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I Never Let You Be Alone: Monday Feeling wants that love forever on ‘Don’t Stop’

Featuring passionate vocals that has you whistling innocently along as this throwback tune gets into full rhythm, Monday Feeling wants to keep the night going as long as possible on their latest single ‘Don’t Stop‘.

Monday Feeling is a Korea-based indie four-piece Rock band. They make a fun blend of mostly happy music that is catchy and reminds you of music from the 90’s.

After touring the USA a few years ago and proving to be a big hit with fans all over during their travels, they went home to reorganize after many lineup changes that threatened to derail all the progress they had made before.

With a smooth energy and ravishing riffs which have you feeling so reflective, this is a terrific effort that has clearly been made with love from a band on a mission to become known.

Don’t Stop‘ from the Korean-based indie four-piece Rock band Monday Feeling, is a nostalgic single from a confident outfit who swarm the speakers and bring a fun groove to proceedings. This is the story of wanting that closeness as long possible, which is a feeling that so many of us can relate to during these lonely days.

Check out this new track on the YouTube channel and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In A Pretty Place: Catherine Porter recalls those beach-filled heavenly memories on ‘Dune Road’

Co-written by Kevin Malpass, Catherine Porter fondly remembers those incredible memories that shall never be forgotten on the lovely new nostalgic single ‘Dune Road‘.

Catherine Porter is an inspiring New York-based cancer survivor, Mom to a daughter and five year-old maltese/yorkie dog Roxie, blogger, and indie folk singer-songwriter.

Dune Road pays homage to a lifetime of memories of a childhood to adult beach home.” ~ Catherine Porter

You feel her gloriously honey-wrapped voice that is so kindly tender and organically kind, as she remembers those moments that were scary, sad or truly happy, as she takes us to those incredible pictures that can never be traded for anything.

This is such a classy effort from a highly skilled artist who keeps her composure so well here on this highly personal track, which has shown us the vast emotions that come with losing a little piece of yourself deep inside.

After my sister died from Covid last April, my parents decided to sell the house. The day we moved was a tearful day, but I’m oh so grateful for the years I was lucky to grow and flourish there. The memories will always run deep.” ~ Catherine Porter

Dune Road‘ from the wonderfully honest New York-based indie folk singer-songwriter Catherine Porter, is that sunset by the fire type of track that has you feeling the sweet ocean breeze all over your shivering skin. Sung with a pure beauty, she sends a fitting tribute to her lost sister and this wonderful home.

The house you grew up in has sadly been sold, but the vivid memories will be impossible to forget and shall be cherished forever.

Hear this stunning new single on her Spotify and see the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

George Beck – 90s/High: Nostalgic 90s Vocal Techno/House

George Beck dropped a music video for his song “90s/High” earlier this year. The title track couldn’t have been more self-explanatory: The nostalgia for the 90s rave dance scene kicks in vividly.

And the dance scene isn’t the only item that George Beck sings about in this old-school acid house/techno anthem. He is reciting his lyrics in an Underworld-style delivery, recollecting all the good stuff from the nineties, the clubbing and this song maker’s carefree youth and dominance of free will – representing a whole generation of people for that matter. Realizing that this is a contemporary recording is quite odd; the same goes for the VHS-imagery music video.

Naturally, this is a creation which shall generously give joy to people that dearly treasure these images, this mood, this lifestyle, even though this spiritual wealth might have been transformed to nothing more than a block of memories. Kudos to George Beck for blessing us with some precious name-dropping; everyone who was there/familiar with it all, will acknowledge and instinctively smile, for the rest there’s Wikipedia.

Thank you George Beck. This is “90s/High”, get nostalgic here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Fam – Hey Fam: Nostalgic R&B Lullabies

Fam released his debut EP mid-November, dubbing himself as a R&B hopeful. Whilst there’s undoubtedly some talent underneath the surface of his tracks, they could do with some fine tuning. Tracks such as ‘Friends Don’t Leave Friends’, have all the key elements that you’d expect from a R&B and Soul track, but they appear in a sporadic fashion. The upbeat tempo rattles throughout the track with scarce melody. The layering of the vocals is just a little too much to fathom for it to be a truly enjoyable track. The back beat is relatively tinny, which is a shame for the Atlanta based singer songwriter.

His vocal ability offers promise, alongside the dubious electronic effects. With a higher production quality, I have no doubt that Fam could rise up in the R&B ranks to become a star, once he’s truly mastered the woozy lullaby sound that he’s aiming for. His sound is heavily influenced by a mix of nostalgia and euphoria, yet it’s lacking the sincerity that you’d hope for in a track.

I hope to hear more from Fam in the near future once he’s fine tuned his style.

Check out the new EP on the SoundCloud link below: