Scottish singer-songwriter Kenneth Anthony Morton seeks that love on ‘All The Yellow Fishes’

Taken off his new 13-track album that has recently dropped, Kenneth Anthony Morton sounds thoroughly reinvigorated after his brief hiatus in France to freshen up his mind and is at his best with ‘All The Yellow Fishes‘.

Kenneth Anthony Morton is a well-known Scottish indie alt-rock singer-songwriter who has been compared to Matt Berninger and The National, John Grant, and many more. This is a highly experienced artist who has written songs for some of the most critically-loved bands in the post-punk world and we see his class shine through on this real gem.

My songs are, in most cases, not about specific events, stories or issues, but are impressionistic. While each song has a distinct starting point or inspiration, I love that the songs become their own and allow me to develop each one in its own right, often with results that surprise me. My intention is to suggest, with the marriage of words, atmosphere and ambience, feelings and emotions which might resonate differently with each individual.” ~ Kenneth Anthony Morton

With comforting energy in abundance that has you sensing that this is such a nostalgic listen you feel is timeless and belongs in any era, Kenneth Anthony Morton blends in his descriptive storyteller mentality to expert effect on this mellow single that will have you singing along.

All The Yellow Fishes‘ from the Scotland-based indie singer-songwriter Kenneth Anthony Morton, is a well-crafted track from a highly recognized artist who has seen it all. He sings with a real air of calm that gushes through your inquisitive mind, as you reflect on your own journey in life. Made with catchy lyrics and intricate guitar playing that is such a vivid listen on the soul, this is a memorable single you can play on loud and soothe the soul with.

Listen to this brand new release on Soundcloud and see more of his story on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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