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JoeJas scribed the ultimate sonic manifesto in how to be free with his high-vibe rap track, Escape

Speaking directly to the freaks, geeks, and losers, the latest single, Escape, from the high-vibe emissary, JoeJas, is the ultimate sonic manifesto on how to break down the walls that construct self-confidence-crushing prison bars around your psyche.

With punchy lines in the vein of “picked on but never picked me”, JoeJas and his relatable compassion proved that the vicious tendencies of schoolyard bullies and all their crucifying criticism shouldn’t be the blueprint for your self-worth.

The empowering lyricism is only matched by the euphorically jazzy retro hip-hop aesthetics that are strong enough to put you on a new plateau and shift your perception until you can see your own idiosyncrasies as something to embrace; authenticity is a currency that will never lose its market value.

By matching the vibrancy of the production with the youthfully bright colours in the music video, which dropped on September 9th, JoeJas delivered an infectiously upraising track with Escape; catch the self-worth fever by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Join Black Prez & Shaun Reynolds on cloud nine with the high-vibe hip-hop staple, Feel Good

With the million streams mark way behind him in the rearview mirror, few contemporary hip-hop artists share the success of the Berlin-born, LA-based, songwriter and actor, Black Prez.

After playing shows with everyone from Big Sean to G-Unit, getting sync deals with Netflix & HBO and his hits featuring on Fast & Furious, Call of Duty and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaker, he stepped into the studio with Shaun Reynolds to collaborate on the hot summer single, Feel Good.

Showing the sunniest sides of their cheeky devil-may-care dispositions, Feel Good is an infectious serotonin-spilling celebration of positivity. While the lyrics show you how to compartmentalise negative energy, the pop-instilled keys and horns tabs paint blissfully euphoric melodies to implant you on cloud nine alongside Prez and Reynolds. Who said perfection can’t exist in music?

Get Feel Good into rotation by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sirreal Feat. Revron – RAZE THAT ROOF: Riotously Adrenalized Hip-Hop

For his latest drop, the multi-award-winning Canadian hip hop luminary and mental health advocate Sirreal collaborated with Revron to create the volume-cranking bass-heavy drop RAZE THAT ROOF. Whether he’s bringing the party atmosphere to the stage or your speakers, his socially conscious and clever material is one surefire way to raise the adrenalin. It isn’t every day you get hyped by sheer talent alone.

With the sharp and witty lyricism stoking the fire, the track is almost enough to start a zombie apocalypse by raising the dead, let alone the roof. His cheeky, high-energy vocal delivery puts plenty of stake to his claim that there’s no roof that will be intact when he steps to the mic under it. After claiming pretty much every accolade there is for a Rapper in Canada, it is only a matter of time before he deservedly goes international.

The 4K official music video for RAZE THAT ROOF is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chizabam cranked up the heat in Dallas with his head spin of a hip-hop anthem, Shame

Dallas rapper, lyricist, poet, producer, and sound engineer Chizabam cranked up the energy to the nth degree in his almost nuclear hip-hop hit, Shame. With the grit of hustler hip-hop, the blazing beats of a body-rocking hip-hop anthem and enough vocal twists to get your head in a spin, Shame is a track you will need to be concussed to forget.

The luminary artist stepped to the mic with a tragically rare sense of authenticity and fiery motivation to verse vindication to his fanbase that is rapidly expanding across the globe in reaction to his juggernautical ability to charge right through his bars like a one-man sonic stampede.

It is only a matter of time before the world recognises Chizabam for the hip-hop heavyweight he is. He’s not an icon in the making; he’s already the complete dynamic package.

Watch the official music video for Shame on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Miami hip hop trailblazer, Willie T The Hit Maker, shook up the scene with the dynamic flows in his single, Laugh Now Cry Later ft. Sauce

For his debut single, Laugh Now Cry Later, the Floridian hip hop trailblazer Willie T The Hit Maker collaborated with Sauce to deliver one of the most energetically dynamic rap drops of the year.

The consistently progressive track has already racked up over 27,000 streams on SoundCloud alone. Which comes as no surprise given the strength of the hooks that pull you right into the centre of the blazing track that keeps the vibe high, despite the dark lyrical themes.

Refusing to confine himself to one genre, Willie T pulled his weight bringing in the new wave of hip hop by melding elements of East Coast hip hop and Afrobeat around his lyrics that transpire from his life experiences that would make a monster out of most men.

After being born into the Floridian capital of gang violence, Dade County, Willie T was exposed to violence from the streets and suffered the brunt of domestic violence that had been passed down for generations. Determined to break the cycle, he turned to music to expose the life that beats down many on the daily and prove that there’s always a way out if you refuse to replicate the violence and injustice. We can’t wait to hear the vindication that follows.

Laugh Now Cry Later was officially released on December 2nd. Check it out via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

22Canelo – DIMEPIECE: feel the heat from your new favourite sun-slicked hip hop playlist staple

Bay Area-born new wave hip hop artist, 22Canelo, is known for his hard work, perseverance and charisma; that hat-trick of magnetic tenacity is epitomised in his latest conviction-driven single, DIMEPIECE.

After the jazzy horn stabs and West Coast motifs, his bars start throwing the heavy-weight punches in the high-vibe and sun-bleached track that will show you the beauty in resilience. Between the binary of rappers inviting you to a self-pity party and the artists getting excessively braggadocios about riches they probably don’t have, 22Canelo sits comfortably in the middle as he cheekily makes no bones about spitting harsh truth into the soulful body-rocking anthem that drips with style.

DIMEPIECE will drop on December 10th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dicey Ray is living fast in his boom bap track, Brown Boy

American Rapper Dicey Ray delivered a fiery slice of boom bap with his latest single, Brown Boy, which acts as a window into his world as a rap artist, basketball player, entrepreneur, and cannabis connoisseur from Baltimore.

With a little bit of Eastern flavour over the booming bass drums and sharp snares, Dicey Ray effortlessly scribed his urban sonic signature in this cheeky exposition on his world that revolves around a heavy grind, independent resilience and succeeding in spite of expectation.

Brown Boy isn’t your archetypal motivational hustler hip hop track, but by the time the dynamically energetic hit has concluded, you might just find that you’re sharing his sunny side up determined personality.

Brown Boy is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

KingTay shared his infectious high energy in his Trap track, Feels GOOD

A new wave of hip hop just crashed in through KingTay’s high-vibing latest single, Feels GOOD. The Philadelphia-born up-and-coming artist broke through the dark cloud that overbears youth and communities in America to share his high inspiring energy. Feels GOOD is one of his most efficaciously uplifting tracks yet; over the cinematic beats, he runs his consistently dynamic bars through lyricism that takes introspection to the next level.

“It feels good to be finally living” is a powerful hook – a powerful hook that proves KingTay has endured a stagnant transition. It’s an infectious affirmation for anyone going through the same.

As an artist not just inspired by the hip hop greats but by songwriting visionaries such as the Beatles, every track from KingTay is charged with individual artistry. It’s not often hip hop artists break boundaries lyrically and sonically, but clearly, he is a force to be reckoned with.

The official music video for Feels GOOD premiered on September 7th. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

KGDASAV’s rap flow is sharper than his bite in his latest single, LIKE A DOG

KGDASAV earned his place on the Canadian hip hop map with his latest single LIKE A DOG. For the last two years, the Toronto-hailing artist has been endeavouring to bring a different sound to the city, based on the slickly metropolitan vibes that drip from the bassy, blazing EDM instrumentals, it is safe to say that KGDASAV has already succeeded with his unique new wave sound that could fill a dancefloor and amplify the energy on your high vibe playlists.

As for his vocal flow, the hooks are sharp enough to be dizzying, while the lyrics exhibit the wit that will easily take him up from the underground. If anyone can claim to be a triple threat on the hip hop scene, it is KGDASAV.

The official music video for LIKE A DOG premiered on September 10th. Watch it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Los Alva bares his introspective soul in the poetry and vibe-driven alt-hip hop single, SLDN

So far in his career, every release has been an emotionally complex blend of heavy lyrics and upbeat instrumentals to take some of the weight of the introspection away. Los Alva’s latest single, SLDN, which reached the airwaves in June 2022, is another blister of balanced resonance.

With his modernistic RnB vocals riding on the bass of the Afrobeat-inspired hip hop beats, SLDN stirs the soul as much as it speaks to it with the lyricism that does more than border on poetry. It climbs right into bed with it to tear away the boundary between rap and poetry.

While some lyricists let their ego and determination to write hits allow the pen to hit paper, Los Alva is evidently perpetually soulfully inspired.

SLDN is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast