Another Restless Night for Two Penny Blue

Whilst many bands are concerned with just where they fit in to the intricate jigsaw of music genres, there are bands who just seem to follow a less fashion dictated path, one that results in them making music which seems to fit into a more general description of just making music. Simple, honest and free of the burden of expectation. Two Penny Blue are just such a band and Restless Night is just such a song. They have developed a strand of rootless country-folk that seems to owe as little to Nashville as it does the folk-rock machinations of fellow Brits Mumford and Sons. Instead they have threaded favourite musical references through their own sonic creations to create a word of western hemisphere, mid Atlantic, roots-pop music. Imagine that?

Maybe in a world where everything has become sampled and plugged in, tuned up and rinsed of anything organic, it is time for bands such as Two Penny Blue to fight back, reconnect with something oak-aged and tangible, analogue and accessible. And if you like the sound of that they have a cracker of an album named Let’s Say which you must check out.

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