Sell Your Soul: Lewis Carpenter sees the fame coming on Close to Me

Taking no days off and keeping the grind rolling, no matter what local small-minded fools think, Lewis Carpenter displays that enormous courage and self-assured confidence to win at life on Close to Me.

Lewis Carpenter is a New York, USA-based indie hip hop artist who fuses in music and fitness into his journey to being the best possible version imaginable.

With inspiration from the streets and energy of the 757, Carpenter has crafted an original and authentic sound that you can’t find anywhere else.” ~ Lewis Carpenter

Bringing us a rather sensational track to sing with all evening, Lewis Carpenter closes the deal and ascends to a new level of extraordinary heights with a blazing release of substance.

Close to Me from New York, USA-based indie hip hop artist Lewis Carpenter is that soundtrack to brush off those who don’t see the bigger picture. Displaying so much quality oozing from each corner of this sizzling song, we find a soul who is ready for the next step. Hungry and poised for that next level, just like nature intended.

If you believe you’re destined for the top, each second is valuable in the pursuit of that final contentment.

Turn your headphones up on Spotify. See more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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