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Tom Oliver – Photogenic: Adolescent Indie Undertones

Some people say that real music is dying out, that we’re headed for a future in the absence of dulcet angsty undertones from guitar wielding musicians. Yet the Scottish solo artist Tom Oliver proves that his genre has a lot more to offer with his debut single Photogenic.

His debut 4 track EP is days away from public release, and I’m well and truly caught up in the hype.

His pre-release single Photogenic reverberates with nostalgic jingles accompanied by his raw, unpolished vocals which are not too dissimilar from acts such as The Arctic Monkeys & other of the UK’s indie greats. His EP titled ‘If I Sugar Coat It Enough, You Might Just Like It’, is carefully tuned as he follows a swift progression through the chords ending the track with a riff that celebrates his natural rhythmic ability. His almost nasal voice has a charming allure when matched against the resonant lyrics in which he reaches out to a complacent audience. The track stumbles through his innocent revelry which should see him quickly gain notoriety with the self-proclaimed fluorescent adolescents.

Head on over to his website to check out his single Photogenic now:


Leave The Light On for the not so Forgotten Sons

In a pre-internet world being hemmed in by the rough waters of the North Sea in the isolated Shetland Isles might have meant that bands such as Forgotten Sons would have been exposed only to more traditional sounds and taken a very different path. The fact that their heavy riffing, rock urgency and muscular deliveries sound just as much the product of the other side of the Atlantic as they do from the wilds of their own highlands and island location says something of the connectivity of the world.

But even though they fit into the broad genre of alt-rock, they, like any band worth its salt, are also a unique end result of influences and references. You can hear the wild Celtic rock that pumps through their veins, the more anthemic stadium sound of various more recent New Jersey bands and the martial power of classic rock all being used to create their own signature sound. Forgotten Sons? These island rockers will prove to be anything but.


Anyone Can Relate To Bethany Janette’s “I Miss You”

Bethany Janette is a singer and songwriter with a unique approach to her sound. Her recent single, “I Miss You” is a great example of her intimate lyrics and mellow sound. The song has a beautiful arrangement, where string sections create some amazing atmospheres, and the piano chords really drive the song’s structure.

On top of it all, the song strikes for Bethany’s remarkable ability to really stand out. Her phenomenal approach to songwriting truly strikes a chord with lyrics that are deep and very personal, yet very easy to relate to.

“I Miss You” is a beautiful song of longing where emotion flows like a river.



Mt Doubt release new single ‘A Natural Swimmer’

My favourite music is often the music that confuses and confounds me, music so texturally layered and so intricately woven that each listen unlocks new sounds, delivers new delights and offers previously unnoticed cleverness. On that basis Mt. Doubt and me are destined to spend a lot more time in each other’s company. Melodic but in a drifting rather than a structured way, rising from whispers but growing more through intensity rather than volume as it towards its destination, it melds pop charm onto strange, post-rock musical form.  A Natural Swimmer does nothing that you expect it too and for that I love it.

Some bands build songs from simple yet confident lines but Mt Doubt are more about crafting layer upon layer of gossamer thin washes, each adding subtle musical colours and it is only when viewed from a distance, possibly from the height advantage of a stack of My Bloody Valentine albums that you appreciate the shimmering hues and kaleidoscopic nature of the song.

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Words: Dave Franklin


A&R Factory Present: ISLE

“Luna is about purpose, finding your way and following a path. It’s aboutlistening to that internal compass we all have and making sense of what it’stelling you”.ISLE are multi-‐‐medium musicians based in the stark Scottish Borders.

Comprising of producer Liam John Rutherford and drummer Ben Singer, ISLE are avid self-‐‐producers who partner audio and visuals to create an all-‐‐encompassing experience. Emotion-‐‐fuelled precision meets epic methodical drums to create raw alt-‐‐pop that punches and pulls. Luna embodies the ISLE spectrum -‐‐ driven by both darkly epic undertones andinfectiously uplifting bursts of keys and chants. As the third track from their GreyEP, Luna represents ISLE’s curiosity with storytelling and structure.


A&R Factory Present: Rewired

Rewired was formed in 2015 by Scottish singer songwriter, Andy Nagle. Andy began his musical career at the age of 9, studying classical guitar, before moving onto piano and then into full time bands. After years of gigging across the UK & Europe, Andy started Rewired with the intention of being a studio only project, but in the summer of 2015 he couldn’t resist the lure of the UK Summer Festival circuit and again hit the road with the Rewired live set.

May 2016 will see the launch of Rewired’s first single, the emotionally raw & captivating ‘Powerlines’. With plans to release another 3 singles this year, Andy is currently busy in the studio writing and recording, working with some of Scotland’s greatest musical talent.