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Laura Tanifum smashes stereotypes in her RnB Trap track, ‘Sugar Cane’.

RnB Hip Hop fans will want to turn their attention to Laura Tanifum’s fierily melodious standout single, Sugar Cane. The Canadian singer-songwriter and rapper made her debut in 2019; in 2021, she’s coming into her own as increasing numbers of fans are scouting her out for her sweet yet subversive tracks.

With Sugar Cane, she plays around with the notion of female stereotypes and proves that there’s plenty more to women beyond the sweet and superficial facades while the trap beats grind through plenty of atmospheric reverb. It’s a stunning, almost-reminiscent-less release that puts Tanifum in good stead for her breakthrough from the independent underground.

You can check out Sugar Cane for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Linden Tyson brings the ‘ENERGY’ with his latest boom-bap track.

Fiery trap, 90s RnB, boom-bap, and jazz hip hop pull together as the cornerstones in Linden Tyson’s latest single, ‘ENERGY’. The New York-hailing artist brought that definitive NYC sound into the mix and plenty of his honesty through the lyrics that allow you to prize inspiration from Tyson’s hard-fought-for introspection.

The sharp and playful bars groove along with the boom-bap beats that come with a touch of classic RnB in the keys. ENERGY is practically an aural orgy of urban 90s sounds that will bring plenty of nostalgia for 90s kids.

Since 2017, Linden Tyson has been making heads spin with his dizzying canter and soul-filling 808s as an independent artist; it is only a matter of time before he gets scouted by a major label. Watch this space.

Linden Tyson’s latest single, ENERGY, is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ZH Livid – Why Did You Leave featuring Kaylee Hailey.

ZH Livid

For his latest single, ‘Why Did You Leave’, up and coming hip hop artist ZH Livid collaborated with RnB Pop vocalist Kaylee Hailey to weave a narratively immersive love story. The collaborative chemistry breathes between them as intensely as it does in any of Eminem & Rihanna’s tracks.

With his sights set on gracing the billboard charts, it is easy to see the Oklahoma-born-and-raised artist’s vision coming into fruition. When you consider his catchy yet poignant lyrics, contemporary yet familiar trap beats and the sheer amount of passion he pours into each vocal note, ZH Livid is a triple threat. Why Did You Leave unravels as the ultimate poetic earworm by illustrating the art-inspiring beauty within romantic regret.

Why Did You Leave is now available to stream and purchase via apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK rap artist ChinChin Iller shared relatable regret with her debut single, ‘As A Friend’.

With ‘turning trauma into storytelling’ as her modus operandi, ChinChin Iller is making serious waves in the UK rap scene. Her debut single, ‘As A Friend’, shares the all too relatable regret of allowing a relationship to evolve beyond platonic only to find duality and frustration.

When an artist is so bold, daring and open, for personal catharsis and to help the listener overcome self-confidence-stripping trauma, it is impossible not to pay attention. ChinChin Iller’s lyrics cut with the same sharp intellect as George the Poet and Kae Tempest. Paradoxically, she brings soul to a deadpan direct delivery while the beats celebrate the best of downtempo British hip hop.

As A Friend is now available to stream and download on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The prodigal son of RnB Hip Hop Playmaker JB returns with the indie earworm ‘Drip Skylark’.

Up and coming LA-residing artist Playmaker JB dropped his most infectious single to date with the release of Drip Skylark on February 28th. With indie, trap, RnB and pop pulling together in the arresting melodies, the listener gets little option when it comes to getting pulled in by the hooks.

Any fans of Post Malone and Mac Miller will want to pay attention to the African-American artist who has been racking up the streams since making their solo debut in 2020. Previously, JB has collaborated with EASTWOOD, COMPTON MENACE and many more iconic names in the hip hop scene.

With the versatility of JB’s sound that drips commercial potential paired with his humbly enigmatic vibe, his future career holds plenty of promise.

Stream and download Drip Skylark via apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tune into KiDD RicH’s new hip hop track, ‘T.V.’

With his motto of, “Being at the bottom for so long teaches you there’s only one place left to go”, fans of inspirational hip hop won’t want to look past KiDD RicH’s 2021 sophomore album for invaluable introspection.

The standout track on the Brooklyn-born and raised artist’s album, ‘T.V.’ is a mash of urban culture with everything from RnB to Reggae to Pop to Trap written into the contemporary mix. After an atmospheric and melodic intro, the track kicks into full gear to run through as a grooving sun-kissed mix which will freshen your summer hip hop playlists.

With his organic, minimally-produced vocals, the ease of the grind, and the sticky-sweet lyricism, you’d struggle to find high-vibe hip hop that will take you higher.

The Statement, Vol 2 is now available to stream in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Trevor Quest – Project Girl featuring Eddie Geno and J Will

Trevor Quest has released his sophomore single, ‘Project Girl’, in collaboration with Eddie Geno and J Will; the modernistic trap mix sits right on the contemporary curve while allowing the breaking artist to stamp down their signature sensual RnB-infused sound.

The spacey atmospheric single utilises plenty of reverb, vocally and instrumentally, but with the solid 808s in the mix, the track boasts the kind of structure that makes it impossible for your mind to wander from the dreamy urban ambience and the magnetism in Trevor Quest’s smooth vocal timbre.

Project Girl officially released on April 1st; it is available to stream and download on Apple Music. You can also check out Project Girl via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rene Bonet just wants to love us in their latest single

Rene Bonet’s new single ‘I Just Wanna Love You’ is a deliciously sexy, sultry little slice of R&B Hip Hop in the style of Missy Elliot or Erykah Badu, chilled out and relaxed yet losing none of its energy for that.

Poetic lyrics mix with a storytelling flow and an intimate, confessional feel; it’s soulful at the same time as having that mix of stylistic and cultural influences which gives music that individual, authentic feeling. There’s a delicious cadence to her delivery, a delicate use of rhyme – or ‘not-rhyme’ which gives her songwriting a unique quality, conveying emotion and spirit at the same time as entertaining. You can hear the influence of producer Alvin Speights, with whom Bonet has worked; it’s a masterful, well-produced, single.

You can hear ‘I Just Want To Love You’ on YouTube; follow Rene Bonet here or on Twitter.

Review by Alex Holmes

Donte Letang narrates the necessity of love with their single, ‘Love Someone’.

After releasing his debut single in 2020, RnB pop artist Donte Letang has garnered plenty of hype with their soulful vibes, perfect cadence and unique perspectives on love which discernibly come from a place of experience and deep introspection.

With his lyrics, he paints on blank canvasses that become imagery-spilling love stories; his third single, ‘Love Someone’, is the perfect example. Love Someone finds a narratively captivating way to remind the listener of the necessity of love and that everything else is just surface.

For as long as Donte Letang continues dropping releases, he’ll be making the airwaves an increasingly more affable place. He’s one for the radar.

Love Someone is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feel the chill from Hot Sacci’s latest RnB trap track, ‘ICEY BOI’

Seattle-based hip hop artist and producer Hot Sacci made his debut in 2018 and has remained prolific ever since. His latest single, ‘ICEY BOI’, shows just how dynamic their playfully subversive sound has become.

After a moody intro, ICEY BOI evolves into a melodic feat of RnB-infused trap where Hot Sacci refuses to hide behind a façade. As soon as you hit play, you’re confronted by authentic personality, making it all too easy to fall into the downtempo, almost dreamy versatile track. If you’re looking for tracks for chilled summer nights, look no further than ICEY BOI.

ICEY BOI is now available to stream via Spotify. Connect with Hot Sacci via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast