rxch chris will put your hedonism in check with their Trap hit “The Thrill”


Breaking Hip Hop artist rxch chris has dropped their first release of 2020. It comes in the form of the soulfully mesmeric Trap album “Don’t Be Afraid This is Your Destiny”.

Each track allows you to slip into a different immersive narrative, and they all have plenty of playful lyrical wordplay to throw your way. The best introduction to rxch chris’ cathartically smooth sound is undoubtedly The Thrill.

We all know how it feels to chase a thrill and be a little self-destructive in the process, with that in mind, everyone will be able to find resonance within this deeply compassionate yet entirely unfiltered track.

You can check out The Thrill for yourselves along with the rest of the album by heading over to Spotify or Apple Music now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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