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Find Your Peace: Toronto’s Steve Nicosia sails clamly with the ‘Ships in the Night’

With a hauntingly artistic commencement that has your complete brain feeling so thrilled and promptly alert, Steve Nicosia has us travelling on the peaceful waves beyond our mindfulness with the ‘Ships in the Night‘.

Steve Nicosia is a Toronto, Canada-based indie instrumental indie-folk musician who makes soundtracks that seem to touch the soul profoundly, as he politely pilots us with astonishing journies through our spirits like a magical time traveller.

Steve seeks musical inspiration everywhere, and his songs are a reflection of his eclectic taste. The common thread across Steve’s songs would be their gradual builds, emotional undertones, and climactic pay-offs.” ~ Steve Nicosia

Steve Nicosia is rather exceptional on a track that feels like he is guiding us beyond that rudderless temptation and onto happier seas, as he performs with a stunning style that is so free and mood-enhancing.

Ships in the Night‘ from highly skilled Toronto, Canada-based indie instrumental solo artist Steve Nicosia, draws us to a calming wave of pureness of the very highest order. No lyrics are needed here as he is in the transfixing mood to help alleviate the pain that so many are facing, with a truly wonderful guitar-packed experience to immerse happily into.

Hear this graceful effort on his Spotify music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Find That Peace: Sol Naut truly misses that special one on ‘Your Love’

After dazzling our stirred-like-Bond’s-martini senses with his previous sizzling single from earlier in 2021 named ‘Voyager‘, Sol Naut has our pressurized pulses sprinting with a spectacular effort for the ages with ‘Your Love‘.

Sol Naut is a mysteriously enthralling electronic solo artist and music producer who is fairly new on the scene but performs with an experienced edge that lets you know that he is for real.

Sol Naut drops one of the more bass-stretching singles of 2021 so far with an extraordinary effort that has you appreciating nature again – with the cute chirps of the birds to the strong growl at the end – that has your whole body back outside again and away from the addictive forces that can grab your attention, with a little box to keep you away from where you should be.

Your Love‘ from this quality electronic artist Sol Naut, appears to be the kind of track that is all about taking time to reflect on what has gone on before. The outstanding beat is superb and has your fascinated ears shaking from all the charm that leaves you in quite the tranquil state, to replenish your hungry soul that needs that love again.

Finding your place again through meditation is the only way to heal up first, so that you may love intensely again.

Check out this vibe-filled single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Palm Of My Hands: South Carolina rapper Elon White is in the zone with excellent new single ‘Off My Conscious’

As he rolls up to forget the past and lights the blunt to soothe the pain, Elon White is at his best with a new track all about knowing that the path you are taking now is the right one with ‘Off My Conscious‘.

Elon White is a highly promising South Carolina, USA-based indie hip-hop artist who makes tightly packed flows that have you promptly impressed with his lyrical ability.

Influenced by greats such as Andre 3000, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar, Elon has always had a passion for poetry and music all his life but started taking music seriously in the last year with his first EP release “Genesis” on June 16th.” ~ Elon White

Elon White delivers yet again with a spark-filled track that has you bobbing your head like a lifebuoy in the clear blue sea. Each melody has been expertly made – and he shows such growing greatness – to be the best he can possibly be in this fickle game that is only for the strong-minded.

Off My Conscious‘ from the South Carolina-based indie rapper Elon White, is that precisely projected message that so many of us have undergone before. You were in something that was so astonishing but things ended abruptly, so you decided to take time off to really heal your inestimable soul properly for the next romantic experience. Rapped by one of the more exciting artists to come on the scene in the past few years, this is an intelligent track from a conscious artist who knows how to get what he wants out of life.

Hear this top new single via Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A New World: Belarus Electronic artist Amo De Viénn takes us through the darkness on ‘Intercity’

With the might of the powerfully emotional Baltic Sea right behind his back to help break through anything which seems impossible, Amo De Viénn is quite translucently appealing via the new single which will possibly take your breath away for a few seconds called ‘Intercity‘.

Amo De Viénn is a Belarus-based Electronic solo artist who performs with a hugely compelling quality and takes your cognisance into a whole planet of discovery, due to the pulsating melodies and vividly transforming visuals on display.

Amo’s music cannot be associated with any particular style as his own individual style has been formed due to continuous experiments and sound borrowing from various musical genres. The sound of Amo De Viénn music was influenced by such electronic musicians as Emika, Jon Hopkins, Rival Consoles, SOPHIE.” ~ Amo De Viénn

Taken swiftly off the 5-track EP called ‘Ü‘, you feel the bass-shuddering impact so punctually on your animated senses that are querying what has just hit them back into a prosperous place.

Intercity‘ from the highly skilled Belarus-based Electronic solo artist Amo De Viénn is quite the majestic effort from a superlative talent who is only tapping into his talents. This is a mesmerizing performance that is filled with an ocean-healing ambience that takes your pressure away like a much-needed head massage, that is utterly brilliant and helps you conquer any challenges ahead as captain of the seas.

Hear this top new EDM effort to boost your energy on Soundcloud and see the journey continue via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hell And Back: North Carolina rapper KidCaliMDMG shows us the slide city-flowing new single ‘Switch Up’

Taken off his latest flame-enhanced 4-track EP called ‘From Nothing To Something 2‘, KidCaliMDMG lights up and asks us to enjoy the vibe while we are still alive on ‘Switch Up‘.

KidCaliMDMG is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based indie hip-hop solo artist. He flows with an old school mentality, with vividly described stories about noticing how fake some people are, street stories, and experiences about being careful with your heart.

Started music at 14, i would freestyle all the time over beats in my free time And people would always say I had a flow and I should keep up with it so I did. As the years passed by, I created my own flow with a different style.” ~ KidCaliMDMG

After leading us into the picture of staying true to yourself no matter what others are up to, you find yourself nodding along to this brilliant storyteller. It feels like he has gone through a lot growing up, seen others fall by the wayside as they got caught up, and has vowed to rather keep things chill to the max and away from all energy-stealing and coffin-finding drama.

Switch Up‘ from the Raleigh, North Carolina-based indie hip-hop solo artist KidCaliMDMG, shows us a man who has a smoke-filled delivery that has you lighting up and getting close to your lover. With a catchy chorus that will keep you entranced the whole way though, a top quality beat that has a 90’s ambiance, plus cleverly-penned lyrics which are swagger-free, this is a fine single from an artist on the rise up.

Hear this top new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Heartbreak: Heather Mall writes a love letter to herself to help the healing process on ‘Roses for The Wilted’

As she carefully dries her soaked pillow and wonders if she is overreacting, Heather Mall knows that there were some good moments but its time to end this game and move on with the exquisitely sung single ‘Roses for The Wilted‘.

Heather Mall is a Chicago-based indie Pop singer-songwriter. She has over seven years of experience performing in different genres such as classical, jazz, acappella and musical theater.

Heather’s music travels through the emotions that embody the human experience and reminds you of what it’s like to feel alive and present.” ~ Heather Mall

She sings with such a delicate style that is so inspiring and deep for the heart to remember. You don’t want this feeling to happen again and vow to be stronger, as you dry your eyes and tell yourself that this is the last time. There is much to love about an artist who performs about real stories, that have made her armor a fortress and indestructible from future heartbreak.

Roses for The Wilted‘ from the Chicago-based indie Pop solo artist Heather Mall, is a beautifully projected love letter from a simply excellent musician with soul. This is a sad and emotional message about that love you wrapped yourself deep into and got badly burnt – by someone who didn’t mean to hurt you – but did anyway, as you pick up the pieces and say goodbye to an end of a story you wish turned out better.

See this incredible single on YouTube and see more news via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Come Back In The Night: Eutaw drops highly imaginative 80’s synth single ‘Cut You Open’

After starting his music career by making creatively original tunes from the dusty closet, Eutaw shows us cunning evolution with his latest single all about that freaky recurring dream of blood-spilling nightmares with ‘Cut You Open‘.

Isaiah Fluharty aka Eutaw, is an 80’s synth solo artist who is genre-less and also makes music from indie rock to emo rap, as his creative juices only flow tastier throughout time.

It tells the story of a girl who is stuck in a recurring dream where she kills her friends and must cut her hands off as punishment. The perspective is from that of her lover.” ~ Eutaw

His style changes up all the time like a pair of gloves that needs to be changed to keep those hands clean, but somehow the quality remains the same throughout which is ultimately quite remarkable.

With a finger clicking beat and a slicing-the-bones story that would be fit for a horror movie, this is a terrific track that shall have you sharing gleefully with all your spooky-loving mates.

Cut You Open‘ from the outstandingly humble multi-creative solo artist Eutaw, is a highly entertaining track which has been dropped just before fan-favorite Halloween. He sings with a sharp knife-like energy with stupendously gripping vocals that has you looking around – to see if it is indeed real- as you get wholeheartedly immersed in this hand-gripping new single. Your heart might beat a beat faster after this one.

Hear this brand new gem on Spotify and see more from this quality artist via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Did I Mess Up: Exciting Long Beach pop/punk band Blonds truly hates the image in his head on ‘Crazy Dreams’

As he wishes that they would still be together and not on that dreaded break, Blonds feels like his hopefully-not-former lover has already moved onto someone else and he can’t shake this horrible feeling off any longer with these ‘Crazy Dreams‘.

Luciano Thomas aka Blonds, is a Long Beach, California-based indie pop/punk artist. Featuring touring members Nick Rangel, Hugo Hernandez, Marc Encabo, they form a dynamic team that makes that easy-on-the-ear vibe that has you feeling alive inside.

Passionate about guitar, mental health, and making good pop music.” ~ Blonds

This is the articulate picture that so many have painted – you are wildly in love and then something changes so quickly – as you wonder what happened and lay in bed so down about it all. Your relationship is in tatters and you can’t stop wondering if someone else is in your bed, while you try and forget about those wild dreams that are annoyingly keeping you up late at night.

There is much to like here on an action-infused single with a catchy riff and energy aplenty at every turn – as you admire the gusto and lyrics which are sadly familiar – in this world of click-quick and swipe right or left.

His recent releases have been very guitar driven, rock influenced, genre bending pop songs, sometimes tackling social issues. Prior to this current trend, Blonds released more chilled self reflective electronic pop songs.” ~ Blonds

Crazy Dreams‘ from the fast rising Long Beach pop/punk band Blonds, is that true story about knowing that you need to trust your gut about what is unfolding before your eyes. Your love towards your partner hasn’t waned and you still desire this sweet love, as you wonder if everything will be the same. Sung with a passionate energy – this is a dance-heavy track full of that world class style – which makes this one of the more exciting indie bands out there currently.

Check out this brand new single on Spotify and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Demon Dressed In Denim: Fast-rising Australian RnB artist samuel jr keeps to the schedule on ‘M92’

As he slides into picture and shows us his intent, samuel jr isn’t messing around and is worried that he might turn into the devil on his latest visuals for ‘M92‘.

samuel jr is a supremely promising Western Sydney, Australia-born music producer and RnB solo artist, who makes the type of music which shows why he is so highly regarded currently.

In 2019, samuel jr. started recording his own songs and developing a new sound of a mellow and atmospheric fusion of rap and R&B, which was heavily influenced by the wave of Soundcloud R&B artists that had emerged at the time, with the likes of PartyNextDoor, Roy Woods and Bryson Tiller.” ~ samuel jr

This is the heart beating message of feeling a bit paranoid by everything going on, as you look to your right and to your left, keeping a lookout on things as you build up your loyal team. The music is fast and fresh – each lyric is rather haunting and touching too – as his eyes show us what is really going on in this wild world.

M92‘ from the Western Sydney, Australia-born indie music producer and indie RnB artist samuel jr, is a striking track with flashy visuals that might make you feel dizzy at times. The startling lights grab your attention swiftly like a robber in the night, as you look deeper and see a musician who can tell he is rising the ranks quickly. Temptation looms if he isn’t too careful, as he points his trigger to the top as he wants it all, and he wants it now.

With reflective lyrics and a clear talent for flowing realness into the mic, this is a new track to be totally enraptured by.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding My Purpose: San Francisco pop artist Theredsafari rides for the right cause on ‘Ain’t Rich Yet’

After losing himself into the jungle-ridden eight-track ‘Safari World: The Lost EP‘ with his fresh Nike’s on recently, Theredsafari pledges to make it up to those who backed him when he had nothing on the inspiring new single about reaching those manifested goals on ‘Ain’t Rich Yet‘.

Theredsafari is a melodic Indian pop artist who is based in San Francisco. He has the inner desire to keep on hustling no matter what his bank account says, as he seems to sing with a real long-term idea in mind.

Keep goin bro all u need is 1 person 2 believe in u.” ~ Theredsafari

On stunning visuals inside a vast mansion most of us would move into without a second invitation, he opens the massive door and shows us into the life which is possible. This is the message of never giving up no matter what, as succeeding spiritually, matters as much as how much paper you have to count.

With glorious vocals and heartfelt lyrics who feel like they are out of a motivational movie, he sings with such a highly motivated spring in his step. Each note is performed with a promising ambiance which has you totally enthralled into the moment, as you clean your shoes to take that all-important step outside into the world again.

Ain’t Rich Yet‘ from the San Francisco-based Indian pop solo artist Theredsafari, is the story of keeping those in mind who never left you for dead when they could of lost your number for good. He sings with a real winnable style and you sense that this is a mentality he has deep inside, as he looks to the future which seems like it is ready for him.

When you are on the way to finding that true purpose in life, doors seem to open that lead to you into the promised land.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen