San Gabriel – Another One: Absorbingly Amorous Indie Synth Pop

There’s nothing quite like hearing the debut single from a professional artist who has finally decided to let their expression freely flow through their solo work. That very same blissful sensation washed over us after hitting play on San Gabriel’s stunning Dreampop single “Another One”.

The soulfully connectable, stylistically spellbinding release unravels through dreamy lush accordance as the imploringly soothing vocals add plenty of personality to the mix. If you could imagine what John Grant would sound like if you caught him in an amorous mood, you’ll get an idea of what San Gabriel has to offer.

I knew I was right to trust an artist wielding a Jazzmaster in their cover art. From said axe, San Gabriel carved the warm effervescent tones that the JM is infamous for. Yet, it is probably safe to say that the distinguishable JM sound has never found itself around such absorbing synth pop notes before.

You can check out San Gabriel’s single Another One for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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