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Stuck In Your Mind: LOZENJA is back with love-torn electro-house gem ‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B)

With a breathlessly intoxicating energy that is highly exciting and packed full of warnings too, LOZENJA ups the tempo on his new track about how you can easily fall for the wrong person called ‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B).

Laurence Woods aka LOZENJA is a Farnham, UK-based electro-pop/lo-fi/house music producer, songwriter, DJ, harpist and also a podcast editor. He makes that deeply constructed music that soothes all parts of your mind and elevates you to a better place.

This is the story of a person who you care about that is telling you exactly what they are like deep inside and its not positive – but you keep on coming back anyways – as they are all that you want even though you should be looking elsewhere.

We are swimming in a tempting world of desire, as the electronic house creation is packed into soothing vocals from an angelic singer with an amazing tone. Mixed with a catchy beat that has you in a reflective mood, this is a quality new single.

‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B) from Farnham, UK-based producer LOZENJA, is a dreamy soundscape from a talented team who have you thinking deeply about your next move, as you don’t want to be with the wrong person and get hurt again. The problem is that you crave the love that you probably shouldn’t, as all that’s awaiting for you is eventual heartbreak.

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Out The Loop: New York’s Lady J Musiq throws out cheating ex lover on excellent debut solo track ‘Heartbreak’

Showing her utter disdain for a weak man who she once cared deeply about, Lady J Musiq rips the mic off the stand with a ferocious delivery up there with the best in the game on ‘Heartbreak‘.

Jalissa Troy aka Lady J Musiq is a sensational New York City-based emcee, who makes that real music about knowing your self-worth and teaches us vivid stories of life growing up in her wild city, which either makes you go up, or breaks you down to dust.

Her flow is so alluring and raspy, you feel her captivating voice deep inside your beating heart as you connect with her pain of being betrayed, her electric attitude is contagious in a good way, as he throws out the rubbish to start fresh again. The beat captures the moment just right, as she drives away from the past so she can ride fresh into a new place, away from a person who turned out to be a slithering snake.

Heartbreak‘ from the exhilarating talent of New York hip-hop artist Lady J Musiq, is a thrilling rap track about a former lover who showed his true colors when you needed him to be loyal. The wandering eye was a dumb mistake from him that can’t ever be accepted, so you packed his bags and ended things before more drama came into the door.

Her straight up attitude shines through and we are witnessing the start of a special journey from a supremely skilled musician, who has that extra bit of quality that you just can’t teach.

See this striking music video on YouTube and wisely follow her IG for more news.

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Getting ripped apart: Action Doll Joe brings truthful mark to second single ‘Paper Heart’

With a Valentines Day story about trying to help out a good friend, Action Doll Joe sings with striking energy on the catchy new single called ‘Paper Heart‘.

Elijah Barrera aka Action Doll Joe, is a fantastic California-based indie alt-pop/rock artist, who sings about personal experiences that makes you feel self-reflective and thoughtful.

This is the relevant story about trying to get through to a friend that keeps on having their heart broken due to dating the wrong people. Their fragile heart is being smashed to pieces again and again, as you try and get through to them so that they may see the light, before its too late. They keep on going for the wrong person and its starting to become obvious what the issue is.

His sings with passionate energy that is projecting the message of care and love towards his friend, his tone is tremendous and you feel his story closely as his heart is in the right place. The lyrics tell the truth through the lens of perhaps dealing with this issue once before too himself, for it to never happen again.

Paper Heart‘ from the vibrant self-producing DIY Californian singer-songwriter Action Doll Joe, shows the growth of a new artist in his second single, as his boundless enthusiasm simmers over all doubts to lend a helping hand. Whether his advice is consumed wisely, is a question that will have to be answered later down the line however.

In life, you only have a few cracks at falling in love before your heart permanently breaks forever. Having good friends around that look out for your best interests, is a smart way to find love after all.

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Trying to move on: Rooney is back with new pop/rock single ‘Get Over U’

Speaking passionately about a tough heartbreak that he is currently facing, Rooney sings about how he needs to move on quickly to heal, but the tough-to-handle pain is still fresh on ‘Get Over U‘.

Rooney is a coruscating Melbourne, Australia-based indie-pop/rock artist, who makes music to help others that have struggled to come out about their sexuality and how it feels like to thrive, in this wildly confusing modern world.

His voice shows you the pain that is lodged deep in his soul, you hear the emotion-filled story and feel for him as he opens the door, to let us into this once wonderfully-alive love story gone wrong. Each word is with meaning, as he tries to work out what went wrong so he cam heal up fast, to find new roads ahead sooner rather than later.

Get Over U‘ from the effervescent talent of Melbourne, Australia’s Rooney, is a fine love-torn single, full of poise and grace, that heats up your soul to a fantastic artist that sings determinedly on real issues that has inspired him to speak out, so he can courageously help others through his love for music.

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Former love that hurt you deeply: Lovedead sings for his hearts redemption on ‘Eye 2 Eye’

New York City native Lovedead returns with the heartbreaking new single ‘Eye 2 Eye’ that explores the topic of love that didn’t work out and this doesn’t make sense to this excellent musician.

The earthy atmosphere that bellows in is like a fresh stream of fresh air to a stuffy year. His honest lyrics steam the windows up with the story of love that suddenly ended. The frustration of what happened is paramount from the young singer whose voice gets stronger like a transformer, as the track gets more vivid throughout. She moved on and showed her true colors by her questionable actions.

‘’Struggling with romance and school and everyday life, I felt it was the only way to truly be understood.’’- Lovedead

Music is the healing glue that has helped him stick together with himself during this tough time and with life in general. The drama got too much and he sings about how the manipulative ex got into his head for a while. You can hear from his lyrics and excellently toned voice that the time to move on is now and he is going through the frustrated stage. He is questioning everything but knows deep inside that he didn’t cause this breakup.

Lost love can mess you up mentally and finding a way to get the frustration out smartly is the only way to move on and doing what you feel is best. ‘Eye 2 Eye’ from New York singer-songwriter Lovedead is a love-torn story about how romance can be so amazing and so hard too. Finding a loyal human to be with is so hard but is possible if you believe in it enough.

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The feeling of regret after a breakup: Excellent vocals amid pain sets Xavier Ralph apart from the rest on ‘Thoughts of Me’

The soulful Sussex pop singer-songwriter Xavier Ralph rides the love wave on his new single called ‘Thoughts of Me’. This is about that feeling of a relationship that was maybe a bit too good that you don’t think will ever get better. You want that lover back but the door has closed and the lock is bolted closed now.

Signed by the legendary indie Uprise Records UK, this is an artist on the rise as his team are beyond excited with his growth and the excellent results so far, shows their belief in him is on point.

The crashing waves flow through and make a soothing sound over the ocean as you wonder down the beach, lost in your own thoughts as you go through everything that just happened. This is the start of a music video that touches on a relevant topic that so many of us have faced. That pain after feeling love; that empty feeling that has you questioning your every move. Instead, this should be when you take it on the chin, get up, heal and move on. This is easier said than done however and will take that extra strength and discipline to be your life jacket and keep you afloat.

This is the story of a mind that is ticking way too fast and tormenting itself about a love that was going so well and then ended too fast. This is a harsh feeling that you probably shouldn’t feel but do anyway. You cared more about her than she did for you so swimming again to new seas is perfectly right in this moment.

His voice is so smooth and each note hits the right spot. You can see his youth and how being in love for the first time is proving more complicated that he originally thought. This is a quality track with the splendid production adding so much class. ‘Thoughts of Me’ from the Hastings singer-songwriter Xavier Ralph is such a clean pop song that it won’t ever need dusting.

See this excellent video on YouTube, hear more on Spotify and follow his journey on IG & FB.

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A heartfelt song to get that true love back: Averto shows regret for past mistakes on ‘Cry’

A sensually pleasing voice that meshes with a beat that is quite sumptuously classy, we are let in the door by a duo that tell the true story of a love that is so strong but needs to heal in order to truly blossom. Averto bring us a song to listen deeply to on the Indie-Pop single ‘Cry‘.

Taken off the brand new 4-track EP called ‘1304‘, this is a sexy-sad song that is loaded with regret and also an honest take on how they are deep inside.

Featuring a sax-filled chorus that makes you take notice, you can’t help but enjoy this new single that is hugely relevant in modern day society. With Social Media clouding our morals and values, some elements of short bursts of silly selfishness seeps through into us all sometimes, even if we don’t want it to be this way.

Jahlisa Jade and Zack form together tightly as Averto and this team are rather tremendous here on ‘Cry‘. This is a relevant story for all of us that have been with such a beautiful soul, that somehow seems to hurt us again and again, even if they don’t mean to. Its a lesson into how strong the love really is, if it can be rebuilt with true communication then the chances of survival are greater but this needs lots of compassion and honesty. Only then, can our souls be reconnected into that meaningful love, without constant and traumatic tears.

Hear this regret-filled single on Spotify and find out about future shows on their Facebook.

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Lauren Murray is excellent on her R&B-coated debut ‘Emotional’

Singer-songwriter Lauren Murray is excellent on her R&B-coated debut ‘Emotional‘ and sings with such soul.

Released through Bandicoot Studios, this R&B-Jazz number with droplets of beauty makes today seem so much better. Lauren has that voice that makes you listen twice.

Lauren Murray’sEmotional‘ is a real song about letting things go even if you don’t want to right now. Things have changed so quick and trust evaporated, just like that. You know you need to heal up and this stunning song will help anyone with that emotional state that has come up, when you least expected it.

Emotional‘ from Lauren Murray is a brilliant song that shows this singer’s wonderfully crafted sultry voice. The pain from this breakup is strewn into her lyrics, the powerful sounds never become too much to the listener. This is all natural from a new talent that has given us a debut to truly think about.

Click here to watch the video.

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‘Salt’ is a piece of indie-pop heaven with the stunning talent of Elyse Aeryn

Salt‘ from Canadian singer-songwriter Elyse Aeryn is fantastic song that is sung with such beauty.

Cape Breton Island, Canada is the home of Indie-pop songstress Elyse Aeryn. After playing guitar since her teens, she pursued a degree in chemical engineering before rediscovering herself and turning back to music full time.

Elyse is creating a fresh sound for a fresh new chapter and her freshness is for all to see. With a terrific vocal ability, Elyse has a voice that you remember. Her honest lyrics coupled with that rare authentic vibe that melts in your heart.

Salt‘ is your end of summer heartbreak anthem. Energetic in its hard hitting drums, yet steady in the bass line, it builds you up then lets you fall… just like a fiery summer love. With the vocal essence of a 90’s Natalie Merchant and the fresh alt-pop vibe of Maggie Rogers,Salt‘ reminds you of the spark that lit you up and left you burning. But all of the greatest loves are over now, aren’t they? Sadly so and that feeling of being burnt isn’t so easy to forget.

Elyse Aeryn wins our heart and soul with this honest piece of art that is a song to be enjoyed and cherished. This fine Canadian singer-songwriter is such a pleasure to listen to.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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