

Yung pootie: So if I’m being honest, the term or genre “Hood Blues” was coined by my cousin Tyjon (Smokey Lymon), who I’ve looked up to as an artist ever since I was a kid. I chose to go in this direction with my sound because it’s not what fits me the best but the US. Hood blues is soulful music with impactful lyrics that accompany hard-hitting 808s and trap drums. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a trailblazer but more so of a blueprint for those who follow me musically. I’ve always wanted to make music with substance so people could feel and relate to it. I told myself a long time ago that the music I make would not be the typical sound that we’ve constantly heard. Hood blues is the next wave.

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Only a Word: Barnwell-based RnB artist Colosse steam in with Call Me

Sliding into the moment and singing with a romantic aura to turn up rather loud, Colosse keeps things simple in the hottest way imaginable with a lovers anthem to kiss with all night, Call Me.

Colosse (pronounced cuh-las-aye) aka Brooks Danner is a Barnwell, South Carolina-based indie RnB artist who functions with the kind of imagination which could leave many breathless.

Picking up the phone and showing us all the one, two, three motions to get things started, Colosse is in imperious form and shall bring many blushes to the night no matter the weather. Sung so purely and with little fake flash, this is a delightfully calming ear warmer to bring two hearts together.

Call Me from Barnwell, South Carolina-based indie RnB solo musician Colosse is a dynamic sizzler which might leave subtle burn marks. This is a stunning single which is top quality from all corners, as it lets in the beauty which the world needs more of when the days get dark and lonely.

If you want a song to ignite a rare passion, this is it.

Turn this up rather loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

While You Watching The News: Cam Chilcott wonders if the feeling shall be reciprocated on can you see me?

Catching our attention early on as he strums by the dusty window to entice us in, Cam Chilcott tries to reach out and reflects on the painfully barren feeling which is so hard to shake off on the beautifully performed, can you see me?

Cam Chilcott is a 19-year-old Guildford-based indie pop singer-songwriter who layers in stories about love and heartbreak which relate to most of humanity.

After growing up on the busking scene and earning his stripes with over ten years in the scene, Cam Chilcott is quite brilliant here and sings with the kind of precision which seems to be lost in the world currently.

Showing us the empty bed which used to be filled with love, we see the lost photos and the lonely energy which so many millions are currently feeling in a strange time for our universe.

can you see me? from Guildford-based indie pop artist Cam Chilcott is a definite playlist adder for those cold lonely nights when thoughts revert back to those happy times which appear to be playing hide and go seek.

Sung with a real vision from someone who has felt the hurtful loss of a true romance, this is a genuinely exceptional anthem to help dry the tears when they seem to be flowing like a powerful waterfall.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Please Tell Them: LAUBE moves slowly on with the relatable mid-life crisis anthem, Weeping Pilgrim

11 Songs of Love and Devastation by LAUBE

Taken from the recent release called 11 Songs of Love and Devastation, LAUBE cruises onto the lands of recovery to find that self-confidence and inner love again within the high walls of the powerful mind with Weeping Pilgrim.

LAUBE is a Berlin, Germany-based indie folk artist who delves so much further than most into real topics which can cause goosebumps in many arms with a genuine blend of introspective brilliance.

This song represents comfort to me, and was recorded right in the middle of my life crisis, as I survived from day-to-day. It’s about a humble pilgrim, whose slow step-by-step progress mirrored my own slow recovery process. Holding onto the hope that even the greatest sorrow might not pierce my heart so deeply.” ~ LAUBE

Easing our minds so brilliantly and bringing us something so splendidly honest, LAUBE has unearthed a scintillating single to be radiated by. This is something rare and special and for all the right reasons. With a world-class sound and featuring expertly written lyrics, we find a release for old-school souls who love original music.

Weeping Pilgrim from Berlin, Germany-based indie folk artist LAUBE is one of the most authentic experiences possible in 2023. Stunning all ears with something rather heart-calming and pure, this is a really outstanding soundtrack for reinvigorating the mind, body and soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just For Us: Prithvi Prakash flies so high in the awaiting pureness of the friendly Butterfly

Breezing away the darkness and all those sneaky distractions, Prithvi Prakash turns our moods around with a beautifully thoughtful single all about the gliding Butterfly.

Prithvi Prakash is a Texas, USA-born Bangalore, India-raised indie alternative artist and music producer who performs with grace and love on each track.

Prithvi’s artistic vision involves creating an immersive experience with each song through sonic storytelling.” ~ Prithvi Prakash

Breathtaking for all the right reasons, Prithvi Prakash is a kindhearted angel who sings with a glorious mindset which keeps it genuine. It’s rather hard to dislike a single made with such an understanding of the needs of a lost world who need to see the loveliness of nature again.

Butterfly from Bangalore, India-raised indie alternative artist/music producer Prithvi Prakash is the kind of peaceful melody which should make cold hearts heat up in unison. This is a wonderful track that will ease the wicked worries of current times, to unleash a smile-filled aura to make everything okay again.

Stunning our souls and washing away the pain, is a reminder that the world can be so simple if we just stop and look up.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So it won’t suffer unless it’s physical: Tankee M wonders why we spoil the pure air on Cactus won’t puke its water

Steering us more in-depth within the mindset of the world and all the wasted resources, Tankee M sends shivers down the spine of millions with one of the most real singles possible called Cactus won’t puke its water.

Tankee M is a mysterious multi-talented rapper and artist who makes the kind of tracks which are raw to the core and unearth important issues for us to learn from.

Foreing rapper trying to get new sounds. Currently using music ’cause every misspronounce might sound acceptable if poetic. Learnt how to produce in case the voice might sound really incomprehensible.” ~ Tankee M

Sizzling all fans with a blistering performance, Tankee M is rather fiery here and has dropped a lyrically aware single which contains wordplay which is rather elite.

Cactus won’t puke its water from the underground rapper Tankee M is an electric performance which will shock many and impress others. Sending our souls into a whirlwind and never holding back even for a second, this is a simply earth-shattering track which might get the day started in the right way.

Turn this up louder on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen