Socha rides ‘The Wave’ in her latest art-pop exhibition

The art-pop innovator Socha is unrelentingly committed to rearranging painful experiences into cathartically playful absurdity; her latest single, The Wave, this the ultimate exhibition of her creativity that revolutionises trauma into euphoria.

From a dreamy prelude which allows you to meander with the chiptune melodies which pay an ode to one of her most endearing influences, Adventure Time, the synth lines take a drastic tonal shift as the grooves emanate the sultry allure that made the Arctic Monkeys’ AM record so iconic.

It is a short and sharp descent down the rabbit hole with the Wave but an enjoyable trip all the same with Socha’s infectiously idiosyncratically bold vocal presence and reminiscences of FKA Twigs and Gorillaz registering in the electrifying mix, which tempts you into embracing your own madness – even if that madness falls outside of the acceptable levels. The Wave is a riot of individualism; other artists should take note and join her at the vanguard of true uninhibited experimentalism.

The Wave will officially release on the 1st of June; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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