Russ D remembers that spine-tingling whisper that he will never forget on ‘Lets Be Friends’

Sending our minds into a spark-filled world where we completely appreciate those who have changed our perception of love forever, Russ D remembers when that drink led to him meeting some who he loves so wholeheartedly on ‘Lets Be Friends‘.

Russ D is a Texas-based indie singer-songwriter who performs with that tender loving vocal projection that has you in absolute awe of his stunning artistry.

Share in the laughs, the tears, the romance and the heartbreak.” ~ Russ D

Dispatching our minds into a happy place that so many believe isn’t real, Russ D transforms our moods and shines a light so bright that you will be beaming from ear to ear. His vocal ability is incomparable as it is beautifully rich in soulful layers, that totally transfix you and take you away from anything bringing you down.

Lets Be Friends‘ from Texas-based indie singer-songwriter Russ D, is such a captivating song that reminds him that he is away from those dark walls that brought him down for so long. After the first time that she whispered in his ear, there has been a sweet spell washing all over his soul – that he is so glad happened – as they have been the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Love really does exist if you let it into your heart.

Listen to this emotionally-charged single that will have you shedding a small tear on Spotify and get a sense of his world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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