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Bring The Vibes: London rapper Mr Streetz attracts all the birds on Snow White

With raw rhymes and plenty of likeable gusto to turn up loud all night, Mr Streetz takes our thoughts into a timeless place with his latest catchy single to dance all night with, Snow White.

Mr Streetz is a London, UK-based indie hip hop artist who only seems to drop truthful tracks which are furnished with vivid stories and witty lyrics.

Boosting our moods and showing us what the streets are saying right now, Mr Streetz slides on those shades and lights up our imaginations on Snow White. With a classic beat and drenched with so much to tap those feet with, this is a well-constructed track to get enthusiastic about.

Snow White from London, UK-based indie hip hop artist Mr Streetz is another top-notch effort from an underground creative who is only getting better through time. Frothed in sharp bars and pulsating with so many clever thoughts for us all to ponder, giving the speakers a shake and the crowd something to think about.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Me and You: Peanut Butta knows who she is feeling love for on MEET ME IN DI GARDEN

Wishing for love to blossom and for no drama to ruin their romance, Peanut Butta just wants to dance all night with a sweet soul with striking blue hair on the sensual new single MEET ME IN DI GARDEN.

Peanut Butta is a New England, USA-based Afrobeat dancehall wizard who certainly has those natural skills to keep the party alive all night long.

As he chills out the steamy skies with a sizzling single to be enthused by, Peanut Butta is at his peak form, with a rather eye-opening track to play loud all night. Mellow to the core and never losing our attention, we are engulfed in a release with so much star quality to be impressed by.

MEET ME IN DI GARDEN from New England, USA-based Afrobeat dancehall artist Peanut Butta is a loving anthem for those who wish to slow things down for a little while. There is so much thriving energy attached to this single it might make some blush, as the sweet reverberations make everything better again.

When you know who you want to be with, everything shall fall into place if two hearts love each other.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Life Together: KC Sunshine opens up the envelope of reality with Hard Times for Dreamers

Emerging from a vivid dream and submerged in so much love, KC Sunshine shows us the truth in such a splendid way with the super debut solo single called Hard Times for Dreamers.

KC Sunshine aka KC Underwood is a UK-based indie alternative solo artist who is probably known best for his work with his former rock band, Big Deal (Mute).

The song came to him, like most of his others , in a dream. A song from a dream about fellow dreamers and what a particularly shit time it is to be one.” ~ KC Sunshine

Shining so brightly and showing us an example so many need to remember, KC Sunshine is on top form with a stunning single which the dreamers shall certainly relate to. Packed with honesty and a mellow ambience to slow dance with, this is a peaceful song to cherish forever.

Hard Times for Dreamers from UK-based indie alternative solo artist KC Sunshine is a lovely release that is so dreamy and might take all negative thoughts away in an instant. Vocally pure and a really enjoyable listen for all fans of genuine music, that shall float many away into a much better galaxy filled with hope.

Never stop dreaming, no matter what anyone says.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Had No Stress: New Mexico hip hop artist Julian Kushman misses those happy days on Back In ‘06

Feeling so down lately and wondering why his mind keeps on twisting when the opposite is needed, Julian Kushman shows us deep back in the day when the less stress days made everything okay on Back In ‘06.

Julian Kushman is a Ruidoso, New Mexico-based indie hip hop artist who pours his heart and soul into each track and makes meaningful music.

They have similar messages as me, everything they say I can relate to. Most of the time, I just feel worthless and I don’t want anyone else feeling that way. I think what motivates my music is not wanting other people to feel like I do.” ~ Julian Kushman talking about Logic, Phora and Mac Miller

Lathered in so much truthful insight and raw bars to slice open the actual story, Julian Kushman showcases a witty mind and so much fearless tenacity to tell the story he knows needs to be told.

Back In ‘06 from Ruidoso, New Mexico-based indie hip hop artist Julian Kushman is an excellent song which should shock many and relate with millions. With so much bravery and honest lyrics about what it’s like to feel you want to end things, this should be a real eye opener for those who don’t realize how worrying the mental health of the world is.

Recalling those happy days can always trigger a positive vibration.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Skies Turned Red: Kaby Burton breaks down the gates of hell with Come out of the dark

With a spookily narrated intro to get our shocked hearts beating faster than ever, Kaby Burton is at her excellent best with a tremendously made single to get our spirits rocking with enchanting fascination on Come out of the dark.

Kaby Burton is a Scotland-based indie melodic rock artist who loves to fuse in her own Tim Burton-inspired music, which shall wake up any sleepy souls amongst us.

Showing us so much class and edgy intensity, Kaby Burton powers in with so much sublime skill it will stop anyone with a pulse in their tracks. The sensational Scottish rocker and tenacious pirate is spine-tinglingly outstanding and electrifies the fences inside our eardrums with tactful brilliance.

Come out of the dark from Scotland-based indie melodic rock artist Kaby Burton is a timeless sounding experience from a truly talented creative. Shredding the airwaves and belting out a superb single with gripping intensity, this is a foot tapping single which might make many think of those classic times again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be So Free: Patty Duffey and Amelia Earnshaw cherish that genuine friendship on There

Powered by Performers on the Go and surrounded by so much love and grace, Patty Duffey joins forces with the beautiful vocals of 20-year-old singer songwriter Amelia Earnshaw on the magnificent new single to hold hands with called There.

Patty Duffey is an indie pop artist who loves to collaborate with other artists all over the world and makes those genuine gems to hold on tightly with.

About the extreme power of friendship, and how best friends can help get you through anything and everything and are forever present through thick and thin. Their doors are always open, and during the highs and lows they somehow know how to make things better at times when it is most needed. They protect all that is said, “every word and motion sacred (verse 1).” ~ Patty Duffey and Performers on the Go

Soaring with so much kindness and a pure care which is so rare to hear these days, Patty Duffey has created a superb song to hug with all day long. Full of life and brimming with a lively energy to feel uplifted by, we find a truly wound-healing song of much importance for the world to feel safer inside.

There from much-loved indie artist Patty Duffey is such a stunning single which washes away the self-doubt and brings in so much loving sunlight. Eternally connected and showing us how that I-have-your-back-forever mentality really is the best, no matter if it’s a good or bad day.

Even if you are used and feel so down, that best friend is always there if you make a call.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Windows Up: Christopher Hurst knows he is the only competition on Picture Me

Blowing smoke to the blues and keeping his motivated attitude, Christopher Hurst is at his gritty best as he steers us through the mentality needed to succeed on Picture Me.

Christopher Hurst is a Phoenix-based Boston-raised indie hip hop artist who keeps things as raw as possible on each of his trailblazing

Thriving with so much intent and guiding us through this cinematic-like story to reminisce with, Christopher Hurst cuts through the past and smiles into the future where all his dreams await. Pulsating throughout and forcing many chills to appear all over our naked spines, we find ourselves meshed inside a proper story stuffed with lessons for us all to learn from.

Picture Me from Phoenix-based Boston-raised indie hip hop artist Christopher Hurst is an introspective track with a heat-filled missile to rocket rather swiftly into. Dusting off the haters and showing us he will survive no matter what, this is an honest song which will strike the heart of many.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Walk Alone: dankmt stood his ground on raw new single dead rage

Tearing through the cage and tumbling heartily into the sea to heal all those wounds, dankmt grips us tightly and takes us into a world which so many will truly feel deep inside each carefully created cartilage on dead rage.

dankmt aka D’Monta Markeith Jaleel Evans is an outcast Dallas, Texas-born indie hip hop artist and music producer who shall stimulate every listener with an interwoven blend of incomparable music.

Been through a lot within the last year.” ~ dankmt

Healing through music after the harsh tragedies of recent times, dankmt shall take your emotions through a whirlpool-like galaxy which has so much courage and insightful vividness.

dead rage from Dallas, Texas-born indie hip hop artist/music producer dankmt is an impassioned track which will take you for a ride and scorching heat-filled fire inside our speakers. Packed with such an honest tone and sailing with utmost frequency, this is a raw track to dial up rather loud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Connecticut electronic wizard Matthew O’Callaghan fascinates our consciousness with Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative

In My Head by Matthew O'Callaghan

Showing creative juices that are rather special to witness as our ears vibrate wildly, Matthew O’Callaghan returns with a sizzling song to swim inside with all day on Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative.

Matthew O’Callaghan is a Connecticut, USA-based indie electronic artist, composer and college student who produces some of the most transcendent underground tracks imaginable.

Showing us his fearless attitude in one song stacked with greatness, Matthew O’Callaghan is in imperious form and takes our breath away with so much finely tuned skill.

Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative from Connecticut, USA-based indie electronic artist Matthew O’Callaghan is such a supremely exquisite experience, your whole soul will thank you later. Probably. There is so much to get enthusiastic about here with a single made with so much precision and containing a beat so fresh it will cleanse the hearts of many. Turn it up.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Houston-based rock/hip-hop-fusion band Wizards of Atlantis dominate proceedings with Stop the Transmission

Splitting up our earlobes like a hungry Lion looking for prey, Wizards of Atlantis are at their excellent best with a roaring single to snack on all day and this one is called Stop the Transmission.

Wizards of Atlantis are an experienced 3-piece Houston, Texas-based indie rock/hip hop band who make that classic sounding music vibration to remember the 90s with.

We continue to push the boundaries of what can actually be fused together and still sound pleasing. Our attitude is: If it sounds good to us, it is good.” ~ Wizards of Atlantis

Soaked with a supremely confident sound which has the power to change perspectives, Wizards of Atlantis show us what years of time in the game sounds like when you make music with a real backbone.

Stop the Transmission from Houston, Texas-based indie rock/hip hop-fusion band Wizards of Atlantis is a laced up track which shall take you back to an exciting time. Furnished with scratching and so much creativity to thrive deep inside, this is a sure-fire dance floor winner for those who love that classic Beastie Boys-like vibe.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen