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Started Out With Nothing: John Anthony has seen the loyalty break on Hustlin’

Staying hungry and letting everyone know that he has already seen the sneaky snakes before they saw themselves, John Anthony drops a soldier grind kind of track that shall boom through the speakers just like street tracks should on Hustlin‘.

John Anthony is a Dallas, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper and music producer who is the founder of hip hop label Villainous Records.

Feeling good and not taking his foot off the gas, John Anthony is in a confident mood and will shake off all the doubters with a potent performance to magnify the pulses of those in the know. This is raw rap with a purpose. Turn him up.

Hustlin‘ from the multi-skilled Dallas, Pennsylvania record executive and artist John Anthony is the definition of the American dream.

After starting with nothing and now seeing the rewards of his hard work, this is a statement single to brush away all the haters. Those who he was close with. Those who turned their back on him. That’s the message here. He’s driving to a whole new level and only taking those with him who have his back when the chips are down.

Real see real.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Pay My Bills: Ryan Hamilton pens a letter to music industry executives on Bad Breaks

A sucker for whatever it takes mentality, Ryan Hamilton has grown so tired of nasty news and drops the frustration-filled soundtrack to a band who are tired of those empty wallets on Bad Breaks.

Ryan Hamilton is an award-winning Texas-based indie singer-songwriter who performs from the heart and is on a mission to control his own destiny.

I’ve been on the verge of tipping the proverbial scales for several years now. I’ve had some incredible people supporting
and championing me. Now that all the pandemic-related roadblocks are out of the way, it’s time.” ~ Ryan Hamilton

Fed up with being let down on his latest album by a massive mistake with the audio which pushed the release back, Ryan Hamilton sings for the millions of paycheck-to-paycheck musicians who have been let down by big business. This is honest to the core and real in the face, to teach the world how it all really works.

Bad Breaks from Texas-based indie singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton is a rather revealing track which opens the curtain at the end of the gig. This is rather raw. Brave. Strong. To the point. This is a subject that has been brewing for many years and has just flamed up again, to show that artists deserve so much more than is being offered.

Soothe all ears with this single on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cash On The Daily: P wE$t gets that green like a clever cobra on Favorite Color Blue

Hiding his cup and never settling for anything but real and to the point, P wE$t seems to be reacting well to the world around him and shall chain it up while dropping heavy bars no matter the situation on Favorite Color Blue.

P wE$t is a fashionable rapper who loves to drop honest tracks which are packed with his signature charisma and feature some legit wordplay to take note of.

Stoking up our senses and never letting us out of his realm, P wE$t slices through all mindsets and has dropped something rather illuminating for the betterment of our time.

Favorite Color Blue from the emerging rapper P wE$t is one of those spark-filled singles which reflects the mood of modern-day America. He has successfully shown us deep within and guided us past the stench-packed rubbish which clogs many airwaves.

This is raw to the core. Just the way it was intended for us to learn from.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I believe in just one God: Carol Blaze doesn’t ask for much on Sex Drugs Rock And Roll

Carol Blaze Playlist by carol blaze

Rocking our socks off many feet and taking us back to a time so many humans treasure fondly, Carol Blaze sends all minds into a fireball of imagination on the charged-up single to feel reinvigorated by and this is called, Sex Drugs Rock And Roll.

Created by A.T. Vish, Carol Blaze is a massively experienced San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic/goth rock singer-songwriter who is known for unforgettable live performances made for the memory bank.

the former drummer of Pittsburgh, USA’s dream-pop darlings, Lowsunday (Projekt Records), psychedelic monsters, Thickhead Grin, and musical productions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Without You, both starring Anthony Rapp (of Rent, etc.).” ~ A.T. Vish

Off to Lisbon soon for the summer, Carol Blaze shall heat up many souls with this fiery experience to nod heads with all night as the mosh forms. Avoiding the wartime narratives and sending a shiver down startled spines, this is a rather sturdy single to feel proud of while playing at full volume.

Sex Drugs Rock And Roll from San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist and indie rock singer-songwriter Carol Blaze is one of the most raw tracks anyone shall hear this year. With confidence in spades and a real story to believe in, this is a proper song to feel alive with again.

Hear this electric track on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Built to Last by Forgotten Tides – Reminds Us to Live Passionately

“Never Built to Last” by Forgotten Tides is a captivating rock ballad that showcases the band’s musical talent and lyricism. The song starts with a mellow guitar intro, followed by the powerful vocals of lead singer, Jonny Lees. The lyrics speak of the fleeting nature of relationships and how they often come to an end, despite the initial passion and promises. Lee’s emotive delivery captures the heartache of lost love, making it a relatable and poignant experience for listeners.

Forgotten Tides is an up-and-coming band from Aberdeen, Scotland, and “Never Built to Last” is one of their most popular tracks. According to their website, the band was formed in 2019 and is influenced by rock legends such as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Their music combines the raw energy of grunge with modern production techniques, resulting in a unique sound that appeals to both classic and contemporary rock fans.

On social media, Forgotten Tides are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they share updates on their music and interact with fans. Their social media presence is a testament to their dedication to their craft and their desire to connect with their audience.

I love this song, “Never Built to Last” by Forgotten Tides is a must-listen for fans of rock music. Its powerful lyrics, raw energy, and impressive musicianship make it a standout track that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The band’s promising future is evident in their growing fan base and active social media presence, and they are definitely worth keeping an eye on in the coming years.

Arkansas punk rockers TKK falls under a love spell on Damn You Girl

Falling for someone so lovely and kind, TKK opens up the door to love on the likeable new single all about expressing a feeling which is just bursting to get out on Damn You Girl.

TKK is an Arkansas-based indie alternative rock/punk band that loves to keep things raw and filled with fun to nibble on throughout all of their tracks.

Despite occasional rumors stating the band originally performed in the Arizona punk scene, TKK was in fact formed by Jake Hawkins and Zack Smock (Damn Randys) and Danny Nanney, and later joined by Joel Maness on bass.” ~ TKK

With a mellow vibe and taking us into a vortex of discovery, TKK is that underground group the world needs more of. This is honest stuff and is packed with emotions so many can surely relate to.

Damn You Girl from Arkansas-based indie rock/punk band TKK is a rather tremendous single crammed with so many loveable melodies of note. Perfectly in rhythm and getting clearer vocally as the song culminates into something rather purringly notable, this is a single to smile at for hours.

Love can shake all coldness away in seconds if you let it.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sell Your Soul: Lewis Carpenter sees the fame coming on Close to Me

Taking no days off and keeping the grind rolling, no matter what local small-minded fools think, Lewis Carpenter displays that enormous courage and self-assured confidence to win at life on Close to Me.

Lewis Carpenter is a New York, USA-based indie hip hop artist who fuses in music and fitness into his journey to being the best possible version imaginable.

With inspiration from the streets and energy of the 757, Carpenter has crafted an original and authentic sound that you can’t find anywhere else.” ~ Lewis Carpenter

Bringing us a rather sensational track to sing with all evening, Lewis Carpenter closes the deal and ascends to a new level of extraordinary heights with a blazing release of substance.

Close to Me from New York, USA-based indie hip hop artist Lewis Carpenter is that soundtrack to brush off those who don’t see the bigger picture. Displaying so much quality oozing from each corner of this sizzling song, we find a soul who is ready for the next step. Hungry and poised for that next level, just like nature intended.

If you believe you’re destined for the top, each second is valuable in the pursuit of that final contentment.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bring The Vibes: London rapper Mr Streetz attracts all the birds on Snow White

With raw rhymes and plenty of likeable gusto to turn up loud all night, Mr Streetz takes our thoughts into a timeless place with his latest catchy single to dance all night with, Snow White.

Mr Streetz is a London, UK-based indie hip hop artist who only seems to drop truthful tracks which are furnished with vivid stories and witty lyrics.

Boosting our moods and showing us what the streets are saying right now, Mr Streetz slides on those shades and lights up our imaginations on Snow White. With a classic beat and drenched with so much to tap those feet with, this is a well-constructed track to get enthusiastic about.

Snow White from London, UK-based indie hip hop artist Mr Streetz is another top-notch effort from an underground creative who is only getting better through time. Frothed in sharp bars and pulsating with so many clever thoughts for us all to ponder, giving the speakers a shake and the crowd something to think about.

Listen up to this new sizzler on YouTube. See more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Day: NIXX survives the demons on the incredible new single Wash It Away

Stirring us awake with a truly inspirational release to drench those fears away, NIXX is in prime form and this is a must-listen for anyone who needs to know that a cleanse changes everything on Wash It Away.

NIXX is a south New Jersey-born Baltimore County, Maryland-based indie hip hop artist who assembles those raw tracks to really bite your teeth into.

He’s been developing his craft for over a decade and records and mixes his own music and films and edits his own visuals. NIXX is a strong believer in a positive mindset and manifestation and is on his way to manifesting his career in the music industry.” ~ NIXX

Showing mental fortitude and remarkable levels of peerless skill, the fearless warrior NIXX is the role model for change the world needed. After digging himself out of the trenches and displaying an exceptional temperament to ease all the pain, we find a comeback story which deserves a movie.

Wash It Away from Maryland-based indie hip hop artist NIXX is a fine effort which has been made with so much real-life insight and true understanding. With lyrically intense bars to batter down those inner self-doubts, this is a raise-your-perspective-upwards soundtrack to the path many know needs to be travelled.

We can’t change the past, but we can change tomorrow with the right attitude.

See this dynamic music video on YouTube and see more info on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Windows Up: Christopher Hurst knows he is the only competition on Picture Me

Blowing smoke to the blues and keeping his motivated attitude, Christopher Hurst is at his gritty best as he steers us through the mentality needed to succeed on Picture Me.

Christopher Hurst is a Phoenix-based Boston-raised indie hip hop artist who keeps things as raw as possible on each of his trailblazing

Thriving with so much intent and guiding us through this cinematic-like story to reminisce with, Christopher Hurst cuts through the past and smiles into the future where all his dreams await. Pulsating throughout and forcing many chills to appear all over our naked spines, we find ourselves meshed inside a proper story stuffed with lessons for us all to learn from.

Picture Me from Phoenix-based Boston-raised indie hip hop artist Christopher Hurst is an introspective track with a heat-filled missile to rocket rather swiftly into. Dusting off the haters and showing us he will survive no matter what, this is an honest song which will strike the heart of many.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen