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Spotlight Feature: Emilio Lanza embraced the moody future of pop while looking back in ‘Rearview Mirror’

For his latest single, Rearview Mirror, the Naples-born singer-songwriter Emilio Lanza darkened the doorstep of 90s boyband pop and weathered the torrid storm of heartbroken introspection.

With acoustic percussive fingerpicked guitar motifs scattered amongst the dark and reverberant moody pop sensibilities, Rearview Mirror is a triumph of evocative ingenuity for the way the light melodicism juxtaposes the harsher elements to sonically allude to the rollercoaster you’re forced onto when distance becomes definitive disconnection.

Careful to balance light and shade, Lanza, also instilled resilience into the release that will efficaciously embolden any hopeless romantics searching for hope; it is in Rearview Mirror by the visceral smorgasbord.

With over 2 million streams on Spotify and after receiving plaudits from the likes of Ed Sheeran and James Bay, Emilio Lanza has already conquered the world of pop; be a part of his legacy and delve into his latest elevated production.

Emilio Lanza Said:

“My song, Rearview Mirror, is a metaphor representing our past, nightmares, breakups or scary thoughts; it can be anything, but the message is positive, as reflected by the cover art depicting a sunset ahead and struggles in the rearview mirror. I wrote the song following the end of a six-year love story and other life hardships.”

Rearview Mirror will hit the airwaves on the 25th of August. Stream it on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Silly Love: Faith Louise drops dynamically reflective romantic love letter on 8th single Heartbreak

After last exhilarating us with her previous single Summer Fun, Faith Louise performs with maturing excellence on a love story which will tangle many souls into a web of wonder on Heartbreak.

Faith Louise is an Essex, UK-based pop singer-songwriter phenomenon which has released 7 successful singles and is signed to Regent Street Records.

It is a song about the unsureness and worry of your heart being broken in a relationship that’s actually a really healthy one. It explores the confusion of why such a good person has entered your life, and how the mind thinks about the what-ifs and maybes. All feelings many of us feel and can hopefully connect to whilst listening to the song.” ~ Faith Louise

Wondering how this love will conquer the moment when she doesn’t give it up quickly, Faith Louise sings with honesty and courageousness in this revealing message.

With exquisite vocals and a range that could make many listen twice, this is a rather lovely effort from such a caring heart who is in a dream of introspection.

Heartbreak from Essex, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter Faith Louise is a sensational track which is surely cinematic in nature. Feeling stuck for a moment and wondering what the future is holding, we are opened up to a stunning performance by one of the most imaginative artists in the game.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hendryck Empole is haunted by the shattered love he can’t seem to forget on ‘HEARTBREAK’

After first being highlighted on the scene with his debut single, ‘99 Minutes‘, Hendryck Empole knows they were together so beautifully and can’t understand why it had to end rather unexpectedly with his new release, ‘HEARTBREAK‘.

Hendryck Empole is a Democratic Republic of Congo-born, USA-based indie singer-songwriter and actor who fuses in RnB, Rock and Hip-hop into one melting pot of pureness.

Growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he would listen to and perform music with his creative older cousins. At the age of eight, Hendryck moved with his family to the United States. There he enrolled in a performing arts school and found a passion for writing songs.” ~ Hendryck Empole

Showing the world his memorable voice that has you thinking so much deeper than before, Hendryck Empole is at his classy best with an ode to the past that he can’t seem to release from his soul.

HEARTBREAK‘ from USA-based indie singer-songwriter Hendryck Empole is one of those contemplative singles that will have you thinking rather deeply about why this love is broken in half. There is a passionate aura on offer with vocals that get stronger as the song develops, and shall be one of the breakup anthems of the year.

Sometimes you love so hard that you end up falling so far down, it might hurt for a while.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Filipino-American RnB artist Phil Q wonders why the sun is hiding away on the love-lost ‘Rain’

As he sings about the dark light that has made his soul so sad, Phil Q sheds the tears that have brought his mood to a damp state of affairs on the new single about looking for joy after heartbreak with ‘Rain‘.

Philip Quijano aka Phil Q is a Filipino-American RnB singer-songwriter, pianist and music producer who is based in the Bay Area and writes date night anthems combined with his battles against depression and anxiety.

Taking influence from artists like Michael Jackson, Jeff Bernat, Jon Bellion and H.E.R, he blends the best of each genre to create his own unique sound.” ~ Phil Q

Gliding with an elevated mindset that is mightily outstanding, Phil Q is one of the purest artists around due to a vocal ability that is genuine and seems to heal all the previous worries away like a superhero sent to help us with any past apprehension.

His latest single, “Rain” is a beautiful sonic metaphor for a broken heart. Akin to rain pouring against a window, the lyrics represent our battle against heartbreak – sad, but optimistic because rainy days are strengths, not weaknesses.” ~ Phil Q

Rain‘ from the Bay Area-based Filipino-American RnB artist Phil Q, is a sky-crashing melody for all those who need to feel like they are not alone right now. With soaring vocals that seems to clear away the moody skies as the pain slowly eases – but then comes back like an unwelcome memory – this is a sensational new single from a truly caring artist who just wants the world to be happy again, after so many floods of tears.

Listen up to this smoothly performed single on Spotify and see more info via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bristol’s Dolly Doo just wants that one tender kiss to go so slow and seductive on ‘Medusa’

As she tries not to stare and let her heart open too far wide again and get let down like last time, Dolly Doo is quite sensational on this kiss-filled new single all about wanting to be close to that sweet crush on ‘Medusa‘.

Dolly Doo is a Bristol, UK-based indie alternative artist who has the kind of vocal ability and lyrical awareness that sends your imagination into a whole new galaxy.

Drawing on metaphors lyrically, Dolly Doo connects stories of the past with the present that evoke feelings of nostalgia, loss and heartbreak in a contemporary light.” ~ Dolly Doo

Sending her potential new lover a heartfelt message that is heard loud and clear, Dolly Doo is unquestionably immaculate with a wonderfully electric display that will catch your attention and have your tender lips tingling with anticipation.

Medusa‘ from Bristol, UK-based indie alternative artist Dolly Doo, is a superb single that is one of the most sensual gems you might hear all year. This is the message of wanting that one sweet kiss that might open up so many doors, to that romantic night that could change everything and cause sparks to fly all evening. With a sizzling vocalist on fire who seems to only be getting better after each release as her self-awareness grows – this is an ear-shaker beyond comprehension – that will possibly have you blushing as you dream about that passionate moment you have desired forever.

Listen to her wonderful new creation on Spotify and check out her stunning IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Russ D remembers that spine-tingling whisper that he will never forget on ‘Lets Be Friends’

Sending our minds into a spark-filled world where we completely appreciate those who have changed our perception of love forever, Russ D remembers when that drink led to him meeting some who he loves so wholeheartedly on ‘Lets Be Friends‘.

Russ D is a Texas-based indie singer-songwriter who performs with that tender loving vocal projection that has you in absolute awe of his stunning artistry.

Share in the laughs, the tears, the romance and the heartbreak.” ~ Russ D

Dispatching our minds into a happy place that so many believe isn’t real, Russ D transforms our moods and shines a light so bright that you will be beaming from ear to ear. His vocal ability is incomparable as it is beautifully rich in soulful layers, that totally transfix you and take you away from anything bringing you down.

Lets Be Friends‘ from Texas-based indie singer-songwriter Russ D, is such a captivating song that reminds him that he is away from those dark walls that brought him down for so long. After the first time that she whispered in his ear, there has been a sweet spell washing all over his soul – that he is so glad happened – as they have been the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Love really does exist if you let it into your heart.

Listen to this emotionally-charged single that will have you shedding a small tear on Spotify and get a sense of his world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stuck In Your Mind: LOZENJA is back with love-torn electro-house gem ‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B)

With a breathlessly intoxicating energy that is highly exciting and packed full of warnings too, LOZENJA ups the tempo on his new track about how you can easily fall for the wrong person called ‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B).

Laurence Woods aka LOZENJA is a Farnham, UK-based electro-pop/lo-fi/house music producer, songwriter, DJ, harpist and also a podcast editor. He makes that deeply constructed music that soothes all parts of your mind and elevates you to a better place.

This is the story of a person who you care about that is telling you exactly what they are like deep inside and its not positive – but you keep on coming back anyways – as they are all that you want even though you should be looking elsewhere.

We are swimming in a tempting world of desire, as the electronic house creation is packed into soothing vocals from an angelic singer with an amazing tone. Mixed with a catchy beat that has you in a reflective mood, this is a quality new single.

‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B) from Farnham, UK-based producer LOZENJA, is a dreamy soundscape from a talented team who have you thinking deeply about your next move, as you don’t want to be with the wrong person and get hurt again. The problem is that you crave the love that you probably shouldn’t, as all that’s awaiting for you is eventual heartbreak.

Stream the song on YouTube and check out the IG for more stories and news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Out The Loop: New York’s Lady J Musiq throws out cheating ex lover on excellent debut solo track ‘Heartbreak’

Showing her utter disdain for a weak man who she once cared deeply about, Lady J Musiq rips the mic off the stand with a ferocious delivery up there with the best in the game on ‘Heartbreak‘.

Jalissa Troy aka Lady J Musiq is a sensational New York City-based emcee, who makes that real music about knowing your self-worth and teaches us vivid stories of life growing up in her wild city, which either makes you go up, or breaks you down to dust.

Her flow is so alluring and raspy, you feel her captivating voice deep inside your beating heart as you connect with her pain of being betrayed, her electric attitude is contagious in a good way, as he throws out the rubbish to start fresh again. The beat captures the moment just right, as she drives away from the past so she can ride fresh into a new place, away from a person who turned out to be a slithering snake.

Heartbreak‘ from the exhilarating talent of New York hip-hop artist Lady J Musiq, is a thrilling rap track about a former lover who showed his true colors when you needed him to be loyal. The wandering eye was a dumb mistake from him that can’t ever be accepted, so you packed his bags and ended things before more drama came into the door.

Her straight up attitude shines through and we are witnessing the start of a special journey from a supremely skilled musician, who has that extra bit of quality that you just can’t teach.

See this striking music video on YouTube and wisely follow her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Getting ripped apart: Action Doll Joe brings truthful mark to second single ‘Paper Heart’

With a Valentines Day story about trying to help out a good friend, Action Doll Joe sings with striking energy on the catchy new single called ‘Paper Heart‘.

Elijah Barrera aka Action Doll Joe, is a fantastic California-based indie alt-pop/rock artist, who sings about personal experiences that makes you feel self-reflective and thoughtful.

This is the relevant story about trying to get through to a friend that keeps on having their heart broken due to dating the wrong people. Their fragile heart is being smashed to pieces again and again, as you try and get through to them so that they may see the light, before its too late. They keep on going for the wrong person and its starting to become obvious what the issue is.

His sings with passionate energy that is projecting the message of care and love towards his friend, his tone is tremendous and you feel his story closely as his heart is in the right place. The lyrics tell the truth through the lens of perhaps dealing with this issue once before too himself, for it to never happen again.

Paper Heart‘ from the vibrant self-producing DIY Californian singer-songwriter Action Doll Joe, shows the growth of a new artist in his second single, as his boundless enthusiasm simmers over all doubts to lend a helping hand. Whether his advice is consumed wisely, is a question that will have to be answered later down the line however.

In life, you only have a few cracks at falling in love before your heart permanently breaks forever. Having good friends around that look out for your best interests, is a smart way to find love after all.

Stream this catchy new track on Spotify and follow the action-packed stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying to move on: Rooney is back with new pop/rock single ‘Get Over U’

Speaking passionately about a tough heartbreak that he is currently facing, Rooney sings about how he needs to move on quickly to heal, but the tough-to-handle pain is still fresh on ‘Get Over U‘.

Rooney is a coruscating Melbourne, Australia-based indie-pop/rock artist, who makes music to help others that have struggled to come out about their sexuality and how it feels like to thrive, in this wildly confusing modern world.

His voice shows you the pain that is lodged deep in his soul, you hear the emotion-filled story and feel for him as he opens the door, to let us into this once wonderfully-alive love story gone wrong. Each word is with meaning, as he tries to work out what went wrong so he cam heal up fast, to find new roads ahead sooner rather than later.

Get Over U‘ from the effervescent talent of Melbourne, Australia’s Rooney, is a fine love-torn single, full of poise and grace, that heats up your soul to a fantastic artist that sings determinedly on real issues that has inspired him to speak out, so he can courageously help others through his love for music.

Hear this new track on Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen