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Nicolas Alan is riding on the new wave of hip hop in his exotically exultant hit, Superstar ft. JCedric

One of the hottest names in the Salt Lake City hip hop scene, Nicolas Alan, just got hotter after launching another cathartically rhythmic RnB-tinged new wave hit with his latest single, Superstar, featuring JCedric, which allows you to traverse his ascent to the top of his game.

Never letting ego get in the way of relatability and sincerity, Alan has a distinct way of versing directly to you as he proves with his dynamically fluid bars that adversity doesn’t ever have to be the end of your story.

While the originality in his sound comes as a result of having an eclectic array of musical interests, the soul in his sound comes via the roadblocks he’s overcome that have enabled him to reach notable heights in his career. It should go without saying, he’s one to watch.

Superstar dropped on October 28th; catch it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Trap Pap rode on the highest vibes in his latest single, Counter That

Baltimore rapper Trap Pap is riding on the highest vibes in his latest single, Counter That, featuring SPL Haiti. If reality is perception, you will be looking through rose-tinted glasses with the motivational music icon on your playlists.

The butter wouldn’t melt bars that spit equal amounts of conviction and soul seamlessly fuse with the light, luxe and sunny instrumentals that throwback to the golden era of hip hop while simultaneously bringing in a new wave of melodic trap.

Even after witnessing trap life and the death of loved ones, Trap Pap strives to better the world he documents through his music by always giving his fans an alternative to apathy and pessimism. When it comes to motivational hip hop, he’s the GOAT.

Check out the official music video for Counter That, which premiered on September 30th on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Broadway B – Heat Check: High Fire RnB Pop ft. Tara Louise & ThisIsJaySol

Carry the heat of summer with you through Broadway B’s fiery new pop track, Heat Check, which borrows Afrobeat and RnB flavour to bring the sun-bleached grooves, but the melodies are straight-up earworm pop.

With Tara Louise bringing the collaborative chemistry through her seductive harmonies and ThisIsJaySol bringing grit and gravitas through his rap bars, Heat Check is a firestorm of a pop hit that keeps giving.

Broadway B is already an icon in LA; he’s taken to the stages of some of the most renowned venues, including the Viper Room, Peppermint Club and Whisky a Go-Go. He’s also collaborated with high-calibre artists such as Rachel Platten, and opened for household names, such as Twista. His music that is always delivered straight from the soul is an unreckonable force – it is easy to see he has only got started in his bid to win over an international RnB fanbase.

Heat Check was officially released on September 23rd. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ariel transfused spirituality into her amalgam of rap, RnB and pop with her debut single, Self-Love


Georgia-born and raised artist, Ariel, is set to soak the airwaves in spirituality, self-actualisation, and style with the release of her debut single, Self-Love, which entwines elements of rap, RnB and pop to create her unique sonic signature.

With the sense of empowerment and soul transfused into the modernist instrumentals in Self-Love, along with the lyrics that prove wealth can only transpire from mindfulness and the only soul that you really need to look in is your own, it’s impossible not to feel emboldened by the time the artfully intricate outro is fading out.

Without tearing down the current rap icons, it’s about time that artists in the same vein as Ariel started to reign supreme in the charts; on the basis of the alluringly awakening creativity and talent exhibited in Self-Love, there’s no reason why she can’t ascend from the underground in no time.

Self-Love will officially release on October 7th. Check it out on Spotify and iTunes via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


DemiGawd Ken captured the lusty vibes of closing time in his vibe-heavy RnB Hip Hop single, Last Call

The Florida-residing first generation Haitian American up-and-coming artist, DemiGawd Ken, captured the lusty vibes of closing time in his latest release, Last Call. We’ve all been there, not wanting the night to end while intoxicated on the company as much as the alcohol that has heightened the emotions; DemiGawd Ken’s compelling narrative lyrical style will take you right back there.

With its radio-ready production, soulfully playful disposition, and earworm tendencies inspired by Drake, T-pain and Kanye, Last Call is a serious contender for RnB hip hop track of the year. There is no listening to DemiGawd Ken without being pulled into the vibe of his sunny side-up demeanour, which makes the airwaves infinitely sweeter.

Last Call is now available to stream on YouTube, and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

GIFTED rocks Afropop with hip hop in his latest single, Mr. Oh No

Afropop rocks with hip hop in the up-and-coming artist GIFTED’s latest single, Mr. Oh No, which brings the best out of his trademark lyrical hook, which any of the Canadian artist’s fans will know to be “oh no, oh no”.

It sounds simple, but with the soul that GIFTED pours into his vocal delivery, it is an efficaciously ensnaring feat of vocal melodicism that proves why the young luminary hasn’t failed to rack up in excess of 50k streams with some of his releases that are all about the warm melodic loops and the vibes which prove that conviction doesn’t need to be synonymous with aggression.

Mr. Oh No officially dropped on September 22nd; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pluto Mars proved that casual relationships can be a lifeline in his RnB hip hop single, 3 AM

Richmond, CA rap luminary Pluto Mars poured romanticism into booty calls in his latest single, 3 AM, which captured the intimacy of the late-night connections by proving that insomniacs need love too while feeding the soul through his seductive amalgam of hip hop, pop, and RnB.

Every artist in the industry attests to having a unique sound; Pluto Mars is one of the only innovators with stake to that claim. His deep and sonorous rap bars that bleed gruff smooth alchemy against his distinctively melodic instrumental flows prove to be a hypnotic combination in the track that subverts usual toxic tropes around casual relationships that can be a lifeline in these isolated times.

The official video for 3 AM is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK RnB Hip Hop Crooner SAMO Turned Up the Heat in ‘STEEL’

Slovak-born, Sheffield, UK-raised SAMO has given UK hip hop a brand-new indie RnB flavour with his sophomore single, STEEL. The short and sweetly melodic single starts with simple acoustic guitar strings before bringing in the bass-heavy beats that flow to the dynamic progressions under SAMO’s vulnerably crooned vocals.

With the anticipation of the producer, singer and rapper’s debut album that is due to drop later this year, there are few names in the urban UK arena that are as synonymous with commercial potential as SAMO, who takes inspiration from the likes of XXXtentacion, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Brent Fiyaz.

STEEL is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

King Nick Rob shares the heat in his latest lascivious rap track, Poppy Show

King Nick Rob perceptibly saved his best sonic moves for his RnB hip hop track, Poppy Show. The slick with seduction dancehall grooves are just as aphrodisiacal as the bars that perfectly capture the heat of the moment, but this sexually-charged rendezvous delves far beyond superficial affection, becoming the ultimate drunk-in-love hip hop playlist staple for 2022.

Even at this early stage of his career, the Long Island, NY native is proving that he’s got what it takes to smooth talk (harmonise) his way into the charts.

Poppy Show is now available via SoundCloud and Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

New-age crooner Giovanni Christian is the epitome of Fly in his latest single.

Here to teach us the definition of fly, and ensure we don’t forget the troubled pathways of our history, is the new-age RnB crooner Giovanni Christian with his 2022 album, Hot Boy (Songs about H.E.R.), featuring the stormer of a lead single, Fly.

After growing up in LA the African-Caribbean descendent had two worlds to inspire his sonic palette. The high-production glamour is served right alongside the deep summer-saturated Afro-Beat grooves that infectiously pull you into the artist’s enigmatic energy. If any artist has what it takes to shift the RnB genre forward, it is Giovanni Christian. Get him on your radar.

Purchase Hot Boy on Apple Music or check out Fly on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast