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Rico Suave shines a light on the beauty in vulnerability with ‘Say It Back’

Rico Suave

From the moment you hit play on Rico Suave’s latest single, Say It Back, you instantly understand how he came about his moniker with his passion-driven approach to hip hop.

Say It Back is the lead track from the affectionately titled release, Hope You Love Me After. Each of the eight tracks pulls the listeners’ attention to the beauty in romantic vulnerability, proving that even though it’s terrifying, there’s nothing more beautiful than going all in, despite the blows that may follow.

With nuances of RnB and its downtempo grooves, Say It Back paints a picture of romantic anticipation as it reminds you of your own soul’s capacity to feel. In a world as dystopic and loveless as ours Rico Suave on the airwaves is a godsend.

Hope you Love Me After is now available to stream and purchase via the apple store.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jambon goes interstellar with his spacey new wave hip hop track, Beam Me Up.

Spacey hip hop pioneer, Jambon released his latest RnB-laced interstellar hit, Beam Me Up, on October 29th and created a brand-new trajectory in the evolution of rap in the process.

With new wave trap elements grinding alongside old school grooves and electronic textures that have never before found their place in hip hop beats, Beam Me Up is a refreshingly high vibe track that allows you to transcend with the psychy energy alone before you even take into account the meta poetry in the lyrics and Jambon’s cleverly distorted semi-harmonic pop-rap vocals.

Beam Me Up is available to stream on Spotify, or you can check out the official video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The dynamic collective of emcees, High Frequency, have released their seminally sweet RnB pop track, Part Ways.

High Frequency’s latest single, ‘Part Ways’, is potentially the sweetest RnB pop breakup track to have ever hit the airwaves. Between the melodic sticky sweet indie instrumentals, the sentimental lyrics which run through the inner turmoil that transpired in spite of the affection and the velvety smooth vocals, you’d need to be dead from the soul down not to feel the weight in this frankly genius hit.

High Frequency is a music collective featuring five true-to-their-own-style emcees who respectively bring their hometown influence to the table, resulting in a mash of Memphis rap, NYC grooves, 90s hip hop flows, modern trap styles and modern gospel roots. We can’t wait to hear more infatuation-worthy tracks from this powerhouse of a collective.

Part Ways is due for official release on November 6th. You can check it out for yourselves on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


J. HUSTLES keeps it ‘For Real’ in his latest single, featuring Joey Supratta & WESTSIDE BOOGIE.

J. HUSTLES’ latest RnB hip hop single, For Real, featuring Joey Supratta & WESTSIDE BOOGIE, is everything it says on the tin. The collab looks behind facades and explores the narratives of three LA natives whose ground-breaking styles have been sending riptides through the local scene.

By touching on raw family issues and the sacrifices we make, For Real is enough to leave you questioning the real emotions of the artists that step to the mic to spit superficial bars while fighting internal wars silently. We didn’t need their press release to tell us that none of the artists held anything back from this viscerally evocative single. Despite the hard-hitting emotion, this ethereally chilling track runs smooth, allowing every ounce of emotion to resonate heavily in the luxe high-quality production.

For Real is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chris Wade delivers fiery modern gospel in Save Me, featuring KARTIER.

The hip-hop artist and mental health advocate, Chris Wade, has been making major waves with his poignant lyrics that make emotional engagement mandatory in his tracks that groove with modern gospel vibes. Based on his standout single, Save Me, he’s still criminally underrated.

There is no overstating his ability to turn wordplay into cutting dissections of our society’s sickest facets. I’ve heard my fair share of raw rap tracks in reaction to the varying atrocities since the start of the pandemic but Chris Wade’s humility and tendency to paint with light and dark introspection made Save Me an experience that I will never forget.

You can check out the official video for Save Me on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kayshon relives the AM magic in his RnB Hip Hop single, Late Night.

Master of catchy hooks, Kayshon has released his latest captivatingly smooth mash of RnB, hip hop and pop, ‘Late Night’, which captures the intimate magic that only breeds in the small hours.

The 23-year-old Austin, TX born and raised artist always looks to his experience for inspiration. And with that, you get the instant affirmation that each of his singles comes from a place of sincerity. With Late Night, you get a potent shot of 90s nostalgia from the modern, intricate and mellow production. Yet, the biggest draw is undoubtedly the sweet magnetism in his pitch-perfect harmonies.

Fresh off the release of his debut EP, Love Cycles, there has never been a better time to make ample room for this up and coming luminary on your radar.

Late Night is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jay Rick$ proves that there is nothing sweeter than ‘Honesty’ in his latest single.

Jay Rick$ delivers modern island vibes in his hip hop single, Honesty, which lyrically laments the ever-growing trend of interpersonal dishonesty. The sun-kissed midtempo single is taken from his soulful RnB-infused EP, Rick$ism, where the Louisiana-based artist’s musicianship shines brighter than ever before.

One of the hardest lessons that life delivers is never to underestimate how low people will go when it comes to deception. Thankfully, Jay Rick$ has the soul to bring you right back up in this silver lining of a track. If there was any real justification for the phrase ‘it’s a vibe’, it’s this soul-steeped release.

Honesty is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

LaurenAsh evokes 90s hip hop nostalgia with her latest release, Where is the Love.


Right from the first verse in her latest single, Where is the Love, LaurenAsh starts laying down spoken word lyrical gold around the instrumentals that take you right back to the golden age of jazz hip hop.

The NYC-based poet and artist known for her stylish fusions of RnB and hip hop has been on a mission to bring her spirit and soul to the world through music through tracks such as Where is the Love; which finds a succinct way to remind you that love makes the world go around, so you may as well start giving a little. It’s a stellar track that any fan of soul-infused hip hop will want to delve into.

Where is the Love was officially released on October 8th; you can check it out for yourselves on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Spitta Zay has dropped his flawlessly facade-less downtempo hip hop track, TRST.

US alt-hip hop trailblazer, Spitta Zay, is proving to be just as much of an aural force to be reckoned with as Saul Williams, especially on the basis of his latest evocatively experimental single TRST.

With the alt-indie guitars wrapping around the solid 808 snares in the atmospheric track that teases you through spatial effects and unpredictable downtempo rhythms, you can’t help but be drawn in by the refreshing sonic palette. Yet, it is the façade-less expression in the lyrics and downtrodden-but-still-soulful vocals that make hitting play on TRST an unforgettable experience.

Tracks like TRST mark a pivotal societal change in the openness in our trauma and idiosyncratic behaviour. If more artists found themselves with the same unfiltered motivation as Spitta Zay, I can’t help feeling that the world would be far more empathetic.

You can check out TRST for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sir Rizzy Royale – The Real: The Ultimate Hip Hop Aphrodisiac

Sir Rizzy Royale’s standout 2021 single, The Real, speaks to the soul as much as it connects with you on an intellectual level. With the smooth jazzy vibes, sinking into The Real is as easy as breathing. When the rap bars kick in, you will already be lost in the amorous grooves.

The romanticism-driven melodic hip hop track evades the usual bravado that ends up in most rap lyrics, The Real strips Sir Rizzy Royale bare, and you can’t help falling for what you see. It makes a lot of sense that he’s been a poet from a young age; his slick wordplay is practically an aphrodisiac.

Check out The Real and all of Sir Rizzy Royale’s standout singles on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast