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I See Your Face: Forgotten Garden knows that it’s too late to change it now on Memoriam

Ascending with exquisite vocals that shall get you into a contemplative mood as you think about those who are gone, Forgotten Garden has just dropped an essential release that might induce a few tears on Memoriam.

Forgotten Garden is a Scotland-based indie rock band who occasionally stretches their legs and walks into an infused dark/gothic post-punk world of wonder.

Occasionally, in life, you hear a song and stand still. Your mind is wide awake with so many memories that come flooding back like a midnight storm in winter. Without a shadow of doubt, Forgotten Garden is the skilled architects of this rare moment on their latest offering called Memoriam.

Memoriam from Scotland-based indie rock band Forgotten Garden is one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs you’re likely to hear in your life. With a pure production and a sensational soundtrack that shall find you closing your tired eyes and reminiscing about all those moments you wish you could feel again, this is something rather special.

Living in the moment has never been more important than it is now.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feel the transcendent calm in Arbo x Linzi Clark’s euphoria-heady feat of electronica, Balancing Act


After winning over a significant proportion of the Scottish population with her debut single, All I Have Now, the Paisley singer-songwriter, Linzi Clark, collaborated with a fellow local artist and producer, Arbo, for her stylishly sublime sophomore release, Balancing Act.

The arty and ethereal feat of electronic trip-hop, which was remixed by Arbo, is a transcendent triumph of up-vibe electronica that allows the shimmering melodies to speak to you on a soulful and primal level. Sonically, Linzi Clark’s inspirations include Four Tet, Juliana Barwick and Bonobo. Lyrically, she takes influence from the icons Joni Mitchell and Regina Spektor. With that combination, alchemy was always a guarantee. Especially with Arbo’s arrestive percussion-heavy ambient sound that we hope to hear plenty more of. Quite notably Arbo and Clark are an unstoppable ambient electro force.

Check out Linzi Clark on Facebook and Instagram, or check out the ventures of Arbo on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dundee’s Desert Kites wakes up from that vividly stimulating dream on ‘Coming Home to You’.

Assembled at the cosy and accomodating S2K studios, Shaleph O’Neill from Desert Kites returns after 20 years away from the music scene with the comeback single called ‘Coming Home to You‘.

Desert Kites is an experienced and recently reinvigorated Dundee, Scotland-based indie-alternative band that was created by singer-songwriter, Shaleph O’Neill.

Seeking solace from the pressures of home working, schooling and parenting, he started rehearsing alone at the S2K studios in Dundee.” ~ Desert Kites

Putting our heads in a groove to move at night with a reflective single, Desert Kites flies so high and into a place that is quite unforgettable at times on a super release, all about making changes for the better after an experience that you feel was so real.

Coming Home to You‘ from Dundee, Scotland-based indie-alternative band Desert Kites, is a dream-filled single that grabs your consciousness to go back to where you belong. Sung with a determined attitude and with catchy energy, this is an inspiring single, to say the least. Made by a lead singer who needed that creative output again after many years of that extreme pressure, which can break your soul in half if you aren’t careful.

Check out this deep new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scotland’s Starz Garden gets deep with their first release about that real connection on, ‘Only You’

Bringing us a lockdown-infused single that was first created as a simple acoustic number written first in 2019, Starz Garden reminds us that is so important to avoid getting too wrapped up in material things as keeping those human relationships alive is the only way forward on ‘Only You‘.

Perth, Scotland-based James Walter aka Starz Garden is a promising electronic pop/rock collective that makes spectacular soundscapes that takes you into a better world.

The band’s first single Only You was written and recorded by James in early 2021, with input from Grammy award-winning producer, composer and instrumentalist Philip Larsen from Studio Killers and The Manhatten Clique, and LA-based producer Killian Cruiser. Philip won a Grammy for his mix work on Kylie Minogue’s “Come Into My World” and has worked with some of the biggest names in pop and dance music including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Charli XCX, Moby and Emeli Sandé.” ~ Starz Garden

Showing us into that universe that is all about acceptance and being happy, Starz Garden bring us a tremendous new single that will change your mood and have you beaming so bright like the stars that we are if we want to be.

Only You‘ from Perth, Scotland-born indie electronic pop/rock collective Starz Garden, is a call for all of us to rise up and remember that our human connection is all that we actually need to be happy in life. With so many people getting way too involved in the online space, this is that reminder to think further than what you see.

Life is all about being together with those special humans who keep you in check and inspire you to greater things.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scottish singer-songwriter Kenneth Anthony Morton seeks that love on ‘All The Yellow Fishes’

Taken off his new 13-track album that has recently dropped, Kenneth Anthony Morton sounds thoroughly reinvigorated after his brief hiatus in France to freshen up his mind and is at his best with ‘All The Yellow Fishes‘.

Kenneth Anthony Morton is a well-known Scottish indie alt-rock singer-songwriter who has been compared to Matt Berninger and The National, John Grant, and many more. This is a highly experienced artist who has written songs for some of the most critically-loved bands in the post-punk world and we see his class shine through on this real gem.

My songs are, in most cases, not about specific events, stories or issues, but are impressionistic. While each song has a distinct starting point or inspiration, I love that the songs become their own and allow me to develop each one in its own right, often with results that surprise me. My intention is to suggest, with the marriage of words, atmosphere and ambience, feelings and emotions which might resonate differently with each individual.” ~ Kenneth Anthony Morton

With comforting energy in abundance that has you sensing that this is such a nostalgic listen you feel is timeless and belongs in any era, Kenneth Anthony Morton blends in his descriptive storyteller mentality to expert effect on this mellow single that will have you singing along.

All The Yellow Fishes‘ from the Scotland-based indie singer-songwriter Kenneth Anthony Morton, is a well-crafted track from a highly recognized artist who has seen it all. He sings with a real air of calm that gushes through your inquisitive mind, as you reflect on your own journey in life. Made with catchy lyrics and intricate guitar playing that is such a vivid listen on the soul, this is a memorable single you can play on loud and soothe the soul with.

Listen to this brand new release on Soundcloud and see more of his story on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Healing From The Pain: AJ Mclovely leads us through the forest to find that peace on ‘Breathe’

As she walks barefoot into the tranquil forest to acquire that hope again after such a tragic loss, AJ Mclovely finds the strength to carry on as she knows that they would want her to be brave during this traumatic time on ‘Breathe‘.

AJ Mclovely is an Aberdeenshire, Scotland singer-songwriter, former beauty queen, and is a courageous ambassador for Mental Health.

The song was written by Aj, about the loss of a loved one and is a collaboration with Aberdeen Wedding Pianist, Dennis Douglas.” ~ AJ Mclovely 

Singing with an angelic presence that is beyond wonderful, AJ Mclovely helps us all heal from a personal loss with a superbly presented music video that has been made with such care and class. Each note is collected and crisp – and sends your memory into a peaceful place – as you recall those happy moments while you locate that true closure we all desire to fully fly into a better place.

Breathe‘ from the Aberdeenshire, Scotland indie singer-songwriter AJ Mclovely is a simply stunning display from an artist who is healing from a loss that hurt her so much. This is the story about looking for that beauty again so that you may move on, whilst remembering that soul who changed your life as you will never forget them. Looking for that love when there is only darkness beneath your naked feet, shows so much resilience when there has been a tragedy that you need time to get over.

Witness this deep music video on YouTube and see more news via the FB music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Just Need You To Know: Brecon Guthrie sings with purpose on ‘How To Be Better’

With a smoothly transformed outlook and curiously catchy vocals to supremely brighten up our dull lives, Brecon Guthrie returns with a freshly sprinkled new single with his latest track ‘How To Be Better‘.

Founded and kept alive by Chris Adam, Brecon Guthrie is a Glasgow, Scotland-based indie pop solo artist.

Fusing in that sassy synthy soundscape and pounding the sensually shuddering speakers in almost reckless abandon, he expertly layers some deliciously memorable guitar work which is up there with the best in the game.

There is much to enjoy here from a terrific singer on the top of his game – with a sweetly produced soundtrack that you will find yourself dancing to – as the nosy neighbors open their curtains to take a pesky peek. The energy is alive like the feeling you get when you are swimming underwater in a clear blue ocean with colorful fish nibbling at your naked feet, as there is so much to feel healed by on this tremendously fluid effort.

How To Be Better‘ from the Glasgow, Scotland-based indie pop act, Brecon Guthrie, is a lovely single from an artist on a mission to move up to a new level in life and leave the past behind. He sings with a meaningful attitude and simmering a souful gaze, as he brightens up the airwaves with this highly enjoyable new single.

Check out this high tempo effort on Soundcloud and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Different Worlds: Glasgow’s The Too Late drop debut single ‘One Hit Love’

With a ravishing romantic energy and a smooth chorus so catchy you might feel the urge to sing along, The Too Late have us holding hands with those we truly care for on their hot debut single ‘One Hit Love‘.

The Too Late is a Glasgow, Scotland-based indie Electro-Pop duo. They are a fairly new music act and seem to have a real skill for causing hearts to flutter and bodies to groove to their epic vibrations.

Two eclectic music tastes combine to give you a style of music that will make you feel a whole spectrum of emotions.” ~ The Too Late

One Hit Love‘ from the Glasgow, Scotland-based indie Electro-Pop duo The Too Late, has our delighted minds buzzing with fascination at that silly romance we all crave. With the world so serious and love seemingly caught in a swipe-and-click bottle that is so fake at times, this is exactly the message we need to hear. Its okay to have fun as that what love is actually about, as you find the human you feel that real connection with. Its all about that precious laughter anyway.

Hear this mood booster on Spotify and find out more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Lies: Dundee alt-rock artist Frances Gein knows that someday she will be fine on break-up track ‘Mud’

As she bravely crawls away from the past relationship that ended so traumatically, Frances Gein wades through the darkness to find her light again on the terrific new single ‘Mud‘.

Frances Gein is an inspiring LGBTQ+ alternative rock/pop artist from Dundee, Scotland. She blends topics about mental health, loneliness, and existential dread into her music creations, as she aims to mix grunge and beauty together.

She began learning guitar at the start of the lockdown in 2020 to deal with personal trauma but fell in love with the art of song writing.” ~ Frances Gein

With a gritty and honest flow streaming genuinely withing her veins, she leads us into this heartbreaking story of being with someone who selfishly just wanted to take away your energy all for themselves. Without truly caring for you – they showed you their true intentions eventually – that let you away from that toxic web of doom, so you could heal up to love properly like you truly deserve and smell that romantic perfume.

Inspired by the poetry of William Wordsworth, ‘Mud’ looks back at abusive relationship with a sarcastic tone.” ~ Frances Gein

Mud‘ from the talented Scottish alt-rock/pop solo artist Frances Gein, is the story of knowing that sometime in the future you will be okay. Right now however, you are still steaming with the vivid memory of not being loved properly by a former lover who let you down badly. She sings with a real maturity and takes us on a movie-like journey through the mess that you didn’t want to endure, but certainly learnt from.

Sometimes you have to be at your absolute lowest, to reach the exciting highs that will complete your hungry soul.

Hear this new single via the Spotify music channel and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Of Cards: Scottish singer Michael Lumby tells the story of ‘Black Magic’ (2021 Mix)

After 2020’s debut album ‘Wolves On The Mountain‘, Michael Lumby reflects vividly on the cards-filled story of ‘Black Magic(2021 Mix).

Michael Lumby is a Perth, Scotland-based indie rock artist, dog lover, keen fisherman, writer and music producer. He makes that nostalgic feel vibration that has you in a daydream from those classic days of yesteryear.

Taking influences from late 60’s to late 70’s rock and more recently Indie Rock, his music tells stories of fictional and nonfictional tales.’ ~ Michael Lumby

With an experienced tone that has you gravitating towards turning up the volume so you can enrapture yourself into the whole story, his unique blend of music has you pondering this mysterious art form that suddenly spices up your next card game. With a classic rock sound, he adds so much to the track with a sterling display on his trusty guitar.

Black Magic(2021 Mix) from the Perth, Scotland indie rock artist and music producer Michael Lumby, is a striking single which talks about a topic that certainly sparks the interest of many. He sings with a passionate style and skillfully brings us a thoughtful story which has you reflecting deeply, on a track with might cause shivers to emerge all over your body.

Hear this exciting single on Spotify and check out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen