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Different Worlds: Glasgow’s The Too Late drop debut single ‘One Hit Love’

With a ravishing romantic energy and a smooth chorus so catchy you might feel the urge to sing along, The Too Late have us holding hands with those we truly care for on their hot debut single ‘One Hit Love‘.

The Too Late is a Glasgow, Scotland-based indie Electro-Pop duo. They are a fairly new music act and seem to have a real skill for causing hearts to flutter and bodies to groove to their epic vibrations.

Two eclectic music tastes combine to give you a style of music that will make you feel a whole spectrum of emotions.” ~ The Too Late

One Hit Love‘ from the Glasgow, Scotland-based indie Electro-Pop duo The Too Late, has our delighted minds buzzing with fascination at that silly romance we all crave. With the world so serious and love seemingly caught in a swipe-and-click bottle that is so fake at times, this is exactly the message we need to hear. Its okay to have fun as that what love is actually about, as you find the human you feel that real connection with. Its all about that precious laughter anyway.

Hear this mood booster on Spotify and find out more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Lies: Dundee alt-rock artist Frances Gein knows that someday she will be fine on break-up track ‘Mud’

As she bravely crawls away from the past relationship that ended so traumatically, Frances Gein wades through the darkness to find her light again on the terrific new single ‘Mud‘.

Frances Gein is an inspiring LGBTQ+ alternative rock/pop artist from Dundee, Scotland. She blends topics about mental health, loneliness, and existential dread into her music creations, as she aims to mix grunge and beauty together.

She began learning guitar at the start of the lockdown in 2020 to deal with personal trauma but fell in love with the art of song writing.” ~ Frances Gein

With a gritty and honest flow streaming genuinely withing her veins, she leads us into this heartbreaking story of being with someone who selfishly just wanted to take away your energy all for themselves. Without truly caring for you – they showed you their true intentions eventually – that let you away from that toxic web of doom, so you could heal up to love properly like you truly deserve and smell that romantic perfume.

Inspired by the poetry of William Wordsworth, ‘Mud’ looks back at abusive relationship with a sarcastic tone.” ~ Frances Gein

Mud‘ from the talented Scottish alt-rock/pop solo artist Frances Gein, is the story of knowing that sometime in the future you will be okay. Right now however, you are still steaming with the vivid memory of not being loved properly by a former lover who let you down badly. She sings with a real maturity and takes us on a movie-like journey through the mess that you didn’t want to endure, but certainly learnt from.

Sometimes you have to be at your absolute lowest, to reach the exciting highs that will complete your hungry soul.

Hear this new single via the Spotify music channel and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Of Cards: Scottish singer Michael Lumby tells the story of ‘Black Magic’ (2021 Mix)

After 2020’s debut album ‘Wolves On The Mountain‘, Michael Lumby reflects vividly on the cards-filled story of ‘Black Magic(2021 Mix).

Michael Lumby is a Perth, Scotland-based indie rock artist, dog lover, keen fisherman, writer and music producer. He makes that nostalgic feel vibration that has you in a daydream from those classic days of yesteryear.

Taking influences from late 60’s to late 70’s rock and more recently Indie Rock, his music tells stories of fictional and nonfictional tales.’ ~ Michael Lumby

With an experienced tone that has you gravitating towards turning up the volume so you can enrapture yourself into the whole story, his unique blend of music has you pondering this mysterious art form that suddenly spices up your next card game. With a classic rock sound, he adds so much to the track with a sterling display on his trusty guitar.

Black Magic(2021 Mix) from the Perth, Scotland indie rock artist and music producer Michael Lumby, is a striking single which talks about a topic that certainly sparks the interest of many. He sings with a passionate style and skillfully brings us a thoughtful story which has you reflecting deeply, on a track with might cause shivers to emerge all over your body.

Hear this exciting single on Spotify and check out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Danny Mortimer revitalised alt-rock with his single, Opener

Danny Mortimer

There was no forgetting the Scottish melodic rock progressive Danny Mortimer after his haunting 2018 single, Anything But Silence. Discernibly, lockdown added even more virtuosic flair to his melodic ability; if his latest single, Opener, is anything to go by.

After a scuzzy hard-rock riff as a prelude, Opener unravels as a lyrically tender Trans-Atlantic time capsule to the 90s with hints of both Paul Draper and early FNM Mike Patton in the vocals that pour plenty of soul into the otherwise strident and emotionally-charged track.

Opener will be released on August 20th; check it out by heading to Danny Mortimer’s website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Turn It Up: Scotland’s brave Billy Moffat delivers a terrific music gut punch of truth that is needed with ‘They Lit Our Souls On Fire’

Rock Legends Project by Billy Moffat

As he urges us passionately to not follow the silly sheep as they shall lead you astray into the dingy sewers of decay, Billy Moffat lights up our fluctuating mood with a sensational rock song that would fit in easy like a glove with any generation on ‘They Lit Our Souls On Fire‘ (written by Mike Griffioen).

Billy Moffat is a world-renowned Scotland, United Kingdom-based indie rock singer-songwriter and bassist. He makes music that certainly hits the spot and has your feeling uplifted and educated at the same time.

Mike Griffioen of The Doors Alive wrote the lyrics and sang on the track, while I composed the music and put together the arrangement. Davie Brockett, the One Night Of Queen’s guitarist, contributed guitar solos and this was our first collaboration.” – Billy Moffat

Billy Moffat is the bassist for the world-renowned show: One Night Of Queen with Gary Mullen & The Works – playing over 2,500 live shows in over 20 countries around the world since 2002” – Billy Moffat

His superb vocals rush waterfall-like over your inquisitive mind to give you such a satisfying feeling – as you divulge what he is saying and nod your head in approval – as the riff-fueled edge takes on a life of its own. This is that old school barrage that is such a blessing and fills you with such hope that there will be a better day tomorrow, only if your eyes are really open.

They Lit Our Souls On Fire‘ from the quality Scottish indie rock singer-songwriter and incredible bassist Billy Moffat, heats up our souls with an abundance of charm and passion. He reminds us that it is indeed so vital to have a free mind, as you don’t want to be let down a road that isn’t where you wanted to end up in the first place. Be awake and aware no matter what you hear.

Stream this action packed single on Bandcamp and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

National Pride: Spectacular Scottish band The Ronains return triumphantly with top notch version of the classic ‘Flower Of Scotland’

DragonSoop sponsored band The Ronains show their quality once again on the proudly-sung remix of an absolute classic that shows the true love for their country on ‘Flower Of Scotland‘.

The Ronains is a powerfully constructed Clydebank, Scotland-based indie-rock band. They make that movie or series-type soundtrack, that has you feeling uplifted and ready to achieve what you know you can conquer.

After getting the much-needed blessing from The Corries’ Ronnie Browne and as they got the proper licenses all sorted, this legendary song has been redone by this quality band and they certainly make this a terrific version all the way though. The hairs on the back of your back stand up to attention, you feel invigorated and ready for anything.

The Ronains bring together a mixture of New Wave and Rock and Roll to form a unique live sound, and have enjoyed performing to packed venues across the country, including sold out shows from the O2 ABC, Glasgow to The Cavern Club, Liverpool, supporting the likes of Jake Bugg and Gerry Cinnamon along the way.” – The Ronains

Flower Of Scotland‘ from the magnificent Clydebank, Scotland-based indie rock act The Ronains, is the hair-raising story of rising upwards and pulling all that nation pride together as one, to counter-act the hostility and anger that is way too apparent in this unconnected world.

With tremendous vocals and a soundscape that echos through the mountains, this is a remix that certainly has made the original version from 1967 very proud.

Stream this top notch track on Spotify and support their journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Mission: West Lothian band The Tropicanas are at their honest best on ‘Your Man on the Moon’

With their minds up in the skies as they look for brighter and more exciting days ahead, The Tropicanas avoid the lonely times with the new single which has you thinking deeply called ‘Your Man on the Moon‘.

The Tropicanas is an experienced West Lothian, Scotland-based indie-rock band that are named ironically due to their areas tough climate that hardly has much sunshine, as they dream of those holidays away from the doom and dull gloom.

With a chilled vibe that shows us their likable style of music, you get lost in his gritty vocals and the mellow soundtrack blossoms throughout, which certainly feels like it belongs in a movie. The riffs are so soul-healing and the story about drifting away from peculiar times is a welcome addition, to a time that needs all the goodness it can get.

Your Man on the Moon‘ from lovable Scottish indie-rock band The Tropicanas, shows us into a mindset that has your spirit up above in space — as you think about leaving this strange planet for a while — to see what else is up there.

This is a nap-takers dream song, as the imagination takes you for another spin upwards, which is such a pleasant thought as you drift off into a whole new exciting dream.

Stream this new single on Spotify and follow their music mission on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Overcoming It All: Superlative Fife singer-songwriter Cody Feechan is absolutely inspiring on ‘Breathe’

As she struggles to make it through the chilly wind-swept storm, but has that inner strength that will take her over anything that blocks her path to true happiness, Cody Feechan is so magnificent on the highly passionate new single about finding your way in this suffocating world on ‘Breathe‘.

Cody Feechan is a tremendous Fife, Scotland-based indie folk singer-songwriter who belts out songs with such ease to soothe the healing soul, as she performs from the heart and her lovable genuineness is felt so deeply.

When the pressure hits home its hard to deflect it, deal with what you need to do, so you may move on upwards. You feel that this is such a personal song that was needed to be released — so the healing process may take place and new energies to grow from within — so that the personal armor shall be stronger than iron.

Breathe‘ from the superb Scottish singer-songwriter Cody Feechan, is the incredibly real story that has you believing again, as this message from the heart strikes home in your consciousness. If you believe in yourself enough and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed without discoloring your own moral values, you are always going to win. You will overcome all.

Stream this powerful new single on Spotify and see her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Liquid mind: Victoria Sponge delight the taste buds with excellent party story ‘Talk About Tonight’

Making us all smile broadly with heartfelt advice on when not to have a sneaky shooter, Victoria Sponge enthusiastically funk up these dull days, with their exciting new single called ‘Talk About Tonight‘.

Victoria Sponge are a delicious five-piece indie-rock band from the thirsty hills of Glasgow in beautiful Scotland. They fuse together that busty bass riff greatness that your whole body sways to, as their cheeky charm has you at hello.

”This song is a loving tribute to the world’s unrequited lovers ending their nights out with an ill-advised sambuca shot.”- Victoria Sponge

They pick up your grumpy mood in a flashing instant, as the rumbustious rhythm here is a welcome vaccine bolt to your eager veins, the whole package delivered is incredibly catchy and you feel like this is a band you can’t get enough of. They have fire in their bones and slide behind to bar to take over the whole night with welcoming abandon.

The story about a fun night out rings true, as things are going well and then you stumble, rejection hits and things are not what they were a few moments before. Then, that fleeting moment arrives as you know that you should probably call a cab to call it a night. Great memories were had but now its time to head home, your emotions mixed but still smiling deep down as your head starts to fizzle and the sleepy eyes slowly close after the nights adventures.

Talk About Tonight‘ from Glasgow’s Victoria Sponge is a waterfall of wonder through your happy ears, as their honest take on an average night out makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you want to listen again and again.

Stream this gripping single here on Spotify and see their live show info on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving on upwards: Scottish producer Gary Dewar is ready for what’s next on top notch debut single ‘No More Tears’

Gary Dewar is quite excellent on his debut electronic offering and this one will pull on your heart strings but eventually lift you into a better place on ‘No More Tears‘.

Mysterious Scottish music producer Gary Dewar somehow balances a full time job, being a Dad to young kids and finds time to make atmospheric edm soundscapes with that rhythmical bounce to lift you off your feet.

The wonderful mysterious female vocals are so sweet on the ear- like getting a kiss on the cheek from a crush you truly care about. The busty bass flies on upwards with wings that are wide and makes you float in the sun-filled sky, looking down at this crazy world and having a cheeky grin planted on your face as you get away for a short while.

The story about not crying anymore and the tears has dried up as its time to move on from the past. Sometimes we need a little bit of motivation to rise again and this is the perfect tonic. Crystal clear vocals with skilled production is the order of the day here on a terrific single that is full of class and poise.

Debut Spotify release ‘No More Tears‘ from soulful Scottish producer Gary Dewar is an indie-electro single with so much stylish sonic landscape that it puts you into a mood to get up again after falling down.

The last year has been horrific but luckily thanks to top notch music like this, the world can be a better place for a few minutes as it transforms your heart to be happier. When the going gets tough, the tough get going they say.

Hear the new single on Spotify and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen